IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-11-12

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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: vte: updated to 0.17.401:44
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rxiprologic: you around?03:53
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markus_Hello, has anyone successfully setup X with an Intel G31 chipset?04:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: shntool: updated to 3.0.805:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: tree: updated to
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: xmbmon: added more patches and cleaned up05:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: virtualbox: updated to 2.0.405:03
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vaddihi all05:28
vaddineed help, i dont know how i can get german env in xorg... on startup in ttz it is allright, after an sysup my xorg wouldnt work with 8859-105:31
vaddigot only en keylout05:32
vaddisomeone know why05:32
vaddimusst be an x probl. becaus all winmanager got this probl05:33
vaddixorg.conf is allright , before sysup it works fine05:34
sepenxorg with 8859-1? where?05:35
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vaddihow do zou mean? where?05:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: virtualbox: fixed dependencies (thanks pitillo)05:38
sepenvaddi, where did you found that in xorg.conf? $ grep -i 8859 /etc/X11/xorg.conf -> no results for me and just sounds odd05:39
sepen'xorg wouldnt work with 8859-1' ??05:40
vaddihave not found 8859, have set keylayout to "de-latin1"05:40
vaddibut dosnt want to run with it05:41
vaddisry for my bad english05:41
sepenvaddi, mine is worst05:41
pitill0vaddi: here with evdev I can't run ES layout too, removing that port solved the problem some time ago (and then I haven't touched it, I haven't messed with layout, xorg config and evdev port)05:42
sepenplease read the announcement mail by tilman for edev05:44
vaddipackage evdev is not installed05:44
sepenI added Option "AllowEmptyInput" "off" to my ServerFlags in xorg.conf after a xorg upgrade, now it runs all ok05:44
vaddii will give a trz05:45
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mike_kdoes anyone have issues with latest udev update to version 131?08:04
mike_kfollowing rule seems like stopped working: BUS=="usb", ATTRS{serial}=="A500000000025423", KERNEL=="sd?[1-3]", NAME="%k", SYMLINK+="usbflash%n", GROUP="cdrom"08:05
sepenGROUP=cdrom ?08:08
mike_kI have one08:09
thrice`no.  I see a udev-132 out there though o.O  did it work on 130?08:09
mike_kanother rule for the entire drive works, but not for the partitions08:10
thrice`hm, lfs has an updated rules pack too08:11
mike_knot 100 sure , but from update log... I guess it worked on 130. And it defenitely have worked a month ago.08:11
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markus_The mplayer port in opt does not work anymore. The download URLs are no longer valid.08:28
thrice`try changing it to version 2772508:29
markus_Thanks, it works08:30
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sepenI reported that to nipuL just long time ago08:33
sepenI suppose he has a lot of work these days08:34
mike_kFYI: confirmed: my rules work on udev 130 but not on 13108:35
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thrice`what about 132? ;)08:37
sepenabout mplayer
sepenI reported it a month ago08:40
mike_kthrice`: I saw the changelog, this should not be relevant08:40
mike_kthrice`: 132 didn't fix it. I'm trying to report on silent #udev08:45
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* drijen|screen looks around for ecarux10:54
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thrice`jue: I stuck test3 on another laptop quite successfully.  no issues what-so-ever :)11:21
juethrice`: nice to hear, thx for testing and the report11:22
thrice`of course :)11:23
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thrice`tilman: looks like newer gtk fixes some nice mem-leak bugs (2.14.4).  perhaps nice to update before 2.5?11:33
thrice`I was going to try the newer udev rules on lfs's mirror, but ran out of time to test it11:37
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tilmanthrice`: not sure why i let 2.14.4 slip, but i'm updating it now11:47
thrice`I figured you just overlooked it.  I hate bothering maintainers with "plz update!1," but thought this might be OK for 2.5 :)11:48
thrice`since gtk 2.14 is still new-ish11:48
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tilmanthrice`: i don't mind being told 'plz update", as long as it's not 5 minutes after the announcement has been sent out :D11:50
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: dropbear: update to 0.5211:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: nvidia: update to 177.8211:51
thrice`understood :)  this was about a month back, so I thought I'd give a gentle reminder :D11:51
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tilmanlibarchive 2.6 will feature lzma decompression support11:59
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thrice`didn't rpm switch to lzma compression not too long ago?12:05
tilmanno idea12:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: gtk: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: git: updated to
thrice`is "Kunde" corrent for "customer?"13:12
thrice`ok, thanks13:13
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mnkydethhi guys, just curious, has there been any interest in a x86_64 Crux? If so has there been any thought put into a 32bit compat-libs or if we need to chroot for it?15:09
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tilmanmnkydeth: there's nipul's multilib x86_64 crux, and there's also an experimental pure 64 bit something15:11
tilmanmnkydeth: nothing mature htough15:11
mnkydethI notice in the crux64 mailing list the last messages were from June 2008, so I wasn't completely for sure15:12
mnkydethDoes nipuL have an iso someplace I could try out? I would be very interested in it. Maybe during work, like a time right now I may be able to help possibly as well with it if needed15:13
mnkydethif not for atleast testing15:14
mnkydethI've been using Crux since 2.0 and no matter what other distro's I try I just keep coming back to it. but my system has out grown 32bit and I have a desire to use 64bit with 32bit apps when needed15:18
mnkydethCrux just fits me best, if you understand :)15:19
RyoSlike a glove?15:21
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mnkydethpretty close15:21
mnkydethI know I don't hang in irc much here, but I lurk your mailing lists, reading all your mails15:23
thrice`oh no :(15:23
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mnkydethwell, I just went to nipuL's link on the site for the 64bit version and it says his server dropped off the face of the planet :(15:26
thrice`it's funny that probably 90% of the multi-lib use is probably for flash only15:26
mnkydethwell, honestly, I am a gamer on crux15:26
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thrice`he may have another in the works, too :)15:27
mnkydethmost of my 32bit stuff consists of TS, and almost all of the commercial games I can buy15:27
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mnkydethThe main reason I want a 64bit distro, with 32bit compat-libs or something is 4gig system ram, 4gig ramdisk and a 1gig vid card15:28
mnkydethand since I use Crux, although I just got done distro hopping again, I will be re-installing crux again on my work comp but my home comp is somewhat without a home15:29
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kane^hey guys, trying to get suspend to work, if i do s2ram --force then the machine powers off ok and resumes, but if i do pm-suspend, then it suspends, but then immediately resumes, anyone know why this might be?16:18
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thrice`kane^: I have to unload modules first with pm-utils for my laptop.  if I don't, it instantly resumes itself too17:19
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