IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-11-16

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sa0hi all05:49
sa0when i launch X adding startx in rc.local it won't load personal settings05:51
tilmanthat's the dumbest idea i've heard in a while05:51
sa0then shutting down X and relaunching with manual startx everything is setted05:51
sa0sorry tilman ? why that ?05:51
sa0will mode 4 in inittab work ?05:52
sa0sorry ... talking about blackbox settings05:53
rehabdollif you just add "startx" in rc.local you are running X as root05:53
sa0oh ok05:54
sa0but how to launch X auto05:54
rehabdolltry using slim - it supports automagic login :>05:54
sa0how to build ff3 ? when adding xulrunner, i get a footprint mismatch ...05:56
rehabdollthose are (often) safe to ignore05:57
rehabdollyou might have some other library/app xulrunner builds against05:57
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