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jaeger-thrice`: when I have time I'd like to write one that doesn't suck11:13
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thrice`hehe :)11:13
tilmanfrag: so, double check your xfce.rsync...11:14
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drijen|thrice`: where did you get your 2.5rc, i would like to test it on lappy11:15
fragtilman: the destination should be /usr/ports/xfce or just /usr/ports  ?11:15
tilmannfc, have a look at opt.rsync or xorg.rsyn11:16
fragshould be with the final xfce11:16
fragas xorg11:16
tilmanfrag: ye11:16
drijen|tilman: ty11:16
tilmanfrag: was it like that before? :|11:16
fragyes i'm really sure11:16
drijen|frag: just wget the file11:16
tilmanrun "ports -u xfce" again11:17
drijen|and start it clean, less confusion11:17
fragwait i'm updating11:17
fragmay i11:17
drijen|k, nvm11:17
fragwith a ports -u it repeats the crap11:18
fragcreates a xfce inside /usr/ports/xfce11:18
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tilmanstweird, it works for me11:20
sepenfrag, whereis the problem?11:20
tilmandownload that again, and move it to /etc/ports/xfce.rsync11:20
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sepenfrag, I think thats all11:36
sepento use prt-get you need the prtdir line to your local copy of the repo11:37
aonheh :)11:52
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rehabdollhell has frozen over! flash for x86_64!12:18
thrice`\o/  I haven't tried it yet :(12:19
rehabdollits in opt-x86_6412:20
thrice`haha, nice :)  does it work ok ?12:21
thrice`I'm using nspluginwrapper + 32-bit crap on my slackware box at home :(12:22
rehabdolljust installed it 5mins ago12:23
thrice`hey, 5 mins is plenty of time for flash to crash FF ;)12:24
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rehabdollyeah but i filter most crap :>12:26
rehabdollatleast it works better than swfdec/gnash12:26
rehabdollsince it doesnt eat up 100% cpu like swfdec does12:26
thrice`i couldn't get gnash or swfdec to work at all last time I tried12:27
rehabdollgnash is a pain with deps. swfdec is a bit more lightweight12:31
thrice`mm, are there any 64-bit 2.5 isos floating about?12:32
rehabdolldont think so12:33
fragproblems to install python from ports13:01
fragtrying to install python2.5.2 from sources....13:05
fragi'm installing xfce with ports and cannot go ahead cos there something wrong in the python installation... didn't check the error13:05
Rotwangso give us the error13:11
fragfootprint mismatch13:15
Rotwangoh, its terrible error ;]13:15
rehabdollthe "error" part from footprint missmatches really needs to change to a warning..13:16
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > grep error .todo research error->warning in footprint mismatches13:16
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >13:16
tilman    <note priority="high" time="1186268872">13:16
tilman=> Sun Aug 05 01:07:52 +0200 200713:17
Rotwangi think its somewhat similar to my patch13:18
Rotwangbut noooo13:18
tilmanyour patch?13:19
Rotwangit shows footprint mismatch but does not fail13:20
tilmanas i said, IGNORE_FOOTPRINT is insane13:20
Rotwangbut if you want to warn on footprint mismatch13:20
thrice`I like the "warn on new files, fail on missing" idea13:21
fragglad to open a discussion... but... how can i solve this?13:22
fraginstalling by hand i guess?13:22
Rotwangwhy fail on missing?13:23
tilmani'm soo close to typing /leave13:23
tilmanhow about you paste the full error (but only the error) at or wherever13:23
rehabdollfrag: "prt-get -if" ignores footprints13:24
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fragxfce's working now!!!13:53
fragis there a seamonkey port?13:56
sepenbut seamonkey is a complete suite, what do you need from it?14:03
fragmail + browser of course14:08
fragu think that having crux as main OS for development is a good idea?14:09
fragtilman: hehe ok u play for your team ;)14:10
fragi mean objectively...14:10
tilmani wouldn't use crux if it didn't like it14:10
sepenfrag, then use firefox + thunderbird from the opt collection14:10
tilmanmaintaining a linux distro just to maintain a linux distro is stupid14:11
joacimwell.. I use gentoo even tho i hate it14:11
sepenalso I ported sunbird to contrib if you need a calendar for managing ical files14:11
sepentilman, crux for me is more than a linux distro ;-)14:11
fragi really like it ... just asking...14:12
fragwell ok... i'm really new to it but sounds very interesting14:12
sepenfrag, I suggest you to read the handbook and also documents in our wiki14:13
tilmanfrag: crux is a nice system if you're developing stuff because usually you get the latest stable packages14:14
tilmanthere's no distincation between devel packages and "normal" packages14:14
tilmanno autotools hell like on debian :D14:14
sepentilman, only a minor point, nls oriented developers14:14
tilmanmmh, yeah14:14
sepeniirc you wrote a mail to ML with that right?14:15
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frageeheheh i come from debian :P14:20
fragwhat i really hate of debian is the patched kernel :)14:20
tilmanhow come?14:22
fragcos i wanna have everything under my "control"14:27
fragand when i download THE kernel from i just want to compile it the traditional way14:27
tilmanwell, you can do that in debian, too :D14:28
* tilman playing devil's advocate14:28
aonwhen will people learn that .rtf is at least as obnoxious as .doc14:41
sepentilman, I mean about patching autotools for usr/man instead of usr/share/man, and someone said that wouldn't be nice to have a different autotools than other distros ...15:10
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