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pitill0good morning01:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: memtest86+: 2.01 -> 2.1001:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: fftw: 3.1.2 -> 3.201:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: ddrescue: 1.8 -> 1.901:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: gpgme: fix libexecdir01:47
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thrice`hi kmandla07:23
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fraghi all!07:23
kmandlaHi frag.07:24
fragafter almost one day of compilation... i think that everything is really going the best way now!07:25
fragtnx cruxers! :-P07:25
fragno more debians in my life ehhe07:25
thrice`yeah, 2.4 was release a while ago, so the upgrade is getting longer and longer :)  2.5 is being worked on though07:26
fragno no no i want a really stable distro07:26
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markus__Hello, is anyone using dvb-t with crux? I'm having trouble getting the device properly initialized after a cold start.09:27
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tilmansepen: ah, i get it now10:34
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sepentilman, xD10:42
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tilmanmarkus__: i think aon and tri use dvb-t :D10:47
tilmandamn, i updated udev to 132 and forgot to push it10:50
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markus__The problem with dvb-t is as follows: After a cold start only some of the necessary modules get loaded. I have to unload them and reload them for dvb-t to work. I tried to automate this procedure and wrote a rc.d script for it. But when starting the script during boot it does not work. If I start it after booting it works.10:52
thrice`tilman: I think 133 is out now anyway :)10:53
tilmanthrice`: yep, that's how i noticed10:53
thrice`you could almost script those10:53
tilmanbrb, testing udev ;)10:54
sepentilman, I have a box with 2.5 and the new xfce too where I can test udev this afternoon10:54
sepenjust when arrived to home in a half hour ...10:55
markus__Here is my DVB-T rc.d script
thrice`I noticed LFS updated their rules (  wonder if that helps / hurts ?10:55
cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: udev: updated to 132.10:56
cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: udev: updated to 133.10:56
sepengoing to home10:56
tilmansepen: ok10:57
tilmanthrice`: mmh :)10:57
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markus__Initially I had a "$0 stop" at the beginning of "start" in the script to unload the already loaded modules.10:59
markus__But that threw an error message at me during boot. Something with "reading EEPROM failed".11:00
markus__I also tried callied /etc/rc.d/tv restart from rc.local with no success.11:01
tilmanmarkus__: you could call 'at' from rc.local :D11:01
tilmanto run the script 10s later or so11:02
Rotwang{ sleep 10; /etc/rc.d/tv restart; } &11:03
markus__I'm not sure if it is a timing issue. When I don't call the script at all during boot, I have to call it twice manually with "restart" after logging in for the dvb-t device nodes to appear.11:03
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markus__I assume it has something to do with loading the firmware of the dvb-t device. After a warm start these problems do not appear. Only after a cold start.11:05
tilmanmarkus__: well, you could check bugzilla.kernel.org11:06
markus__The driver is not yet part of the official kernel.11:06
tilmanthe check the project's bugtracker11:09
markus__I will have a look at the v4l website.11:10
markus__I have found out the driver will be in 2.6.28. Perhaps I should try the latest prerelease and compile it statically in?11:12
tilmanmarkus__: who knows what kind of bugs lurk in that tarball :)11:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: gutenprint: update to 5.2.211:24
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markus__I am now going to be brave and try out 2.6.28-rc5 to see if it solves the problems with DVB-T.11:34
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markus__The new kernel version with the dvb-t driver being compiled in gave the same bad results. Now I "solved" the problem by calling "/etc/rc.d tv restart" twice from rc.local.12:06
markus__This brings up the device nodes even after a cold start.12:06
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sepenprologic, ping13:16
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prologicsepen, email me :) prologic at shortcircuit dot net dot au13:47
sepenok I'll do13:47
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