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pitillogood morning01:16
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: xfce4-datetime-plugin: updated to 0.6.101:55
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cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: bash: update to 3.2.4803:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: udev: updated to 132.03:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: udev: updated to 133.03:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: bash: update to 3.2.4803:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: dcron: added support for hourly tasks03:46
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.503:46
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fraghi guys07:41
fragany advice about why my fonts are so crappy?07:41
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teKwasn't there a wiki page about this topic?07:46
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fragwhat about enigmail? not supported by ports?07:49
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fragsorry... dumb question07:56
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kmandlaGreetings, all.08:14
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fragbleah... ports for openntpd are a mess09:39
fragerror in server response09:40
thrice`the port looks very good09:41
thrice`crux can't control if the projects mirror goes down or not :)09:41
fragredundant servers... :)09:41
rehabdollare you offering to pay for those servers?09:42
thrice`it's hosted by openbsd.  that's supposed to never fail :)09:42
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giovannihi guy09:43
giovannigoof afternoon09:43
giovannican I request?09:43
thrice`you can try :)09:43
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giovanniI want install crux09:44
thrice`rehabdoll: I'm interrested in trying a 64-bit install :)  are you the man in charge?09:44
giovannion my virtual box09:44
rehabdollno, not in charge :>09:44
rehabdolli built a iso a while back that got the ball rolling for some folks though09:44
rehabdollbut building iso's are a pain :>09:45
fragsepen... i was asking for openntpd09:45
thrice`do you plan to do it for 2.5, or should I investigate myself?09:45
thrice`giovanni: sure :)  any issues?09:45
rehabdollyeah when i get the time09:45
thrice`rehabdoll: awesome :)  I'll hold off09:46
rehabdoll <- dunno if any of those actually work or not, since i dont have anything to burn them on :D09:46
giovanniI had follow09:46
sepenfrag, ohh sorry, then
giovannithe documentation but09:46
giovanniI can't09:47
sepenfrag, just use google to find another mirror09:47
giovanniShow me a error09:47
rehabdollactually they probably wont work since i just spotted they use a 32bit binary of busybox :D09:47
thrice`ah :)09:48
giovannibut can I is possible?09:48
giovannican i issue the error09:49
giovanniwhen i write fdisk -l screen09:50
giovanni(sorry to my english...:-()09:50
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giovannidev/hda1  0  33187   16726.... 83 linux native09:52
giovannidev/hda2  ur 33187  33288   50904  82 Linux swap09:52
giovannidev/hda3  0  33288  16777152 5 Whole disk09:53
giovanniso when I must write fdisk /dev/hd?09:53
giovanniwhat i must write?09:54
giovannipls help me09:57
giovannithere is someone?09:59
rehabdolli dont understand, sorry09:59
sepenbut also I can't understand you09:59
sepentry to be cleanest09:59
giovanniI must install crux09:59
giovannion my virtual box10:00
sepenso do it10:00
giovanniand I have follow the guide10:00
giovanniwhen I write fdisk -l10:00
giovannishow me:10:01
sepenplease do not paste here10:01
giovannidev/hda1  0  33187   16726.... 83 linux native10:01
sepenuse (read the topic)10:01
giovanni dev/hda2  ur 33187  33288   50904  82 Linux swap10:01
giovannidev/hda3  0  33288  16777152 5 Whole disk10:01
rehabdollthe whole disk thingy is probably some virtualbox-stuff10:02
sepenwhat kind of partition means Whole disk?10:02
rehabdollhave you partitioned the "disk" in virtualbox.. ie: assigned space for / and swap?10:03
sepenyep it seems that10:03
giovanniI use virtual box10:03
rehabdollif you plan on making a root-fs you probably need to /dev/hda110:04
giovanniok I try10:04
sepenI'm starting my vbox virtual test3 installation10:04
giovanniok thanks :-)10:05
giovanni-bash: mkfs.ext3/dev/hda1: No such file or directory10:06
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giovanniwhat dose mean10:08
rehabdollyou seem to be missing a " "10:08
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giovanniWhat can I do?10:11
giovanni-bash: mkfs.ext3/dev/hda1: No such file or directory10:12
giovanniI try hda110:12
giovannihda 2  and hda310:12
sepengiovanni, repartition your disk10:12
giovanniwith virtual box?10:13
pitill0giovanni: read the handbook carefully, and take a look to the introduction in the official webpage, may be CRUX isn't a good distro for you10:13
sepengiovanni, your virtual disk in virtualbox, yes10:13
sepenwhat are you trying? directly partitioning your system?10:13
giovannino no10:14
sepenjust fdisk'ed a virtual hard drive is not difficult in vbox10:15
tilmanwrite it like this:10:15
tilmanmkfs.ext3 /dev/hda110:15
giovannii retry repartition10:15
giovannione second10:15
sepenrepartition and then format them10:15
sepennew-> primary -> 1 -> size -> type 83 (hda1 linux)10:16
sepennew-> primary -> 2 -> size -> type 82 (hda2 linux swap)10:16
giovanniok i try10:16
sepenafter that, as tilman said: mkfs.ext3 /dev/hda110:17
sepenetc.etc. as appears in the crux handbook10:17
sepenthree switched witches watch three Swatch watch switches. which switched witch watch which Swatch watch switch?10:18
sepentilman, I'm still learning english10:19
tilmansepen: there's a carcass song that at least quotes macbeth. blind bleeding the blind :D10:22
tilmanonly noticed this some months ago :D10:23
sepentalking about that s*t I'm waiting for the next year, paying attention on NIN shows in europe10:24
sepenI really like this band too10:25
sepentilman, did you ear 'brujeria'?10:25
sepenbrujeria - matando gueros10:25
sepen3 bass guitars in the same song10:26
sepenson de puta madre10:26
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thrice`rehabdoll: I would have to be on a 64-bit toolchain to build a 64-bit iso, no?10:35
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fragsomebody knows a pdf viewer i can install with ports in 5 min?10:48
fragi do need to read a pdf10:48
fragand xpdf doesn't install...10:49
tilman!port epdfview10:49
tilmanoh, it's still in opt10:49
tilmanoh, i maintain it10:49
thrice`until rakt replaces it :)10:49
juefrag: opt/adobereader10:50
rehabdolland all the libraries that go with it10:50
fragepdfview seems to work...10:50
fraglet's see10:50
rehabdollim building a iso right now10:50
rehabdolldont expect it to be ready in 10minutes though :)10:50
thrice`no, I was going to attempt it; I have a 64-bit slackware install somewhere I could try to build on10:51
jaegerlooking forward to a 64 bit crux again11:06
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: fetchmail: update to 6.3.911:11
rehabdolloh, i thought noone cared anymore :)11:15
tilmani'm just too lazy to update the -64 repos11:15
rehabdollyeah well a 2.5 release probably causes enough headaches11:16
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tilmanyes, jue is filing tickets for me all the time =)11:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: fetchmail: update to 6.3.911:21
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giovanniIt's ok13:25
giovannibut know I have another problem13:25
giovanniwhen the guide say...Edit /etc/fstab to configure your filesystem(s). Editors vim and nano are available.13:25
giovanniI don't know what must write13:26
sepengiovanni, what are you smoking? ;-)13:27
sepengiovanni, :wq13:27
giovanniand stop13:27
sepenpress ESC then :wq<ENTER>13:28
sepenand try to get a vim manual for the future13:28
giovanniI don't must do configure?13:28
giovannithe guide say:   Edit /etc/fstab to configure your filesystem(s). Editors vim and nano are available.13:29
sepenand your problem is?13:29
giovanniI don't know how configure13:30
giovanniI musto do only wq?13:30
tilmangiovanni: i think crux isn't the right distro for you :O13:30
giovannisepen now try13:30
sepenget more knowledgements about linux before13:31
giovanniand I know you13:31
sepenyou known me?13:31
tilmansepen: your english cracks me up :D13:31
sepentilman, Im drinking atm13:32
sepenI'm so drunked13:32
sepennow its time to push my commits to the master branch13:32
Rotwangok lets do it!13:32
tilmandrink drank drunk, or something13:32
tilmanthe problem is avoided if you use "pissed"13:33
tilmanwhich might confuse americans13:33
sependrunk cherry-pick too13:33
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sepenwell I'm going to prepare some food13:34
Rotwanggiovanni: CRUX is a lightweight, i686-optimized Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users.13:34
Rotwangfirst sentence from ;]13:34
Rotwangwith emphasis on the _targeted at experienced Linux users_ part13:34
thrice`although some like me slip through the cracks :)13:38
tilmanseriously? you're a noob?13:38
thrice`don't tell anyone13:39
* Rotwang is a ubutnu spy13:39
rehabdoll$ make bootstrap13:42
thrice`add --plz-work13:43
* jaeger is building a 2.5 32bit at the same time =)13:43
thrice`race? :)13:43
mike_khmm, suspicious activity13:44
jaegermine won't win, it's bulding in a vm with limited RAM13:44
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rehabdollyeah, but my build will break :>13:47
rehabdolltheres always something i've forgotten13:47
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Rotwangtilman: im looking for perl scripts utilizing xmms2 perl module14:00
tilmanperl schmerl14:00
Rotwangseen it14:02
tilmancheck the CLients page in the xmms2 wiki14:02
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jaegeris the current openbox source unavailable?14:28
jaeger404 on and gentoo distfiles mirrors14:29
tilmanseems like they pulled
jaegeryeah, looks that way :(14:30
tilmani'll leave now, though14:31
tilmanyou could downgrade to
tilmani'll have a better look tomorrow14:31
jaegerthat's what I did for now14:32
jaegerso my 2.5 iso will have on it at the moment14:32
rehabdolli think i got it14:34
rehabdolluh, no14:34
rehabdollseems i never got the update to .314:34
jaegerwonder how quickly they yanked it, it got indexed by google on a few mirrors14:36
rehabdolli dont see anything on their page or gitweb14:37
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thrice`I don't think they actually ever released (or at least it never showed up on their page)15:14
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rehabdollasdf, why is stage1 looking for libidn?15:54
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treach*looks in the log* a little pointer for vim users in need of a pdfviewer;
treachhaven't tried it yet myself though. :>16:30
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kmandlaHello, hello, hello.17:22
treachhello, hello, hello17:23
treach"With the lights out it's less dangerous \ Here we are now entertain us"17:25
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kmandlaSo, I missed a step somewhere, and all my X desktops are locking up on me.17:29
kmandlaIs there some new package or something between the default 2.4 install and a fresh system upgrade that keeps this from happening?17:29
* kmandla scratches head, trying to remember.17:30
thrice`are you sure it's locked up?17:30
thrice`xorg-server has a new "feature" that disables mouse and keyboard by default17:30
kmandlaI don't know if that was a joke or not, but I'm giggling. ... Disabling the "feature" requires ... ?17:31
thrice`:>  moment17:32
thrice`try setting "AllowEmptyInput"    "false"   in the server section of xorg.conf17:32
thrice`  is the mail from tilman17:33
kmandlaAh, thank you very much.17:34
kmandlaI was concerned that I was missing a package somewhere between the 2.4 and the current xorg versions.17:34
kmandlaThat might be the issue.17:34
kmandlaI'll give it a try.17:34
thrice`you can check with "prt-get depends xorg"  and see if anything is missing17:34
thrice`odds are it would have failed to build :)17:34
kmandlaI thought so, but will prt-get install a new dependency in a sysup? I was under the impression prt-get only refreshed installed packages, not brought in new ones. I might be wrong though.17:38
thrice`you are correct - in it's current form, it won't pull in new dependnecies (though that might be being worked on)17:39
thrice`I think it would be a neat feature, personally :)17:39
treachI don't think it'll ever do that.17:39
thrice`why not?  a simple on/off flag ?17:40
thrice`--install-missing-crap  or so17:40
treachFrom what I've seen the talk has been about telling about new deps, not pulling them in.17:40
treachsince you might have intentionally left crap out17:40
kmandlaprt-get quickdeps xorg | xargs prt-get update -fr ... maybe?17:40
treachkmandla: that's one way.17:41
treachnot necessarily a good one, but a way no less. :>17:42
kmandlaMy solutions are usually the worst possible. :)17:42
treach"All ways are good, except the the bad ones" (TM)17:42
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treachmeh, plasma crashma. :/17:48
thrice`still on kde4? :(17:49
treachit doesn't like the nvidia drivers. :/17:49
treachor maybe I should say it the other way around.17:50
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thrice`i tried kde4 in virtualbox, and wasn't too impressed17:54
treachit depends on what you're using. opensuse's 4.1.3 is far ahead of the pack.17:54
thrice`that's what I tried17:55
treachwell, since you ran it in a vm it's not too surprising it didn't work too well, right. :>17:55
thrice`plus, rpm sucks :)17:56
treachsince AFAIK, you don't get any gpu acceleration at all in that case, and that's kind of essential. >17:56
treachI have to admit though what impresses me the most is the rate of improvement. 4.0 was... 6 months ago? And it was about as bad as gnome 2.0. Now we're somwhere in the range of 2.10 or so, and I have high expectations for 4.2.17:59
thrice`well, port it to crux and drop suse already :)18:00
treachthat said, I'm still not sure I need all that jazz, so I'm thinking of reverting to wmaker or something like that. :D18:00
* ahmrahtcheer <3 windowmaker18:01
treachthrice`: that's such a pain when those guys already have done all the tedious work :p18:01
thrice`rehabdoll: haha, I like your naming on your coulorer :)18:06
thrice`oh, maybe that was rotwang18:07
treachrotwang is the mad painter. :>18:08
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kmandlaBy the way, anyone else using Openbox?19:09
sepen捨選択 gnight!19:10
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treachkmandla: quite a few I guess.19:11
treachsepen got too many noodles? :>19:11
kmandlaThe Openbox port tries to install; as far as I can tell that hasn't been released yet and the download always fails. Unless there's another point I'm missing (there are always many), I thought I should put a teeny bug report up for that.19:13
thrice`kmandla: yeah; there was a on their server for awhile, and it got removed yesterday or today :)  must have changed their imind19:14
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kmandlathrice`: That's fine. I can manually edit the port, or use --ignore=openbox19:21
kmandlaThanks, all. Gotta run. Time for some unpaid overtime. :(19:21
thrice`boo.  take care :)19:21
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treachpresumeably he has to shut down a bunch of vista boxes. :p19:22
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