IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-11-20

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pitill0good morning01:18
cptntilman: #379 sounds good to me01:25
cptnerr, wrong channel01:26
cptngood morning though :-)01:26
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* nipuL has had the hiccups for 5 hours03:52
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nipuLah, side effect from the painkillers, just looked on the box04:12
nipuLi think most opiates have that effect04:14
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fraghi all04:27
jtnlhi, all04:27
fragideas to install xemacs when is down :)04:28
teK!google "index of" xemacs*04:29
aonwhat do you need for?04:30
aonthe xemacs tarball comes from ftp.xemacs.org04:30
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fragi was making a depinst04:33
fragfor the motif... ok no depinst... only install04:33
aontry adding this to /etc/hosts:04:34
aon193.1.193.66 dl.sourceforge.net04:34
aonheanet usually works04:34
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fraghow i can install libxp/ ... there's only the httpup command on the ports database06:03
tilmanlibxp as in xprint?06:04
fragthe deprecated lib for x1106:06
tilmandon't install it06:06
tilmanfind another way06:06
tilmanworkaround it06:06
fragi cannot06:06
fragi  have to use an application that needs it06:06
tilmanwhich application?06:06
fraginternal agenda of my university06:07
RyoSrewrite it06:07
tilmanfrag: well, run that httpup command06:07
fragif i install it what happens/06:07
tilmanit will give you a directoriy called "libxp"06:07
tilmancd libxp06:07
tilmanfakeroot pkgmk06:07
tilmanfrag: in any case, email the uni guys and ask them to provide a program that doesn't depend on xprint :D06:07
tilmanbecause xprint is unmaintained and deprecated06:08
RyoSbecause its depracted :P06:08
tilmanhello RyoS, btw06:08
fragi know...06:08
RyoSheya tilman06:08
RyoShows life?06:08
tilmanwhat's up?06:08
fragbtw download failed06:08
fragnot found06:08
RyoSstuck at school eating breakfast D:06:08
tilmanbreakfast, haha06:08
tilmanfrag: sec06:09
tilmando you need 1.0.0.?06:09
RyoStilman: havent had the time yet.. school+work+whatever i do=no time left ~.~06:09
RyoSi am happy to have my bread with me :D06:10
tilmanfrag: you could also edit the Pkgfile of the port and fix the url06:10
fragtilman: i'll try to install it by hand following the instructions06:10
tilmanfrag: humhum, don't :)06:11
tilmanfirst rule:06:11
tilmannever install to /usr manually!06:11
tilman /usr is owned by the package management tool06:11
RyoSinstall it to /usr/local or something06:11
tilmanif you need to install manually, use --prefix=/usr/local06:11
sepenor /opt06:13
RyoSor /home/$user/OWNSHIT06:15
sepenbut also you need to setting your PATH env variable, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc. etc.06:16
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rehabdoll.. or create a port for it06:45
rehabdollsince ports is the best thing since sliced bread06:45
thrice`clearly :P06:45
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kmandlaTop o' the morning.07:07
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jdolan_no, no.  PORTS: YOU FAIL08:40
jaegerdon't ports angry, now08:41
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jdolan_i'm surprised no one sent that reply to the guy.08:41
jdolan_so whens' the next CruxCon?08:42
jdolan_i might go just to hang out.08:42
jdolan_lol =)08:42
jdolan_has there been once since 2005?08:43
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jaegernot that I'm aware of08:43
jdolan_that's too bad.  so either 2005 was so good that it was determined nothing could ever beat it..08:44
jdolan_or we (i) effectively killed the tradition.08:44
teKor CRUX is dead as some of its features are derived from *BSD08:44
jaegerI prefer option 108:45
jdolan_teK, have you not had your coffee this morning?08:46
jdolan_jaeger, 2005 was a really good time.  i enjoyed 2004 and 2005 the same.08:47
jaegeryeah, was great :) except for the HD in my laptop dying slowly08:47
jdolan_it would be fun to do another Europe CC.08:47
jdolan_i can't believe you thought it was great, tho.  you slept on my couch for a week :-|08:47
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jaegerit was comfortable enough08:48
teKjdolan_: coffee non-drinker08:49
jdolan_maybe that's your problem :>09:00
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sepenhi jdolan_ nice to see you here again09:45
sepentoo work with q2w?09:45
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jdolan_hi sepen :)09:53
jdolan_i never left #crux, just been mostly quiet here.09:54
jdolan_unless someone complains that pymp doesn't work ;)09:54
sepenI see, congrats for q2w09:54
jdolan_q2w's progressing really well, tho -- thanks!09:54
jdolan_got a great team working with me now.09:54
jdolan_it's a lot of fun.09:54
sepenand great leader I suppose09:55
jdolan_hah, thanks :)09:55
jdolan_i think pitillo will maintain a port for it once it stabilizes.09:56
jdolan_which will be cool.09:56
sepennowadays I'm playing nexuiz, so its also a nice game09:56
sepenjdolan_, yep09:56
jdolan_yes, did you hear about their maintainer, tho?09:56
pitill0jdolan_: did you arrived home to see my complain about pymp? xD09:56
jdolan_divVerent left the project this week.09:56
jdolan_pitill0, hey you've got svn access now, right?09:56
jdolan_you can fix stuff rather than complain to me, lol :D09:57
pitill0jdolan_: joking, I added another little ticket to see if other users can take a look to them09:57
pitill0jdolan_: xD09:57
jdolan_pitill0, morlenxus also has svn access and committed a few things to pymp.09:57
jdolan_you might want to poke him re: your tickets :)09:57
pitill0yeah, I saw some and talked to him too (about the random patch)09:57
jdolan_and nipuL is also familiar with the code, or was at least.09:57
pitill0jdolan_: yes, I did it. I didn't talk with nipuI about this, btw, both are in your trac, may be someone answer 1 day09:58
jdolan_yea.. my trac instance is all but hidden from the outside world :-/10:01
jdolan_i had to turn off anon ticketing and stuff because it became flooded with Viagra tickets.10:01
jdolan_honestly pymp can and probably should be rewritten rather easily.10:02
jdolan_it was my first Python code ever..10:02
jdolan_enough said, hehe.10:02
pitill0well, it's open to people who will look into it, I think that's enought10:02
jdolan_true :)10:02
pitill0ummm, I like it a lot (I am not a good programmer but it's easy to read and play with it without experience in pygtk)10:03
jdolan_it could be more OO.10:03
jdolan_it's somewhere in between procedural and OO currently, it's a bit odd.10:04
pitill0yes, but it's working very well xD10:06
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Rotwangdamn, i have same issua as erwin :\11:33
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thrice`   heh; finally caught up to windows XP \o/11:48
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treachsince when does windows put the copying notifications in the systray?12:16
treachoh, n/m12:16
treach"Plasma was supposed to be a futuristic look at the desktop paradigm (This is my impression. Please correct me if I am wrong). Then why are we stuck with Windows 95 paradigms like the taskbar"12:20
treachthe answer: people just like you.12:20
thrice`no, was referring to the hidden-icons thing :)12:29
treachwell. it's in kde 3.x too..12:31
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nogagplzis it just me, or has the website gone to shit again?12:33
thrice`doesn't seem to load here, no12:33
treachseems like it's unreachabel atm12:34
nogagplzokay, thanks12:34
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rehabdollit lacks the manual though. didnt respond when i built it12:43
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thrice`wonder if I can boot a 64-bit liveCD and pkgadd -u12:52
thrice`rehabdoll: did it work first try? :)12:53
rehabdollyeah, thats how i did it.. just overwrote the most critical packages and then rebuilt everything12:53
rehabdollheh, nah12:53
thrice`thanks alot :)  i'll try it out tonight for sure12:54
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thrice`doh, still seems dead15:36
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kmandlaBuenos dias, everybody.16:13
kmandlaSo do I dare ask if is responding for anyone else? Or has that been discussed already? ;)16:15
mike_kkmandla: not responding at least for a few of us.16:20
kmandlaOK. Thanks. That's either good or bad. Cheers.16:20
thrice`good for you, bad for crux :)16:30
DarkNekrosbuenas noches para ti kmandla ;)16:31
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kmandlaGotta run. No, literally: I'm going running. Be back in a few ... hours. ;) Cheers!16:37
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thrice`hm, suppose I'll wait on the 2.5 test, since I won't be able to snag ports anyway :(16:47
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thrice`rehabdoll: worked perfect :)  on crux64 \o/17:45
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