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pitill0good morning00:56
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rxiprologic: i just sent you an email05:04
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thrice`rehabdoll: my upgrade wasn't very pretty, but it worked fine :)07:11
thrice`I booted another 64-bit CD I already had burned, mounted the iso, and did something like "for pkg in $( pkginfo -i | cut -d ' ' -f 1 ); do pkgadd -u -f $pkg*.tar.gz; done07:12
thrice`for some reason, by /dev/rtc disappeared, but that must have been a kernel issue07:13
pedjaI ran ports -u few minutes ago, and I get a lot of "rsync: opendir "/crux-2.4/opt/sqlite" (in ports) failed: No such file or directory (2)" messages.what's happening?07:14
pedjais my local core/opt/contrib tree b0rken, or...?07:15
tilmannope, that's a problem on crux.nu07:28
tilmantry again07:28
dinxtilman: whats that font you got in your e screenshot ;)07:32
tilmansmooth (
thrice`ooh, an e screenshot ?07:33
tilmanseveral years old07:33
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dinxtilman: thanks :D07:35
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pedjatilman: thanks for the tip, now it works :)07:57
tilmanpedja: when the ports trees are exported to the rsync area there's a small timewindow in which the export just isn't there ;)08:06
pedjagreat timing, me :)08:07
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fraghi all09:20
fragare gnome ports ok? i'm pretty tired of xfce.... cannot set nice fonts and usability is crappy for many things..09:21
jaegerthe gnome ports are a bit outdated at the moment, I haven't had the time to finish the update to 2.24.1 yet09:21
fraguh.. so should go for kde?09:22
fragi mean i really do need a wm with great usability09:22
jaegeryou should go for whatever you like best. if you want to try gnome before the ports are fixed up, try building garnome09:22
fragi've so many crappy terminals yet ehhee09:22
fraggarnome? never heard hmmm09:23
jaegerit's a set of makefiles that build a gnome install in your home directory09:23
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sepenfrag, what kind of usability you need?09:30
thrice`i've grown fond of xfce :)09:31
fragwell i pass all the day writing code in emacs but when i touch the mouse i wanna it working on cool stuff ehhehe09:32
sepenbut imho is not related to xfce09:32
fragu think xorg?09:33
fragi'm talking about the browser also.... i mean everything about windows09:34
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tilmanwhat is this shit?12:05
tilmanhal needs hal-info12:05
tilmanhal-info prints a fat warning about my hal version being too old12:05
thrice`indeed :)12:05
tilman(hal isn't installed)12:05
thrice`playing with xorg?12:08
tilmani thought i'd stand by my word for once ;)12:09 is back to normal12:10
sepengrrr,  new xfce46 mixer app requires gstreamer12:10
tilmannp: The Crown - Kill 'em All12:12
thrice`good timing for hal ;)12:12
sepenhail and kill12:12
tilmanunrelated, thrice` ;D12:12
tilmanpure coincidence ;)12:12
thrice`sure, sure12:12
tilmansepen: did i recommend The Crown to you yet?12:15
tilmani think i did, nevermind12:15
tilmannp: The Crown - Natashead Overdrive12:16
tilmanvery awesome as well :D12:16
thrice`is that metal-ish?12:17
tilmannot just -ish :D12:17
thrice`eek, too much :)12:22
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tilmani'm running X without xorg.conf12:43
tilmanhotplugging my usb mouse worked as well12:43
aonit seems that my touchpad starts emulating 3 buttons when i don't have an external mouse attached12:43
aonand stops when i have12:43
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thrice`doh; I was just volunteered for training in Aldorf :(13:01
rehabdollwhat kind of training?13:17
tilmanthrice`: that was near nuremberg, right?13:17
thrice`I think so13:36
thrice`tilman: where abouts are you, geographically ?14:48
tilmantoo far away to have a beer with you :|14:48
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nipuLtilman: if you like thrash,
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kmandlaHowdy, all.17:40
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nipuL//////;/;8uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuui9;888888dcccv                                                    d]18:30
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nipuLsorry, kid got on the computer18:49
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Rotwangheh ;]18:55
RotwangI guess he was trying to leave us a message ;p18:56
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