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Rotwangsepen: ping04:27
sepenRotwang, pong04:29
Rotwangsepen: do you use xfce4-mixer?04:30
Rotwangin a xfce-panel?04:30
Rotwangi cant see the little image04:31
sepenyep, using it here04:31
sepenis your /usr/share/xfce4/panel-plugins/xfce4-mixer.desktop pointing to /usr/lib/xfce4/panel-plugins/xfce4-mixer-plugin ?04:32
sepenand you should have Icon=xfce4-mixer too04:33
Rotwangsepen: ill show you a screen04:34
sepenalso you need the xfce4-icon-theme, this file is need it /usr/share/icons/Rodent/48x48/apps/xfce-sound.png04:35
sepenmaybe you selected a icon theme without sound icon04:35
Rotwang but ive given absolute path to this icon :\04:36
sepenI've default installed files, without modification04:39
Rotwanglower right corner :<04:41
sepenyou need the xfce-sound.png image too04:43
sepenRotwang, can you see the xfce4-mixer in the menu?04:45
Rotwangsepen: its not big issue for me, i was just curious if you had the same problem04:48
Rotwangbut it seems somethings wrong on my side04:48
sepenRotwang, the fact is that I experienced the same sometime ago04:49
sepenbut my problem finished after install the new xfce4-mixer 4.4.304:49
sepen*err 4.4.3-204:49
sepenI need to part for a half hour , bbl04:50
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kmandlaGoie more05:03
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tilmancruxbot died again06:42
Rotwangcould someone show me portdb script?06:45
Rotwangi mean this one that generates portdb06:45
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Rotwangunfortunately cant find it there06:50
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estersHi thrice`10:16
estersI have a question - CRUX is a binary distro or source ? Or mixed ? :)10:17
aonthe packages on the install disc are binary10:17
aonbut most everything else is source10:17
estersOk I'll give a shot10:19
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esters\o/ Crux is running11:19
Rotwangi remember when i managed to get crux up and running for first time11:20
RotwangI felt almost orgasmic11:20
thrice`that was fast esters :)11:20
Rotwangone hour11:21
Rotwangi can get crux up and running in <10 minutes11:22
Rotwanglike most of us i guess11:22
estersAnyone of you using Arch ?11:22
Rotwangi was archer11:22
estersAnd then you came back or moved to Crux ?11:23
Rotwangmoved to crux11:24
* esters currently uses Arch11:24
Rotwangit was ~year ago11:24
estersWell I moved from Debian to Arch ~year ago11:24
Rotwangmore than year11:24
estersAnd why did you move ? :)11:27
Rotwangim huge kiss fan11:28
Rotwangand crux is the essence of kiss11:29
Rotwangok, im off for a beer11:31
estersOk, have fun11:31
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estersOh and one other thing, CRUX ships with vanilla packages ?11:45
RyoSesters: why did you setup crux now?11:45
RyoSin one week they will release crux expee11:45
estersRyoS: What is crux expee ?11:45
estersSilly question IMO RyoS :)11:47
estersI installed because I wanted to try the distro which ideas Arch took from.11:48
RyoSesters: i was referring to windows xp :P sorry dude11:49
estersOne last, how I can perfrom system upgrade ?11:59
rehabdollsystem upgrade?12:07
estersLike apt-get upgrade12:08
rehabdollah, just do "ports -u && prt-get sysup"12:10
rehabdollhow long it takes depends on how many/big packages you update and how fast your cpu is12:10
rehabdollsince you compile everything from sources12:10
estersSo CRUX is a source based distro with KISS philosophy, kewl.12:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: gimp: updated to 2.6.315:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to
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drijen2.5 is on my lappy and works great :)16:58
Rotwang12.5 is in my test chroot and also warks great16:59
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kmandlaGuten tag.17:22
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jayd512I was wondering if anyone could give me a clue as to how to set IceWM as my default WM? I execute 'startx' and wind up with Blackbox everytime.18:35
thrice`jayd512: edit your /home/$USER/.xinitrc ?18:36
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jayd512yep... that did it. Thanks, I was trying it with .xsession18:51
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joacimsorry about the rejoin rape.. im having issues with irssi and redraw.19:39
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kmandlaShould I feel weird if I fixed my washing machine with the help of a can of compressed air I bought at a computer store?20:18
joacimDo you feel a strange tingling in your pants?20:19
kmandlaO_O ... ah, no.20:19
joacimyou should20:20
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