IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-11-23

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kmandlaGreetings again. Sorry for the connection noise.01:37
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RotwangnipuL: ping06:00
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nipuLRotwang: pong06:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: tor: ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: gst-plugins-ugly: 0.10.9 -> 0.10.1006:20
RotwangnipuL: hai06:23
Rotwangim looking for scripts responsible for portdb06:23
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nipuLmind if i ask why?06:24
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RotwangnipuL: id like to write something that uses portdb06:27
nipuLif you want an interface you can talk to programatically, i have a version that produces xml06:28
nipuLi might even add json, which seems to be the flavour of the month06:29
nipuLjust add f=xml06:29
nipuLi use it to make cli queries06:30
nipuLhttpup repo is here:
nipuLwhat did you have in mind?06:31
Rotwangk thx06:32
nipuLother than that, on the server side there's a script that generates the dbfile on a daily basis06:33
nipuLbut that's of little interest06:33
Rotwangits too early to talk about what i have in mind06:33
Rotwangbut ill let you know ;]06:34
nipuLcome one, just tell us, i promis i wont laugh06:35
nipuLwho needs aspell when you have aonspell06:37
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pedjaweird.if I set 'useregex yes' in prt-get.conf, yapo stops showing ports...07:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: polymer: dropped09:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: sudo: updated to 1.6.9p1810:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: unrar: updated to 3.8.510:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: thunderbird: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: cdrdao: added patch for gcc 4.310:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: xchat: fix gtk build problems10:38
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thrice`eek, new glibc :|10:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: rdesktop: fixed dependencies10:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: qt-engines-bluecurve: dropped10:52
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rehabdolloh, gotta give it a try11:18
thrice`nfc, since tarballs are obsolete :)11:19
* rehabdoll doesnt like changes and builds a tarball11:20
thrice`nothing too exciting11:22
rehabdollbtw, the 2.5-test isos doesnt support ext4, right?11:22
thrice`2.6.28 is the ext4 release, right?11:22
rehabdollah, still experimental11:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gimp: updated to 2.6.311:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: openbox: downgraded to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gimp: updated to 2.6.311:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: [notify] thunderbird: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.511:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: directfb: removed.11:42
rehabdollhere goes..11:49
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: pycairo: footprint update for python 2.611:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: pygobject: footprint update for python 2.611:55
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: pygtk: footprint update for python 2.612:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: pidgin: updated to 2.5.212:06
tilmanRotwang: hpct reminds me of something sepen once mentioned12:19
Rotwanghmm yeah12:19
Rotwanghe said once that he puts ports from portdb to one collection iirc12:19
tilmansomething about a "composite" ports driver or so12:20
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: imagemagick: updated to 6.4.6-012:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: lyx: updated to 1.6.012:45
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thrice`hi esters12:49
estersHey thrice`12:50
estersKinda windy here12:55
Rotwangsnow here ;]12:56
estersSnow storm here :)12:56
estersWoah there is a skype plugin for pidgin13:10
estersHoly moly13:13
estersIt looks awsome13:13
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KMandlaBuon giorno.16:32
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rehabdollKMandla: god morgon16:42
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RedShiftamerican politics fail16:59
joacimgod aften17:02
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clickonceHello guys21:24
ahmrahtcheerhowdy clickonce21:25
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clickonceWiee, I got uvesafb working.21:37
joacimI want 16:10 resolutions :(21:55
clickoncejoacim: What do you have now?21:58
clickonceBtw, what is the difference between arch/i386/boot/bzImage and arch/x86/boot/bzImage?21:59
ahmrahtcheeri386 is built for the 80386 with FPU, while x86 USUALLY means i586 and up22:02
joacimuhm.. 4:3 resolutions22:02
clickoncejoacim: ah, okay22:02
clickonceahmrahtcheer: Which one would you recommend using on a Core 2 Duo?22:02
clickonceI'd say x86...22:02
ahmrahtcheerx86, yep22:02
clickonceSure hope this works now.22:04
ahmrahtcheerthere being relatively few 80386's with FPU still out there, i suspect that kernel is going to be laid to rest pretty soon.22:05
clickonceI've been using it for years. :)22:16
ahmrahtcheeryou probably already figured it out, but just in case...that will install a 32bit OS onto your box.22:17
ahmrahtcheeri'm not up to date enough on crux to know if there's an x86_64 version22:17
clickonceWell, all my other binaries are 32 bit so...22:18
ahmrahtcheercheck out source mage linux or netbsd.  both have x86_64 versions22:19
ahmrahtcheernetbsd in particular, 'cause it uses pkgsrc package management, just like crux22:19
ahmrahtcheerit's small, relatively speedy and sneers at your best efforts to lock it up22:20
thrice`there is a secret and in-testing version of crux6422:20
clickonceWhy in heavens name is it secret?22:20
thrice`it's still untested, and very "do-it-yourself"22:21
ahmrahtcheerthrice`, really?  way kewel!22:21
thrice`rehabdoll is doing some of its work :)22:21
ahmrahtcheeri was gonna put source mage on my desktop box, but will have to look into crux64 for it.22:21
thrice`source mage seems very strange to me o.O22:22
thrice`anyway, I'm off for the night.  enjoy :)22:22
ahmrahtcheerit's a total geek/nerd's distro, what with the magic-based pkg management22:22
ahmrahtcheerbut it can be made nearly as fast as crux22:23
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ahmrahtcheernot quite, but nearly.  crux is, by my testing, the single fastest OS out there, even faster than damnsmalllinux or puppy linux when they're running from ramdisk22:23
clickonceI want crux6422:25
clickonceI also want a nice framebuffer console font, any recommendations?22:25
ahmrahtcheeryeah, now that i know it's out there, i want crux64, too22:25
treachI guess we could wish for a pony too, while we're at it. :>22:26
treach("crux64" exists, but it has a lot of problems)22:27
ahmrahtcheernah, i'm not a horse fan.  i'd take either a large donkey or a mule, though22:27
ahmrahtcheer<---is a Texas redneck22:27
treacha texan that doesn't like horses? Ok, there goes another prejudice. :>22:29
ahmrahtcheeri prefer a nice, calm, roman-nosed riding mule.22:30
* treach tries to picture one of those famous gunslingers on a mule.22:31
treachEpic fail. :>22:31
ahmrahtcheeri  would've made a terrible gunfighter.  i can't fast draw at all.  but, i can put 'em in a space small enough to be covered by a playing card at 100yds with a pistol22:32
* ahmrahtcheer shot on the pistol team in college22:32
treachWas that really legal? ;D22:33
ahmrahtcheeri'm a retired firefighter/paramedic and i have a very cynical view about such things:  my preferred gunfight would be with me armed with a rifle, from 600 yards, while the other guy has his back turned.22:34
treachI'd make that peashooters at 900, both guys with their backs turned on each other. :p22:36
ahmrahtcheertreach, but it's almost common law in texas that a viable defense in a shooting instance is "he needed killin'"22:36
treachplease don't reinforce my prejudices. >_>22:37
ahmrahtcheeri've had to deal with such types, and i promise you, they're out there.22:37
treachall to belivable.22:38
ahmrahtcheerthat's part of what made me a misanthropic cynic. :D22:38
treachyou guys really need to fix your culture. :/22:38
ahmrahtcheeryou mean in the US or in Texas in particular?22:39
treachwell, I get the impression it's pretty much a US problem in general, and a Texan in particular.22:39
treachBut that might be wrong, since I'm just some guy sitting behind a desk a dozen thousand kms away22:40
ahmrahtcheertreach, it can be viewed as a problem, yes, and i agree that it IS a problem, but we'll probably have to agree to disagree on the solution22:41
ahmrahtcheermy solution is best phrased by the statement "an armed society is a polite society."22:41
treachprobably. I can only see it from the point that we've had highpower military weapons out for ever in our society, and there were very, very few instances of them being misused.22:42
treachthem getting stolen was the bigger problem.22:42
ahmrahtcheeryou're, what, canadian?22:43
ahmrahtcheeryou said 1000km...22:43
treachno, swedish.22:43
treach"dozens of thousands".22:43
clickoncetreach: Woah, you're swedish?22:43
clickonceNice =)22:43
ahmrahtcheeroh.  kewl!  i used to hang out with a swedish exchange student, back in my early college days22:43
treachahmrahtcheer: we are a pretty widely spread bunch it seems. :p22:44
ahmrahtcheery'all do things a lot differently in Sweden, starting with the mandatory conscription.22:44
treachthat's dying atm though, for economic reasons.22:44
ahmrahtcheerthat would be a wise move in the USA22:44
ahmrahtcheeryour government is a better system than ours, imho (i like the parliamentary model)22:45
clickonceI have not been in the military, I have not even "mönstrat".22:45
ahmrahtcheerand you very wisely refuse to stick your noses into other countries' business22:46
clickonceContrary to the US ;)22:46
treachmmh, I think you mean the "proportional representative model".22:46
treachtends to keep things a bit more in line.22:46
ahmrahtcheerisn't it Sweden who has the seriously sexy blonde princess?22:47
ahmrahtcheeri can't remember her name atm....22:47
treachI can't spell her name! :D22:48
treachyeah, I think that's the one he's after.22:49
ahmrahtcheeryeah, her22:49
clickonceSame name as my mother, unforgettable.22:49
ahmrahtcheermakes me wish i was 25 yrs younger, she does22:49
treachbah, the only one there who doesn't appear to have her nose firmly stuck in the air is Victoria (Our crown princess) IMO.22:50
treachIt's a weird system, but it's better than electing your royalty anyway. ;)22:51
ahmrahtcheerheh, that's what we do, in essence22:52
treachyep. King George II :D22:52
ahmrahtcheeri suspect that, had JFK not been killed, we would have had a royal line in fact, even if it was called something else.22:53
ahmrahtcheerRFK would have followed, then Teddy, and by the time Teddy left office, one of the kids would be old enough22:53
treachwell, you've got a couple of Imperial clans instead. :>22:53
ahmrahtcheeruh huh, see above statement ;)22:54
treachyeah, but I don't belive most americans realize that their country have a great deal in common with an empire.22:55
treachI was just out to make the connection.22:55
clickonceHow cute, my cat came to me and fell asleep in my lap.22:56
clickonceShe makes this noise if I stop stroking her. :P22:57
ahmrahtcheermy lap is taken up by my laptop atm, but there's a half-grown mutt puppy asleep against my arm (i'm in bed)22:58
treachcats here too. :)22:58
treachnone around right now though, they're busy with whatever cats do at 06.00. :p22:59
ahmrahtcheerour cats are spread out atm, thought there is one who's pestering my g/f, who's also in bed, for food.22:59
treachheh, that feels familar. :D22:59
ahmrahtcheeryou know how cats are about that...the slightest sign of hunger and suddenly they're starving to death22:59
treach"MEEEOW, I can see the bottom of the bowl!!!"23:00
clickoncetreach: haha =)23:00
treachthey've got a bowl with fodder in, and it doesn't even have to be empty to make the complaints drop in. :p23:01
treachjust that you can see the bottom is enough.23:01
clickonceShe left me now... now she's eating :P23:01
ahmrahtcheerman, i'm jonesin' to install crux64 on my dual core23:03
treachit's not worth it IMO.23:04
ahmrahtcheerwhy do you say that?23:04
treachdepends on what you need, and how much time/knowlege you have I guess.23:04
treachbut I got a whole bunch of problems that took too long to solve for me.23:05
treachI tried it two days ago.23:05
ahmrahtcheeri'm on medical retirement, so i have a lot of time to muck around with such stuff23:05
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ahmrahtcheeri don't have the programming knowledge to do it, alas23:05
treachheh, ok. good luck then. :>23:05
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treachI got problems with applications not building, fixed most of that though, but X would invariably lock up for me no matter what I did.23:06
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ahmrahtcheer<sigh> guess i'll have to wait until the coding gurus get it debugged23:07
treachat least the apperance of 64 bit flash should settle the "need" for 32 bit support. ;)23:17
joacimdont forget games23:29
joacimI still play doom3 and nevewinter nights once every 6 months23:30
treachIf you want to play games I suggest you stick to windows.23:30
joacimwindows is not a nice environment for me to work in23:32
treachagreed by $DIETY, but I was mostly kidding anyway.23:33
treachIt's just that I get the feeling that like a huge number of people is mainly tied to 32 bit because of 1 single app.. flash.23:34
joacimI was not amused23:34
treachtoo bad. :p23:34
joacimI found that I really don't need flash after I started using 64 bit software23:34
joacimalways have my mac around anyways when I need one of those funny little games23:35
treachlots of interesting stuff is only available in flash, regrettably.23:35
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