IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-11-25

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pitill0good morning01:13
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sepenhi tilman01:16
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cruxbot[core.git/2.4]: automake: update to 1.10.201:43
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: automake: update to 1.10.201:44
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.501:44
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f1yUhm, mail delivery error to crux at crux dot nu, may I write it here?03:54
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spaceninjahow is the 2.5 version doing?03:57
sepenf1y, I know crux at lists dot crux dot nu, but not the one you said (just take a look of this if is what you're looking for)03:57
pitill0yo f1y, this is another way to talk about things03:57
f1yWell, the problem is very tiny. Just want to report a broken link for opt/mplayer (and have posted an undelivered mail to opt repo). The latest version of this port in is "1.0_rc2_p27725", present version from Pkgfile is unavailable.03:59
pitill0f1y: if I am not in wrong, there is a bug filled in flyspray04:00
pitill0f1y: to report things about ports, I think the best way is to fill a bug there04:00
f1yHm, ok.04:03
spaceninjatime moves really really slow04:03
pitill0spaceninja: 2.5 is going bit by bit :P04:05
spaceninjathere's only 3 tasks left
pitill0spaceninja: I think that isn't all04:08
spaceninjaoh well04:10
* spaceninja puts on mary poppins04:10
spaceninjalets go fly a kite!04:14
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thrice`rehabdoll: I got everything (minus a couple python apps that are segfaulting) rebuilt and working well :)  thanks again for the packages07:04
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f1yIs there a command to force recompilating a dependency from Pkgbuild?08:39
thrice`you can use prt-get: prt-get update -fr <package>08:40
pitill0f1y: -fr (force rebuild), or do you mean a full dependencie tracking to rebuild them all?08:40
f1yHm, I will tell it in another way.08:41
f1yThere is a Polish i2m with unicode encoding. To work properly it has to have ncursesw.h, so ncurses have to be recompiled with -enable-widec and -enable-unicode. But ncurses from ports dont have this options in ./configure.08:42
f1yOfc I might build my own ncurses port with these options.08:43
f1yBut wanna be sure if I'm not doing sth useless and unnecessary...08:43
thrice`it's best to make the change to the Pkgfile, and then rebuild it :)08:43
f1yYes, but only to ports -u and prt-get sysup commands.08:44
thrice`and, to save changes, maybe make a "/usr/ports/mine" directory. and copy it over there.  otherwise, the changes will be lost when you run "ports -u" again08:44
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f1yNarf, seems, that ncurses is allready being compiled with --enable-widec, but for some reason my unicode i2m cannot find ncursesw.10:22
tilmanf1y: did someone already tell you not to email with ports issues? :D10:30
tilmanf1y: if you wanted to reach the mailing list, the address is :)10:30
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f1ytilman: Yes, they've told me :)10:33
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estersEm, when did CRUX started ?12:13
estersIn 2000 ?12:13
pitilloesters, at least seems so in that history12:18
estersYes pitillo found it :)12:18
estersWhy I'm asking is that I'm going to tell about CRUX in my english lesson :)12:19
estersI'm a CS student, so I have to tell about something related to pc's :>12:20
Rotwangesters: youre from latvia?12:21
estersWhy are you asking ? :>12:25
estersFrom Arch forums? :>12:29
Rotwangarch forums?12:29
estersBecause the only place where I have listed my location is at Arch Linux forum12:30
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clickonceHello folks12:32
estersHi clickonce12:32
Rotwangesters: your ip12:32
estersRotwang: ahā12:32
clickonceI've checking the man pages but I haven't found exactly what I've been looking for. I often put my laptop to sleep when I walk away from it, this leads to my Putty/SSH connection dying. Does anyone know if it's possible to keep it alive for longer so that it will resume when I wakeup the machine? I.e. set the session timeout to 30 minutes or something.12:33
pitilloclickonce, have you thought in screen?12:34
clickonceI am using screen.12:34
clickonceBut I do not like having to reopen putty, reenter password, etc when I've only been away for 20 minutes.12:34
pitilloclickonce, understood12:35
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clickonceI don't like the idea of storing the password in the putty configuration either.12:37
pitilloclickonce, why not use key then?12:38
clickonceThat would still allow connections without entering any form of password.12:38
pitilloyes, only username12:39
clickonceI do not want to have to enter anything.12:39
clickonceI want the session to be alive for 20 minutes or so. If possible.12:39
clickonceEven if the laptop goes to sleep.12:39
pitillobut can you store the username in putty? or you don't want that too? at least this is a way atm12:40
clickonceUsername is not stored either.12:41
tilmanclickonce: you could tell ssh-agent to 'forget' your password after 30 minutes12:45
tilmanssh-agent -t ...12:45
clickonceClient is Windows.12:47
tilmanfail :]12:47
clickonceOtherwise that would have been a nice solution.12:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: freeciv: 2.1.6 -> 2.1.713:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: remind: 03.01.05 -> 03.01.0613:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: tscreen: 0.4.8 -> 0.4.913:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: xxdiff: dropped14:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: qt3: dropped14:19
thrice`a thing of the past :)14:24
treachI guess nobody uses any application that isn't ported yet. :>14:24
tilman2.5 will rock ÖD14:25
tilmanjesus qwertz is fucking unusable14:25
treachÖD? :D14:25
treachguessed so, but it really looked funny. ;p14:26
sepenI've a psion revo with qwertz14:26
treachnew/unusual laouts suck. ;/14:26
treachyeah, I've got a new keyboard too atm, if you haven't guessed it already. :p14:27
thrice`tilman: regarding hal + xorg, do I need any special hal files for keyboard / mouse input?14:28
tilmanthrice`: all i installed is 'hal' + 'hal_info'14:28
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] > pkginfo -i|grep xf86-input14:28
tilmanxorg-xf86-input-evdev 2.0.7-114:28
tilmanxorg-xf86-input-keyboard 1.3.1-114:28
tilmanxorg-xf86-input-mouse 1.3.0-114:28
tilmantilman@brimstone [~] >14:28
thrice`ok, nice.  I'll give it a try later for sure :)  hoping to avoid any "gotchas" :-)14:28
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tilmanthrice`: not sure whether you spied on us in #crux-devel ;))14:30
tilmanthrice`: you need to run the dbus and hald services14:30
tilmanthrice`: otherwise x won't be able to give you any input devices (unless you configured them in xorg.conf), which is epic fail14:30
thrice`tilman: indeed; I saw the meeting going on, and thought I'd pop in.  more interresting than work-stuff :)14:31
rehabdollyou might need to set your charmap in hal14:32
rehabdolli had to..14:32
tilmanah, i wondered about that14:32
RedShiftfail... somebody stepped in #archlinux and asked "hi there i'm installing arch now and joining this channel from weechat. i want to install slim as the login manager. what must i do?"14:32
tilmanrehabdoll: tell me more about that14:32
RedShiftI'm telling you, these guys are getting more retarded by the minute14:32
rehabdollhal detected my keyboard as US14:33
tilmanhow exactly did you tell it to use the bork bork mapping?14:33
tilmani wonder why hal doesn't ship with a default 10-keymap.fdi14:34
tilmanor mayeb xf86-input-keyboard ;O14:34
thrice`rehabdoll: I know this is sorta off-topic, but do you get a python footprint mismatch on 64-bit?  I'm wondering if it's the cause of my segfaults on python apps14:34
rehabdolli could try rebuild it14:35
thrice`the synatpics tarball ships a .fdi, but doesn't install when make install is called.  It must be installed manually o.O14:35
rehabdolli dont have any segfaults btw14:35
rehabdollbut i dont use my iso :)14:35
thrice`I get 2 missing files from opt/python, and pypanel doesn't run properly14:36
thrice`you're about the only one I know to ask if it's just me or not :)14:36
thrice`ok, looks about right :)14:39
thrice`thanks for building14:39
rehabdollill try pypanel14:43
rehabdollworks here14:44
rehabdollhave you rebuilt both pypanel and python-xlib?14:44
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thrice`hm, strange.  I'll try later then14:44
rehabdollthose ports need some luvin' for 2.5 btw14:45
thrice`yes, I sed'd 2.5/2.6 and rebuilt them14:45
thrice`other than libjpeg, everything else seemed to work with 32-bit ports14:45
rehabdollyeah, most do14:46
rehabdollthere are mostly footprint "errors" on 64bit14:46
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treachthrice`: libjpeg is simply fixed15:00
thrice`yes, of course :)  I just meant it was my only port that actually needed tweaking :)15:00
treachah, ok.15:00
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f1yWhat the... After prt-get sysup I have /usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:05
rehabdollis pango actually installed?15:09
f1yYes, but there's mismatch with .footprint.15:09
rehabdolllet me guess, no ? :)15:10
f1yTrying force rebuild of pango and cairo.15:10
f1yrehabdoll: Yes :)15:10
rehabdollbuild cairo first15:10
f1yI thought there's some broken link.15:10
f1yDone. Now recompiling pango.15:11
f1yDone, works perfectly.15:19
f1yrehabdoll: Thank You.15:19
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f1yThere's new port collection :>18:46
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f1ytreach: Thanks. Submitted.19:27
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nipuLand added to the portdb, it should show up in a day or so20:03
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