IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-11-27

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drijenmorning folks01:21
drijenwas curious as to the status of crux6401:25
drijeni know ecarux has done work with it, and thrice has it, but not much info beyond that01:25
drijeni found an old mailing discussion from the crux devs, but that isn't helping much either01:26
drijentek o/01:29
sependrijen, there are experimental ATM01:30
drijenreally, what i am trying to find out is, 1) is crux64 multilib, 2) is it active01:31
sepensorry no idea about that01:31
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drijenthat was wierd01:32
drijenanyway, ty sepen for the reply01:32
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teKsepen: I had a look at thttpd yesterday01:38
teKyour concern was the world-writeable /home/www/users, right?01:38
sepenimho it could be provided by a post-install script or as a note in the README file01:38
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sepen /home it isn't a nice place for installation IMO01:39
drijensirmacik, g'day01:40
drijen<- sleeptime01:41
sirmacikdrijen: g'night  ;)01:41
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teKyou noted it's sticky?01:44
pitill0good morning01:46
teKsepen: It's sticky and I  changed it to /var01:57
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teKthe only thing missing is git push. ;)02:25
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fraghi all is kde port uptodate?03:38
fraguh 3.5...03:46
fragtoo bad...03:46
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sepentilman, ping04:24
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fragsomeone has ever used spec cpu 2000 for benchmarks?04:43
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drijenfrag, check ecarux's repo10:30
tilmansepen: pong10:31
sepentilman, cruxbot died yesterday10:31
tilmanbut it's back!10:31
sepenI restart it from my home10:31
tilmanyour ~10:32
sepennow Im running it using nohup ruby irctest.rb10:32
tilmanyeah well10:32
sepenyep, feel free to kill him10:32
tilmannope, that's fine10:32
tilmani seldomly touch the code anyway :)10:32
sepennow Im going to home, Ill return in a couple of minutes, bbl10:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: thttpd: change wwwroot to /var/www12:30
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xray7224hey :)12:44
xray7224im thinking of moving to crus :)12:48
xray7224damn keyboard12:50
jaegeralready tried it to see if you like it?12:51
sirmacikyes I do ;)12:53
xray7224no its downloading now12:53
sirmacikI love CRUX!12:53
xray7224i havnt tried it yet12:54
sirmacikcongratulations for developers12:55
sirmacikgreat job12:55
xray7224im guessing its harder than gentoo hehe12:55
xray7224ive managed to set up a gentoo system and use it12:55
dinxgentoo's hard O_o12:55
xray7224nah not really not with the documentation anyway12:56
jaegerNeither are hard in my opinion but gentoo's more involved and complicated12:58
drijengentoo has helpful scripts13:00
drijencrux's simplicity > scripts13:00
xray7224i got recomended crux by the netbsd channel13:01
xray7224well one guy on it13:01
drijeni just wish crux had a multilib 64bit13:01
xray7224my lappy is 32 bit so no problem there13:03
drijenquad core w/ 4GB here :(13:03
drijeni'm having a terrible time deciding between slamd64 and crux :p13:03
teK[tek@basra][~]% grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo13:04
teKMemTotal:      4143800 kB13:04
teK[tek@basra][~]% uname -m13:04
drijentheh hell13:04
drijenhow are you reading all 4gb?13:04
teKshould be the related kernel options13:05
teKand I do have a Quad Core, too btw13:05
drijenoh i chose 4GB high :(13:05
drijenMemTotal:      3367764 kB13:08
teKI like splitting off 2GB as tmpfs for compiling13:09
jaegerPAE is the trick there13:14
jaegermight be a large performance hit, though, hard to really find good info on that13:14
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drijensays there is in the help file13:26
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drijenbut really13:26
drijenkde + all my stuff barely uses 300MB ram13:26
drijeni don't understand my own obsession with 64bit :p13:26
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xray7224im thinking of burning the crux disk now i am ok with linux but im not brilliant and im wondering if crux is really the distro for me13:50
jaegerif you can handle gentoo you can handle crux13:50
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Rotwangjaeger: i beg to differ13:52
drijenxray7224, i'd reccomend reading the advanced portions of www.slackbook.org13:52
drijenit'll prepare you well for understanding what is going on13:52
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Jessica_im thinking of burning the crux disk now i am ok with linux but im not brilliant and im wondering if crux is really the distro for me13:54
teKyou'll have to have a try.13:55
jaegerRotwang: feel free, that's my personal opinion13:55
Rotwanggentoo is automated, you dont need to know whats really happening to handle gentoo13:56
drijengentoo is falling apart, have been for quite sometime13:56
drijentheir packages are way out of date for example13:56
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jaegerI'm thinking of the install, not really day-to-day running13:59
jaegernot much difference in work after they're set up13:59
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tilmandrijen: hdd cache \o/14:07
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drijentilman, im sorry?14:11
tilmandrijen: your 4 gb of ram are used as a disc cache when not needed otherwise14:11
drijenoh yeah, i remember reading that doc, about in ram compiling14:11
tilmanthat's another matter14:12
tilmanbut it's useful as well14:12
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* drijen misread14:16
drijensoryr, taking an exam atm :p14:16
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xray7224ive just booted crux cd14:29
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xray7224how much will i need for /var14:33
xray7224im thinking about 4 gb ?14:33
drijenyou running a web or email server?14:34
Rotwang# du -sh /var14:34
xray7224o right14:34
Rotwangon desktop14:34
drijenthen 100mb shuold be more than...14:34
drijenwhat he said14:34
xray7224ok fair enough 100mb it is14:34
drijenwhere does gentoo place its portage again?14:35
drijen /usr?14:35
drijenah thats right14:35
clickonceWhat processor family should I pick in menuconfig for Core Duo CPU's? I can only find Core 2.14:40
rehabdollthats the one14:43
rehabdolloh, just core14:43
rehabdolldunno then14:43
teKI chose CONFIG_MCORE2=y14:44
jaegerI would guess pentium4/xeon14:44
rehabdolltrial & error ftw14:45
rehabdollor google.. :)14:45
Rotwangclickonce: i have cd 216014:45
Rotwangand i chosen something/newer xeon14:46
rehabdollgentoos wiki probably has some info on it also14:46
Rotwangsame as teK14:47
clickonceOkay, I'll go with that one then. Thanks. :)14:48
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xray7224damn it my laptop just died14:51
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jaegerheyo, tri14:56
clickonceMy USB key must be really slow.14:57
xray7224hey it says /mnt is allreasdy mounted or busy but i know its not mounted allready15:04
rehabdolllsof /mnt15:05
xray7224hold on i fixed it15:05
xray7224thanks anyway15:05
nipuLyay, toolchain upgrade is complete15:12
ahmrahtcheernipuL: ain't it fun waiting for gcc and gclib c to compile?15:12
nipuLheh, once i get my ports up to date i'll beit's even more fun when you've been trying to do it for the last week with a broken cpu15:13
nipuL*it's even more fun...15:13
ahmrahtcheera broken cpu?  bummer15:14
nipuLyeah, 32bit code would randomly fail to compile15:14
ahmrahtcheeri'm gonna install crux on this laptop...15:14
nipuLchanged the cpu and everything worked again15:15
ahmrahtcheerP3Mobile 800MHz, 256mb RAM, 20gb hdd ThinkPad T21 that i got off eBay for a song and a dance15:15
clickonceCan I be 100% sure that Lilo will _not_ touch /dev/hda if lilo.conf only contains references to /dev/sda? (boot= and root=)15:16
jaegerdo you have both IDE and SATA drives? hda and sda might be the same thing if you're using the libata code15:16
clickoncesda is my USB key, hda is my HD15:17
jaegerah, ok15:17
xray7224i dont know if i made a mustake but i carnt find the kernel15:17
jaegershould be safe, then15:17
xray7224im trying to install it by the way15:18
xray7224in /usr there is no src15:18
clickonceI hope this works now. :)15:19
clickonceJesus, loading the kernel from the USB key was really, really slow. Haha.15:22
nipuLyou running it on a usb1.1 host?15:29
drijenhi nipuL15:30
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clickonceI got SCSI-support, EXT2 support and USB-support all compiled in, what could I possibly need more to get my kernel to find my USB-key?15:54
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ahmrahtcheerclickonce: your usb key...did you format it to a *nix file system, or is it straight off the shelf?  if so, it probably has a FAT32 fs15:56
clickonceI've already partitioned it, installed CRUX on it and loaded LILO on it. It's just the kernel I want to boot from it cannot find it. I seem to be missing some necessary drivers.15:56
clickonceThe CRUX CD can find it and I've copied that configuration and modified it to my needs, I assume I've removed something I need by mistake.15:57
ahmrahtcheeri don't ever use USB anything, so probably not be much help15:57
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ahmrahtcheeri don't even compile USB support in my kernels15:58
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clickoncePerhaps the USB-key is /dev/sda when I boot my CRUX CD and something else when I boot the key.16:01
ahmrahtcheeryou've probably already done it, but does cfdisk show the usb key mounted?16:04
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clickonceorneryolphart: The CRUX CD does see the USB key yes, obviously since I've already installed everything on iy.16:13
clickonceBut when I boot the USB I get a Kernel Panic since it can mount root.16:13
orneryolphartsounds like you misconfigured lilo.conf...?16:14
orneryolpharti rarely use lilo, so am by no means expert16:15
orneryolphartbut usually when you get a kernel panic, it's 'cause the bootloader is aimed at the wrong storage device16:15
clickonceor when the kernel does not contain proper drivers :) I shall enable some more messages to see what it tries to mount etc16:16
clickonceGot another issue as well. Usually I got arch/i386 and arch/x86, now I only have i386 and x86_64 =)16:17
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clickonceAnyone here? :)18:57
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