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amastahhello all06:18
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tilmannot modprobing powernow-k8 on boot = really stupid07:22
tilmandear udev,07:23
tilmanwhy the fuck do you think i want to have the ide modules loaded on boot just because i use my ide cd drives every once in a while, but at the same time you don't load powernow-k8 at boot?07:24
Rotwanglets drop udev07:29
tilmanif i hadn't run conky just now i would only have noticed  in a few months07:29
rehabdollyeah static /dev ftw!07:29
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tilmanhint: using the clock in irssi to check whether your pc's time is correct is a dumb idea if you run irssi on a remote system08:05
estersHmm, I just stumbled upon on another problem08:06
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estersIs it normal that there isn't such group - audio ?08:09
tilmanthe default /etc/group file has the audio group08:10
estersMy mistale08:11
estersBut CRUX is blazing fast :)08:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gtk: updated to
* thrice` +1 to static /dev :)08:51
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estersXorg is killing me :(13:04
klickHmm, give me alot of information in /proc/acpi (most importantly battery). does not give nearly as much (most importantly battery missing). Backlight up/down doesn't in either. Same .config used for both.13:04
estersklick: /proc/acpi is depreaced13:05
estersLook into /sys13:06
klickI will, just gonna reboot into .27.713:06
klickAlso, I made a quick test kernel the other day. When I booted that one Fn-F6 and Fn-F7 worked fine to adjust the backlight, these do not work now. Unfortunately I don't have the .config so I cannot compare them.13:07
klickI have included everything under ACPI...13:07
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estersI'm pretty pissed13:14
Rotwangesters: why? :{13:14
estersI was trying to get Xorg running13:15
esterstilman told me what command should I use because of my problem13:15
estersIt didn't work13:15
estersThen I checked kmandla's blog13:15
thrice`what's tyour problem ?13:15
estersX starts, but none of the input devices work13:16
estersKeyboard, name it13:16
thrice`ok, that's an easy fix13:16
estersOne line in xorg.conf13:16
estersBut still it doesn't work13:16
estersWell it works partially :<13:16
thrice`Option   "AllowEmptyInput"   "false"13:16
thrice`add it under "Section  "ServerLayout"13:17
estersAnd the second issue would be that kernel ignores the vga=xxx option13:17
Rotwangthrice`: told him the same yesterday13:17
Rotwangesters: you didnt compile framebuffer support?13:18
thrice`esters: otherwise, pastebin your xorg.conf so we can take a look :)13:18
thrice`the second issue is with your kernel13:18
estersI'll paste my .config13:18
estersOh and I think what is the problem about xorg13:20
estersKeyboard works fine13:20
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esterskernel .config -
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jaegerit's technically meant for the "ServerFlags" section13:22
jaegerbut it works in both13:22
jaegerI have an odd issue in 2.5 where both evilwm and openbox will run but don't seem to decorate windows13:24
jaegerand I can't move them with the mouse13:24
klickDoes ACPI require some tedious configurations to work nice? I have it and I chosen "powersaving" where ever I could find it... yet my laptop runs hotter under Linux in just a few minutes. In XP it can be on for hours without getting this warm.13:24
jaegercan focus them with alt-tab, though13:24
jaegeropenbox will decorate some of them13:24
jaegerstill can't move13:24
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thrice`jaeger: very strange.  new configs too ?13:25
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jaegerwell, I've done no config of the WMs themselves but a clean xorg.conf and 2.5 install13:33
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estersOk, gonna reconfigure the kernel :)13:38
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thrice`xorg working properly?13:44
estersHaven't tried it yet13:48
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esters\o/ Success14:05
estersXorg finally runs14:05
mike_kklick: 'prt-get depinst powertop'   and follow the instructions on
mike_kyou might also need to fix/rebuild your acpi/dsdt table:
mike_kor search on: dstd linux iasl14:09
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estersNow I'm a happy crux user :)14:53
estersAnd it's blazing fast :)15:00
estersCompared to Arch15:00
ahmrahtcheerin my experience, CRUX is not only faster than Arch, it's also faster than damnsmalllinux and puppy linux, when they're running from ramdisk15:02
estersRly ?15:03
estersI've never tried nor puppy nor dsl15:03
estersBut I use Arch daily15:03
ahmrahtcheerCRUX is the fastest running OS i've tried15:04
estersThat's nice :)15:07
ahmrahtcheeri'm going to be installing it on this laptop as soon as my new dvd/cdburner arrives15:08
ahmrahtcheerand my new motherboard, too.15:09
estersHmm, I guess multiple repositories is a bad thing15:10
estersBecause there are many duplicates15:10
tilmandamn, does anyone have treach's repository httpup file?15:12
thrice`mm, rebuild xorg with hal :)15:14
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estersI guess the majority here runs software from both official + unofficial repositories15:15
estersWithout issues ?15:15
tilmanwithout major issues ;D15:16
Rotwangwatch out for yhafris repo15:17
estersThat is a no no for me :)15:17
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estersIs it because of the lack of manpower ?15:20
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thrice`hm, xorg locked up twice, but starts OK now :)15:34
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estersThat's good15:35
tilmanlocked up how?15:36
thrice`dropped down to a black screen on tty4 (where xorg was) and would not accept input15:36
estersJust like I had15:37
thrice`but, it seems OK after a reboot.  I removed input-{keyboard,mouse} too :)15:37
tilmanevdev ftw15:38
thrice`after installing the synaptics FDI, it worked out of the box too15:38
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thrice`thanks for the help tilman :)  this is pretty slick15:42
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estersHow many packages are in the core opt an xorg together ?15:47
thrice`ls /usr/ports/{opt,core,xorg} | wc -l  :)15:48
estersNot much :/15:49
Rotwangesters: you can see number of ports on portdb15:49
estersAh no 69215:49
Rotwangesters: contrib has a lot of ports15:50
Rotwangso sumed up its above 100015:50
estersWell not much, but than can be fixed15:51
estersSimilar to slack :)15:51
* klick says thanks to the spirit of mike_k15:52
thrice`crux ports are much easier to make than slackbuilds, though :)15:52
estersthrice`: I agree16:03
esterssleep &16:03
estersBye folks16:03
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clickonceCrap, irssi froze just before I could scroll up and copy what mike_k said.16:04
sirmacikso, what he said?16:07
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klickIrssi woke up again! =)16:12
klickrehabdoll: thanks!16:13
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rawawww, no romster :(17:29
jaegerhe's busy fighting internet censorship17:38
ahmrahtcheerthat's simple:  hang all the lawyers and half of congress17:40
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klickI want a CafePress Crux Store.18:57
rawyeah, that's really missing18:58
rawand while at it, there should be an action move about crux development starring jaeger as ultranerdman18:58
klickI should sleep now, good night19:00
rawfurthermore there should be crux, the t-shirt, crux - the coloring book, crux - the lunch box, crux - the breakfast cereal and crux - the flame thrower19:02
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klickThere should be Crux - The Xterm Color Theme.19:50
ahmrahtcheeroops  ...images/background.jpg19:53
klickNice one!20:01
ahmrahtcheeras you may have guessed, i have a thing about goth20:02
klickwho doesn't... ;)20:04
klickNah, I really, really do need to sleep now.20:05
klickSo I can wakeup feeling all happy and joyful.20:06
ahmrahtcheer'nite klick20:06
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klickTomorrow when I wake up, I shall begin writing the first design-draft for my next hobby-project.20:07
klickA very simple, but network enabled, Pipe Dream clone.20:07
klickThe Win3.11 16-bit WPE version does not run very good on todays machines.20:11
thrice`yay, the crux RC made distrowatch \o/20:18
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jaegerfail, distrowatch20:20
jaegerI guess they do at least say it's a development release20:21
klickBah, Crux is becoming mainstream... that means it will eventually have to meet more needs which will lead to more "bloated" releases..20:33
klickI kinda like the fact that the CRUX ISO is 250MB compared to X GB for Y dist.20:33
joacimthe gentoo minimal iso is 140MB =)20:34
klickSweet. :)20:35
klickIs there a ports-tree for 2.5 so I can get the 2.5RC ports?20:35
jaegermy minimal ISO was 24MB or so20:35
joacimand i dont think the netinstall iso for mandriva is very large20:35
klickThat seems very nice.20:40
klickI need to slipstream this install some day when I have the time.20:41
klickFirst I need to fix Xorg, ACPI and the heat issue.20:41
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klickFuck, I have to sleep.. damn.21:25
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klickI think my cat got high or something.22:07
klickThe stupid thing smelled on my detergent.22:07
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