IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2008-12-01

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pitill0good morning01:17
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villainis there a way to get an initrd after install?06:06
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amastahvillain: initrd, what for?06:40
amastahum... well, what about compiled int drivers ?06:42
amastahwith kernel06:42
villainyes, might be a way. but it takes long on an eeepc :D06:43
amastahwell, there is no easy solution for that then...06:44
amastahvillain: well, u can create your own initrd if u know how06:45
villainyes but thats too much for me06:46
amastahvillain: you hate google ? (-; there is some faqs, howtos and so on for creating custom initrd (-;06:47
amastahor there are ;]06:47
amastahvillain: it is simpler then you think06:48
villainmhh ill take a look thank you06:49
amastahcreating file with dd, um, adding it to loop, making it ext2, mounting it, copying some usefull files (it can be tricky), ldd on files for libs, copying needed06:50
amastahand tada, initrd ready06:50
amastahum.. nvm ;]06:50
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fraghi all08:10
thrice`hi frag08:11
fragi made a sysup and after that Xorg fails with a no screens found... even if xorg.conf is ok08:11
fraganother tracked error is  module ABI major version (2) doesn't match the server's version (4)08:11
jaegerHave you rebuilt xorg-xf86-{video,input}-* since building a new xorg-server?08:13
fragi just made a prt-get sysup08:13
fragand yes xorg has been rebuilt08:14
thrice`after rebuilding xorg-server, the drivers must be rebuilt again08:15
fragu mean the kernel?08:15
jaegerno, the xorg drivers08:16
fragso what i should do?08:16
jaegerrun "prt-get listinst | grep xorg-xf86-" and update whatever it lists08:17
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jaegerare you using any proprietary driver like nvidia or ati?08:22
fragjaeger no everything worked with intel driver compiled from the original version of 2.6.27 kernel08:23
fragi have to update all xorg-xf86?08:24
jaegeronly the ones you use08:27
jaegersomething like xorg-xf86-input-mouse, xorg-xf86-input-keyboard, and xorg-xf86-video-intel08:27
fragstill error: no screens found08:30
thrice`that's usually a xorg.conf issue.  are you sure it's OK ?08:30
fragit's exactly the same08:30
thrice`your xorg.conf probably needs to change from xorg-server 1.4.x to xorg-server 1.5.x08:30
fragi ll paste the error08:31
jaegerthe screens error and the module ABI error are separate, though, did you get rid of the module ABI one?08:31
thrice`can you move your xorg.conf to, say, xorg.conf.bkup, and try a fresh configure from "X -configure" ?08:31
fragok i ll try08:32
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fragthrice`: no i can't because after listing all drivers it returns "(EE) Failed to load /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//mga_drv.so08:34
frag(EE) Failed to load module "mga" (loader failed, 7)"   and the same for *all* drivers08:34
fraglopen: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers// undefined symbol: xf86ScreenIndex08:35
fragif this can help08:35
f1yXorg-server 1.5.2?08:35
f1yAh, yes, same problems here.08:37
f1yI guess upgrading xorg to new version and recompiling all drivers should help, but new xorg-server causes freezes on my pc.08:38
f1ySo... only one solution in my situation.08:38
f1y# for i in `ls -la /mnt/dvd/crux/xorg/ | tail -215 | awk '{print $8}' | xargs`; do pkgadd -u ${i}; done08:38
jaegerfrag: try running "prt-get update -fr xorg-xf86-video-mga" (or any other one you want to update) and see if the error disappears for that driver08:39
jaegermake sure it actually recompiles the driver08:39
jaeger(I mean the error from Xorg -configure)08:39
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fragfly did it work?08:45
fragjaeger: nothing solved08:47
jaegerhrmm, not sure where the problem is, then, sorry :(08:48
fragfly what about yours?08:49
f1yfrag: Yes, xorg from install cd works perfectly, but my ati doesnt have direct rendering enabled.08:49
fragfly i've to restore the cd version?08:50
jaegerthe undefined symbol error makes me think some other library needs to be updated to match xorg-server but no idea which08:50
sepenmaybe Option "AllowEmptyInput" "off"08:50
fragbut that's a remote machine08:50
jaegeryou should be able to fix it without reinstalling packages from the CD08:50
jaegerjust have to figure out where the problem is08:50
fragjaeger: the problem is that i'll never upgrade again :)08:50
fragin my case it cannot load any driver08:51
fragwhatever it is08:51
fragneither vesa vga08:51
jaegerMy point is you can fix it if you find the problem08:51
jaegerDon't just assume reinstalling packages is the way to solve it08:51
fragyes i know jaeger but tomorrow i need that computer with X installed08:52
thrice`all of xorg can be rebuild, but that's a long solution08:52
fragthrice`: i've a fast machine ;)08:52
fragwell maybe this can help08:52
fragwhen i start X i also have this08:52
frag(EE) module ABI major version (2) doesn't match the server's version (4)08:53
f1yHmm, xorg-libpixman and cairo are to rebuild after downgrade to xorg version from cd.08:53
thrice`jaeger is right; something needs to be rebuilt that didn't update properly08:53
thrice`does prt-get depends xorg show that you have all of the deps ?08:53
frageverything is [i] tagged08:54
jaegeras a side note you could save yourself some disk space and error spam by removing all the xorg drivers you don't need08:54
fragbut the error above doesn t help?08:55
fragi mean... there's a version mismatch08:55
jaegerthat's the error that made me think your video driver needs updating08:56
thrice`I'd be lazy and first remove all of the unused drivers, and then rebuild xorg :)08:57
sepenjust I used to install core and the build/rebuild all ports I need08:58
fragu mean from sources?08:59
sepenwhy install the whole xorg stuff if you don't need it? just I installed the ports I want on my box09:00
fragme too09:01
fragsepen didn t get09:02
thrice`frag: it looks like you installed alot more drivers than you need09:03
fragand so... thats not the problem09:03
jaegereither remove them or rebuild them all09:04
thrice`I think it might be the problem :)09:05
jaegerif the one you want to use is intel, something like prt-get remove `prt-get listinst | grep xorg-xf86-video- | egrep -v '(intel|vesa)'`; prt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst | grep xorg-xf86-video-`09:06
jaegerI didn't test that myself but the idea is to remove all but xorg-xf86-video-intel and -vesa and then force a rebuild of those09:06
fragcool the error has changed09:10
fragno nothing changed09:10
fragfailed to load module type109:11
thrice`did the ABI errors go away ?09:11
fragbut still no screens found09:13
fragthis is the last error after rebuilt09:17
jaegerno devices detected? hrmm09:18
jaegerwhat does "lspci | grep -i vga" say about the video card?09:19
fragsorry really bad connection09:22
fragcan u repeat if someone wrote something in the last 10 min ?09:22
frag00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82Q35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)09:23
f1yfrag: Do You have BusID in your xorg.conf?09:24
jaegerDoes the error show up with a completely new xorg.conf generated by Xorg -configure?09:24
jaegeror the old xorg.conf?09:24
fraghmm it seems no09:25
fragmaybe is the address of the device09:25
f1yTry with adding BusID "PCI:1:0:0" in graphic card section of xorg.conf.09:27
fragi ll check the xorg.conf09:29
fragactually i don't know if X is really working cos i'm with a remote machine09:29
fragbut at least X seems to run until i quit09:30
pitill0frag: check the log too09:32
f1yHuh, my repo isnt in portdb yet... why...? :(09:35
fragahhh it accepts only vesa09:35
fragnot intel09:35
fragand in xorg.conf it needs BusID "ISA" in the device section...09:36
pitill0frag: can you share yor xorg.conf? have you tried without config?09:41
fragsure which xorg u want? the one that worked or the one generated by config?09:42
fragwhen i use intel driver it crashed with no screens found09:44
fragif i use vesa it seems to be ok09:44
frag pitill009:45
pitill0frag: with that you got the no screen found?09:48
pitill0and have you tried without xorg.conf and checking the log?09:48
fragwith the same conf file, if i switch vesa with intel i have no screens09:48
pitill0not sure about this, I always use kernel driver with radeon (agpgart, chipset and graphic chipset) do you have them too? (sorry if this is done by xorg, but I do in that way)09:51
jaegerperhaps the current intel driver doesn't support that chip09:51
fragwithout conf the  log is at
fragjaeger: but the driver is from the kernel isn t it?09:52
jaegernot really, no. there might be pci-express, agp, or drm support in the kernel but the driver itself comes from the xorg-xf86-video-intel package09:52
fragand now?09:53
fragi should downgrade?09:53
joacimfrom what i've read the drm/xf86 stuff in the kernel should be disabled09:54
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pitill0frag: that seems that vesa tries to work with fb, and you haven't that, but that doesn't help with intel driver09:55
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pitill0joacim: then in my case, I must remove radeon from kernel and use only xorg-xf86-video-ati? and let xorg load the module?09:56
fragsorry how to go back to my prev configuration?09:56
fragi cannot recompile kernels and stuff on that machine09:57
fragreinstalling 1.5.2 by hand would help?09:57
joacimthe nvidia/ati/amd/intel framebuffer drivers have a conflict with the nvidia/ati/amd/intel xf86 drivers too09:57
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pitill0I will check that (not sure if I do it by history)09:58
joacimI'm not sure if what I said had already been said, or if I answered a question that havent been asked09:59
joacimi have not followed the discussion10:00
fragcan u pls advice me something to go back  before upgrading the system?10:03
joacimme? no im blank10:03
fragjoacim: not u :)10:04
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pitill0frag: I have an old laptop with an intel (I don't remember the model) with xorg and intel drivers locked10:18
pitill0this afternoon from home I can check which model it is10:19
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drijenhmm, anyone about that can help me decode a cmake error?17:59
thrice`bad question :P18:00
* drijen slaps thrice18:00
drijenhow ya doing18:00
drijenone of the ports blew up on me :(18:01
thrice`bummer :(18:03
drijenyar, where does subversion stick its files?18:04
drijeni want to try something but i can't find the bloody package files now18:04
thrice`prt-get cat subversion .footprint18:04
drijenoh hah, duh18:05
drijenno no, where does it shove files it has downloaded18:05
drijenshould be in the ports directory, but soon as look, all gone18:05
drijenlike a fat kid in a twinky factory18:05
thrice`unless you have changed /etc/pkgmk.conf, in the port DIR18:06
drijendammit, wgetpaste fail18:12
f1yNope, drijen failed with wgetpaste :>18:13
thrice`it's working fine; it entered the qimageblitz DIR and ran the configure18:13
drijenit flat refuses to redirect the cmake error18:14
drijenfuck c/p18:14
drijen"no cmake_minimum_required command is present"18:15
thrice`from the svn line in his Pkgfile, it will download it to /usr/ports/eacrux/qimageblitz/qimageblitz18:15
drijenyeah, its not there18:15
drijenpromise :p18:15
drijeni really don't care that its not there18:15
drijenso long as it builds18:15
drijenanyway, any idea how to fix cmake so it will stop whining?18:16
thrice`mine complains that qt4 is not installed18:16
thrice`which I don't feel installing currently :P18:17
drijenbrb, rereading the error18:17
drijeni have similar18:18
drijenfollowed by fat cmake error and a dev message18:18
* drijen prt-gets qt4, brb18:18
thrice`is qt4 installed ?18:18
thrice`try that :)18:18
* drijen thanks the chan and thruce18:18
drijen* thrice`18:18
drijeni know its simple, but talking it out helps18:18
thrice`of course :)18:18
drijenoh yeah, this is crux 2.5rc1 on my desktop, not a VM like last time18:19
drijenworks great so far18:19
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drijenthrice`: fixed :p19:40
drijeni r noob.19:40
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drijenahmrahtcheer: you in dallas, or ssh'ed?19:47
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ahmrahtcheerlinked to Dallas, but live in a little place called Sunset19:48
drijenhowdy neighbor19:48
ahmrahtcheerwe're about 1hr from FTW19:49
drijeni know19:49
ahmrahtcheerwhere y'all live?19:50
drijenim in garland19:50
drijeni used to go to UTA, so im slightly familiar with stuff nearby FW19:50
ahmrahtcheeri went there, never got a degree, though19:50
drijenUTA blows19:51
drijenbut yeah19:51
drijenhey neighbor! you should make your way over here sometime, i'll buy ya a beer19:51
ahmrahtcheerinstead, i spent 20 yrs as a firefighter/REMT-Paramedic19:51
ahmrahtcheerworks for me19:52
drijenhehe,  i gtg take it easy19:52
ahmrahtcheeryou too19:52
drijenok wow19:53
drijenim going to update faad2 in the contrib19:53
drijenits bloody 5 years old19:53
ahmrahtcheersounds like it's about time19:53
drijencontrib has 2.2.0 -> 200419:54
drijenecarux has 2.25 which is 2006719:54
drijenlatest is 2.6.119:54
jaegerI've got some family in McKinney19:59
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drijendamn sourceforge22:10
drijenreally, if i had the cache, i would mirror every package from opt, core and contrib22:11
drijenthis install would have been done hours ago if it wasn't for their shitty mirror script timing out22:11
klickI hate computers. Feature "A" works very nice with Linux. Feature "B" works very nice with Windows XP and Feature "C" works very nice with Windows Vista.22:18
drijeni installed vista last night22:18
drijeni hated how i thought "this isn't a terrible system :(22:18
klickThere isn't a single operating system that handles everything good.22:18
klickVista is very good at handling ACPI, my computer never gets really hot under Vista and I get 6 hours battery life without any modifications. Though, vista occpuies at least 20 GB.22:19
drijenklick: thanks for the link22:19
drijenvista is really snappy22:19
drijenlike impressively snappy22:19
klickXP on the other hand only occupies 8GB, but, I only get 4 hours of battery life by default and I don't have nearly as many settings to change as I had in Vista.22:19
drijenif it didn't eat 900MB of ram just sitting there, i'd actually be impressed22:19
klickSo, I can choose whether to have Linux+XP or only Vista. Either way sucks.22:20
drijenklick: i was working in an hp repair shop last year22:20
klickIn XP you can change when to turn of your monitor and harddisk. Nothing more.22:20
drijensome guy wanted xp and vista on his machine dual booted22:20
drijentook 3 days to figure out how to do it22:20
drijenwithout a 3rd party boot22:21
klickIn Vista you can change almost anything related to ACPI.22:21
klickAs I can in Linux.22:21
klickdrijen: Yeah, dual-booting Windows sucks.22:21
drijenthis was a nightmare22:21
drijenmy first thought was, "easy, just change the boot.ini"22:21
drijenthat lasted 5 min, till i realized why i couldn't find boot.ini in vista22:21
klickI think you should make Vista boot XP in some strange obscure way involving messing with bootmgr or whatever the tool is called.22:22
drijenthis was when vista was spanky new22:22
drijenm$ hadn't really thought of it yet, so googling for such tihngs was no help22:23
drijeni got it to work with lilo, but the customer bitched that i had wasted his precious hd space22:23
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klickDidn't he want Vista and XP?22:23
klickHaving both will _WASTE_ space...22:24
klickSee here, I've had the machine on for like 20 minutes, Windows says I have 4 hours of battery life left. In Vista I used to have more around 6 hours.22:24
klickIn Vista I usually have the brightness level set to even higher than I have now.22:25
drijenklick: what make/model laptop?22:25
klickFujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P7230.22:26
drijenmy dad is shopping aroun dfor a work laptop for his new business22:26
klickTheir tool for managing power settings sucks even more than XP's built-in.22:26
drijenhe instantly went for the shiny sony's and i wanted to puke22:26
drijeneither way,i get to wipe the sucker when he buys it and put a clean copy of vista on it22:27
klickComparing FSC tools to the Lenovo tools found on ThinkPads, FSC's are worse than garbage.22:27
drijeni hear lenovo does good things22:27
klickLenovo provides their own power settings tool which is quite redundant in Vista since Vista already has the settings. In XP it is really useful.22:27
klickFor instance, in XP you can't associate different LCD brightness settings with different schemes.22:28
klickTurning to the FSC tools is even worse, it gives you the option to disable the DVD, PC Card slot and the wireless tools. :)22:29
drijeni want one of those itty bitty laptops they have now22:30
drijeni was at microcenter the other day22:30
drijennot those 10" models, they have them even smaller22:30
drijenliterally a pocket computer, fucking crazy22:30
klickAsus Eee at 8" :)22:30
klickThe P7230 is 10.2".22:30
jaegerI have one of the 9" ones, love it22:31
ahmrahtcheerdrijen, http://gumstix.com22:31
drijenhave you seen the new N7022:31
drijenwith the geforce cards in them?22:31
drijenalso nuts22:31
klickLook at these figures... the Lenovo Power Manager provides 26 settings... the same FSC tool provides 1.22:31
klickCrap, I need to take a shower now. :) I'll be back later guys.22:32
klickdrijen: N70? The Nokia phone?22:32
drijenahmrahtcheer: sweet22:32
drijenklick: no um, sec22:32
drijenalthough those rock22:32
klickahmrahtcheer: I want one of those.22:33
ahmrahtcheerso do i22:33
drijenklick: the asus N10J222:33
drijen2GB ram, 320GB hd, and a 256MB geforce 9300M22:33
drijengets 6Hr batt22:33
drijenCRAZY i say22:33
klickdrijen: Thanks for the chat! I'll be back in an hour or so. :)22:35
ahmrahtcheerdrijen, have you seen the pico-itx mobos?22:36
ahmrahtcheerthat wouldn't hurt my feelings if the g/f were to get me one for my birthday22:37
*** ahmrahtcheer is now known as orneryolredneck22:44
drijenwhat do you do when something fails to build?22:45
drijen<- not a programmer22:45
drijenand its not spouting an error, make just flat out fails22:45
orneryolredneckmake note of the exact errors, from system logs if necessary22:46
*** orneryolredneck is now known as ahmrahtcheer22:46
drijen"getenv was not declared in this scope"22:47
drijennvm, i just pulled it from the list of deps22:56
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klickahmrahtcheer: Why do you keep switching between two different nicknames?23:34
ahmrahtcheersometimes i need one for a givenjoke, sometimes the other23:35
ahmrahtcheeri actually have five that i use here23:35
*** drijen has quit IRC23:36
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