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pitill0good morning01:22
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klickDo you guys care to buy extra equipment when buying a new laptop? Such as extra AC-adaptor, extra primary battery, extra secondary battery, docking station, etc.01:53
joacimI do not need backup or extra batteries. I need neither of those01:56
klickYou never take your laptop with you?01:59
joacimI do02:02
joacimI take it with me every day02:02
joacimwhen I go to the university02:02
klickOkay. :)02:03
joacimI do fine with a single battery (it lasts 4-5 hours), and I do not need random spawns of ac-adaptors everywhere02:04
klickI was more thinking about always having one AC in the bag and one permanently at the desk at home. So you don't have to pick it up and down all the time.02:05
joacimI keep mine in the bag that I keep near my desk02:07
joacimand i do not pick it up and down all the time02:07
klickokay >(02:08
joacimwhat i did buy extra was video adaptors02:08
joacimyou never know when you need to use s-video or vga equipment =)02:08
klickI keep it plugged in when I'm and I take it with me when I leave home, approximately once a day. So I have to unplug it once and plug it in when I get back, I'm lazy. :)02:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: gftp: update to 2.0.1903:27
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: fakeroot: update to 1.1103:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gtk-engines: revert to stable version 2.16.103:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gftp: update to 2.0.1903:30
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.503:30
nipuLreplacement ac adaptors are dirt cheap03:54
nipuLwell they are when you work in an electronics shop03:54
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klicknipuL: I guess. :)03:57
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fragany idea to build intel xorg drivers?04:13
klickfrag: Why not?04:15
fragklick: about a problem... well yesterday i made a sysup and now cannot run xorg with intel driver04:16
fragonly vesa04:16
klickThen I suggest you recompile and reinstall it.04:16
fragi removed and rebuilt it again then added intel in xorg.conf but still have a no screens found error04:18
klickWhat is the error?04:18
fragno screens found04:21
klickThat's the result from the error which is an error by itself.04:21
klickYou should have another error there somewhere.04:21
klickWhich is the real error.04:22
fragno devices detected04:22
fragprimary device is ISA04:22
klickYou're having an ISA video card?04:22
fragbut seems to load the module04:22
fragthe intel card is AGP04:22
klickJust paste the damn Xorg output on
klickas well as xorg.conf04:23
frag output04:24
klickWhy in heavens name is it trying to use an ISA card. Do you have an ISA video card in the machine perhaps?04:25
frag   xorg.conf04:26
klickrun lspci and check the id for your video card04:26
klickand add BusID "PCI:X:Y:Z" to the Device section04:26
frag00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82Q35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)04:27
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klickBusID "PCI:0:2:0" then04:27
fragstill ISA04:28
fragsoooo weird!04:28
fragit seems to ignore xorg.conf04:28
klickCheck the beginning of the Xorg output to make sure it is using the correct xorg.conf file.04:29
fragyes it is04:30
frag(==) Using config file: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf"04:30
klickhmm, crazy04:30
klickJust to make sure, move the ServerLayout section to the end of the file.04:30
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klickI am having some issues with Xorg myself actually. It starts fine but the keyboard/mouse doesn't work.04:32
klickcat /dev/input/mice spits out a crapload of stuff though.04:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: libwnck: updated to 2.24.205:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: mplayer: udpate to 1.0_rc2_p2805808:04
thrice`nipuL: fix your toolchain? :)08:15
nipuLyeah, was a faulty cpu08:16
thrice`ah, bummer08:17
f1yMy repo hasn't been added to portdb yet...08:18
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jaegerklick: the "AllowEmptyInput" serverflag, perhaps?08:30
thrice`mm, just as I figure out udev, they release another one :(08:32
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tilmanthrice`: hooray, new udev10:18
Rotwangtilman: maybe you should update once for 5 releases ;]10:19
tilmandamn, is offline again10:26
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* thrice` hates udev10:33
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tilmanx, hal, input drivers10:37
tilman"# If HAL is enabled, then the mouse/kbd drivers are disabled. Otherwise, you will get duplicate devices. If you want to use mouse/kbd, disable HAL."10:37
thrice`my hotplug xorg-server is really unstable :(10:38
joacimI use a joystick10:38
tilmanthrice`: really?10:38
thrice`yep.  about 50% of the time when it's started, CPU jumps to 100% and it eventually locks up.  logs look clean.  if I reboot and try again, it may work fine without changing anything10:38
thrice`maybe I did it wrong :|10:39
thrice`I installed + started hal, added --enable-{hal,dbus} to xorg-server, installed evdev, and that was about it10:40
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thrice`I agree to the periodic udev pushes :)10:53
thrice`tilman: did you try my changes?10:54
tilmannot yet10:54
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VileTimesHey folks. I made a real goofball error. Can someone paste the contents of their /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.alias file? I was playing around with changing some console fonts and now I can't get X to start.12:22
VileTimesthe error: could not open default font 'fixed'12:23
tilmanprt-get update xorg-font-alias12:23
VileTimesprt-get update xorg-font-alias12:24
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VileTimesI love coming here for help. One simple line and everything works. Thanks :D12:25
VileTimesAlright, back to work. I've wasted enough time today.12:26
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jaegeranyone have a favorite linux app for drawing network diagrams a la visio?12:54
jaegermaybe openoffice draw12:54
mike_kjaeger: dia13:00
klickHmm, I just discovered my GF is using file sharing software to download stuff illegally via my network.13:00
klickWhat counter-measures do you recommend?13:00
tilman"please don't"?13:00
klickFirst I need to make a tool that logs everytime she runs LimeWire.exe.13:00
mike_kdo not mess up with God Father [tm]13:01
klickShe'll kill me when she realizes that joining my Windows domain gave me complete access to her computer.13:01
tilmanyou could use qos to throttle her limewire packets13:01
klickI've already blocked those. :)13:02
klickNow I just want to log when she runs it, to see if she actually does run it.13:02
klickPerhaps it's possible to see hit-counts for iptables rules.13:02
rehabdoll..and log what kind of lesbian porn she downloads?13:02
klickNah, collecting evidence in case I get caught, since it is my network.13:03
jaegermike_k: thanks, I'll take a look13:04
mike_kjaeger: it really worked for me a few times. It has a cisco style networking icons set.13:05
rehabdolldoh, the cops made a 72kg cannabis bust 100km from my house :(13:07
rehabdolli could have enjoyed some of that stuff!13:08
thrice`run pkill in a 10 second cron job :)13:08
thrice`oh, limewire.exe13:09
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jaegermike_k: looks pretty simple and good13:12
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klickthrice`: She runs Vista. :)13:29
klickVery nice, Gnutella packets are being logged, and Limewire.exe execution is soon to be logged as well.13:29
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jaegeranyone in here have a decent amount of experience with megarpt and megactl for megaraid RAID controllers?15:49
jaegerI've got a RAID array that recently had a drive fail and even though the drive was replaced the controller still has the old degraded/predictive-failure status15:50
thrice`anyone used wicd?  it's a pretty sweet, minimal network manager :)15:53
jaegerheard of it but never used it15:56
thrice`works pretty well here15:58
thrice`only needs gtk, supports pm-utils stuff natively15:59
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VileTimesI've tried to get wicd from the ports repositories running but it never worked out. I could never get the daemon running.16:15
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thrice`hm, yeah; the one in the portdb looks overly complicated.  since 1.5.x, it's a simple script :)16:44
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nipuLhmm install office2k7, turn it into a git repo, roll it back after each time you use it, unlimited number of uses without giving product key?22:02
nipuLnot that i'd use it n a regular basis, just need to see how a document full of office specific extentions renders natively22:03
jaegerneat trick if you're willing to put in the effort22:41
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nipuLgit reset --hard; env WINEPREFIX=~/wine/office2k7 wine .../WINDWORD.EXE23:53

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