IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-12-03

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pitill0good morning01:17
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rehabdollsounds cool nipuL01:47
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fraghi all03:50
f1yHi there.03:50
fragsame problem still... Xorg is a mess after a sysup03:51
fragwith vesa it blocks03:51
fragwth intel it doesn t find screens03:51
fraghow to purge everything?03:51
f1yYeah, but this is rather Xorg release problem I guess, friends of other distros are whining too.03:52
fragi mean remove *all* xorg and reinstall rebuilt it again?03:52
fragfly and now how to solve this?03:52
f1yDunno... yet.03:52
fragso i canno work until Xorg decides to fix this?03:53
fragwhat about installing xfree86?03:53
fragand how to remove the damn xorg for now?03:54
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nipuLa quick (and dangerous) way would be 'prt-get remove `prt-get quickdep xorg`'03:55
fragmay i use prt to remove everything or just do it by hand?03:55
fragnipuL: ok why dangerous?03:55
nipuLfor example such a command would probably remvoe libxml203:56
fragi see03:56
sepenfrag, but where is the problem with xorG?03:56
f1yI suggest using it with --test first.03:56
fragsepen: after a sysup is a mess03:56
fragcannot find drivers and devices03:57
sepenfrom what version to what version of what package?03:57
nipuLperhaps something like, for port in `prt-get quickdep xorg`; do if [ -z "`prt-get dependent $port`" ]; then prt-get remove $port; fi; done03:57
sepenfrag, did you know about the EmptyInput issue?03:57
nipuLbut that might not work either03:59
nipuLif you could reverse the quickdep order it probably would03:59
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frag_nipuL: with that command xorg is still alive04:09
f1yHow to upgrade CRUX to 2.5-rc1? Changing 2.4 to 2.5 in /etc/ports would be enough?04:11
frag_what's the alternative to xorg... i mean is xfree installable by prt-get?04:12
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fragreinstalling xorg would not solve the problem?04:15
frag...core, opt and xorg are the three primary collections of CRUX. They're maintained by the CRUX development team which ensures that they're consistent and working well together....04:16
nipuLf1y: download the iso, it should include an upgrade option04:19
nipuLyou can upgrade via ports but it can be more difficult04:19
nipuLas a CRUX release generally comes with a toolchain upgrade04:20
fragcool from the iso would be easy... is that a critical upgrade?04:23
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fragmy god nothing changed after removing and reinstalling again...04:33
fraghey i think there's more than a problem in the ports04:33
fragupgrading to 2.5 would solve the problem?04:37
fragby iso04:37
f1yI guess it has nothing to it. It is just a system update, xorg is independent from it imo.04:39
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fragfly so u're saying that i've to format everything... ?04:45
fragis that possible there are NO ways to restore a working system?04:45
fragalso from the cd04:45
fragthe 2.4 iso04:45
f1yWhy format?04:51
fragi mean it's impossible to have a working xorg... what i've to do??04:51
fragi have the 2.4 iso04:52
fragmay i use it for that?04:52
fragif yes04:52
f1yYou might try to install xorg from this cd without formatting.04:52
f1yAnd then trying to run that xorg.04:53
f1yThere are packages compiled already.04:53
fragok burning the iso wait... fly pls can support me during it?04:54
fragi really need this machine to work today04:54
f1yTry to uninstall xorg with prt-get remove `prt-get quickdep xorg`, but run this with --test at the end to see, what will be removed exactly.04:55
f1yAnd after, just mount Your cd/dvd and run a command like this:04:55
fragit will remove perl and python and libxml2 but who cares if i can reinstall them again...04:56
f1y# for i in `ls -la /mnt/dvd/crux/xorg/ | tail -215 | awk '{print $8}' | xargs`; do pkgadd -u ${i}; done04:58
f1yAnd check Your path to cd/dvd ofc (this /mnt/dvd line)04:59
f1yfrag: What graphic card do You have? I've forgotten...04:59
fragDisplay controller: Intel Corporation 82Q35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller05:02
fragfly i've probl with libncurses05:02
fragcannot exec ports or prt anympre05:02
fragorts -l05:02
frag/bin/bash: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:02
fragit was ports -l05:03
fragprt-get remove xorg05:03
frag/bin/sh: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory05:03
frag-- Packages where removal failed05:03
f1yOk. try to install ncurses from Your cd/dvd drive. (pkgadd /path_to_cd/core/ncurses/)05:04
f1yBut what ports want from ncurses...05:05
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fragok fly05:06
f1yOk, now try to install xorg from cd/dvd with that command above ^05:07
fragare u sure is correct?05:08
f1yYes, for 2.4 iso it works fine.05:08
fragpkgadd: could not determine name and/or version of 2007: Invalid package name05:09
fragfor each package05:09
fragmaybe ls -a05:10
fragwithout l flag for ls command05:10
fragisn t?05:10
f1yNo, ls -la puts packages in longlist to make sure awk gets proper column from listing.05:11
fragthis command returns me pkgadd: could not determine name and/or version of 2007: Invalid package name05:11
f1yfrag: Try to install one (nevermind which) package with pkgadd.05:12
fragit works05:12
fragpkgadd xorg-xtrans#1.0.4-1.pkg.tar.gz05:13
f1yfrag: What says "ls -la | wc -l" in Your dvd/xorg dir?05:13
fragpff so weird...05:16
fragthe problem is in this05:18
fragls -la /cdrom/crux/xorg/ | tail -215 | awk '{print $8}' | xargs05:18
fragprints a lot of 200705:18
fragprint $9 seems ok05:18
fragno is not05:19
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fragfly installed05:22
fragand now?05:22
f1yTry to X -configure.05:22
fragFatal server error:05:22
fragcould not open default font 'fixed'05:22
klickHave you tried prt-get depinst xorg?05:23
fragklick: that made the mess05:23
klickI just did that the other day, worked fine.05:23
klickRemove all xorg- packages and re-run "prt-get depinst xorg". That's what I did.05:24
fragremove the whole /usr/ports/xorg ?05:25
klickNo, uninstall them.05:25
fragdone thousands of time05:25
klickprt-get listinst | grep -i '^xorg.*' | while read line; pkgrm $line; done05:26
klickprt-get depinst xorg05:26
klickShould fix it.05:26
fragbash: syntax error near unexpected token `done'05:27
klicksorry, while read line; do pkgrm....05:27
klickI forgot the "do" :)05:27
fragcannot remove non empty dirs.. is that ok?05:27
klickYour system seems to be screwed... anyways, when it's done. run the depinst command05:28
klickprt-get depinst xorg05:31
fragand now05:31
klickdepinst xorg can't possibly finish that fast? What kind of machine do you have 100THz?05:32
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fragmaybe something was already compiled and not removed05:32
fragi've a 2.66ghz05:33
klickYou're setup seems to be really fucked.05:33
fragthat is what i m saying for 3 days05:33
spaceninjaCRUX 2.5 RC1 = crux-2.5-test3.iso ?05:33
klickI got a tip from another guy about depinst.05:33
klickfrag: Rename the /usr/ports/xorg dir to something else xorg.old for instance.05:34
klickfrag: run ports -u and the re-run the two commands I gave you. To make sure it does not install something which is already compiled and borked.05:34
fragprt-get listinst | grep -i '^xorg.*' | while read line; do pkgrm $line; done this one returns that could not remove /usr/lib/X11/fonts/... cos not empty05:36
fragis that ok in any case?05:36
fragklick: going on with prt-get depinst xorg05:37
klickI would remove /usr/lib/X1105:37
klickSince it will be re-installed.05:37
fragcrossing fingers...05:40
fragdepinst should work for a while05:40
spaceninjayou might also need -use-install something05:40
spaceninjaI don't remeber what the option is, I'm currently on windows05:41
klickfrag: Now it should be compiling lots of stuff.05:43
klickWhich I assume it didn't do before.05:43
spaceninjaDoes anyone know the answer to my question? Is the crux-2.5-test3.iso the  CRUX 2.5 RC1 release?05:44
fragklick indeed05:45
fragchecking for GL... configure: error: Package requirements (glproto >= 1.4.9 gl >= 7.1.0) were not met:05:52
fragRequested 'gl >= 7.1.0' but version of gl is 7.0.205:52
frag=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/xorg/xorg-server/xorg-server#1.5.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.05:52
fragprt-get: error while install05:52
frag-- Packages where install failed05:52
klickHave you done anything with sysup?05:55
fragthe mess was born with sysup 3 days ago05:56
fragversion mismatch with gl package isn t?05:56
klickSo it is related to sysup then.05:56
klickpkgrm xorg-glproto05:56
klickprt-get depinst xorg05:57
klickIt will skip what it already installed05:57
fragagain same error05:57
fragit installed glproto again05:57
fragAlternatively, you may set the environment variables GL_CFLAGS05:58
fragand GL_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.05:58
fragSee the pkg-config man page for more details.05:58
fragwithin the error msg....05:58
fragya everything is strange here...05:59
klickcd /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-glproto05:59
klickOpen Pkgfile and tell me what version of glproto it installs?05:59
klickRemove all .tar files from that dir and rerun pkgrm xorg-glproto06:00
klickthen do pgkmk -d -i inside that dir06:00
frag=======> Building '/usr/ports/xorg/xorg-glproto/xorg-glproto#1.4.9-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.06:02
frag=======> Installing '/usr/ports/xorg/xorg-glproto/xorg-glproto#1.4.9-1.pkg.tar.gz'.06:02
fragpkgadd /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-glproto/xorg-glproto#1.4.9-1.pkg.tar.gz06:02
fragpkgadd: package xorg-glproto already installed (use -u to upgrade)06:02
frag=======> ERROR: Installing '/usr/ports/xorg/xorg-glproto/xorg-glproto#1.4.9-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.06:02
klickI told you to remove it first.06:02
fragi did06:02
klickpkgrm xorg-glproto?06:02
fragok sorry now i removed with pkgrm then i have to delete all in that di06:03
fragglproto installed06:03
fragdepinst xorg now?06:04
fraghecking for GL... configure: error: Package requirements (glproto >= 1.4.9 gl >= 7.1.0) were not met:06:06
fragRequested 'gl >= 7.1.0' but version of gl is 7.0.206:06
fragand xorg-server install failed06:07
fragwhat a mess!06:07
klickgl needs to be update too06:11
fragklick what else i've to do?06:12
klicktry this one: pkgrm mesa3d06:12
klickand remove all tar files from /usr/ports/xorg/mesa3d06:12
klickthen depinst xorg again06:12
fragno tar inside...06:12
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fraglet's see06:13
fragseems to work...compiling...06:13
fragcrossing fingers again06:14
* klick does too06:14
* frag is already thinking which gift to send to klick is everything will be ok06:15
rehabdollbeer is always nice06:15
fraghahaha i know06:16
rehabdolljust beware of air-transport.. i sent 6 cans to the gnash crew, only 4 survived the altitude :)06:16
klickhaha =)06:16
fragahhaha i see06:16
fragstill compiling....06:19
klickVery nice. :)06:19
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fragsame f'ing error06:24
fragi ll switch to ubuntu ... hihiihhi06:24
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klick_Irssi died.06:28
klick_frag: Is it working?06:29
klick_klick: Wake up damnit, wake up.06:29
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fragno no06:30
*** mike_ is now known as Guest3539006:30
fragnot working06:30
fragsame error06:30
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fragklick nevermind06:31
fragi ll use crux when it will be more stable06:31
fragafter all i have to work with virtual machines... crux was just a curiosity06:32
klick_My laptop is 49C or 112F underneath, should I be worried?06:33
klick_120F that is not 112F06:33
klickNice, irssi woke up again.06:36
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f1yHuh? ["ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0/2008061004]"]06:44
f1yAnd X doesn't work? o_006:44
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klickf1y: 13:34 < frag> after all i have to work with virtual machines...06:48
klickor he has more than one computer.06:48
f1yNvm, time for an upgrade to 2.5.06:49
f1yBrb (I hope so ;))06:49
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thrice`nipuL: heh, I like your office idea :)07:00
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f1yCRUX version 2.507:17
f1yyaaay \o/07:17
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f1yDamn, xorg problem. What was that... Option "AllowEmptyInput" "false"?07:23
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f1yI see support for unicode in 2.5 <:07:30
f1yBut perl is rioting.07:30
f1ySome locale problems.07:30
thrice`you must generate your own07:31
f1yHow to generate them without locale-gen?07:31
klickThere is only one locale needed! US-English07:31
thrice`do you have xorg ?07:31
thrice`er, do you have access to viewing the web? :)07:31
f1yYes, w3m <:07:32
surround1rklick: indeed! fuck the rest of the world!07:32
thrice`try that07:32
f1ythrice`: Thanks, I will. I knew it is something with localedef :)07:33
klicksurround1r: I would be part of that world actually. :) But wtf, fuck it anyways! en-us is the shitz07:33
surround1rklick: pfft details! :P07:34
thrice`f1y: yep; it's one more step, but it helps trim down glibc alot :)07:34
klicksurround1r: yeah =)07:35
*** surround1r is now known as surrounder07:35
f1ythrice`: Ahh, yes, it works fine now, thank You :)07:36
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thrice`no problem07:36
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f1yrehabdoll: Hahaha, that's good :D08:05
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f1yTo have ncurses with unicode support is there a need to recompile it with --enable-unicode, or --enable-widec should be enough?08:54
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Rotwanggoddamn docbook12:24
Rotwangwhat can i use to convert docbook.xml to pdf or so?12:25
Rotwangim going mad >:|12:25
tilmanfrom personal experience: use something else12:25
tilmandocbook = worst software ever12:26
Rotwangyes i've just noticed it ;]12:27
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tilmanoh, there you are12:59
tilmanthrice`: thanks for your udev stuff. i'll probably only get to it on friday12:59
thrice`no problem at all.  the pastebin just disappeared, so I stuck it up somewhere else13:01
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pitill0anyone know something about a sata problem about "excetion Emask" and a sata_nv controller?17:50
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rehabdollawesome :D18:02
pitill0but doesn't help too much18:04
rehabdolldo you have dmesg output?18:06
pitill0rehabdoll: yes I can pick it, 1 min18:07
pitill0I tried what I found related to hardware (another powersupply, changed power and data cables too), moved the HD from 1 to 4 sata ports too, I tried disabling acpi/apic, and always the same. I asked to know if someone had this problem and verified it's related to hardware (sata controller)18:11
ahmrahtcheersounds like a firmware problem to me18:12
pitill0ahmrahtcheer: yestarday I upgraded MB bios18:13
pitill0I am not sure if you mean that firmware (the HD is working fine in another MB)18:14
ahmrahtcheerif you still have one floating around, hook up an ide drive.  if it works, then i'd start suspecting the sata hdd's bios18:14
ahmrahtcheerman, you got me18:15
pitill0ahmrahtcheer: atm 2.5rc1 is on a ide disk working fine and with the sata HD near, but getting the same output when mounting18:15
ahmrahtcheerhmmm...i'm afraid i won't be of much help, since the last time i had multiple hdd's in a single computer was in the early '90s18:16
pitill0I have been playing around before asking here, this isn't directly related to CRUX, but may be someone could gave me a hint (if he had experience with this problem)18:16
ahmrahtcheerand they were mfm and scsi18:16
pitill0ahmrahtcheer: no problem, thank you btw :)18:17
ahmrahtcheersorry i couldn't help more18:17
rehabdolllooks like a hardware problem atleast. ive had similar issues with both broken drives and controllers18:18
pitill0ummmm then it's directly related to MB's sata controller (sata disk is working fine in other MB)18:19
rehabdollit wakes up at udma/33 atleast?18:19
pitill0rehabdoll: thank you for your time and answers18:19
ahmrahtcheeryeah, that sounds like a problem with the mobo's sata controller18:19
pitill0ummmm the sata HD directly doesn't wake up, nothing to do when I mount a partition18:20
pitill0it begins with that error a doesn't stop18:20
rehabdollWarning only 896MB will be used.18:21
rehabdollUse a HIGHMEM enabled kernel.18:21
pitill0ummmmm good point18:22
pitill0rehabdoll: tnak you :)18:22
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KMandlaGreetings, programs.20:23
KMandlaAny suggestions?20:29
KMandlaI can't seem to get any kernel to compile off 2.5 rc120:29
KMandlaOtherwise, installation goes fine.20:29
thrice`using a config from scratch ?20:29
KMandlaBoth an old one and  a pure and clean menuconfig20:30
KMandlaShould I try to set a default first?20:31
KMandlalike make defconf or whatever it is?20:31
thrice`did you use "oldconfig" with your old one?20:31
KMandlaYes, and same kernel. But copied into a new system on the same machine, I get that error.20:31
KMandlaI checked my md5sums and there aren't any disc errors. ...20:33
KMandlaDid I miss a step?20:33
thrice`i've never seen anything like it :(20:34
thrice`i think the toolchain is OK, as I've built 3 kernels so far on it without issues20:34
thrice`I was going to guess a bad config option from an older config20:35
KMandlaI'll try a few more things.20:35
KMandlaMaybe I've got a bad CD or something.20:36
KMandlaHmm. make clean works, but make defconfig gives the same error20:37
thrice`strange :|20:38
thrice`you could try to download the iso again, mount it, and update all core packages20:38
KMandlaThat's an idea.20:38
KMandlaGive me a few minutes ...20:38
thrice`mount -o loop blah.iso /mnt/tmp20:39
thrice`and something like "for i in $( pkginfo -i | cut -d ' ' -f 1 ); do pkgadd -f -u $i*pkg.tar.gz; done20:40
thrice`from core/ :)20:40
KMandlaRight. ETA on new ISO is 3.5 minutes20:42
KMandlamd5sum matches.20:44
*** f1y has quit IRC20:48
KMandlaUpdates ended without an error. Let's see what happens. ...20:49
KMandlaNope. Same error. This is weird.20:49
thrice`with a make distclean first ?20:50
KMandlamake clean20:50
KMandlaBut let me try that too20:50
KMandlaI wonder if I should try an old version of gcc? or something else from 2.4? just to get it to compile something.20:51
jaegercan't hurt to try. you might also run memtest20:52
KMandlaOkay. By the way, thanks for the help everybody. :)20:52
KMandlaAh, gcc 4.2.2 seems to be working20:56
KMandlaHardware, by the way, is this:
jaegerI used to have a similar one, 750020:57
jaegeror maybe 7000, I can't remember20:57
KMandlaWhat's the best idea for the next step?20:57
KMandlabuild up the rest of the system, then update gcc?20:58
KMandlaOr will that cause other problems?20:58
KMandlaRight now I don't have a kernel in place.20:58
jaegerI would test the memory first20:59
KMandlaOK. I'll finish this installation and see if the memory holds out. Thanks, all.21:01
jaegergood luck21:02
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