IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-12-04

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dinxjaeger: ping00:36
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pitill0good morning01:13
dinxgstreamer fails compilation with
dinxanyone confirm this01:28
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pitill0dinx: getting the same here. (clean system)01:45
dinxthanks pitill0 ;)01:46
pitill0good morning sepen01:48
pitill0dinx: no problem01:49
dinxwb sepen01:49
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asqarddobry dzien04:19
ahmrahtcheerhowdy asqard04:20
asqardahmrahtcheer: wykorzystam was cruxoców:P04:21
asqardKMandla: joł joł04:21
asqardyes i'm poland04:22
asqarduser crux linux04:23
ahmrahtcheeri've used crux in the past, will be installing it on this laptop soon04:23
asqardahmrahtcheer: i instal crux on the AMD QUAD04:24
ahmrahtcheerthat should be seriously fast04:25
asqardend problem is mesa3d04:25
ahmrahtcheeri've never tried it04:25
asqardvery slow mirror ;(04:26
asqardboys this is error04:30
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KMandlaMaybe CFLAGS="-march=k8"  with quotes? I don't know ... :(04:39
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asqardKMandla: i use CFLAGS="-march=k8" in gentoo04:40
asqardis no good04:40
KMandlaDoes g++ need CXXFLAGS?04:40
nipuLdepends on what you want it to do04:42
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nipuLcan you paste your pkgmk.conf?05:00
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nipuLtool late, i'm watching season 3 of it crown now05:04
asqardis bad CFLAGS="march=k3"05:04
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asqardis bad CFLAGS="march=k8" sorry05:05
nipuLexport CFLAGS="-march=k8"05:07
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KMandlaMaybe ...
KMandlaBut I think you have that already. :(05:12
KMandlaAny chance this ... ... is Pentium III-specific?05:17
KMandlaI just tried it on a 750Mhz Thinkpad and got the same error as a 1Ghz Inspiron05:17
KMandlaI don't know enough about gcc to know if 4.3.2 would have problems with P3's.05:18
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f1yKMandla: You might try -march=native.05:20
KMandlaOoh! I hadn't thought of that. I always change -march to pentium3. Thanks.05:21
f1yBut this works on gcc > 4.2.x (don't remember exactly)05:22
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f1yMy repo still hasn't beed added to portdb.07:15
f1yWho has rights do add it?07:15
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giovannihi guys07:33
giovannican I requestion07:33
RedShiftthis channel is not for asking questions07:33
RedShiftthis channel is not for talking07:33
RedShiftthis channel isn't even for idling!07:33
giovanniare you funny?07:33
RedShiftthis channel just _is_07:33
RedShifttrying to07:34
RedShiftis it failing?07:34
thrice`yes, ask away :)07:34
giovanniI am italian07:34
giovanniand I had install crux07:34
giovannion my laptop07:34
giovanniold pc07:34
giovanniI want know how I can set  framebuffer to my console07:35
giovanniI can't see well07:35
giovannifoe expamle07:35
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giovannifor example....If i want see all writer i must pull enter07:36
giovannipls help me...07:37
thrice`framebuffer support needs to be compiled into the kernel, and then specified in your lilo.conf07:37
giovanniok...but in my lilo.conf07:38
f1yBirds just shit my car over! Damn...07:38
giovanniI have specified append"VGA=778"07:38
giovannibut it's wrong i think.07:39
giovannibecause I see wrong07:39
thrice`for me, I use 1200x800 resolution, and have "vga=872" near the top of my lilo.conf07:40
thrice`but that is a small font, for a widescreen monitor :)07:42
giovanniif I want 800x600 or 1024x76807:42
giovanniwhich is value to VGA07:42
thrice`I think vga=77307:43
thrice`for 1024x76807:43
thrice`or vga=771 for 800x60007:44
giovanniok thank I try07:45
thrice`ok, hope it works :)07:46
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giovannithen I must run lilo right?07:50
giovanniwith comand lilo07:50
giovanniok thanks07:50
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jaegergiovanni: you might also try vga=0x303 (800x600) and vga=0x305 (1024x768) if the 77x numbers don't work08:12
giovanniI try08:13
giovanniTHANK YOU IT's OK08:15
giovanniI am fullhappy08:15
thrice`good :)08:17
sepenls -l08:22
sirmacikDo you think about python3k in ports?08:59
sirmacikMaybe as a new port called 'python3'?09:00
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giovanniI don't know How can configure file net09:19
giovannibut If I want check that all rigtht what I can do?09:41
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treachstart / stop should do the trick...09:43
sirmacik# /etc/init.d/net start/restart/stop?09:44
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giovanniIt's wrog10:14
giovanniwhat I can do10:15
thrice` /etc/rc.d/net10:16
giovanniand then10:20
giovanniIf I want see it's ok?10:20
thrice`ping ?  ):10:21
giovanniok I try10:21
giovannibut  sorry10:21
giovanninet is a file right10:22
giovannino a directory10:22
thrice`yes, all daemons are called from /etc/rc.d from the DAEMONS array in /etc/rc.conf10:22
thrice`so, if you have "net" listed in /etc/rc.conf, it will be called at boot using /etc/rc.d/net start10:22
giovanniaaa ok10:23
giovannithank I try10:23
tilmansepen: thanks10:31
giovanniit's ok thrico10:35
giovannithe next stap will be a install serverX10:36
thrice`prt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg  ? :)10:43
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giovanniwhy when I do prt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase11:20
giovannishow config error: can't access /usr/port/core11:21
giovannican't access /usr/port/opt11:21
giovannican't access /usr/port/xorg11:21
thrice`try running "ports -u"11:21
thrice`sorry, I must run to lunch now.  good luck :)11:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: mercurial: 1.0.2 -> 1.111:43
giovanniguys but If I want installa kdebase what I can do?11:44
giovanniwhen I do prt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase11:45
giovanninot found the pak11:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: freeciv: 2.1.7 -> 2.1.811:45
giovannipls help11:46
Rotwanggiovanni: look at the wiki11:46
sirmacikDo You have kde repo enabled?11:47
sirmacikgiovanni: ^11:47
giovanniI don't know if I have repo enabled can you help me to check?11:48
sirmacikas next step You should read this
giovannisorry but I don't know very well crux11:48
sirmacikTo enable kde repo you have to download this file and put it into /etc/ports then run 'ports -u' command  and try install kde ;]11:51
teKoh and read the fine manual.11:52
sirmacikof course11:53
Rotwang# man fine12:02
RotwangNo manual entry for fine12:02
Rotwangdamn :<12:02
DarkNekrosRotwang, it's fine, man xDD12:03
* Rotwang is going to look deeply into past and install crux 2.012:04
Rotwangor someone has got older isos?12:05
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jueif that's not old enough I've a 0.9.1 somewhere12:12
Rotwangjue: thx 0.9.2 will do ;]12:13
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Rotwangwhere can i find /usr/share/sgml/docbook/sgml-dtd-4.1/docbook.dtd12:48
Rotwangtilman: book im trying to print is in docbook format12:48
Rotwangtrying to convert12:48
sepeniirc lyx converts to docbook format too12:56
Rotwangi want to format from docbook12:56
Rotwangbut thx ill look into it12:57
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spaceninjadoes anyone know a minimalistic motherboard that has real native support in the linux kernel?15:38
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* spaceninja commits suicide15:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: pekwm-themes: new port15:41
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giovanniI guys17:29
giovanniIf I want create a account  in crux17:29
giovanniWHat I must do17:30
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nipuLif you need to ask that you shouldn't be using crux18:22
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sepenconfigure: error: BDB/HDB: BerkeleyDB version incompatible19:52
sepen=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/pkg/openldap#2.3.43-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.19:52
sepenany idea?19:52
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thrice`I got that too on 2.520:09
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