IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-12-06

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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: man-pages: updated to 3.15.02:54
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: prt-get: fix printf in regex mode08:28
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trihow to reinstall all installed ports?11:45
jaegerprt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst`, perhaps11:50
triah of course, thank you11:55
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rehabdoll1) create a linux-distribution18:01
rehabdoll2) register a domainname18:02
rehabdoll3) ?????18:02
rehabdoll4) profit!18:02
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RyoSrehabdoll: fail18:18
RyoSbut you are used to it, so its ok18:18
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rehabdollthank you18:32
RyoSno problem18:45
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Dapper_DanHowdy boys...23:05
Dapper_DanAny discussion on RC1?23:06
ahmrahtcheernot today, no23:07
ahmrahtcheernot that i saw23:07
Dapper_DanAnyone have anything to report on latest GCC when trying to compile kernel?23:07
ahmrahtcheer<scry> :gcc - 4.3.2-0-0 - the GNU C compiler -  <---from #sourcemage23:09
ahmrahtcheerit's supposed to break dadgum near anything it touches23:09
Dapper_DanThat's why I was asking...23:09
ahmrahtcheeri'm no programmer, but i do a lot of compiling....i'll stick with an earlier version for the nonce23:10
Dapper_DanIs that what's been had?23:12
ahmrahtcheeri can't say, as i've not dloaded it or tried it.23:12
ahmrahtcheeri've been busy dloading distro .iso's on dialup the last 2 weeks23:13
Dapper_DanFriend of mine on Linuxforums ran into that... seems another blogger had same thing. Just wondering how many others.23:13
ahmrahtcheerfrom what i've seen on the source-based distro channels, a lot of people23:14
ahmrahtcheerin source mage, it's still part of the testing version, has not been moved to stable23:15
Dapper_DanI see CRUX is ranked 10th in page hits on Distrowatch! 688 average hits!23:16
Dapper_DanOver the last 7 days..23:16
ahmrahtcheer-.-  i've not been on distrowatch for a while.  that's very surprising23:16
ahmrahtcheerwhere's gentoo ranked?23:17
Dapper_DanCRUX had been in the 120 to 140 rank range.23:17
ahmrahtcheeryeah, that's what i remember23:17
Dapper_DanWith the PPC announcement and RC1... boy it's really shot up there!23:17
Dapper_DanGentoo is presently is ranked at 24th in page hits.23:18
ahmrahtcheerdayum!  14 notches back from CRUX.....w00t!23:19
Dapper_DanDon't know why more Linux users don't try it. It's such an excellent distro.23:19
ahmrahtcheerit's the fastest OS i've ever seen or used, and i've been mucking about with computers since '8223:20
Dapper_Danahmrahtcheer: You sound Southern too... lol!23:20
Dapper_DanYep. Thought so. :)23:21
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ahmrahtcheerin real life i have no accent, so i have to use a texan accent here23:21
Dapper_DanHi Jay... ;)23:22
ahmrahtcheero/ jayd51223:22
jayd512Hi guys!23:22
Dapper_DanWe were just talking about the GCC thing you've had with RC1.23:22
jayd512cool... then I'm just in time23:23
Dapper_DanSo you tried the previous version? No joy?23:23
jayd512Sad to say... I couldn't get the 2.4 ISO mounted during the installation attempt...23:24
jayd512so no love23:24
Dapper_Danahmrahtcheer:  says the latest version has been giving trouble in lots of places...23:25
jayd512Makes me feel slightly better... I thought I was goofing something23:25
jayd512Is it just the gcc?23:26
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ahmrahtcheeri don't know...i'm asking in #netbsd to see if it's the same on BSDs23:28
Dapper_Danjayd512:  I posted to that blog...23:31
Dapper_DanHe said he thought it was just him... see the comment.23:32
Dapper_Danjayd512: you see where CRUX is now ranked 10th in page hits at Distrowatch??23:35
jayd512indeed! Gotta love it! ;-)23:35
Dapper_DanI do... I love this distro. I'm glad to see more folks are checking into it.23:36
jayd512It still trips me up at times... but after some coachings, it's really turning out to be the best thing out there, IMHO.23:37
treachseems like we've been shrinking for a while. good to see new people picking it up. :)23:37
Dapper_DanAgreed. Maybe some Gentoovians are actually trying it out.23:38
treachmmh, gentoo seems not that healty anymore. personally I hope we're saved a few from the pits of ubuntu though. :p23:39
Dapper_DanI showed an Ubuntu user my lsmod a few weeks back. He refused to believe a distro could run with that few modules... lol.23:40
jayd512Does a convert from Fedora count?23:40
treachhard to tell. fedora is a funny distro..23:40
treachif you're lucky it's smooth sailing, if you're not it's....23:41
Dapper_DanI stopped with Fedora at Core 4. If you like the outside of the envelope... it's a good deal. But I just ran into so many problems in Fedora with wireless.23:41
jayd512I dunno... I found it pretty simple to get around in. But after booting to a working CRUX (even once) I don't think I've booted Fedora but a couple of times since then.23:42
Dapper_DanAhhh... CRUX and IceWM. A marriage made in heaven... ;)23:42
jayd512true dat!23:43
treachI got tired of rh at 7.x, and basically anything *core was awful afaic.23:43
Dapper_DanCore one and two were pretty solid for me... 3 and up was like diving off the high dive with a blindfold on... ;)23:44
Dapper_DanDid anyone here ever try Cruxports4slack when using Slackware?23:46
treachnot I.23:47
Dapper_DanThat's what got me interested in CRUX to begin with. I think it's dormant now.23:47
treachpackage management, and specifically slackwares lack of it was my #1 reason to drop it for crux. :>23:48
treachthat was quite a few years ago though. :P23:48
Dapper_DanMe too. I still have a soft spot for Slackware though.23:49
jayd512Honestly, try as I might, I never could get Slack to do anything for me.23:49
treachthat's kind of the point, I think. ;)23:50
Dapper_DanDid you get it to install and usable?23:50
Dapper_Danahmrahtcheer: Any word from the BSD folks?23:51
treachDapper_Dan: me?23:51
jayd512Not really... thinking about wiping Fedora 8 off my other drive though... give Slack one more go round23:51
Dapper_DanWas asking.23:51
Dapper_DanYou'd likely get a different result now as you've learned so much more.23:52
jayd512That's what I was kinda hoping :)23:52
Dapper_DanAnd you can still use CRUX ports with it.23:53
treachyou still get slackwares messy scripts though. ;)23:53
Dapper_DanDon't include Core and you should be okay.23:54
Dapper_DanI built a lot of apps for Slackware with it.23:55

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