IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-12-07

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jayd512Was there any word from the BSD folks?00:05
Dapper_DanWhat version number was that on GCC?00:07
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nipuLoh the irony00:25
nipuLjust found a job ad for an "open source developer"00:25
nipuL"...Please send a copy of your CV in MS Word Format..."00:26
jayd512lol... nice!00:26
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jayd512I'm outta here, guys! I'll check back in a day or two to ind out about RC100:51
ahmrahtcheero/ jayd51200:51
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Monchooèñêàì äà ïèïèòàì íåùî05:59
Monchooìîæå ëè??05:59
Monchooèìà ëè íÿêîé??05:59
* Monchoo çàìÿðà acrux ñ îáëèöîâàíî ñ òèòàí ïàâå! :)06:00
* Monchoo çàìÿðà ahmrahtcheer ñ îáëèöîâàíî ñ òèòàí ïàâå! :)06:00
* Monchoo çàìÿðà clb ñ îáëèöîâàíî ñ òèòàí ïàâå! :)06:00
* Monchoo çàìÿðà cohan ñ îáëèöîâàíî ñ òèòàí ïàâå! :)06:00
* Monchoo çàìÿðà Dapper_Dan ñ îáëèöîâàíî ñ òèòàí ïàâå! :)06:00
* Monchoo çàìÿðà DarkNekros ñ îáëèöîâàíî ñ òèòàí ïàâå! :)06:00
* Monchoo çàìÿðà DaViruz ñ îáëèöîâàíî ñ òèòàí ïàâå! :)06:00
teKsomeone cuff / kick that clown06:00
Monchooàðå áå õîðà06:00
MonchooêÚò ñòå òóê ïèøåòå06:01
ahmrahtcheerMonchoo, i don't know what language you're using, but all i'm getting on this end is garbage text06:02
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sirmacikHi all! o/06:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: gstreamer: fix compile with premade patch07:53
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thrice`any thoughts on shipping {xfce,kde,gnome}.rsync as a .inactive, like contrib ?10:18
thrice`I think it'd be pretty un-intrusive, and would save those users a bit of work getting the rsync files, when xorg might not be available / built10:19
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f1yUhm, how to set dvorak-r keymap for X? setxkbdmap gives errors11:49
f1yAnd returns to default qwerty11:50
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f1yF.e. dvorak runs under console only, dvorak-r works for X only, don't know why :(12:04
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f1yDamn, the other way. Dvorak-r for console, dvorak for X only.12:09
thrice`no clue :(  sounds confusing, though :)12:09
f1y$ setxkbmap dvorak-r12:19
f1yError loading new keyboard description12:19
* f1y sighs12:19
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jaegerdvorak-r doesn't work for me but dvorak works fine12:29
jaegerperhaps the is broken12:29
f1yYes, I already know that, actually I write on it.12:30
jaegersorry, ignore me then12:30
f1yBut why doesn't load at startup and doesn't work in console?12:31
thrice`d'oh.  crux doesn't supply a plugdev group by default12:32
jaegerf1y: should be loaded by loadkeys in /etc/rc if you defined it in /etc/rc.conf12:32
f1yLoading /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/dvorak12:34
f1yinput in flex scanner failed12:34
jaegerno idea on that one, sorry12:34
f1yHmm wait, I have an idea12:36
f1yYeah, I did it, yaaaay \o/12:36
f1yloadkeys dvorak.wap.gz12:37
f1ySo another question, in rc.conf should there be KEYMAP=dvorak, which makes error above, or, which works?12:39
Rotwang$ grep KEYMAP /etc/rc12:43
RotwangKEYMAP variable is used by loadkeys -q12:43
Rotwangso everything that works for loadkeys will work ;]12:44
f1yOk, but why works and dvorak doesn't?12:45
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thrice`sepen: ping12:57
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thrice`sepen: can you add this patch to xfce4-battery-plugin?
thrice`it will not compile for me without13:04
thrice`thanks sepen :)13:09
sepenI'll try later at night13:10
thrice`sure.  just was doing a fresh 2.5 install, and needed that13:10
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thrice`"Cannot obtain lock on /media/.hal-mtab"  'doh13:44
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Rotwangmkdir /media ?13:46
thrice`yep :)  forgot13:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: fbpanel: new port14:37
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thrice`finally got wicd working.  /usr/etc/dbus* threw me off :)16:38
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f1yAfter few tests I may tell, that dvorak keymap works when loaded by loadkeys instead of loadkeys dvorak.16:50
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rehabdolltilman: what was it you needed gcc 3.4 for?18:38
rehabdollanyways, rsync -aqz gcc3418:43
thrice`prologic: in your mail to the ML, do you mean this ?18:48
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rehabdolli could probably mirror them as httpup if needed18:54
rehabdollunless they already exist somewhere18:54
thrice`will the one on not work ?19:03
rehabdolloh, there was one :>19:05
nipuLrehabdoll: gcc34 is needed to build qemu19:07
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Orbyyour torrent tracker seems to be down...19:54
thrice`it's ok; you should use the 2.5RC anyway ;)19:58
Orbyif more mirrors carried it maybe19:59
thrice`where are you ?20:00
OrbyUS or EU depends whats around i guess20:00
thrice`  being in the US, I could get around 800 k/s.  could try that :)20:01
Orby475kb/s so i guess thats good enough20:01
Orbyah speeding up now20:01
Orbyaround 70020:02
thrice`nice :)20:02
Orby850, so its good :)20:03
thrice`good thing it's a small iso20:04
Orbyonly a minute left :)20:05
Orbymaybe i should mirror it :/20:05
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