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teKugh, source=() for php seems to be broken02:14
teK ah :-)02:15
nipuLoh nice, freebsd has dtrace now02:24
prologicthrice`, yes I do.02:42
prologicthrice`, are they kept up-to-date ?02:42
prologicI cannot access IRC from work :)02:42
prologicjust got back02:42
prologiclong story short, I was unable to get X working on CRUX 2.4 on my (somewhat old) Dell PC with an onboard Intel 965 chipset02:43
prologicI could not get a signal to the monitor whatsoever - moreoever I had problems getting the relevant kernel drivers (agp/dri) even compiling and installing.02:44
prologicWork is getting me a PCI nVidia 6200 card - after which I'll try to isntall CRUX again - cause Ubuntu is shitting me to tears02:44
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spaceninjaerror building setuptools, prt-get: error while install03:39
spaceninjait seems the package got compiled, so I just did a pkgadd on it03:42
spaceninjasame thing with django03:46
spaceninjaI guess something is wrong with prt-get03:46
mike_kspaceninja: you can try to 'strace' it to narrow the problem03:47
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nipuLanyone know how to speed up the numlock mouse emulation, waiting for my batteries to recharg05:00
mike_kmaybe changing the repeat rate in BIOS or somewhere else?05:12
ahmrahtcheernipuL, what desktop environment or window manager are you using?05:13
nipuLi've tried changeing the repeat rate, mouse acceleration etc05:20
nipuLcursor stil moves slow as hell05:21
ahmrahtcheerthere's got to be a way to do it, 'cause iirc, KDE has a utility for that purpose....but i don't know how.05:21
ahmrahtcheernever really had any issues in either key repeat rate or mouse acceleration.05:22
nipuLnormal mouse works fine, just not the keyboard mouse05:22
ahmrahtcheerweird, really weird05:23
nipuLcant get google to tell me anythong either05:24
nipuLony reason i know about the numlock mouse was someone told me a few years ago05:24
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ahmrahtcheerakaik, that's strictly a software issue, and there won't be any way you can adjust things in the BIOS05:28
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mike_khave anyone tried 2.5-rc1 iso in virtualbox? It shuts down during "loading modules... IDE"06:10
mike_ksepen: morning06:10
sepenmike_k, try to increase the asigned ram for your vbox machine06:11
mike_ksepen: I've started with 32mb (just out of curiosity) and increased up to 512 =)06:12
sepenyep I experienced the same06:12
mike_kso, does your installation hang too?06:12
sepenyes for <3206:13
mike_kI, mean no mater how much ram I have - it still hangs.06:13
mike_k1024MiB - the same06:14
mike_kvbox log:
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mike_kI have a couple of other vm's with crux-2.4 running and booting from iso just fine.06:19
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sepenmaybe the ide-generic module is still need it06:31
sepenjaeger, why was remove it?06:35
sepenmike_k, can you boot with 2.4 in the same vbox?06:45
mike_k_sepen: I am about to reply to ml.06:45
mike_k_2.4 works. 2.5-rc1 works with 'CRUX noide' or 'CRUX libata' though.06:46
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sepenjaeger, sources for your tango-icon-theme port are missing, I found this from ubuntu sources, it works fine here07:05
thrice`prologic: oops; didn't mean to reply just to you on the ML07:05
thrice`sepen: those icons work very well in XFCE, btw :)07:06
thrice`I use tango-icon-theme and tango-icon-them-extras07:07
thrice`btw, are you to branch xfce-2.5? :)  I built it fine yesterday on fresh 2.5 on my laptop07:07
thrice`I have not yet tried 46 on crux :D07:09
sepenthrice`, I added xfce4-icon-theme from 2.4, seems they have no plans to include it for now, but sucks don't see any icons07:10
sepenimho xfce46 runs fine on 2.507:10
thrice`I thought 4.6 was supposed to be out in December, but I heard of delays too07:10
sepenthe new xfconf structure rocks07:10
sepenthrice`, well they have a nice milestone info07:12
prologicthrice`, nps :)07:12
thrice`yep.  it says:  Beta 3: 11-29-0807:12
sepen$ pkginfo -i | grep xfce4607:15
sepenxfce46 4.5.92-107:15
thrice`hm, so are you to branch a 4.4.x for crux 2.5 ?  or 4.607:15
spaceninjaheh, the default icon theme on xfce.. :) I always have to think that my computer is some kind of old school thing to make it cool, never had the energy to change it :)07:16
sepenthrice`, imho 2.5 should keep 4.4.x, maybe when 4.6 will be stable07:19
sepenof course I could register a new repo into the portdb for 4.607:20
thrice`i think 4.4 is best too.  who knows how long 4.6 will take :>07:21
prologicas a user of xfce4 I agree07:21
prologickeep ti stable  :)07:21
prologicI"m happy to try out 4.6 separately07:21
thrice`prologic: I think if you change the old httpup's to say 2.5, and point them at the 2.4 or 2.5 branch, it should work fine07:22
sepenprologic, me too, atm I've a private repo for 4.6 and still isn't registered, but imho it should be07:22
thrice`minus the battery-plugin which needs patching.  everything built OK here07:23
prologicthrice`, *nods* I'll have to find an old crux cd somewhere with the files :)07:24
prologicor maybe work out the syntax myself :)07:24
thrice`I think they are on somewhere, but I can't locate them currently :(07:24
sepenthrice`, I'm on it07:24
prologicpity they aren't used for the core crux ports anymore (as well as rsync007:24
prologicme neither07:24
prologicI tried :)07:24
prologicit would be useful (like I said) to have them there on the portdb page07:24
prologicso one could download either or07:25
thrice`hey, according to this, you are the maintainer :P
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: xfce4-battery-plugin: added apm patch (thanks to thrice)07:28
thrice`I think it's the same aon recommended a little while back :)  Thanks sepen07:29
sepennp, I try to maintain xfce u2date07:31
aonalthough bluecurve is hard to beat :)07:39
sepeninherits from Mist theme
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sepenhi pitill007:43
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: libburn: updated to 0.5.807:52
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.4]: xfce4-dict: updated to 0.5.207:52
pitilloyo sepen :)07:53
thrice`sepen: I tried xfburn 0.3.91 too, which adds audio-burning support :)07:53
thrice`that seems like a nice app07:54
thrice`there was one more I saw needed a bump, but I can't think of it07:54
thrice`I think it was ristretto.  I couldn't get 0.20 to work (it just kept crashing), but 0.21 was good07:55
thrice`probably just due to it being in development still07:57
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thrice`sorry sepen, don't mean to be a pest this morning :>08:00
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jaegersepen: it was removed because it didn't load properly, but hopefully it's not needed by anyone08:13
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teKsepen: is there a specific reason for contrib/ati being out of date?08:19
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DarkNekroswhy do you have quit the ide-generic module from kernel?08:25
DarkNekrosas said mike_k_ in ML, virtualbox doesn't like it (and as he said, it works when you type 'crux noide' in prompt08:26
sepenteK, I've build fine catalyst 8-10 but I need to modify gl-select too before push my change08:27
DarkNekrosin fact, I have a little question, does it affect a real machine with no sata devices?08:27
sepenteK, I think I could work on it these days08:27
jaegeride-generic should never be preferred over a specific hardware driver08:27
sepenyep its documented in the kernel too iirc08:30
jaegerinteresting that virtualbox would crash at boot, wonder what's up with that08:33
teKsepen: it's 8-11, iirc. Working fine (except gl-select ;)) here08:33
sepenok Ill add to my todo list08:34
teKati v 8-8 won't build with a current kernel anyway08:34
DarkNekrosjaeger, it crash on loading kernel modules08:34
jaegeryeah, I know where, just not why08:34
DarkNekrosperhaps it makes ide as default?08:35
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jaegerdoesn't happen in vmware08:36
sepenDarkNekros, did you have 'VT-x enabled'?08:37
thrice`wow, that's a long report :>08:39
sepenjaeger, I'll install virtualbox (I'm on a fresh installed box) and try some tests too08:40
jaegerI've got both virtualbox and vmware installed here but this hardware doesn't support VT-X08:40
jaegeroh snap, it's "piix" that kills it08:48
mike_k_sepen: I've read that. My machine is a Centrino Dothan without a VT-x09:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: xalan-c: added gcc4.3 patch (debian bug #454820). updated to 1.10.309:13
sepenwtf, vbox compilation fails with gcc4.3
thrice`not even gentoo has a patch09:17
RedShiftAoE > iSCSI09:18
RedShift(at least for small SAN's, that is)09:18
mike_k_> ? or just not that overbloated?09:19
RedShiftwell, since the iSCSI specification is +- 250 pages, and the AoE specs are 8 pages...09:19
RedShiftthey basically do the same thing, but AoE has less overhead and appears to have better fault tolerance09:20
RedShiftI can just stop the AoE target, do maintenance, start it again and the iniator can continue its work09:21
RedShiftI don't know how long I can stop the target though, only test for a few seconds09:21
RedShiftbut for iSCSI I couldn't even stop it without failing the iniator09:21
mike_k_I've had some target stuck problems with AoE, but is really a simple thing to play with09:23
RedShiftmike_k_: which version and what target?09:27
RedShiftI'm using vblade09:27
mike_k_RedShift: yes, with vblade. It was the same issue across a few versions during this spring/summer.09:28
mike_k_I don't remember the details though09:28
jaegerRedShift: I did a CRUX 2.5 installed via AoE on thursday or friday, worked quite well here09:29
jaegerfirst time I'd played with it09:29
jaegerno problems for me but then again I haven't used it long09:29
mike_k_it just have worked until a network failure =)09:30
RedShiftI'm testing it on an old dual P3 with a 15k SCSI drive connected via two bonded NICs on my work PC here using virtualbox to talk directly to the AoE devices09:32
mike_k_RedShift: I managed to boot crux from an AoE disc (with some mkinitramfs modifications). I can sen you a few files I have from that experiment.09:35
jaegerhrmm... both piix and ide-generic crash virtualbox09:37
RedShiftcan you mail those to me,09:37
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RedShiftI've installed windows, I'm going to install SP3 on it while rebooting the AoE target and let's see what it does09:49
RedShiftit's rebooting09:55
RedShiftand it's resuming09:58
RedShiftnot even timeouts logged in the windows event log09:59
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RedShiftthat's pretty sweet, that more than enough time for a failover09:59
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jaegerRedShift: nice10:11
jaegerare you using WinAoE or something else?10:11
RedShiftno, I made specially crafted vmdk file that refers to a block device10:12
spaceninjacan anyone install contrib/setuptools and  contrib/django without any errors?10:16
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spaceninjaI can't figure out the problem10:16
spaceninjaI'm doing a depinst django10:16
spaceninjaand what?10:18
Rotwangand what happens X|10:18
Rotwangspaceninja: how can we help you if you dont give us any details?10:19
spaceninjain the middle of the installation it suddenly stops and fails10:20
jaegerpastebin some error output10:20
Rotwangspaceninja: harrr10:20
thrice`errors help :)10:21
Rotwangid rip your heart from your chest and eat it10:21
Rotwangif you were in range10:21
tilmanrehabdoll: kvm and/or qemu10:28
tilmanrehabdoll: did you get it to build?10:28
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: xfsprogs: update to 2.10.210:31
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spaceninjait didn't say it was footprint mismatch, but I'm using -if, and it seems to work, so far, it hasn't finished yert10:33
spaceninjait worked :)10:33
tilmanziomg, spaceninja is back10:35
spaceninjait's great to be back, thank you :)10:37
tilmanmike_k_: thanks for the report.. i doubt the commit you linked is related to it though10:39
mike_k_tilman: I see10:39
spaceninja • 2007-12-23: Distribution Release: CRUX 2.410:39
spaceninja • 2007-12-10: Development Release: CRUX 2.4 RC110:39
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spaceninjait took 13 days for the RC1 to become officially released10:39
thrice`omg, clocks ticking :|10:39
spaceninjaso, will the 2.5 be released in  5 days?10:40
tilmanit will be released when it's ready10:40
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spaceninjaI'm going to calculate the avarage between RC1 and the official release10:42
jtnlhi all10:42
spaceninjaor I could just do something useful, afk :)10:43
RedShiftthat's nothing, if you really want to create some statistics, calculate how the time between the beta's, RC's and final affects the quality of the final version and asses the quality that the userbase will perceive10:44
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spaceninjaooh nice analysis10:47
jaegerRedShift: are you using the vblade executable/daemon or the kernel vblade?10:56
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RedShiftjaeger: the userspace daemon10:59
RedShifthaven't tested out the kernel vblade module10:59
RedShiftfrom what I've read it's supposed to be faster requiring less CPU usage10:59
jaegerI'm doing the same, just curious... will have to try it sometime11:00
RedShiftI get 20 MB/s read speed which is almost the maximum two 100 mbps NIC's can give you11:02
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jaegernot bad at all11:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: ocaml: update to 3.11.011:31
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: git: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libpcre: moved to core14:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libgmp: moved to core14:57
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giovannihi guys15:33
giovannii mus install kde on crux15:33
giovanniand I have follow the guide of ports15:33
giovanniwhen i do prt-get install kdebase15:34
giovannii read Packages not found15:35
giovannihelp me pls15:35
Rotwanguse depinstall15:36
giovanniprt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase15:36
jaegergiovanni: use prt-get depends kdebase, find the packages it says are missing, and search for them at to figure out which repository they're in15:37
giovannisorry but I have do...repo15:38
jaegeranyone have a working vlc 0.8.6 install that can play DVDs without broken sound?15:38
jaegerI'm trying to build an 0.9.x version now but I never solved the problem with 0.8.615:44
thrice`I was able to watch a dvd on 0.9.x successfully on a suse machine.  never tried the 0.8.x series15:46
rehabdollvlc has always been seriously broken on all my systems15:46
rehabdollthat includes and old windows2k box with precompiled binaries :)15:46
sirmacikvlc was working good on my computer only on debian machine :\15:47
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sirmacikOn other distros I always have problems with video sometimes with audio but now I don't remember what was the problem, exactly.15:50
sirmacikNow I'm using mplayer and xine for playing dvd's with menus.15:51
sirmacikBut you weren't asking for that what I'm using now, sorry...15:53
giovannisorry when i do
giovannibut i read No such file or directory15:56
giovannibut in etc/ports15:57
Rotwanggiovanni: sorry but its hard to understand you, maybe some italian friends could help you? ;]15:57
giovanniok sorry i try to speak better15:58
giovanniI must install kde on crux15:58
thrice`nipuL: I think the new dbus is sort of security related-ish :)15:58
Rotwanggiovanni: have you followed wiki?15:58
giovanniI had download repo15:58
jaegergiovanni: you put the repo file in /etc/ports and you added a prtdir line to /etc/prt-get.conf like prtdir /usr/ports/kde ?15:59
sirmacikIt's time to sleep, bye o/15:59
Rotwanggiovanni: prt-get depinst wgetpaste16:00
Rotwangwgetpaste -c 'prt-get depinst kde'16:00
giovannii try16:00
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giovanniok I think that ok16:10
giovanniI don't have add prtdir in prt-get conf16:10
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RotwangCRUX ... targeted at experienced Linux users. I thin it should be printed in xx-large font16:13
ahmrahtcheerRotwang, yeah, it's not a user-friendly distro when tinkering with its innards...16:15
ahmrahtcheerbut it's nosebleed fast and can be made nicely compact16:16
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joacimthe way i see it. crux is user-friendly for experienced users16:28
ahmrahtcheerthat's a fair assessment.  i was thinking mostly of n00b users.16:29
Rotwangcrux is simple if you know what youre doing16:30
ahmrahtcheercrux is going on this old ThinkPad, as soon as i can get my new desktop box up and running.16:30
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giovanniguys Why I can't fide file .xinitrc? to setting kde18:01
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giovannipls help18:02
giovanniWhy I can't finde file .xinitrc? to setting kde18:05
giovanniWhy I can't fid file .xinitrc? to setting kde18:05
giovanniWhy I can't find file .xinitrc? to setting kde18:06
ahmrahtcheer.xinitrc is in /home/[user], and is a 'hidden' file because of the period at the beginning of its name18:06
ahmrahtcheertry typing nano .xinitrc within the user directory18:07
giovanniok but I must adduser18:07
thrice`by default, there is not .xinitrc18:07
ahmrahtcheerthe same command will generate a file called .xinitrc18:08
giovanniI think I must adduser because in home there is anything user18:08
ahmrahtcheergiovanni, yeah, you'll need a user18:08
giovanniok so I must install add user right=18:09
ahmrahtcheeri can't tell you what the .xinitrc file will need in order to start KDE:  i don't use KDE.18:09
ahmrahtcheerbut for simple window managers like fluxbox, all you need to enter in .xinitrc is exec fluxbox18:10
giovannithanj you vary much18:10
ahmrahtcheercertainly :)18:10
giovanniyes I know i read18:10
giovannibut I adduser of course18:10
ahmrahtcheeryou can do the same in the /root folder18:11
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CraPoLafree beer18:39
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jaegerbleh, vlc 0.9.8 has the same problem as 0.8.621:06
jaegernothing but static for audio when playing dvd21:06
jaegerit's got to be a problem with some audio lib but I can't find it and can't duplicate it on any non-crux machine21:08
*** ahmrahtcheer has quit IRC21:17
jaegerseems like last time I asked, though, nobody else used vlc for dvds, so I've got nothing to try21:19
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nipuLis it just vlc?21:32
jaegerand vlc can even play non-dvd stuff fine. so I've thought for a while it's liba52's fault but I've never been able to solve it21:33
jaegergoogle turns up a shitload of non-related stuff, a few with the same problem, and zero solutions so far, though my searches are understandably vague... not sure how to quantify the problem better21:34
jaeger"linux vlc dvd audio static" in all variations I can think of hasn't helped so far21:34
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jaegercan't duplicate it on ubuntu, might install arch or gentoo or something to try as well if I get time21:35
thrice`boo, if arch can do it, so can crux21:41
jaegerI'm sure crux can do it but I can't even find the cause, much less fix it21:42
jaegeras far as vlc is concerned there's not even an error21:42
jaeger[00000660] a52 decoder: A/52 channels:2 samplerate:48000 bitrate:19200021:43
jaegerthat is the entirety of the output about audio :P21:43
thrice`ah; bummer :)21:43
thrice`saming the same libs as ubuntu uses to view dvds?21:43
jaegerpretty much. liba52 is even the same version on both machines21:46
Ditzijaeger: did you check your sound server or alsa? there is documentation on the web about dmix and samplerate problems21:48
Ditzijust shooting in the dark .P21:48
thrice`does mplayer work with dvdnav?21:49
jaegerDitzi: I have poked at it some, yes, but not yet come up with settings that make any difference :/ thanks for the suggestion, though21:50
jaegerthrice`: theoretically, though I've never gotten it to21:50
thrice`ah; curious if the sound issues were existant on mplayer or xine21:54
jaegermplayer and totem don't have the sound issue. haven't tried xine21:54
thrice`wow, arch builds it against quite a few items21:56
thrice`uses ffmpeg for quite a few21:57
jaegergonna swap in a different sound card, maybe the intel8x0 drivers just really suck22:02
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