IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-12-09

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pitill0good morning01:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: [notify] php: update to 5.2.802:58
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: php-fcgi: update to 5.2.802:58
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: mod_php: update to 5.2.802:58
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: php-mysql: update to 5.2.802:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: [notify] php: update to 5.2.803:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: php-fcgi: update to 5.2.803:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mod_php: update to 5.2.803:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: php-mysql: update to 5.2.803:12
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.503:12
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giovannihi guys....04:27
giovanniI have install adduser04:27
giovannibut when i do adduser giovanni04:27
giovanniI read stopped: cannot dela with etc/skel/./sudoers04:28
giovannistopped: cannot deal with etc/skel/./sudoers04:29
giovanniI must install skel?04:29
sepen$ useradd -m -d /home/sepen -G users,wheel,audio,video,cdrom,floppy -s /bin/bash -c "Jose V Beneyto" sepen04:29
sepenyou don't need adduser, just crux is not debian04:29
giovanniyes but04:30
giovanniif I don't do user i don't find file xinitrc04:30
giovannito start kde...04:31
giovanniI have install kde but to run I must find file xinitrc04:32
giovanniand i read that to find file xinitrc i must adduser04:32
dinxvim /etc/rc.conf and append kdm to services04:35
giovannii try04:35
giovannistarting service: syslogd .... ... kdm[ERROR]04:38
giovanniguys where is the file xinitrc to set and run kde04:51
Ditzigiovanni: you have to create the .xinitrc file04:57
giovanniI must create file04:59
giovannibut i have do useradd -m giovanni04:59
giovanniso I have create home/giovanni04:59
Ditzidid you?05:00
giovanniand in giovanni must be .xinitrc05:00
giovannibut there is no one05:00
Ditziyou have to CREATE the file!05:01
giovannisorry can I copy the xinitrc that there is in usr/lib/X11/xinit05:03
Ditzijust google a little more read some manuals and come back05:04
giovanniI read05:05
giovanniand now I have open the manuals05:05
Ditziread this
Ditzithere you have and example of a .xinitrc file05:07
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giovanniok I have create the file05:19
giovannibut now I must cp in /home/giovanni05:20
giovannior in /root?05:20
Ditziyou want to run X as root or as user?05:20
giovanniuser of course05:21
giovanniand when i want root I can switch..05:21
sepenX as root ... wtf05:23
giovannisorry you think that is better how root?05:24
sepengiovanni, I've no idea about what are you trying to do05:25
giovanniok I have create file .xinitrc05:26
giovanniand I thinking where put05:26
giovannior in home/giovanni or in /root05:26
mike_k_giovanni: what login manager (or other method) are you trying to use?05:29
mike_k_just kde (as desktop environment+window manager) or kdm (kde display manager AKA login manager)?05:31
mike_k_if you just need kde desktop you can use any other login method.05:32
mike_k_I'd suggest you to try opt/slim05:32
giovannii try05:34
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nipuLonly problem i have with slim is you can't zap the server without having to manualy restart it05:42
mike_k_I wonder if it can drop privileges after starting as root? o_O05:44
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prologiccan anyone recommend any (not so expensive) hosting that will install crux ?06:32
mike_kah, that would be awesome...06:35
mike_kprologic: please tell me if you'll find any such VDS/VPS06:36
teKnever heard of any hoster offering crux (in special) but many provide you with a rescue system that enables you to install a different OS06:36
mike_kit's always possible to plug in a kvm and install a distro of choice afterall06:37
sepenprologic, contrib/hplip is unmaintained ATM, iirc you was the maintainer sometime ago, are you newly interested on it?06:37
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sepenI wouldn't see unmaintained ports when 2.5 be available06:41
prologicsepen, unfortuantely I haven't been a contirb maintainer for quite some time06:43
prologicI still do however occasionally maintain my own ports - I intend to get back into things though06:43
prologicand mike_k  you're wrong :)06:44
prologicboth these guys (at least here in Oz) will do VPS with anything you want installed on it06:44
prologicsorry let me clarify, vigabyte are vps hosting providers, they will install anything06:44
prologicozservers do both dedicated, colo and vps06:44
prologicthey don't have customization available on their vps, but they do on their dedicated boxes06:45
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mike_kjust out of curiosity: cant find any custom os support info on
prologicthey don't advertise it :)06:52
prologicjust buy a dedicated box, and email support and say you want CRUX on it06:52
prologicthey have the cds :)06:52
prologicI used to have 2 dedicated crux boxes there06:53
mike_kand on vps too?06:55
prologicno, that they do not06:56
prologicbecause they use virtualozo :/06:56
prologicand only have a few images06:56
prologicmaybe if I could create them a virtualozo image they might :)06:56
mike_kso crux on vps is still like a dream =(  You need to mess around with virtuozzo or make a xen port of it06:59
prologicI'm going to host with vigabyte07:03
prologicwhen they're back online07:03
prologicand they will do CRUX :) I've asked them07:03
mike_kgood luck07:06
prologicI'll let you know :)07:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: php-bcmath: updated to 5.2.807:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: php-ftp: updated to 5.2.807:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: php-gd: updated to 5.2.807:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: php-gettext: updated to 5.2.807:14
* mike_k had to create a special script to bump all this stuff =/07:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: php-mbstring: updated to 5.2.807:16
mike_knipuL: what was your CPU bug look like? any specific error messages?07:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: php-mcrypt: updated to 5.2.807:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: php-postgresql: updated to 5.2.807:18
thrice`the next contrib/2.5 commit should be pretty big, I think07:19
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: php-sockets: updated to 5.2.807:19
mike_kthrice`: I'll ignore that branch for now07:20
mike_kif someone would merge - I don't mind, but I can't test it atm.07:21
nipuLmike_k: i would get random internal compiler errors whenever building 32bit code07:27
nipuLmike_k: i'm running crux on a vps07:28
prologicnipuL, what provider ? :)07:33
prologicI've run out of provdiers that will!07:33
thrice`nipuL: have you seen this?
nipuLprologic: slicehost and this article
prologicoh ?07:49
prologicso your vps is completely crux ?07:49
prologichard to convert ?07:49
nipuLnot really07:49
prologicmaybe I ought to try it :)07:49
nipuLcreating the image is the trickiest bit, but even that isn't very tricky07:50
prologicmind writing up an article for crux ?07:51
nipuLwhat's to write?07:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: [notify] dbus: update to 1.2.607:51
prologicthe crux specifics ?07:52
prologicok maybe there isn'y any :)07:52
prologicdid you use vmware to create the image ?07:52
nipuLnothing the handbook doesn't cover07:52
nipuLnope, pkgadd -r07:53
nipuLthen compress the folder and upload07:53
nipuLugh, s/folder/directory/07:53
prologicis the reason this is possible because of slicehost's resuce slice ?07:54
prologicI thought so :)07:54
prologicperhaps I ought to try it07:54
prologichow long would it take to get a base system up ?07:54
nipuLit took longer for me to upload than it did to set up07:54
prologicit would here too - so perhaps I'll do it tomorrow night07:55
prologicshouldn't you be able to create the crux image in a chroot ?07:55
nipuLexcluding services of course07:55
nipuLisn't that what pkgadd -r does?07:56
prologicexactly :)07:56
prologicso why was the image the trickest for you ?07:56
sepenprologic, ooops no idea about your actual status07:59
nipuLit's not really tricky at all, just the most involved part of the process07:59
prologicanways night all :)08:02
thrice`see ya prologic08:04
prologicnipuL, want me to refer you ?08:05
nipuLsure, why not08:05
prologicemail ?08:06
prologicoh one more thing08:06
prologicwhat is your slice ?08:06
prologic256M or higher ?08:06
nipuLjust 256mb at the moment08:07
nipuLi'll need a new one soon if i get any more clients08:07
prologicahh :)08:08
prologicwhat you hosting on it if you don't mind my asking ?08:08
* prologic clicked "Build my Slice"08:08
prologicthanks nipuL08:08
nipuLjust a few websites and email accounts08:08
nipuLalthough i do offload a lot static content to s308:09
prologics3 ?08:09
nipuLamazons distributed file storage service08:10
prologicgood ?08:11
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nipuLit's working pretty well so far08:12
prologicfuck that was quick :)08:12
prologicmy slice is up!08:12
prologicthanks for the sharing :)08:13
mike_knipuL: thanks08:13
prologicmike_k, you gonna get one too ? :)08:17
mike_kprologic: as soon as I'll have what to host on it08:18
prologicso you were just asking with no real need :)08:19
prologicfigure ;)08:19
prologichave fun guys08:19
sirmaciksorry, not here ;]08:23
mike_kprologic: not really. If I haven't update my sucky hosting subscription for another year I'd use it right now. and a friend of mine will definitely have something to host soon.08:23
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mike_kIt's nice to know you can switch to crux vps at any moment. besides slicehost does not look like an Australian company.08:25
nipuLaussie vps's are hella expensive08:27
nipuL3 times the price for a third of the resources08:27
nipuLand most of them a virtuozzo08:27
mike_kand route isn't that nice for the rest of the world08:28
nipuLi'd only get a local vps if i really needed lower pings08:28
nipuLfor local clients08:28
prologicI do agree with nipuL08:32
prologichaving a virtualozo box myself08:33
prologicit sucks ;)08:33
jaegerslicehost seems pretty decent at first glance08:36
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prologicit is :)08:38
prologicfirst hand ;)08:38
pl_rosejust giving it a spin right now :)08:38
pl_rosecrux goes on it tomorrw night :)08:38
pl_rosemwhwhahah :)08:38
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prologicamazingly fast08:38
nipuLi hope you're all giving me referrals :)08:39
prologicwell I just did :P08:39
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mauro_good morning08:46
mauro_there is anyone that explain me how to install kde on crux?08:47
mike_knipuL: a wiki page would definitely help with referrals too =) as crux is very addictive.08:48
thrice`sure, grab the kde repo file, add it to /etc/ports/, run "ports -u kde" , add a line to /etc/prt-get.conf, and then "prt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase"08:48
aonreading the kdebase readme might be helpful, too08:48
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mike_kit is not 'safe' to have gnome before opt in prt-get.conf these days =(08:55
mauro_i have this error installing kde-base, -- Packages where install failed pinetry08:57
mike_kmauro_: please paste more lines before that error somewhere (
mauro_i'm installing on another pc09:00
nipuLmike_k: it would generaly be a good idea to keep distro specific repos above opt09:01
mike_kI used to keep gnome there, but opt have much more up to date ports these days. I've just got an error that I have old intltool because of that.09:03
mauro_ERROR: Building /usr/ports/opt/pinentry/pinentry#0.7.5-2.pkg.tar.gz failes09:03
mike_kmauro_: search in a few lines above, please. there should be something wrong09:04
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nipuLyou can away override ports that cause problems09:05
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mike_kI know, it's just more than 2 or 3 of them (outdated) now.09:06
nipuLdoes -ph make a difference?09:10
thrice`yeah, I think jaeger was working on fixing gnome :)  sounds like it was broken from others' reports09:11
mike_kI am always on 'preferhigher yes'09:13
jaegeryeah, I was working on fixing them but got sidetracked with 2.5 work09:16
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jaegeryeesh, almost forgot to enable ssh before I finished my remote install09:22
jaegerwell, shit. I did forget to add a non-root user :P09:23
jaegerI guess I won't get to work on the gnome stuff until after work today09:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: gstreamer: fix compile with premade patch11:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: frozen-bubble: 2.1.0 -> 2.2.011:10
jaegerIs there a multilib iso available right now or was the one rehabdoll mentioned pure 64?11:10
tilmanrehabdoll's stuff is pure 6411:11
tilmantalk to nipul for multilib11:12
tilmanrehabdoll: speaking of it... did you get gcc3 to build?11:12
jaegerok, thanks11:12
jaegerhrmm... I'd like to get back to crux on my main workstation sometime soon11:19
thrice`what's on there currently?11:20
jaegerubuntu intrepid. it's alright11:20
thrice`i've never had luck with ubuntu11:21
jaegerI mostly don't have problems with it, for what that's worth11:21
tilmanand you'd like something with 64 bits? ;)11:22
jaegeractually, it is 64 bit :)11:22
thrice`my only 64-bit comp uses slamd64 (slackware)11:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: frozen-bubble: 2.1.0 -> 2.2.011:22
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: boost-jam: fix CFLAGS (thanks mike_k)11:22
jaegermaybe I'll install opensolaris to throw everyone off11:22
tilmani meant, you'd prefer a 64-bit crux over the plan old 32 bit one?11:22
jaegereither one would meet my workstation needs, so not really... I just want to use the 64 bit version at home11:23
jaegerunrelated situations :)11:23
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: boost-jam: 3.1.16 -> 3.1.1711:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: boost-jam: forgot to remove a not needed echo during debugging11:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: boost-jam: fix CFLAGS (thanks mike_k)11:38
* thrice` wonders if tilman's "plain old 32-bit" is a hint at his preference :>11:44
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jaegerfor what it's worth I'd definitely prefer 64 bit at home, have 4G RAM12:07
jaegerPAE just doesn't appeal to me12:07
giovannihi guys12:09
giovannisorry ...12:09
giovanniwhy when i do prt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase12:09
giovannithere is error12:09
jaegerdepends on what the error is12:10
Rotwanggiovanni: show us the fscking error12:10
giovanniError building /use/ports/opt/pinentry/pinentry#0.7.5-2.tar.gz failed12:10
jaegergiovanni: need more than that last line, need to know what caused it. you can put the whole output up at or what of those type services12:11
Rotwanggiovanni: please use wgetpaste as i told you yesterday12:11
giovanniyes but12:11
giovannii do install crux on another  pc12:12
giovannigtksecentry.c:274: error: conflicting type for 'g_malloc'12:14
giovannimake[2]: ***[gtksecentry.o] Error112:15
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giovannimake[2] Leaving directory /usr/port/opt/pinentry/work/src/pinentry-0.7.5/gtk+212:16
tilmandidn't we fix that?12:17
tilmanrun ports -u12:17
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giovanniI have error12:20
giovanniwhen i do prt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase12:21
jaegergiovanni: did you install wgetpaste?12:21
jaegergiovanni: might help to see the whole output12:21
giovanninow install12:22
giovannisorry and thank you of all to help---12:22
giovanninow install wgetpast12:22
jaegerprt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase 2>&1 > output.txt; wgetpaste output.txt12:22
jaegersomething like that12:22
sepenalso you can $ tail -f output.txt, or use ... | tee output.txt instead of ... > output.txt too see the results while its compiling12:25
Rotwanggiovanni: or you can wgetpaste -c 'command'12:32
giovanniok guys12:44
giovanniWhy I have contrib.rsync.inactive?12:44
Rotwangyou ask us?12:45
sepenRotwang, why I have /boot/vmlinuz-fake?12:45
giovannilol no12:45
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giovannican I rename?12:46
giovannino .inactive?12:47
sepengiovanni, did you read the handbook and the faq?12:47
Rotwangand uncomment prtdir ...contrib in /etc/prt-get.conf12:47
sepen contrib is disabled by default12:48
Rotwanggiovanni: i was in italy few months back12:48
cptnalso see
giovannino faq no I don't have read12:49
Rotwangunfortunatelly italian pizzas are not very tasty12:49
giovanniIf you go12:50
giovanniin Naples12:50
giovanniI am naples It's the best in the word12:50
giovannisorry world12:50
sepengiovanni, your english is better than mine, hehee12:51
tilmanno, it's not12:51
sepentilman, lol12:51
giovanniI speak bad english sorry...I try to speak12:52
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giovanniin prtdir there's not contrib12:53
thrice`it is in /etc/prt-get.conf by default, but commented out12:53
Rotwangbut i have one nice souvenir from italy12:54
Rotwangbeer with hitler picture printed on the label12:54
giovanniok ok I understand i try I don't have see12:54
cptngiovanni: did you see
Rotwanggiovanni: actually it was standing next to wine with picture of jan paul II12:57
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*** sets mode: +o jdolan13:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: hplip: removed due to unmaintenance13:27
giovannito see my error13:42
giovannigo to
giovannithere is error failed pinentry13:45
sependid you have enough permission to write in your selected PKGMK_WORK_DIR?13:47
sepenseems that prt-get fails when tries to do a tar file of your $PKG13:47
sepensorry cptn13:48
cptnno worries :-)13:48
sepenbut seems that, right?13:48
giovannii must try s/prt-get/pkgmk&13:48
sepengiovanni, ?13:49
*** acrux has joined #crux13:49
sepengiovanni, please stop13:49
cptnsepen: hard to say13:49
sepengiovanni, that was for me13:49
sepengiovanni, please do that:13:49
sepen1- prt-get depinst fakeroot13:49
giovanniok i try13:50
thrice`tar ran ok13:50
sepen2-  rsync -aqz pinentry; fakeroot pkgmk -d13:50
cptnthe two first lines in my paste are in your output as well13:52
cptnbut for some reason, the rest is missing13:52
giovannii try13:52
cptndid you get any further output which is not in the log file?13:52
sepenenough permissions for remove pkg/usr/share¿?13:53
cptnwell, the build created it in the first place13:53
cptnalso, otherwise there should be an error message13:54
cptnat least if the log file is complete13:54
giovanniI must try rsync -aqz pinentry; fakeroot pkgmk -d13:54
sepenalso you can get a nice log doing this: # cd /usr/ports/opt/pinenty; bash -x /usr/bin/pkgmk -d 2>&1 | tee /tmp/pinentry.log13:54
thrice`no; cd /usr/ports/opt/pinentry; fakeroot pkgmk13:54
cptndon't confuse him guys :-)13:55
sepenthrice`, I pasted the rsync command to be sure he has enough permissions for the pwd13:55
giovanniwhat I do?13:55
giovanniI have install fakeroot13:55
giovanniand now..:-)13:56
sepenbuild the port, and get a better log output :)13:56
giovanniports -u13:56
sepenplease wait13:56
sepenman fakeroot13:56
cptngiovanni: here's something different you could try13:57
sepenthe cd /usr/ports/opt/pinentry; fakeroot pkgmk -d13:57
cptngiovanni: as root, run 'prt-get install pinentry --log'13:57
cptnand paste /var/log/pkgbuild/pinentry.log13:57
cptngood, thanks14:02
giovannii try do cd /usr/ports/opt/pinentry; fakeroot pkgmk -d14:02
cptnsee, there's an error message there14:02
cptnwhich wasn't included in the original log14:02
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cptnit seems like stderr was not redirected to the log file14:02
giovanniwhich line14:03
cptnthere's also some warnings earlier that didn't make it to the earlier log14:03
sepen:) exec 2>/dev/null14:05
giovannii do exec 2>/dev/null14:05
giovannican I do cd /usr/ports/opt/pinentry; fakeroot pkgmk -d14:06
sepengiovanni, pinentry has an error14:06
sepenwhat kind of installation did you have?14:07
giovanniI follow wiki14:07
giovannifrom cd...14:07
sepenwell you can finally try a hard task with something like prt-get depinst -fr `prt-get quickdep pinentry` to be sure that you don't have any broken port installed before14:08
cptnthat's not needed14:09
cptnthere's a missmatch between a glib header, and pinentry14:09
cptnrebuilding the dependencies won't help, unless it's outdated14:09
cptngiovanni: are you using CRUX 2.4?14:10
giovannii think yes i have download file14:11
giovannito site14:11
sepencptn, pinentry builds fine on 2.5
cptngiovanni: and is the rest of the system up to date?14:11
cptndid you run something like 'prt-get sysup' after the install?14:11
cptnwhat's the output of prt-get current glib?14:12
giovannii see14:12
giovannimmm i don't like...oh14:13
cptnthere's 2.18.1-1 available14:13
giovannican I upload?14:13
cptnso the dependencies are not uptodate14:13
cptnwhat do you want to upload?14:13
giovanniaaaaa perfect14:13
cptnif you run 'ports -u', and the 'prt-get diff', then you see which packages are outdated14:14
sepengiovanni, lol14:14
cptnthat's probably a lot14:14
giovanniok i see14:14
sepenclb, yep if he starts from 2.414:15
cptnyou can try to update just glib, and then pinentry14:15
cptnbut in the long run, you will have to update the whole system anyway14:15
giovanniok can i update all system14:15
cptnprt-get can do that14:16
cptnjust run 'prt-get sysup --log'14:16
giovanniok i try14:16
sepengiovanni, and also 'man prt-get' :)14:16
giovanniok ok ...lol14:17
cptnthis will probably take a while too :-)14:17
cptnso grab a cup coffee14:17
sepenalso you can use prt-get lock and bla bla bla14:17
sepenread the man14:17
cptn*cup of coffee14:17
tilmani suggest decaf at this hour14:17
giovanniyou are funny14:18
cptnyeah, most people in this chat room don't actually run crux14:18
cptnthey're just here for the fun :-)14:18
cptn(just kidding)14:18
tilman:D14:18 # prt-get kill crux14:18
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: zsh: removed pkg{add,rm,info} completion files.14:20
cptngiovanni: also, as you probably didn't do a lot on this system yet:14:22
cptnyou could also install CRUX 2.5-RC114:22
cptnit's fairly stable14:22
cptnand you don't have to recompile lots of packages14:23
thrice`zsh failure :(14:23
tilmanthrice`: ? :)14:24
thrice`at the cruxbot info.  did the new zsh break pkgadd/rm ?14:25
tilmanzsh would think that pkgadd is some other unix' pkgadd14:26
tilmanwhich is largely incompatible to ours14:26
thrice`bummer :(14:26
tilmanso 'pkgadd /tmp/foo<TAB>' wouldn't complete to 'pkgadd /tmp/foo#1.2.3-1.pkg.tar.gz'14:27
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:27
thrice`I wonder which they base it off of.  probably a bsd?14:27
tilmanor solaris?14:28
rehabdoll <- awesome14:33
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux14:33
tilmanrehabdoll: gcc status? :]14:33
tilmanrehabdoll: awesome indeed :D14:35
thrice`haha, nice link :P14:36
tilman"he told me i could do anything. so i'm quitting" ;D14:41
*** treach has joined #crux14:42
tilmanq 28 :D14:42
thrice`I missed 26 the first time :P14:45
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giovanniit's very far update15:27
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giovanniwhy I don't install ghostscript?17:50
giovannihelp pls?17:52
*** dinx has joined #crux18:01
giovanniI have a troublr18:03
giovannii have a trouble18:03
giovannidon't connect sourceforge.net18:04
giovannipls help18:04
thrice`see the FAQ18:06
giovanniùI do18:07
giovannibut when connecting to and try to connect can I go ahead to connection18:09
giovannisorry i explain18:11
thrice`=(  OK, add this line to /etc/hosts18:11
thrice` dl.sf.net18:11
giovanniIs I understand....ok thank you sorry:-)18:12
giovanniafter i must update18:25
giovannibecause it's very slow the connect18:25
giovannithe right connect it's the third trial18:27
thrice`are you sure you added it to /etc/hosts ?18:28
giovanniyes of courde18:28
giovanniof course18:28
giovanniso can I speed up the choice18:30
*** ahmrahtcheer has joined #crux18:30
thrice`if you added that to /etc/hosts, it shouldn't have a choice.  did you install wgetpaste ?18:30
thrice`can you run "cat /etc/hosts | wgetpaste"  ?18:31
giovanniok wait18:31
giovanniwait it's do install ghostscript18:37
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giovannisorry but the footprinter is important?18:41
dinxgiovanni: read the handbook18:41
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jayd512Hello all!19:02
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jaegerdamn, wanted to ask him a question19:19
*** prologic has joined #crux19:23
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thrice`hehe.  rc2 still chugging away?20:25
jaegerit's building xorg in stage 1, moving along20:25
thrice`quite a long process, eh20:26
jaegerit's a full build of the packages on the CD 3 times20:26
thrice`wow :)  Didn't Per used to be "Build it all 5 times, and call it good" ?20:30
thrice`thought I read that in an interview somewhere20:30
jaegerno idea there20:30
* klick is proud over having the same name as *The Master*20:31
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dinx (14:20) < thrice`> thought I read that in an interview somewhere22:49
dinxthrice`: yea i remeber reading that somewhere aswell22:49
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