IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-12-10

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pitill0good morning01:11
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giovannihi guys01:50
giovannione time install kdebase01:51
giovanniand modifier file .xinitrc01:51
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giovanniwhat I can do? to start kde?01:51
nipuLstartkde i believe01:53
giovannishowme kpersonalizer: cannot connetc to X server02:03
klickYour Xorg configuration is screwed.02:04
giovannii have put in .xinitrc startkde02:05
giovanniexec startkde02:06
dinxgiovanni: /etc/rc.d/kdm start02:06
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mike_knipuL: keep kde3 somewhere if you can, please. we need it for some contrib stuff02:33
nipuLi don't use kde02:45
nipuLnever have, never will02:45
nipuLunless you meant qt302:46
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mike_knipuL: oops, yes qt302:52
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sepenindeed, we need kde3 for some contrib stuff? we shouldn't03:07
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mike_kjaeger: any idea why not to have iputils on an installation iso?03:46
juemike_k: it is03:52
jueall core ports are part of the iso03:53
mike_kjue: correct me if I am wrong:;a=blob;f=Makefile;h=e33d1ef25c66815c6458ac3b2eddbab889c17296;hb=74156957bbadafe53849e0423030c33ee5b3d89d03:59
jueah, sorry I got that wrong04:01
mike_kI can't find one on the 2.5-rc1 iso either04:01
jueno, it's only as package on the iso04:02
mike_kit't pretty annoying to have no 'ping' on the running system. of course it is possible to extract one, but...04:03
mike_kI mean during a network setup on the iso itself04:03
juewell, seems that nobody missed it so far ;-)04:03
sepenhmmm is busybox compiled with netcat support in the iso? you could use it such as network test tool04:05
sepenI mean inside the initramfs>busybox04:06
mike_kanyway it can't handle ICMP04:06
mike_kas always: I can live without it, just thought it might be useful04:07
sepenjust use another static busybox binary04:07
sepeniirc the current one is provided by jaeger long time ago04:08
juemike_k: please add that as a feature request to our bug-tracker04:14
mike_kjue: yeah04:15
sepenbusybox (in the initramfs) has ping support04:16
juesepen: thanks04:23
sepenbut iirc you need to use init=/bin/sh instead of the defaults at the boot prompt04:25
sepenif not you will mount the squashfs after the initrafs finish04:25
mike_kiso's version has one builtin, but it is not available with default installation steps04:27
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sepenimho iputils should be added to ISO_PACKAGES too04:28
mike_kit seems, busybox is just not available during setup by default, right?04:28
sepenmike_k, yep04:28
sepenafter initramfs finish, the system pivot_root to the mounted squashfs which hasn't busybox04:29
sepenline 30204:32
juebtw, ;-)04:36
jueadding iputils make sense, even though I wouldn't delay 2.5 because of that04:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: qt3: adopted from opt06:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: zopeinterface: update footprint for python 2.606:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: pyrex: update footprint for python 2.606:27
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dbus-python: update footprint for python 2.606:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pil: update footprint for python 2.607:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pycrypto: update footprint for python 2.607:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pyopenssl: update footprint for python 2.607:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: python-markdown: update footprint for python 2.607:16
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: p5-html-parser: update footprint for perl 5.1007:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: p5-html-tagset: update footprint for perl 5.1007:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: p5-uri: update footprint for perl 5.1007:21
thrice`on the 2.5 note, anyone have thoughts of shipping {xfce,gnome,kde}.rsync.inactive files?07:33
thrice`mm, maybe that's too bloat-ish :>07:35
nipuLi think we're trying to avoid de specific repos, not encourage them07:35
thrice`yeah, I just thought of that point also07:36
juethrice`: i agree with nipuL, seeing all that stuff in contrib might be a much better idea07:47
nipuLbut there are some ports that can be more minimal depending on the de07:53
nipuLmy vote is for mixed source repos07:53
nipuLa few people have written drivers for this idea07:54
thrice`you mean, a contrib that could pull from gnome/kde too ?07:55
juein a first step I'd like to see which ports are really affected07:55
nipuLthrice`: a repo where ports remember what remote repo they came from07:56
thrice`yeah, I think I follow.  I prefer the segregation of a /usr/ports/xfce, myself, but I can understand why others might not07:57
juethrice`: why?07:57
thrice`I guess it's just preference, and having things a little more organized07:59
thrice`but, merging them over would solve the confusion of having some DE repos depend on contrib ports07:59
nipuLhmm new dbus-glib ships with bash autocompletions, ditch or keep?08:02
nipuLah, soft dependency08:04
nipuLi really do need to set up a clean build environment one of these days08:04
mike_kjaeger: I am really stuck building a kernel suitable for virtualbox (without those troublesome modules). can you give some info on exactly which of them cause the abortion?08:10
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dbus-glib: update to 0.7808:10
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: poppler: update to 0.10.208:10
jaegermike_k: ide-generic and piix08:14
jaegermike_k: if you use only the libata drivers you'll have no trouble. disable the older ATA stuff entirely08:15
sepenthrice`, +1 to segregation, I don't like to merge kde into contrib
jaegermike_k: in other words, "ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support" should be disabled08:16
juesepen: right, but these errors would be fixed than08:16
sepenif will be fixed:08:17
jueor not merged08:18
sepenbut ATM could be a hard task todo, also kde4 is out08:18
mike_kjaeger: thanks. is that ide-pci-generic.ko and piix.ko? I currently have them as modules, but it hangs early during boot, I believe before the modules get loaded.08:19
jueagree, if KDE than version08:19
sepenyep with qt408:19
sepenmike_k, you can use init=/bin/sh and then call manually to init after edit some parameters08:19
mike_kon iso they seems to get loaded just after the libata stuff with 'CRUX libata'. how it does not work with libata builtin? I must be screwing something.08:20
jaegermike_k: ide-generic is separate from ide-pci-generic08:23
jaegermike_k: if you boot with CRUX libata the IDE modules still get loaded, just after the SATA ones08:23
jaegermike_k: try CRUX libata noide08:24
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mike_kjaeger: 'CRUX libata' on iso works. Then with custom kernel, which have libata stuff builtin and ide stuff as modules (I believe) it still hags. now trying with all ide things disabled.08:26
jaegerit hangs? mine crashed the guest window, for what that's worth08:28
mike_kcrashed the guest window08:29
jaegerI would guess that piix or ide-generic still got loaded, then08:29
mike_kthere was an option to slow down the print...08:30
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mike_kany app to grab desktop screen shots every 0.5 sec or make a video capture of it in the ports tree?09:13
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prologicanyone know how to strip path components with tar ?09:19
prologicwhen extracting09:19
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prologicI don't think you can :/09:21
thrice`actual extraction, or using "t" ?09:22
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prologicCouldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console09:36
prologichow do I fix that ?09:36
prologicthrice`, it doesn't matter :)09:36
prologicI managed to get crux on my vps at slicehost :)09:36
prologicquite trivial to do actually :)09:36
prologicI just wanna clean up a few non-fatal warnings/errors during bootup09:37
prologicit's great :)09:38
prologicI can watch it boot/reboot in my browser :)09:38
prologicajaxterm :)09:38
prologicis there somewhere where crux is trying to mount /proc /sys ?09:39
prologicon slicehost, they run their own kernel and just mount your root fs, /proc and /sys are already mounted for you09:39
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thrice`cat /etc/fstab :>09:42
mike_kprologic: /etc/rc09:43
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giovann1hi guys09:44
prologicit was in /etc/rc :)09:44
giovann1I have finally install kde on crux09:44
prologicI think I need to remove the console keymaps :)09:44
prologicgiovann1, congrats :)09:44
giovann1and of course I have 2 problem09:45
giovann1thank you09:45
giovann1sound server infomation messange:09:45
prologicahh I just love CRUX! :)09:45
prologicthank you god!09:45
prologicvim /etc/rc09:45
prologicremove a few lines09:46
prologicand voila :)09:46
giovann1ok i try09:46
thrice`not you, giovann109:46
giovann1lol ok09:46
giovann1Error while initializing the sound driver09:46
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giovann1device /dev/dsp can't be opened(no such file o directory)09:47
giovann1can i read something?09:47
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prologicreconfigure yoru kernel09:48
prologicselect the _right_ driver for your sound card/ship09:48
prologicinstall the new kernel and reboot09:48
prologicread the handbook :)09:48
giovann1then when put pen usb don't open09:49
giovann1i read tha i don't have permission09:50
giovann1i must change hald?09:50
giovann1o hal?09:50
thrice`no; add yourself to the plugdev group09:50
giovann1ok...on kde of course...09:50
thrice`something like usermod -a -G plugdev $USER09:51
thrice`where $USER is your user name09:52
giovann1i try09:52
giovann1no audio only plugdev?09:54
thrice`you should be in the audio group too09:55
prologichey guys09:55
prologicmike_k, ping09:56
prologicthis was actually really really easy09:56
prologicman I lack self confidence :P09:56
prologicbut I have crux running on my slice at slicehost09:56
prologicit honestly couldn't be more easier09:56
mike_kprologic: ?09:56
prologiccrux 2.4 running and installed on slice @ slicehost.com09:57
prologicI know09:57
prologicI have anohter I'm installing on to09:58
mike_kcan you, pelase show free, cat /proc/cpuinfo and dmesg somewhen?09:58
prologicsimilar steps I imagine, just different interfaces (web) and prolly a different resuce image09:58
giovann1show me device /dev/dsp can't be opened (No such fle r directory)09:58
prologicsure can09:58
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mike_kand what are the impressions? does it looks like a pIII-700? in a cpu power?09:59
prologicimpressions: fucking awesome! :)09:59
prologiclet me compile and install python and my circuits lib and I'll tell you :)10:00
prologicfeels like my desktop tbh :)10:00
giovann1the system not found  this one directory/dev/dsp10:01
prologicI'll get your a more definative comparision shortly10:01
prologicgiovann1, did you not hear me ?10:01
mike_kprologic: nice10:01
giovann1it's ok10:01
giovann1i have set10:01
prologicarggg shit guys10:02
prologicI forgot to populate /var/lib/pkg/db10:02
mike_kI have no /dev/dsp and working alsa sound by the way.10:02
prologicis there a way to generate that based on what's on the system right now ?10:02
giovann1i use kde...10:03
Rotwangprologic: i think not10:04
prologicit's ok10:05
prologicfixed it :)10:05
prologiccopied the missing fiel ? :)10:07
prologicmike_k, python is built already and installed10:09
mike_klooks fast10:09
prologicit is! :)10:10
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prologicso is it's network! :)10:10
prologicit's much better than my current crappy vps here at AU @
mike_kprologic: are going to compare the two services somehow?10:11
prologicwhich I'm retiring on 24/Jan10:11
prologicslicehost and linode ?10:11
prologicsure I will :)10:11
prologicI bought them both10:11
prologicso far slicehost is really really good :)10:11
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giovann1I have insall openoffice on the my crux but What i can do to start con the kde?10:24
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thrice`by default, the openoffice port does not provide .desktop entries10:34
giovann1so i must set him?10:35
thrice`can you run "soffice" from command, and it will launch10:35
giovann1of course i must install java run time Enviroment10:36
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giovann1what do mean unable to open display "giovanni:0"10:45
Rotwangsumthins fuckd10:47
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tilmannamenlos: FAIL :D11:30
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giovann1but when i change value in profile i want put when i enter in root17:39
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giovann1i have do17:40
giovann1but i see $17:41
giovann1no #17:41
sepenyou can substitute giovanni for \u17:41
giovann1in root shell17:41
giovann1i try17:41
sepenand you see root@giovanni...17:41
giovann1i try17:41
nipuLfor more information refer to bash(1)17:42
sepenthis is also very helpful17:42
sepensee sequences chars section and just use google ;D17:43
giovann1ooohhh thank you it's woanderfoul17:43
sepenI like the 'poker' theme17:44
sepenlater guys, good night17:51
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giovann1good night guys18:08
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