IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-12-11

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pitill0good morning01:22
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prologicnipuL, can't drop down to single user mode over ssh can you ?03:56
prologicnipuL, COuld I rebuild those ports by chrooting into my box via slicehost's resuce image ?03:57
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nipuLi just built them on my home machine04:30
prologicagainst the same kernel as on slicehost ?04:33
prologichow does that work though - I don't get it04:35
prologicwhat's wrong with the ones on the cd ?04:35
nipuLit shouldn't matter what kernel you use to build glibc04:37
nipuLbut you do need an older one to get the kernel headers04:38
prologicok hold up04:38
nipuLget yourself a copy of 2.6.18 and do a make kernel_headers04:38
prologicI'm confused - I don't understand a) what's wrong or b) how to fix it04:38
prologicthe kernel up there is 2.6.2604:39
nipuLon slicehost?04:39
prologicI've put crux 2.4 on it (straight from the 2.4 iso)04:39
nipuL 10:39:25 up 198 days, 20:10,  2 users,  load average: 0.53, 0.27, 0.2104:39
prologicso do I need to get the 2.6.26 kernel04:39
prologicand do a make kernel_headers ?04:39
prologicon my slice ?04:39
nipuLif you're using a 2.2.26 kernel, the current ports should work fine04:40
nipuLi'm still on a 2.6.18 kernel there04:40
prologicuggh :)04:42
prologicI'm on a 2.6.26 kernel there04:42
prologic# uname -a04:44
prologicLinux moon 2.6.24-19-xen #1 SMP Sat Jul 12 00:15:59 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:44
* prologic reads04:45
nipuLthey just mention the kernel upgrade04:46
prologicyeah that doesn't help at all04:47
prologicso my slice is 2.6.24 with crux 2.404:47
prologicand has compilation problems due to assembler errors04:47
nipuLnot sure then04:47
prologiccould I try booting into the resuce04:47
prologicand chrooting into my slice04:48
prologicand rebuilding glibc, binutils, gcc, glibc that way /04:48
nipuLi've just requested a kernel upgrade, so we might be in the same boat soon04:48
nipuLoh, im also using a 64bit crux04:49
prologicI'm aware04:49
prologicbut that shouldn't be a problem right ?04:49
prologicI'm running 32bit crux 2.4 here on my desktop04:49
prologicand it's a 64bit desktop04:49
prologicit would have been perfect except for this little niggling issue :)04:50
prologicI can't even build glibc on the rescue image05:05
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giovannihy guys05:38
giovanniI have learn bash05:38
giovannibut there are anything that I don't understand05:38
giovannibut if i want install adobe reader on my kde in crux05:42
giovanniok i know how install05:43
giovanniif i want that start in my kde05:43
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giovannifor example i want see the icon in my desktop of adobe05:44
giovannior in menu of kde05:44
giovanniwhat i can do?05:44
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mike_kgiovanni: 'pkginfo -l adobereader' will give you the list of files in that package05:55
mike_kit has no 'system-wide' icon installed05:56
giovannisorry i explain05:56
giovannii have install05:56
giovannibut on kde05:56
giovannii don't see05:56
surround1rgiovanni: just right click on the desktop and create a shortcut05:56
giovannii must do sadobe05:57
mike_kfor example 'pkginfo -l xchat | grep .desktop'05:57
mike_kit has a .desktop metafile05:57
mike_kwhich is suitable for modern desktop environment05:58
mike_kit has an icon location inside05:58
mike_kand some translations and so on05:58
mike_kadobereader just has no such file. you can create one OR really use the right-click on the desktop to create a shortcut05:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libxvid: update to 1.2.106:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: django: update to 1.0.206:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pil: actually update footprint06:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: mkvtoolnix: update to 2.4.106:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pyopenssl: update to 0.806:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: twisted: update footprint for python 2.606:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: exiftool: updated to 7.5606:34
mike_k_sepen: i2c-tools 3.0.2 is available.06:38
mike_k_echo "i2c-tools  md5   @TAR@" >> ~/.ck4up/ck4up.conf  =)06:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: dcraw-utils: parse.c has changed, forcing a version bump06:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: dcraw: updated to 8.8906:46
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thrice`nipuL: do you use lib64 + lib, or lib + lib32 ?07:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: wmtop: adjusted dependency header07:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: aalib: adjusted dependency header07:17
mike_k_I should drop it really =/07:18
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sepenmike_k_, thanks I'm starting to review all my ports for 2.5 too07:55
mike_k_sepen: np07:55
sepenmike_k_, are you using this line for your ck4up?07:56
mike_k_sepen: used to, but not any more since it is not my port07:57
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sepenwell I mean about how you are using dl urls08:03
sepenI'm using '@SFID@'08:04
sepenand then 'foo  md5 @SFID@342432&package_id=31231231 @TAR@'08:04
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giovanniguys i have install adobe by prt-get install adobereader08:07
akinI usually do a --test08:07
sepengiovanni, prt-get deptree adobereader and then see what ports you haven't08:08
akinis the ports different for 2.4 and 2.5?08:09
akinthe versions08:09
teK% grep pdepinst zshaliases alias pdepinstt='/usr/bin/prt-cache depinst --test' alias pdepinst='sudo prt-cache depinst'08:09
thrice`akin: some :)08:10
akinI tried to install xfce, but it kept freezing when I started it, has anyone else experienced this?08:11
akinthrice`, ok08:11
akinis a depinst on xfce4 sufficient?08:13
thrice`that sounds like a xorg problem, not xfce08:13
thrice`did you do the empty devices fix in your xorg.conf ?08:13
akindo I need anything else other than depinst xorg and input mouse, keyboard?08:14
thrice`on the new xorg, there is a bug in xorg server that turns off mouse and keyboard by default :|08:15
akinthat was exacly what I was experiencing08:15
thrice`in xorg.conf, you need this:08:15
thrice`Option   "AllowEmptyInput"  "false"08:15
thrice`  is a little more info :>08:16
akingreat thanks you08:16
giovanniif i want start adobe?=08:16
akinjust run it I guess08:20
pitill0giovanni: check the port's footprint and look for bin: prt-get cat adobereader .footprint|grep bin08:21
mike_k_sepen: like this:
akindoes the evdev driver for the keyboard and mouse work better?08:26
thrice`I think it's supposed to replace keyboard + mouse08:28
thrice`I don't know which is "better."  as long as it works, I don't care which, personally :>08:28
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mike_k_akin: if it's regarding latest xorg issue,  "AllowEmptyInput"  "false" just worked for me.08:29
akinif the latest and greatest is less bloated, I'll go with that.08:29
mike_k_I suspect, evdev requires some (otherwise optional) in kernel options08:30
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akinoh ok08:31
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sepenmike_k_, yeah thats nice08:32
akinbrb, going to remove ubuntu and install crux on my computer, as planned08:33
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giovanniguys where i can read what is footprint?08:52
pitill0giovanni: read this carefully to understand CRUX and keep it near :)08:53
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thrice`giovanni: the same handbook you have been advised to read at least 20 times now :>08:57
giovanniyes yes i am reading08:59
giovannii request08:59
giovanniI use prt-get to install packege08:59
giovannipkg is better08:59
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thrice`prt-get calls commands pkgmk and pkgadd09:01
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sepengiovanni, please read the handbook and be patient, you wasted all questions you can for this week ;D09:13
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ahmrahtcheerfirst time i ever installed crux, i almost literally slept with a printout of that manual09:15
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giovanniok guys i have do09:19
giovanniprt-get diff09:20
giovanniand there are more packages not update09:20
giovanniI must update one more time?09:20
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giovannican I update together09:21
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sepengiovanni, if you want to update packages then update them, why ask for that?09:23
sepencan I by a car? xD09:24
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giovannithere are many packages not update09:24
ahmrahtcheerThree Rules Of Computing:09:24
ahmrahtcheer1. GIGO09:24
ahmrahtcheer2. RTFM09:25
ahmrahtcheer3. GIMBF09:25
ahmrahtcheerGIGO = garbage in, garbage out09:25
giovanniI want know if I can update all toghether09:25
sepengiovanni -> man prt-get09:26
ahmrahtcheerRTFM = Read The Fsckin' Manual,09:26
giovanniprt-get update09:26
giovannii know09:26
ahmrahtcheerGIMBF = Google Is My Best Friend09:26
sepengiovanni, you don't understand anything09:26
giovanniwhat I don't understand?09:27
giovannican you explain pls?09:27
giovanniif must be update i read right?=09:32
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tilmanmy spamfilter fails massively lately10:21
ahmrahtcheerseems like your spamfilter is always a day or two behind the spam senders...10:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: [notify] wireshark: updated to
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* akin wants nexuiz :)12:45
akinhow do I get hold of the nexuiz pkgfile from sepen's server?12:48
Rotwanguse portdb?12:49
akinyes, I've downloaded it12:50
akinit's in /etc/ports/   but I can't run a porsts -u on it12:51
thrice`what does "ports -u sepen" say ?12:52
akinbash-3.2# ports -u sepen12:53
akinUpdating file list from
Rotwangakin: for the sake of maiden mary12:53
Rotwangakin: you want nexuiz port or whole repo?12:53
akinjust nexuiz12:53
thrice`akin: and "ls /usr/ports/sepen" ?12:53
thrice`er, ls /usr/ports/sepen*12:53
Rotwangso why do you fetch whole rpeo?12:53
akinthrice`, that dir hasn't been created12:54
akinrsync -aqz nexuiz12:55
akinwill this work?12:55
treachno, it will make your computer explode12:56
akinbut nothing happens12:56
akinI rather want it to explode right now :)12:56
thrice`is the server down ?12:56
Rotwangnexuiz directory is created in .12:57
akinI guess so12:57
thrice`looks like it12:57
thrice`oh, I couldn't grab it12:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: wireshark: depend on libpcre since pcre is in core now.12:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: zsh: depend on libpcre since pcre is in core now.12:59
akinit runs on it12:59
akindo you believe he has ported the latest nexuiz?13:01
thrice`my guess is as good as yours13:01
RotwangI believe i can fly!!!13:02
akinwhy doesn't the port database give out the version number?13:03
treachRotwang: lol, I thought about that one too. but I managed to keep my peace this time. :p13:03
* Rotwang reads minds through irc13:04
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akinwow xchat is nice13:16
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akinshould I add hald and dbus in rc.conf?13:33
tilmanshould i go eat cookies now?13:34
akinI've added them13:35
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treachmmh, I wonder if they were tasty. :>13:35
thrice`I love our support :>13:37
treachHelldesk. :>13:38
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akinI'm trying to run nexuiz, but I don't know how to solve this problem, I think its a agl glx problem :)
RotwangTrying to load library... "" "" "./" "./" - failed.14:05
RedShiftRotwang: that sounds like something failed14:06
tilmanmaybe libvorbis fails to load14:06
tilmanjust a guess though ;D14:06
treachlibvorbis, the sound of something failed? :>14:08
akinwhat's that?14:10
treachtried ldd
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treach :p15:04
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akinmanaged to get nexuiz working, it didn't extract properly15:06
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: [notify] jre: updated to 1.6.0_1115:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.4]: [notify] jdk: updated to 1.6.0_1115:35
jaegeryay, gnome is working 2.515:40
thrice`just in time :>15:54
thrice`able to keep it pam-free?15:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dbus-glib: remove bash autocompletion15:59
jaegerseems like, fortunately :)16:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: avidemux: new maintainer17:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: psycopg2: initial release17:45
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giovannihi guys18:15
giovanniI have install Kmess18:15
giovannii do18:15
giovanniprt- get depinst kdeartwork18:16
giovannibut when I do prt-get cat kdeartwork .footprint|grep bin18:16
giovanniI don't find reference to run  him18:16
nipuLtry prt-get fsearch18:17
giovannisearch what Kmess?18:17
giovanniif i do prt-get fsearch Kmess18:18
giovannishow: Found in /usr/ports/kde/kdeartwork:18:19
dinxsomeone spike my mind with a new wm, been using openbox looks like its time for a change ;)18:21
nipuLall the cool kids use keyboard driven tiling wms these days18:22
nipuLawesome, dwm, wmii, xmonad, etc18:22
dinxnipuL: ha. about time i got back to awesome ;)18:23
dinxnipuL: thanks :P18:23
giovannipls help18:23
nipuLi'm using xmonad myself18:23
nipuLgiovanni: try #crux-help18:23
dinxnipuL: hmm never used that one before.18:24
nipuLit's written in haskell18:25
dinxhmm liking this so far... automated window aligning etc18:27
ahmrahtcheerhow big are such wm's vs. fluxbox or WindowMaker?18:28
nipuL16431 lucas     20   0 36092 5624 3232 S  0.0  0.4   0:03.66 xmonad-x86_64-18:30
ahmrahtcheeri'll have to look at 'em18:31
nipuLwhile xmonad's footprint is quite small, you'd still need a fairly powerful cpu to compile haskell code18:32
thrice`nipuL: do you use lib64 + lib, or lib + lib32 ?18:33
nipuLlib64 --> lib + lib3218:33
ahmrahtcheernipuL, 3.0GHz AMD64 dual core should handle it, shouldn't it?18:33
nipuLmost definitely18:34
ahmrahtcheer:)  i'm not a gamer...bought this rig to speed up compiling.18:34
nipuLsame, only game i play on a regular basis is frets on fire18:34
nipuLwhich i play when i'm waiting for something to compile18:35
ahmrahtcheerif in cli, i get on irssi, if in x, i get on xchat18:35
dinxeven in x, i find irssi much better18:36
ahmrahtcheeri'm not actually using the dual core right now, rather i'm using an "old" P3M ThinkPad18:36
nipuLi irssi from my vps over ssh18:37
ahmrahtcheer<sigh> my g/f's crt monitor died, nigtht before last. <sigh> i had to give her my 10 yr old CRT monitor. <sigh> I'm going to have to order a shiny, new LCD monitor to replace it. <sigh>18:37
ahmrahtcheeri'm all about it, as you can plainly see.18:38
nipuLi have a cupboard full of crts18:38
nipuLno idea why i keep them18:38
ahmrahtcheerwe used to have several extras, too.18:38
nipuLhmm, think i might trim my ports18:39
nipuL> pkgleaf | wc -l18:39
dinxhmm while im at it might aswell play around with ghc18:39
ahmrahtcheeronce i get the desktop box up and running again, i'll use it to learn distcc by compiling CRUX for this lappy on it.18:39
dinxnever fiddled around with haskell before18:39
thrice`pkgleaf ? o.O18:40
thrice`you crazy austrailians18:40
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ahmrahtcheerdinx, neither have i..should be quite an adventure :)18:40
nipuLthrice`: it's a little script to find ports that aren't depended on18:41
dinxthrice`: :D18:41
jaegerI took a haskell course in college, no thanks18:41
dinxjaeger: hehe18:41
dinxdoing a cobol course <<18:41
dinxdont ask why18:41
jaegerI took it to avoid cobol/fortran :)18:41
dinxhaha dang18:41
nipuLthey don't have any FP courss at my uni18:42
dinxnipuL: nice script btw18:43
nipuLoh, i lie, there is one unit that touches on scheme and prolog18:43
nipuLdinx: generator comprehensions ftw :)18:46
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ahmrahtcheerhey, can i replace giovanni in asking questions?19:29
* ahmrahtcheer ducks and runs for cover.19:29
jaegerbig shoes to fill19:29
ahmrahtcheeryeah, i was watching as events transpired earlier today.19:30
ahmrahtcheeri couldn't match him for asking questions, but, at least in sheer numbers, a pair of my boys could manage....19:31
nipuLyou're more than welcome to ask fewer, better quality questions19:35
nipuLones that half a brain and google couldn't solve19:35
ahmrahtcheernipuL, i've installed CRUX several times already.  unless things have changed radically, i don't anticipate any problems with another install, except that i'll be using distcc this time.19:37
ahmrahtcheeri like the fact that it's small and nosebleed fast19:37
nipuLthat depends on if you're giving the 22.5 rc a whirl19:38
ahmrahtcheeri'd like to, and am still undecided.  the problem is that i'm on dialup and the extra dloading an rc usually results in is a bit more problematic for me...19:40
nipuLin which case you need to generate your own locales, other than it's business as usual19:40
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nipuLdo you have access to a high speed connection?19:41
nipuLdllist is useful for that if you do19:42
nipuLi used to have a nice little build farm at work19:44
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nipuLyay, figured out a safe udev rule for my scanner that doesn't expose the devices to everyone21:29
nipuLbrother suggests:21:30
nipuL# USB devices (usbfs replacement)21:30
nipuLSUBSYSTEM=="usb", ENV{DEVTYPE}=="usb_device", MODE="0666"21:30
nipuLSUBSYSTEM=="usb_device", MODE="0666"21:30
nipuLseriouslt, wtf is that about21:30
nipuLlets just give everyone write access to all our usb devices21:30
nipuLwhat could possibly go wrong21:30
ahmrahtcheerit's just for a second21:30
nipuLSUBSYSTEM=="usb", ENV{DEVTYPE}=="usb_device", SYSFS{idVendor}=="04f9", SYSFS{idProduct}=="01a8", NAME="bus/usb/$env{BUSNUM}/$env{DEVNUM}", SYMLINK="usbscanner", GROUP="scanner", MODE="0664"21:31
nipuLthat's my rule21:31
dinxSET awaylog_file ~/.irssi/away.log - Specifies the file to use21:33
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