IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-12-14

klickI've made a working Crux/USB key. Now I want to move the setup stuff found on the ISO to the USB key. Would it be sufficient to copy the tgz package files and the setup script?00:18
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colonelcrayoni've just installed crux.  so far, i love it.  however, when i try to run "ports -u", i get an rsync error about "no route to host" and then "running rsync failed".  i'm behind a router; is that the problem?00:26
klickcolonelcrayon: I'm behind a router/firewall and I've never had any issues with it.00:32
klickcolonelcrayon: try to ping and see if that works.00:32
ahmrahtcheerheh, is probably the most often ping'd website00:33
klickYeah, definitely :)00:33
colonelcrayoni can ping google fine00:35
* klick is thinking00:35
* ahmrahtcheer is hurriedly collectin his scattered marbles so he can think00:35
klick6GB /, 6GB /usr, 6GB /var, 1GB /tmp, should be enough, shouldn't it?00:37
klickA complete CRUX 2.4 iso setup is ~800 MB..00:38
colonelcrayonif i just type "rsync", i get the help message and then "rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1)  at main.c(1303 [client=2.6.9]".  do you get that?00:39
klickDid you install 2.5 by any chance?00:39
ahmrahtcheerklick, yeah, that looks like enough00:39
klickcolonelcrayon: That's just rsync telling you you didn't use it correctly. :)00:40
klickcolonelcrayon: Nothing to worry about.00:40
colonelcrayonklick: ok00:40
colonelcrayonis there something else i could test rsync on?00:41
colonelcrayon^ besides the crux repos00:41
ahmrahtcheersorry for the delay:  i had to look it up00:43
colonelcrayoni thought i read the handbook well, but is there something you need to do [besides install the system and configure internet access] before running "ports -u"?00:43
colonelcrayonsame error00:49
colonelcrayon"No route to host"00:49
colonelcrayon"error in socket IO (code 10) of clientserver.c(10400:50
klickVery strange. Do you have telnet installed? Try to telnet to
colonelcrayon"unknown server error"00:56
colonelcrayonbe back in 10 minutes00:56
klickThen you could at least contact the server.00:56
klickWhich is a good thing. Still doesn't say us why ports -u doesn't work.00:57
colonelcrayoni need to sleep.  i'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with some brain waves :)01:14
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Guest4347i am colonelcrayon [i hate xchat...], with a backup name01:23
Guest4347if you think of anything about my ports/rsync issue, i'd really appreciate an email to . sorry to be so brusque, but i seriously need to run.01:24
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Rotwangtilman: ping04:11
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tilmanRotwang: pong04:12
Rotwangtilman: git problem04:12
Rotwangi've tried to merge 2.4 into 2.5 yesterday04:12
Rotwangbut got merge conflict04:12
Rotwangwhat to do? ;]04:13
tilmando what git pull tells you to do ;D04:13
tilmanfix the conflict, then git add, then git commit IIRC04:13
tilmanafterwards, the merge will continue automatically04:13
Rotwanghow do i fix it without interfering into django? ;]04:14
Rotwangi guess i have to poke nipuL04:14
Rotwangit seems he commited to 2.4 and 2.5 branches separately04:15
tilmansure, you can ask nipuL to do the merge04:16
tilmanif you cannot figure out how to fix the conflict because the versions diverged or something :)04:16
Rotwangtilman: i guess i'd have to mess with djangos .footprint04:16
mike_ktilman: what was the solution around "BDB/HDB: BerkeleyDB version incompatible"?04:17
Rotwangbut i wont mess with sombode elses ports04:17
tilmanmike_k: oy, i forgot about that04:17
tilmancptn: did anyone fix openldap for 2.5?04:18
tilmanmike_k: cptn should know04:18
rastajamesrsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1506) [generator=3.0.4]04:18
mike_ktilman: thanks. I'll wait for him to arrive.04:18
rastajameswoot rsync fail04:18
ahmrahtcheerRotwang, i like that: django/  :)  how often do you have to explain it?04:19
ahmrahtcheerdjango reinhart was a very successful jazz guitarist, despite only having 2 fingers on his left hand04:21
Rotwangcrux-2.4.torrent seems to be pretty much dead atm ;]04:30
tilmandead as in 'tracker is down' or as in 'no seeders'?04:33
Rotwangdead as in 'no seeders'04:34
Rotwangis there going to be crux-2.5.torrent?04:35
tilmanif i remember how to create the torrent file :D04:35
Rotwangnice ill try to seed as much as i can ;]04:35
Rotwangtilman: use Āµtorrent ;]04:35
tilmanisn't that a proprietary product?04:36
Rotwangdonno but it was used to create crux-24.torrent iirc ;]04:37
tilmanwhaaat ;D04:37
Rotwang$ head crux-2.4.torrent04:38
Rotwangd8:announce28: by13:uTorrent/17501304:38
aonutorrent is good04:40
mike_kaon: catch ya! what about updating opt/wine?04:45
aonto what?04:48
aonStable: Wine 1.0.104:48
mike_kaon: oh, sorry04:48
aonnp :)04:48
mike_kI am on drugs04:48
mike_kerr: on development version04:49
rastajamestilman: bittorrent in your repo looks like it hasnt been worked on in a while04:49
tilmanwhat the hell happened to
aonyeah, i was pretty SHOCKED too04:49
tilmanrastajames: i haven't touched it in ages04:50
tilmanrastajames: i liked that version though... the curses client worked nicely but was broken in later versions :D04:50
rastajamesyep :P04:50
rastajamestilman: you got the bling theme achieved anywhere ?04:52
rastajamesfor e that is04:52
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tilmani don't04:53
tilmani don't run e17 at all. try poking pitill004:53
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Rotwangamd sempron 2500+ is k7 or k8 ?05:35
Rotwangi bet k7 ;]05:35
ahmrahtcheerk8 iirc05:35
ahmrahtcheerbeen too many  yrs since i owned a sempron05:35
rastajameseh that would be k805:40
rastajamesguess im wrong ;)05:40
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ahmrahtcheeriirc, the duron was/is a k705:42
tilmanthere were k6 durons, too, no?05:43
ahmrahtcheertilman, i don't know.  i should:  we've been 100% AMD on our desktop computers for about 6 yr now.05:43
rehabdollnah, duron was introduced long after k705:47
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tilmaneeeh, i suck05:48
tilmani thought athlon==k6, but that's bs :D05:48
rastajamesRotwang: hmm i thought you posted a rc-colors in contrib ?05:48
Rotwangno, i cant do that05:49
Rotwangrastajames: but rc_color from mxq repo is up to date05:50
Rotwangand works flawlessly05:50
rastajamesRotwang: thanks :D05:50
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Rotwangits Socket 754 so its k8 after all? damn amds05:55
ahmrahtcheerthe duron that we had was socket a05:55
ahmrahtcheerit was a gift to our kids05:56
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cptnmike_k_, tilman: the solution is to update to 2.4.1206:08
mike_k_just a bump?06:09
cptnpretty much06:09
cptnexcept for one change06:09
cptnjust a second06:09
cptn-> add 'CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -D_GNU_SOURCE' before ./configure06:09
cptn CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -D_GNU_SOURCE" ./configure --prefix=/usr \ [...06:10
cptnnote that slurpd is deprecated in 2.406:10
cptnor rather not included anymore06:10
mike_k_cptn: thanks. I am just building all the deps before testing own port on 2.5. So I won't run it actually.06:12
cptnah, okay06:13
cptnI think jaeger played with openldap as well06:13
cptnI don't use it myself, just had a look at the compilation error06:14
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nipuLthe k6 was definitely not a duron06:32
nipuLthat's old socket7 stuff06:32
nipuLthe k6 and the k6-206:33
ahmrahtcheeryeah, we had a k5, then a k6-206:33
nipuLthey put amd on the map as the intel killer06:33
ahmrahtcheertried linux for the first time on the k6-206:34
RotwangnipuL: hi06:34
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nipuLRotwang: jo06:34
RotwangnipuL: contrib 2.4 into 2.5 merge fails06:34
Rotwangdue to django/.footprint conflict06:34
nipuLthat's because i've stopped commiting to 2.406:35
nipuLthe django in 2.5 is a newer version06:35
Rotwangyes ive done that with few other ports too06:36
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nipuLi'll only commit security updates into 2.4 until 2.5 is released06:36
* nipuL curses Murphy06:37
nipuLno sooner than i quit my job, does my pc start fscking up06:38
nipuLi think the motherboard is going on it, and it's an old 93906:38
nipuLwhich means new motherbard, new cpu and new ram06:38
Rotwang$ git checkout 2.506:38
Rotwangdjango/.footprint: needs merge06:38
Rotwangerror: you need to resolve your current index first06:38
Rotwangok nevermind06:39
nipuLalso merge conflicts are out of the realm of supporting a port06:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: asciidoc: fixed dl link06:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: linux_logo: 5.03 -> 5.0406:43
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draciehi, can someone help my diagnose my networking problem?08:28
Rotwangjust ask08:29
draciewell I am on a network setup so you have only static ip's, and now i can't get my crux box to network with any external entities.  Its weird, it works and then sometime it just stops08:30
draciewhen i got up today i have yet to get it to work08:31
dracieand I still have no clue why I can't get like 1/5 of al the packages i try to build fail08:33
dracieactually i know why some do... but not sure how to fix the really troublesome ones08:33
mike_k_dracie: lets narrow it down. is it an ethernet network? is the cable ok?  ethtool eth0 | grep Link08:34
dracieoh.... i don't have eth0tool, shouldn't the link up/down stuff be in kernel.log?08:34
dracieoops i mean ethtool08:35
dracieyeah i found in the messages log, eth0:  link up08:36
mike_k_dracie: the link status is also found in ifconfig output. search for 'RUNNING'08:36
draciei must of been looking at an old entry i nthe log, yeah, only loopback is up08:37
dracieyeah, because i did reboot my machine like 2 times in a row08:38
cptndracie: how does your /etc/rc.d/net look like?08:38
mike_k_do you have an '/sbin/ip link set eth0 up' or equiv?08:39
sirmacikHi all08:39
draciewas using ifconfig08:39
sirmacikI have a little problem08:39
sirmacikI'm making now a pkgfile for program named pyburn08:39
draciewell for eth0, i have /sbin/ifconfig eth0 netmask
dracieand to stop /sbin/ifconfig eth0 down08:40
sirmacikbut there isn't any number of version08:40
cptndracie: you need "up" somewhere IIRC08:40
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sirmacikWhat number I should put in pkgfile?08:40
dracieso edit the line, and insert up at the end of the line?08:40
cptndracie: ah no, ignore that08:40
cptnthat's implicit if an address is given08:40
cptnsirmacik: what do you mean with "number"?08:41
sirmacikversion number08:41
sirmaciksomething like 0.1, 1.0. 1.208:41
cptnwell, where do you get the tarball from?08:41
dracieshould i just use the ip command to setup my static?08:41
mike_k_dracie: a matter of taste08:41
draciewhich is simpler08:42
mike_k_ifconfig is considered a deprecated08:42
sirmacikcptn: there is only python file08:42
cptnsirmacik: yeah, I see08:42
sirmacikshould I put some date?08:42
cptnsirmacik: that is good, if you control the source file08:43
mike_k_dracie: after booting up, do you have eth0 in 'ifconfig' output or only in 'ifconfig -a'08:43
cptnsirmacik: for example if you host a particular version yourself08:43
draciei have both my ethernet interfaces in my ifconfig w/ out any aruguements08:43
mike_k_dracie: so, now both of them have addresses and are set up?08:44
sirmacikbut I haven't any control on that file08:44
sirmacikfor now08:44
cptnsirmacik: well, you can probably contact the author and ask him to specify a license08:44
draciei have static ips setup on both so if i change interfaces  it doesn't matter08:44
cptnif it's an open source license, you can always host it yourself08:45
*** RedShift has joined #crux08:45
sirmacikit's GNU GPL208:45
dracieopen sourced08:45
sirmacikso I would put it on my server08:45
sirmaciknad as a version number I'll put current date08:46
cptnsirmacik: well, doesn't mention GPL...08:46
sirmacik"This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify08:46
sirmacikit under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by08:46
sirmacikthe Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)08:46
sirmacikany later version.08:46
mike_k_dracie: so, what about the link status? search  for 'RUNNING' in ifconfig output or try to get contrib/ethtool installed. it's uses lower-level calls08:47
cptnah, true08:47
cptnjust looked at the header08:47
tilmanjudd vinet? isn't that the arch linux guy?08:47
cptnyeah :-)08:47
draciecan i have a pastebin of a /etc/rc.d/net using ip to set up networking - not ifconfig08:47
Rotwanghe was a crux user before, no?08:47
mike_k_dracie: just a second08:47
mike_k_probably not the cleanest one08:48
cptn^ is a pretty simple one08:49
mike_k_dracie: or just 'less /usr/ports/core/iproute2/net.iproute2'08:50
draciei like how you print a file to resolv.conf08:50
dracieyeah using cat08:51
draciecat /etc/resolv.conf_def > /etc/resolv.conf08:51
mike_k_o_O stupid me08:52
dracie /sbin/ip addr del dev $IF008:54
draciewhat does the /24 at the end of the ip mean??08:54
mike_k_CIDR netmask08:54
draciefor would /24 work fine?08:55
mike_k_I guess yor network is on, than use /808:56
dracieyeah, its using that08:57
tilmantake your netmask in dotted notation, count the numbers of bits set from the left hand side08:57
draciehow do i figure out which interface is eth008:57
sirmacikthx for holep ;]08:58
mike_k_dracie: they should have hardware addresses (MAC) printed on08:58
mike_k_or just unplug the cable and watch for changes in ifconfig -a08:59
mike_k_some drivers report such events (dmesg)08:59
draciehmmm looks like a fwaked my /etc/rc.d/net09:01
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draciewow i must epic fail or something09:11
*** mrks has joined #crux09:13
dracieRTNETLINK answers:  Cannot assign requested address09:15
dracieon stop09:15
dracieRTNNETLINK answers:  FIle exists on start09:16
mike_k_you should start with an empty interface address before /etc/rc.d/net start09:19
draciewhat do you mean?09:20
mike_k_/etc/rc.d/net is considered to be the only place to change interface's settings09:20
mike_k_does the network actually work?09:21
draciewell i still can't ping my router, Desination Host Unreachable09:21
mike_k_'arp -n' ?09:21
draciei wish i knew how the ip addresses were provisioned09:21
draciein console?  I don't have that tool09:21
draciei forgot i don't have my sbin stuff in my users path09:23
dracie10.0.1.1           (incomplete)          eth009:23
dracieHWaddress is the middle field09:24
mike_k_ok, it's not an ip-level problem.09:26
mike_k_10.0.1.1 should be your default router, right?09:26
draciehow do find an interfaces mac address09:26
dracieyeah is my router09:26
mike_k_ifconfig | grep HWaddr09:27
dracieactaully hmmm09:27
dracieon my mac i am on right now i have the ip of with the subnet of
dracie /24 for that subnet?09:28
mike_k_try '/sbin/arping -I br0' which I believe should fail =)09:29
draciewut the interface br0?09:29
mike_k_dracie: that's odd. so, I guess your network expect you to use (/24) netmask.09:29
mike_k_dracie: replace it with eth0 or whatever09:30
draciehow do i find what my hardware addresses of my hardware interfaces, i don't have lspci09:31
dracieis that lower case -L or upper case -i09:31
mike_k_ifconfig -a | grep HWaddr09:32
mike_k_ upper case -i09:32
mike_k_need only if the interface to use is not eth009:32
dracieyeah it failed09:32
dracieusing sudo its actuallying try ing apring09:33
draciebut it hangs just like ping09:33
mike_k_it's something physical. like cable or link negotiation fail09:33
mike_k_do you really have your interface up? 'ip link set eth0 up'09:34
draciewelll maybe my interface i want is eth109:34
draciei have two ethernet interfaces09:35
mike_k_cable swap?09:35
mike_k_or it might be some level-2 switch has on old MAC locked on the particular port.09:36
draciemaybe i'll remove my pci ethernet card09:38
draciei had it in there because the debian etch kernel didn't have support for my onboard09:39
draciecrux's boot speed is quite impressive09:42
draciemike_k what about a level-2 swtich amd MAC old09:43
mike_k_some hardware on the network might filter unknown MAC's or wrong MAC's on particular ports.09:44
mike_k_you can contact the network admin and ask if it is the case09:45
draciewell we have a new apple airport09:46
dracieso i dunno09:46
mike_k_you can actually connect the cable from any other working machine and use it's IP/MAC pair on crux box =)09:50
dracieinternet sharing?09:51
mike_k_no just a MAC spoofing09:53
mike_k_using the cable which is expected to be in the other box09:54
mike_k_but that is another story.09:54
draciehmm i coudln't even get dhcpcd to work09:54
dracieand i know out router is setup for limited dhcp capabilities09:55
draciedone it before09:55
mike_k_try to check if you are using the correct cable and network card. contact admin if everything fails.09:56
draciethe new airports get TOASTY09:58
draciegood when your cold just lay a hand on it09:58
draciehow do i change my hostname09:58
tilmanread the bleeping handbook please09:59
dracieyeah i prolly should.10:00
dracietilman you got the money on your site right?10:10
dracieit owns.10:10
tilmanthanks :D10:10
tilmanhad a buddy draw it for me10:10
dracielol i would have a buddy draw too, i am not good with drawing10:11
draciei draw stick figures good10:11
tilmanthat's great, everyone loves stick figures these days10:12
tilmanno, i'm serious10:12
draciewell yeah i know my paranioa didn't pay off, (i am not blocked from the network) since i just booted ubuntu live and it works....10:13
draciedamn!  as it looks, that ip just didn't work anyways...10:15
draciei am so silly.10:15
draciethx for help mike_k10:16
draciei now know like /etc/rc.d/net like the back of my hand10:16
mike_k_dracie: np10:16
mike_k_it is very odd though. arping is independent from ip addresses and ip routing. AFAIK, you just have to 'up' the interface and have the right cable in for arping to work.10:18
dracieactually i didn't fix it yet10:18
draciei just know that the setting i was trying to use were crap10:18
dracieactually yeah... i just probably forgot to setup crux correctly or something10:21
dracieits weird because the interface worked yesterday fine, and then it stopped working what seemed randomly10:24
dracieupon a reboot or two it would work10:24
RedShiftarping is not like ICMP ping11:06
draciehey redshift do you play Tremulous or something?11:16
RedShiftI play urban terror sometimes11:24
dracieyeah on there i am /home/Hellokitty11:24
dracieor hellokitty11:24
draciewasn't sure if it was trem or UrT11:24
RedShiftwhere are you from?11:25
dracieyou could probably find out from my irc info, people have been calling me by my first name and stuff, I have yet to look into changing it11:25
RedShifthmm, from the US11:26
RedShiftthat would be major suckomatic for one on one11:26
draciewhere is that?11:27
draciesorry i am a little silly with knowing my locales11:27
ahmrahtcheerbrussels belgium11:27
RedShiftone of the smaller countries, between france and holland11:27
dracieooo sweet, i thought belgium11:27
draciewasn't sure11:27
ahmrahtcheerflanders... :)11:27
RedShiftholland is where you get the cheese, france is those guys that lose wars all the time (but are very romantic)11:27
draciewas this is pretty pathetic, i still can't get my ethernet networking to work... i feel silly xD11:28
RedShiftahmrahtcheer: actually from Brugge, not brussels11:28
dracieits probably something obvious too11:28
ahmrahtcheerahh, okay.  the bru is ambiguous, then11:28
dracieahmrahtcheer where r u from?11:29
ahmrahtcheerRedShift, do you speak flemish?11:29
RedShiftyeah my ipv6 pop is in brussels11:29
RedShiftahmrahtcheer: yes11:29
draciehah nice11:29
draciewisconsin here11:29
* thrice` has to travel to wisconsin next week for work :(11:29
draciehah fun, what is your work?11:29
dracieits boring as hell here, i am the only person in my town that actually primarily uses linux11:30
thrice`I am traveling to manitowoc and green bay11:30
ahmrahtcheerRedShift, i had an english teacher who was born german, but whose parents moved to belgium when he was still young.  he spoke english without an accent, german, french and flemish...11:30
draciehah you'll come through my dump11:30
draciemanty sucks majorly11:30
ahmrahtcheerdracie, i don't know of anyone else in my county that uses linux or bsd11:32
* RedShift 0xf00d11:32
dracieman, that sucks11:32
draciethe only local linux users here are ham radio ops11:32
dracielike 2 of all like 40 in my ham club11:33
draciemy county's*11:33
ahmrahtcheeryeah, they all migrated from the C64 to *nix :)11:33
dracielol probably11:33
dracielinux kernels don't like me =(11:35
ahmrahtcheerone of the local ISP's used to run FreeBSD, but they got bought out by a group in Provo, Utah, and switched to windows server software11:36
draciethat is gross lol11:36
dracieFreeBSD doesn't even boot on my hardware11:36
dracieso i think i'll try out OpenBSD11:36
draciepage faults11:36
draciedo you guys use ifconfig or ip11:38
mike_k_RedShift: Brugge rulez! as far as I can say from watching 'In Bruges"
luxhthat movie rocks11:41
draciefor a new kernel for crux i should grab it off
dracieanyone here using fglrx, i was told what version of the kernel to get but now which release canidate11:47
ahmrahtcheeri tried freebsd for a short while, found it too slow for my tastes11:48
ahmrahtcheerlong time to load stuff, slow at things like selecting large sections of text and copy/pasting it, etc.11:49
ahmrahtcheerespecially in comparison to CRUX :)11:49
dracielol yeah i know what you mean, 15 second boot11:49
ahmrahtcheeri like NetBSD, which, aside from having the same basic package mgmt system as CRUX, is small, light, very stable, and reasonably fast11:50
draciewhat about OpenBSD?11:51
ahmrahtcheerit's even slower than freebsd.  it's not really designed as a desktop OS, more for server use.11:52
ahmrahtcheerit's supposed to be the best OS for heavy use servers, handling heavy loading without bombing.11:52
jaegerrock solid, though11:52
dracieewww ok i'll try out netbsd11:53
ahmrahtcheeri'm typing this on a P3mobile ThinkPad, and i'll be putting CRUX and NetBSD on it.  my desktop box is getting NetBSD and Source Mage Linux11:54
aonwell sometimes netbsd is a lot slower than openbsd due to mysterious bugs :)11:54
ahmrahtcheeri've never had a problem like that with it.  i had a P2 ThinkPad that had NetBSD...the only problem with it was that i didn't make the swap partition large enough, and it wouldn't load OOo11:57
aonya, i have a bleeding-edge Celeron 466 box at home and network speed was like 1Kbps at max in a 100M network11:57
jaegerI still have netbsd on a couple old sparc boxes somewhere11:59
aoni also don't like pkgsrc since building packages without installing them is hard :)11:59
jaegeractually, I think my sparcs run openbsd, not netbsd, now that I think more about it12:00
jaegerI've done both at one time or another12:00
aoni'm not doing anything with my risc boxes atm12:00
jaegermade a little doc about network installs of openbsd on the sparc from linux12:01
tilmani don't have any fancy boxes :(12:01
rehabdollx86 \o/12:02
ahmrahtcheermy desktop box is pretty much a gamer's rig; AMD64 X 2 3.0GHz, 2gb RAM, but i bought it for compiling speed.12:02
tilmani don't know how fast my cpu is clocked :(12:02
mike_k_well, I have wii to try crux ppc on its 20-something MB of RAM12:03
tilmanoh wait, it's 2.2 ghz ;)12:03
ahmrahtcheerheheh, i was fixin' to suggest cat /proc/cpuinfo12:03
jaegerI use my desktop for gaming, mostly, got 2 others for crux stuff :)12:03
ahmrahtcheeri'm not a gamer anymore...too old and grouchy for it. :)12:04
aonme too (21)12:04
aonwell, tbh, i have been playing a bit of assault cube lately :)12:05
ahmrahtcheeraon, i have 30 years on you...12:05
* tilman might install et:tce next week12:05
dracieetqw is fun12:05
draciepainless to install in linux12:06
tilmanmaybe, but plain et works with the free r300 driver ;)12:06
dracieyeah i have fglrx, my onboard graphics doesn't do dri with the free driver12:06
rehabdolli bought et:qw 2 weeks before i went x86_64 D;12:07
draciewell it still works fine12:07
draciejust need x86 libs12:07
draciei ran it for awhile on x86_6412:08
draciebut i only have 4 gigs of ram12:08
aoni mostly use my x86_64 box for watching TV nowadays :D12:08
dracieso i decided to just do x8612:08
thrice`I don't think I have 32-bit stuff on my 64-bit box :(12:08
draciehow are you guys like flash 10 64 bit12:09
aonthere's 64bit flash?12:09
thrice`I've had good luck with the 64-bit version12:09
dracieflash 10 is built for 32 and 64 bit linux systesms12:09
aonperhaps i should catch up a bit :D12:09
thrice`better than 40-ish 32-bit libs with nspluginwrapper, anyway :)12:10
dracieyeah a lot better12:10
rehabdollstill need to find a use for these12:10
draciehah nice comptuers12:10
draciei should put ppc crux on this ibook12:11
rehabdollthe desktop one is a ppro (i think) with sco unix :)12:11
draciehah, i only have x86 and powerpc here with mac osx and linux12:11
jaegerI've got macosx on the second drive in my desktop :)12:12
tilmanrehabdoll: did you build a x86_64 iso of 2.5 yet? :D12:12
draciejaeger:  whats your desktkop again12:12
jaeger2.4GHz core 2 duo12:13
jaegerer, 2.3312:13
rehabdollwell, the packages included on the latest iso is basically 2.512:15
tilmanrehabdoll: i can has url?12:15
rehabdolland the iso is build from the 2.5 branch of iso.git12:15
jaegeryeah, it's just very nearly what a mac pro has12:15
rehabdollsee, its already named 2.5! :>12:15
jaegerp35 chipset and all that12:15
*** ahmrahtcheer has quit IRC12:23
luxhhow's the x86_64 crux going?12:45
rehabdollunsupported but fully usable12:47
draciewoot i upgraded my kernel and now networking works... tis weird12:51
*** dracie has quit IRC12:59
*** Dracie has joined #crux12:59
Draciehmm httpup isn't syncing, i stick them in the dir, but they don't actually sync13:02
*** maxus has joined #crux13:11
*** akin has joined #crux13:14
akinwhich version of kde is in the kde repos? 3.5.10?13:15
*** akin has quit IRC13:24
taariI wonder when py3k will hit the Debian SID repos..13:59
*** pitiIIo has quit IRC13:59
klickI get undefined symbol xf86GetPciVideoInfo in after doing ports -u/prt-get depinst xorg on a clean 2.4 installation.14:14
Draciewow it seems like everything i try to install reports with an error14:22
klickIs it possible to do a depinst from the crux cd after an install instead of using /usr/ports?14:26
klickJust like the setup script does.14:26
*** mrks has quit IRC14:54
DracieMaybe you could look at the installation script and adapt the script for the purpose14:55
*** Dracie has quit IRC15:14
RedShiftrehabdoll: yeah that was pretty funny15:34
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:35
rehabdollthat reporter is my hero15:35
RedShiftrehabdoll: in the arabic world, getting shoes thrown at you, is about the worst insult you can get15:36
rehabdollergo, hero15:36
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:55
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*** Dominique has joined #crux18:27
DominiqueIs it possible to install Crux by chrooting into another partition from an existing distro?18:31
sepenDominique, I wrote one script similar that could be usefult for you
sepenjust you need the 'pkgadd' binary which you can use from the cdrom after being loop-mounted18:44
sepenI think you could use the normal setup too, but I never used it18:45
sepenbut note that on my script you will install all packages on the given directory, so I used to install only all core packages18:47
DominiqueSepen:  Oh, okay.  Thanks.  ;D  I'll try the script, then18:48
DominiqueAnother way would be to just loop-mount the iso and copy all the contents to the new partition and then follow the regular set-up, I think18:50
sepencopy all contents?18:51
DominiqueWell, I mean mount the iso somewhere and then just copy everything onto a mounted partition18:51
DominiqueSounds a bit confusing.  ;P18:52
sepenjust you need to initialize some directories for the package manager database and use pkgadd with -r to install all packages you want18:52
sepennot copy, I think it should be pkgadd'ing18:52
sepenyou can use pkgadd -r <root_dir> to install in the selected and mounted partition18:52
sepenyou don't need to use my script but you can get an idea but reading the contents18:53
DominiqueAh, mmkay18:54
sepenint two steps: * adjust the database, install packages18:54
sepenfor complete the installation you should compile a kernel, configure some files (rc*, fstab, etc.) as noted in the handbook19:00
*** Dominique has quit IRC19:03
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