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pitill0good morning01:15
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prologicQ: Where do I get 64bit CRUX-2.4 from ?02:54
prologicOrby, Q: How can I build 64bit CRUX ?02:54
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nipuLif you want multilib you can get my ports from
prologicmultilib ?04:29
ahmrahtcheerit's needed to run in 64bit mode04:30
ahmrahtcheerthat's all i know about it04:30
prologicnipuL, I don't have a wokring 64bit system - don't suppose you could build me a basic (core) root fs ?04:30
nipuLmultilib is needed to build 32bit libraries04:33
nipuLprobably only useful for desktops or servers forced legacy applications04:33
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prologichopefully I won't need it then :)04:44
prologicWould you mind sending across (building) a 64bit root fs ?04:45
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nipuLjust download rehabdoll's iso and pkgadd -r the packages04:48
nipuLshould be getting the kernel upgrade any minute now04:55
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nipuL/bin/sh: unamr: command not found05:17
nipuLLinux 2.6.24-22-xen #1 SMP Mon Nov 24 21:35:54 UTC 2008 x86_64 Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2212 AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux05:17
nipuLprologic: ^05:17
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RedShiftnipuL: kernel 2.6.24? nice... how did you manage that?05:23
RedShiftanyway, I think xen is doomed anyway05:23
nipuLvps provider built it05:24
nipuLwhat makes you say xen is doomed?05:24
nipuLkvm, or paravirtualisation on general is doomed?05:24
RedShiftbecause redhat kicked xen05:25
RedShiftand xen is totally not integrated within the regular development05:25
nipuLnot all business will jump ship for kvm though05:26
nipuLxen is well established05:26
RedShiftbut xen has too many drawbacks IMO05:26
nipuLand kvm still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of performance05:27
nipuLwell, last time i checked anyway05:27
RedShiftpersonally I'm looking forward to sun's xvmserver05:27
ahmrahtcheernipuL, CP/M was well established in business, back in the '80s, as was ProDOS. perhaps xen faces the same future as they did.05:27
RedShiftbasically it's the server version of virtualbox05:27
RedShiftahmrahtcheer: exactly, the circle of life goes on05:28
nipuLperhaps, but i for one won't be jumping onto the opensolaris bandwagon05:28
ahmrahtcheerplaying devil's advocate here:  that may not happen, though, as there is no 2008 equivalent of IBM in the early '80s.  no single company has as much name value as IBM had back then.  Back then, there was a saying in the US:  "You'll never go wrong buying IBM."05:29
ahmrahtcheerthat PC-DOS was the chosen OS for IBM's PCs, allowed MS to gain a foothold in the OS market...and the rest is history.05:31
nipuLi remember a story of a lady who was going to buy a computer from where i worked, she decided to buya gateway instead because they were an established branch05:31
ahmrahtcheer:) now that i've thoroughly confused myself, brb, gonna make a sammich05:31
nipuL2 weeks later they went belly up05:31
RedShiftnipuL: it'll probably work on linux and other OS'es as well05:33
RedShiftvirtualbox even works on windows too, so no reason why xvm server would only support slowlaris05:34
nipuLmy issue is with sun itself and it's financial problems05:34
prologicnipuL, so again it's enough to just pkgadd -r the 64bit core ports, tar it up, copy to my slice, etc ?05:34
RedShiftnipuL: what about it?05:34
nipuLthey are a prime target for hostile takeover05:35
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nipuLalong with that goes the licensing for all their products05:35
RedShiftthat doesn't imply that's a bad thing05:36
nipuLthat depends on who takes over the company, if it ever happens05:36
nipuLprologic: pretty much, and edit the etc files05:37
prologick nps05:37
prologichopefully I"ll have my linode vps up soon :)05:37
prologicthen my slice vps up tomorrow05:37
nipuLi don't recall anything drastic happening05:37
nipuLrebuilding glibc, and so on right now05:38
* RedShift back to work05:38
* nipuL avoiding work05:38
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prologiclinode server up :)06:23
nipuLgee, their cheap. do they allow custom distros?06:35
nipuLwell they offer a recovery console, so i guess it's doable06:38
prologicnipuL, yes06:40
prologicnipuL, I just finished putting CRUX on mine :)06:40
prologicjust setup a Finish profile06:40
prologicboot into it, setup sshd, copy your root fs over06:40
prologicextract it, chroot into it, configure it, and reboot06:40
prologicthen change the profile to the 2.4.27 kernel (to match the finish recovery one)06:41
prologicnot that you need any kernel modules anyway06:41
prologicit _just works_06:41
nipuLalthough slicehost is better value at the higher end06:41
prologicyes it is :)06:42
prologicI agree06:42
prologicand I'll soon get my slice up as soon as I work out all the 64bit stuff :P06:42
nipuLwell glibc 2.8 built fine on it for me06:42
prologicI think where I went wrong in the first place was trying to put 32bit crux on a 64bit box/kernel06:43
nipuLthat shouldn't really matter06:43
prologicwell it does06:44
prologicas I still have a broken toolchain :/06:44
prologicie: I can't build anything!06:44
nipuLprobably because the kernel is 64bit06:45
prologicthat's what I just said :P06:45
prologic64bit kernel06:45
nipuLthey might offer 32bit kernels06:45
prologicand not much I can do about it ( I asked support )06:45
prologicthey don't :/06:46
prologicbut I may as well try to put 64bit crux on it06:46
nipuLi started with arch on mine at first, but it was too annoying06:47
ahmrahtcheerlol, a bunch of my online buddies would disagree with you...but i don't06:48
nipuLit's sad in a way, that almost every other distro annoys the hell out of me now06:48
ahmrahtcheeri'm sick of dealing with the "one size fits all" distros that are designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of as broad a user base as possible06:49
ahmrahtcheeri.e., damn near every binary distro out there.06:49
prologicI coudln't agree more06:51
prologicI'm going to be reinstalling my desktop at work with CRUX06:51
prologiccurrently has Ubuntu 8.10 which shits me to tears ;/06:51
ahmrahtcheeri'm on ubuntu atm, 'cause it was the only recently updated distro i had on cd06:51
prologicmy biggest gripe ? over complicated (BS) architecture just to do wht simplest things that takes seconds of typing/editing a file06:52
ahmrahtcheeri need to get off my butt and ssh into my desktop box (which is headless right now), and copy a bunch of iso's over to it, then burn them.06:52
ahmrahtcheerprologic, i.e., you've gotten hooked on cli maintenance. :)06:53
ahmrahtcheer<sigh> my girlfriend's crt monitor died with a zzzzt and a puff of smoke.  <sigh> i had to let her have my 10 yr old crt monitor.  <sigh> that left me without a monitor. <sigh> i'm going to have to just sacrifice and force myself to buy a shiny new LCD monitor from <SIGH>  isn't that awful?06:55
nipuLahmrahtcheer: i sweaar you've said that exact same line before06:56
luxhahmrahtcheer: your eyes will thank you06:56
prologicI've gotten hooked on CLI anything :)06:57
prologicCLI rocks!06:57
rastajamesahmrahtcheer: dejavu06:57
prologicGUIs just don't cut it I"m afraid06:57
rastajamesi recall reading that line b4 ;)06:57
prologicI guess my click through rate isn't that high :)06:57
ahmrahtcheerdid i?  i'm sorry, nipuL:  my memory's been lousy since april06:57
prologicmy CPR is faster :)06:57
ahmrahtcheerCPR?  Cardio Plumonary Resucitation?07:01
prologiclol that was a mistake07:02
prologicgetting tired :)07:02
prologicI meant CPS (or WPM)07:02
ahmrahtcheeri was gonna say...your CPR may be faster, but with 20 yrs actually doing it on real people, i betcha mine's better. ;)07:03
prologicnice one :)07:03
prologicI mean good call07:04
prologicyeah I meant CPS07:04
nipuLi bet i'm better at stealing their wallets07:04
nipuLand making it look like CPR07:04
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klickWhere is the dependency list for prt-get depends located?10:11
thrice`in the "Depends on: " line of the Pkgfile for that port10:12
sepen__where? in his Pkgfile10:12
sepen__klick, are you sure that you read the handbook before?10:13
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klicksepen: How is the handbook related to it?10:26
klickthrice`: Does prt-get check dependencies recursively?10:27
klickthrice`: If A depends on B which depends on C will both B and C be in the depends list of A?10:27
sepenthe handbook is related to crux, I think your question is a bit deep so you should take a look directly into the prt-get source code10:29
sepenand also you could ask to the author about that10:29
sepenI can't remember what algorithm its used ;)10:29
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klickOr I could just ask in #crux which is about CRUX .... excuse me, but isn't prt-get part of CRUX? Fucking ass.10:31
thrice`the answer should be no, since B should be able to be installed without A10:31
thrice`and calling developers asses aren't good ways to get helped :>10:32
klickYes, but if A needs B and B needs C... then A needs both B and C10:32
klickthrice`: It was directed to sepen only.10:32
thrice`yes, but if the user tries to install only B, it should be able to work10:33
klickYes, of course.10:33
thrice`therefore, only listing "B" will suffice10:33
thrice`since the Pkgfile for B will be complete10:33
klickthrice`: prt-get depends gimp show atk in the list, but, gimp/Pkgfile does not include atk on the Depends on line. I was wondering if it is checking the gimp dependencies recursively as welll.10:33
thrice`doesn't gimp have gtk listed ?10:34
thrice`since gtk requires atk, it doesn't make sense to include it too10:34
ahmrahtcheerwhat he said. :)10:34
klickWell, of course... but then prt-get depends must be showing dependencies recursively..10:34
thrice`of course it does10:35
thrice`that should be obvious from your example :>10:35
klickWhich is what I wanted to know if it did or did not do. :)10:35
klickthrice`: Assumptions are never good. :)10:35
thrice`well, gimp does not call out atk specifically, but still lists it in depends10:36
DaViruzthat's not a assumption, that's a deduction10:36
thrice`use prt-get deptree gimp to see specifically10:36
klickOh, that was very nice...10:36
thrice`blah blah; A=B, B=C, surely A=C ? :)10:36
klickI do not want atk.10:37
tilmansure you du10:37
tilmangtk doesn't work without atk10:37
klickI was hoping gtk had a --disable/without-atk option to configure.10:38
thrice`crux is very lean - the dependencies are usually minimum to have a working app10:38
klickQuite stupid to make something absolutely rely on something not required by everyone. I do not need ATK since I am not impaired. Really bugs me to have to install it then.10:40
thrice`why not use gimp without gtk all-together?10:40
thrice`clearly there is a --disable-gtk that must work :>10:41
thrice`do you understand what atk actually is?10:41
klickThat's like GTK without X11..10:41
klickATK .. Accessibility Toolkit10:41
thrice`it IS required by gtk, not optional10:42
klickI know....10:42
klickI was just saying it is quite stupid to make GTK rely on something which is only needed by those with impairments. IMHO.10:43
thrice`sorry, I thought you were referring to the crux devs making it require atk, rather than gtk itself10:44
klickNo, hell no, not at all! =)10:44
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thrice`these kernel changelogs are massive :<11:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: apache: update to 2.2.11, use system libpcre11:47
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: lsof: updated to 4.8111:48
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: Merge branch '2.4' into 2.511:48
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman13:19
ahmrahtcheerrofl...i thought i was on a different channel and was all 'wtf is tilman getting chanop status on MY channel!?!'13:24
tilmanahmrahtcheer: i own you ;)13:27
jaegerhe's just that good13:28
ahmrahtcheer:P your ownership of me would be contested by one girlfriend, 10 dogs, 8 cats and 4 bratlings.13:29
tilmanugh, Bratlinge13:33
tilmanwhat are bratlings though? little brats?13:33
ahmrahtcheermedium sized brats13:34
tilmani see13:34
ahmrahtcheeri have them numbered, for convenience13:34
RedShiftyeah, it's easy now, now that they are selling those clothes with numbers on them13:38
ahmrahtcheerthey're all basically named the same thing:  evmicreuharrison, or variations on that theme.13:39
jaegerthis vlc thing is driving me crazy, wish I could at least pinpoint the problem13:44
* ahmrahtcheer offers jaeger the fine adjustment mallet13:44
ahmrahtcheerwallop it with that a time or two.  it may not solve your problem, but you'll feel better. :)13:45
* Rotwang found new xmms2 client13:45
tilmanwhich one?13:46
thrice`is xmms2 still alive?13:46
tilmansomeone remind me to ignore all future crux bugs that thrice` will file ;D13:46
thrice`seems there hasn't been a release in ages :)13:46
thrice`hehe, how is xmms2 doing ?13:46
tilmanthe last release was done in july or june :(13:47
tilmanand we'll release DrM* in february i think13:47
tilmanit's doing well. except the client problem :D13:47
Rotwangtilman: lxmusic ;]13:47
thrice`  :(13:49
thrice`so much for checking out clients ;)13:49
jaegerahmrahtcheer: the part that's even more frustrating than the fact that there IS a problem is that VLC seems unaware of a problem so it's damned hard to troubleshoot or diagnose13:51
tilmanthrice`: ffs. okay, just brought up that website problem again... :x13:51
thrice`oh my :)  known problem ?13:52
tilmani think the website has been broken for some time13:52
ahmrahtcheerjaeger, i've dealt with situations like that a time or two.  it's very frustrating.13:53
thrice`oh, sorry :(13:53
tilmannah, i didn't know it was still broken13:53
tilmani was ffs'ing at the website, not you :D13:54
jaegerI think it's an a52 problem, anyway, but can't tell13:54
* ahmrahtcheer says "okay" while watching what jaeger just typed sail smoothly over his head.13:55
ahmrahtcheeri don't program, don't really know what i'm doing when it comes to compiling software from source.  i'm just good at rtfm and following instructions exactly. if CRUX didn't have such a good manual, i'd be SOL13:57
ahmrahtcheerer...SOL = Shjt Outta Luck13:57
tilmanwhat's with the manual praise lately?13:57
ahmrahtcheeri first installed CRUX when Per L. was still around.13:58
ahmrahtcheeri like it's small footprint on the hard drive, the fact that y'all try real hard to keep the repositories up to date, the friendliness of the help channel crew...and the fact that it's nosebleed fast.13:59
tilmansurrounder: haha.14:00
tilmanyou must be confusing us14:01
jaegersometimes it's friendly :P14:01
ahmrahtcheernope. y'all usually just ignore my snide remarks or return them in kind...usually, i'd be banned from a channel by now. :)14:01
ahmrahtcheerseriously, though:  y'all help people who should be helped and you try to politely tell the others to rtfm or google it.14:02
ahmrahtcheerthose being two of my three main rules of computing.14:03
surroundertilman: ah true, I get #crux #hugmelikeateddybear confused in my head some times, my bad14:03
Rotwanglxmusic is basic but not bad14:04
thrice`I think gxmms is the only I've tried14:04
tilmanabraca is pretty good iirc14:05
Rotwangabraca didnt convince me iirc14:06
tilmanthen there's esperanza and promoe14:06
ahmrahtcheerBeep Music Player...bmp14:06
ahmrahtcheerforked off of xmms214:07
tilmanthat's bs14:07
* surrounder still loves mpd14:07
tilmanit was forked off a port of xmms1 to gtk214:07
tilmanwhich had nothing at all to do with xmms214:07
thrice`I find it strange there wasn't a successful xmms1 port to gtk214:08
thrice`i've had very bad luck with audacious, bmp, etc., at least personally14:09
ahmrahtcheertilman, i won't argue.   since my concussion, i've been like a goose: I wake up to a new world every morning.14:11
ahmrahtcheermemory problems are actually making my life easier.  when the girlfriend starts griping at me 'cause i did or didn't do something, i just say "i don't remember that."14:15
Rotwangahmrahtcheer: great strategy14:21
Rotwangi use it at work often14:21
RedShiftahmrahtcheer: doesn't work on mine, she knows I remember14:21
ahmrahtcheerRedShift, that's an easy enough to solve problem:  pass out, fall backwards, give yourself a skull fracture and concussion...the rest is just gravy. :D14:22
ahmrahtcheerjust in case you were wondering, yeah i was as big a smartass before that happened. :P14:23
jaegerwhat's the preferred small media player these days? I like the form factor of xmms/bmp/audacious but bmpx seems the only one that's active, unless I'm mistaken14:24
ahmrahtcheerjaeger, amarok, except that it comes with KDE14:25
jaegertons of bulkier apps like exaile, amarok, etc.14:25
jaegerdon't need that much14:25
ahmrahtcheerbmpx then14:25
jaegerI guess I'll give bmpx another try14:25
ahmrahtcheeri keep hoping to run across a media player that's a bash script, like bashburn.14:26
jaegeryeesh, bmpx depends on gstreamer now14:26
ahmrahtcheernever mind...14:27
thrice`I like mpd + sonata14:29
taarifor music and streams I just use cmus14:31
thrice`i liked xmms when I tried it, but there some feature I wanted but wasn't supported14:37
thrice`(and tilman hasn't added yet :> )14:37
tilmanrandom play14:38
thrice`oh, that's right14:40
thrice`well, it was more complex than that, I think.  random play while maintaining playlist sorting, right?14:40
sepenmplayer -shuffle `cat playlist.txt`14:43
ahmrahtcheerwhat about xine?14:44
tilmanwhat's wrong with you people? ;)14:44
tilmanthrice`: but seriously, you should file a bug for your feature request. then at least it's in the archives14:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: asciidoc: fixed md5sum14:49
RedShiftahmrahtcheer: mine would still be smart enough to figure out if I know or not14:50
ahmrahtcheermy g/f's beginning to suspect14:50
thrice`tilman: fair enough :)14:51
thrice`i've had bad lucks with bugs in the past, so i am typically hesitant (except complaining to crux devs) :)(14:51
ahmrahtcheeraccording to apt-get, cmus has a lot of deps, resulting in 6685kB of disk space being used.15:04
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*** giovann1 has joined #crux15:16
giovann1guys the comman to see the device is: lspci?15:16
giovann1requestion... what does mean when I configure kernel and I can choose Module or module capable?15:21
giovann1pls help...15:22
thrice`:( ***15:22
giovann1what dose mean thrice?15:23
Rotwangom nom nom fooooof15:24
giovann1pls...ok....where I can read?15:25
giovann1so I can understand...:-)15:25
sepen@Google lspci giovann115:26
clbsepen: Search took 0.28 seconds: /srv/logs.www/freenode/2008/03/29/#ubuntu-it.log: <>15:26
sepen@Google lspci15:26
clbsepen: Search took 0.02 seconds: lspci (8): all PCI devices - Linux man page: <>; lspci - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; The PCI Utilities: <>; Linux - lspci command to list and find out more information about ...: < (1 more message)15:26
giovann1lspci it's ok15:26
sepengiovann1, use in private ;D15:26
giovann1module and module capable15:27
giovann1I don't not what is?15:27
giovann1sorry I don't know how mean....15:27
thrice`if you can't compile a kernel from scratch, crux is not recommended.15:27
thrice`(not to be rude, but it might be saving alot of time)15:29
giovann1don't worry I want learn I can loss the time15:31
giovann1because it's love...15:31
surrounderhaha, that last line really suits your nick15:32
Rotwanggiovann1: then learn to search for BASICS yourself15:32
Rotwangits about time to learn selfreliance15:32
surrounderanyhow, it's nice you think that way giovann1 and it can be rewarding to run a system like crux but you need to learn how to search answers for yourself15:32
*** rastajames has quit IRC15:34
giovann1yes of but If I have the input to start after i can go aloine15:34
Rotwanggiovann1: ive learned *A LOT* w/ crux15:35
surrounderwell, the first step really is to form easy keywords for what you want to accomplish and feed them to google really15:35
Rotwangone of them is selfreliance15:35
surrounderhmm, didn't even know that word15:37
surrounderRotwang: thanks! :D15:37
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rehabdollomg, 64bit java-plugin16:10
rehabdollhell has indeed frozen over16:10
RedShiftnot only that, 64 bit flash as well16:11
teKno no, it already froze when DJB released qmail as p.d.16:11
rehabdollyeah, but that was ages ago16:11
RedShiftblah, I hate qmail16:12
teK[ ] qualified comment16:12
RedShiftit tries to replace everything, including stuff like system loggers with its own stuff16:12
*** maxus has quit IRC16:21
rehabdollwhat does?16:26
rehabdollnevermind, i cant read16:34
rehabdoll D;16:42
luxhhappy :D16:44
giovann1why I don't heart the sound...I have set the kernel with my SiS driver AC16:51
rastajamesgiovann1: you need alsa-lib and alsa-utils, alsaconf it and /etc/rc.d/alsa start and your good to go :)16:55
Rotwangis your user in audio group16:55
thrice`64-bit java plugin?  linky? :>16:56
giovann1ok I try16:57
* thrice` pokes rehabdoll 16:59
thrice`nipuL_: you around ?17:06
rehabdollor not17:07
rehabdoll :>17:07
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:10
nipuL_thrice`: yep17:10
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC17:10
thrice`nipuL_: how does your multilib setup work?  Do you manually append --libdir=/usr/lib64 to everything ?17:10
nipuL_nope, i cheated17:11
nipuL_lib64 is a symlink t lib17:11
thrice`aah.  so, when a port thinks it is going to /usr/lib, it's secretly going to /usr/lib64?17:12
giovann1but if i wnat add my usere in audio17:12
giovann1i must use prt-get?17:12
nipuL_no, the other way around17:12
nipuL_drwxr-xr-x 112 root  root 69632 2008-12-13 00:09 lib17:13
nipuL_drwxr-xr-x  18 root  root 20480 2008-12-12 15:02 lib3217:13
nipuL_lrwxrwxrwx   1 root  root     8 2008-11-08 13:11 lib64 -> /usr/lib17:13
thrice`oh; interresting17:13
thrice`are you going to publish anything, out of curiosity ?17:14
nipuL_i don't plan on releasesing an iso, because then i'd be expected to support it17:15
nipuL_i do have git repos available though17:15
nipuL_it should be possible to build multilib ports using rehabdoll's pure64 iso as a platform though17:16
*** nipuL_ is now known as nipuL17:16
nipuLi can make packages available if all else fails17:17
nipuLbut there hasn't really been much  interest in the multilib side of things17:18
thrice`I had alot of issues trying pure64.  they could be my suckage, though17:21
nipuLwhat kind of issues17:21
thrice`I didn't know if they were attributed to pure64, or the ports tree not working completely as they should17:21
thrice`xorg lockups, the [expected] ports failures17:22
nipuLhmm, i've been getting lock ups lately, i've assumed they were hardware related17:23
nipuLbut not just in x17:23
thrice`i gave up on crux64 on my lappy, however, and am using something multi-lib, which is working well.  I'd like to stick crux on it, and thought about going multi-lib this time around17:24
thrice`nipuL: what is the clone addy for the ports? isn't working17:26
thrice`(sorry, i'm very bad with git)17:26
nipuLlet me know if you have issues building glibc and glibc-compat3217:28
nipuLhmm, you probably will17:29
nipuLyou'd need a multilib enabled gcc to build glibc-compat3217:29
nipuLand you need glibc-compat32 to build a multilib enabled gcc17:29
thrice`makes sense17:29
nipuLchicken, meet egg17:29
thrice`you do ?17:30
thrice`the latter is interresting :P17:30
nipuLwell you atleast need the 32bit libraries17:30
RedShiftmultilib = multifail IMO17:30
nipuLpure64 == roast beef without gravy17:31
thrice`ready? FIGHT17:31
thrice`there are few distros that do pure64 well17:31
RedShiftI see no reason for multilib anymore17:32
RedShiftthere's 64 bit flash now too17:32
thrice`multi-lib has the advantage of being able to just remove 32-bit stuff, and running all 6417:32
rehabdolllots of closed apps require a lib64->lib symlink wich is annouying in a pure64 dist17:35
nipuLthere's more to multilib than flash17:36
nipuLwine is a big one17:36
thrice`well, for those who don't game or need wine, that's about it17:36
nipuLand those of that do, use multilib17:37
nipuLi don't see the need for division17:37
nipuLin fact the differences between the ports are quite minimal17:38
nipuLabout the only difference is the toolchain and a few extra compat32 ports17:38
RedShiftyou can still build a 32bit chroot for that17:38
RedShiftwhich is IMO a better solution than multilib17:38
nipuLi couldn't disagree more17:38
nipuLchroot is hack17:39
rehabdollyeah chroots are ugly17:39
rehabdollmultilib is great if you require something 32bit17:40
RedShiftwell then, I guess we'll have to settle this like men and take it #outside17:40
nipuL4pm behind the bike shed17:40
nipuLbring your chessboard >:)17:40
klickDamnit, I've been trying to make xterm _not_ use bold fonts but different colors instead for a few hours now. Nothing is working.17:46
klickAnyone here using xterm without bold fonts?17:46
klickI do get different colors for bold/non-bold but bold is still bold.17:46
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:53
* RedShift zzz17:54
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:54
rehabdollwhy use xterm?18:08
*** giovann1 has left #crux18:29
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*** acrux_ has joined #crux19:11
*** acrux has quit IRC19:16
nipuLyay java pluginess20:32
rehabdollheh, i was going to test it but could not remember a site who uses it :>20:38
nipuLjava site has applet demos20:46
jaegerwoot! vlc/liba52 fixed21:18
jaegerit was liba52 all along21:18
thrice`\o/  patching?21:22
jaegera patch and trimmed down configure line21:23
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux21:25
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rastajameswhoa 700 xmms themes, which one to pick!23:33
* rastajames panics 23:33
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