IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2008-12-17

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rastajamesmorning sepen01:14
pitill0good morning01:14
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rastajamesgah didnt even cross my mind to look there02:16
rastajamesthanks tilman ;)02:16
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: cdparanoia: added fix for gcc 4.303:11
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sepencool! vbox 2.1.0 released,
sepen.....Support for hardware virtualization (VT-x and AMD-V)08:08
tilmansounds good08:08
sepenyep, I planed to update it as I wrote in the general ML, but I'll try this one before08:10
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RedShiftsepen: virtualbox already had support for hardware VT in earlier versions?10:19
RedShiftit wasn't enabled by default but it was there10:20
RedShiftyou didn't copy 'n paste the whole thing, it only applies to macos10:20
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teKI wonder why there can only run once virtual guest with VT-x enabled at the same time10:20
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treach"get lame" :p (get='sudo prt-get install')10:49
RedShiftalias prt-get='apt-get install'10:51
* RedShift ducks10:51
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treachbtw, is anyone present running mplayer with the xvidix video output as a normal user?12:24
tilmanis vidix supposed to be better than xv? :P12:26
treachwell, yes.12:27
treachat least it works better on my laptop.12:27
jaegernever tried it, myself12:27
treachand if you've got a decent card, gl is probably better than xv, too, with the right options.12:28
RedShiftyou need driver support for vidix to work12:28
RedShiftI think the mplayer manpage has a comprehensive list of drivers that work12:28
tilmanintel has some xvmc in 2.5, but i didn't try it yet12:28
tilmanand 2.6 will have more extensive xvmc support12:29
treachRedShift: indeed, but that's not the issue12:29
treachthe issue is that vidix won't work by default, unless you suid mplayer or run it as root.12:30
treachI've only seen some pretty messy workarounds to get it runnings as a normal user, so I thought I'd ask if anyone else managed to solve it in a nice way.12:30
RedShiftchmod /dev/video to the right permissions?12:31
treachI don't have a device like that.12:33
RedShiftoh, it's scanning the PCI devs12:35
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Rotwangsepen do you use ati 8.12?13:03
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-util-macros: updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: flashplayer: another release-bump14:21
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sepen_Rotwang, no, unfortunately I don't have my card inserted atm, my old pc dies so I'm still in migration period15:17
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Rotwangwhats the difference between i386 and x86 in the kernel tree?15:19
Rotwangsepen_: ive experienced problems with patched gl-select15:19
Rotwangi couldnt change15:19
Rotwangbtw should i copy bzImage from i386 or x86?15:20
sepen_Rotwang, ?15:20
Rotwangsepen_: i patched gl-select by patch from fs15:21
teKRotwang: depends on your kernel version, recent kernels put it in x8615:21
sepen_Rotwang, I'll see you later no I'm dinning15:21
Rotwanggl-select xorg gave me info that it cannot change because somethings missing15:21
Rotwangsepen_: ok15:21
sepen_you need to gl-select xorg with the old method first of all15:22
Rotwangso ill copy bzImage from x8615:22
sepen_Rotwang, after that you can use the patched gl-select15:22
Rotwangdidnt know that15:22
sepen_Rotwang, that was reported by jue, so I'm still working on it15:22
sepen_Rotwang, wait I'll return later15:22
rehabdollRotwang: doesnt matter15:32
rehabdollyou might just as well get used to x86 since its the same path for x86_64 :>15:32
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Rotwangat last!16:01
treachscreen discovered!16:01
Rotwangim was able to unlock xorg-server and update kernel16:01
Rotwanghmm sip resigned :<16:03
tilmanyeah :(16:04
tilmani already got alcohol16:04
treachanother oldtimer bites the dust. :/16:06
rastarsimone ?16:09
rastarhmm that blows16:20
treachhopefully he plays around a few weeks with ubuntu or something, and realizes it's crap and comes back again. ;)16:20
tilmanso unless you come back i don't think we'll have java support anymore16:21
cptnrastar is James, not Jay16:21
tilmanrastar is jdolan, but not crux-jdolan? :|16:22
cptnI would guess so16:23
rastartilman: conicidently we have kinda similar names O.o16:24
rastarwhile hes jay16:24
* treach looks at rastar "Pappire Kontrolle!" -(:|16:25
* rastar tries to convert Pappire Kontrolle into englis16:26
treachhey, it's not like dolan is that uncommon.16:26
rastarvery actually..16:26
tilmani thought the chance of two jdolan's being interested in crux was really low16:27
treachrastar: essentially "Papers please!" but backed with rifles, german shepherds and a "pickel haube". :)16:27
rastara search of dolan on google yields16:27
rastarjohn,james,joe ..16:27
rastartreach: hehe16:27
tilmanrastar: sorry, i confused you with someone else ;D16:28
tilmanepic fail!16:28
* tilman waves at jdolan 16:28
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DarkNekroshola KMandla ;)17:36
tilmanRyoS: "buenas tardes" == "good day, 'tard"?17:36
KMandla:D Ohayo!17:37
RyoStilman: i am just drunk, you shouldnt pay attention XD17:37
tilmanRyoS: my bottle's empty, but i'm too lazy to get up :(17:37
RyoSkennst du es?17:38
DarkNekrosbuenas tardes == good afternoon ;)17:38
tilmanread again?17:38
tilmanDarkNekros: duuuuude, i know.17:38
RyoStilman: okok17:38
tilmanDarkNekros: he hablamos con tu en espanol muy tiempo...17:38
DarkNekrostilman, es verdad :)17:39
RyoSmake somebody go and get you a beer17:39
* treach offers to mass mail an eBeer. :p17:39
tilmani could wake a neighbour17:39
* RyoS wants one17:39
* DarkNekros can wake up his girlfriend who sleeps next door xD17:40
RyoSwait wat17:40
RyoSwat wat wat?!17:40
tilmanRyoS: chica17:40
RyoSoh ok17:40
treach"Amiga" :p17:40
DarkNekrosRyoS, my girlfriend is sleeping :D17:40
RyoSi heard somebody talk about it on the internetz17:41
DarkNekrosgirlfriend == novia ;)17:41
DarkNekrosfiancee, more or less17:41
tilmantreach: yes! as in north and south, silkworm and the giana sisters17:41
treachDarkNekros: nono, I heard from good sources it's amiga. ;)17:41
treachat least they very much seemed to want to sleep with theirs. :p17:41
KMandlaThis is definitely the last time I ever speak Spanish in #crux.17:42
tilmansaying "hola" == "speaking spanish"? mmh :>17:42
KMandla*greet in Spanish ... ?17:43
tilmanKMandla: nevermind me :D17:43
DarkNekrostreach, no, amiga == friend, girlfriend==novia, perhaps you has heard "amiga con derecho a roce" ~= "a fuck friend" ;)17:43
DarkNekrostilman, like spanish ads who says "Do you speak English?" and another dude responds "Yes" xDD17:44
treachDarkNekros: no. I don't speak spanish, obviously, but essentially I got that as "friend" -> amigO, female friend -> amigaA. (and a computer)17:44
treachif that's wrong, I was lied to.17:44
DarkNekrostreach, indeed amiga stands for female friend or the computer ;)17:45
treachso there. :D17:45
DarkNekrosperhaps, who knows xD17:46
treachMe neither. :D17:47
tilmanwp would know17:47
tilmanbut i don't want to be sucked into that black hole now17:47
RyoSwho? han boetes?17:47
tilmanhan? how did you make *that* connection?17:47
RyoSi am drunk17:47
RyoSthe hell of i know17:48
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luxhthat you?17:54
RyoSthats me17:54
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luxhlooking good tonight17:58
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RyoSdont make me sleep with open eyes..18:01
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