IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2008-12-18

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pitill0good morning01:16
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sepenheheh another social code hosting04:01
tilmanoooold :p04:02
namenlosi like the idea of
namenlosbut i never found out, how to view a special version of a paste.04:06
sepenyep this is great for the high number of projects hosted on it04:06
tilmannamenlos: it's a paste bin w/ version control?04:06
namenlostilman: yes, it seems so.04:07
sepenbut without captcha ATM04:07
namenlosused it once, but got fed up, because i was not able to view the older versions / differences of a paste...04:07
namenlosok, viewing different versions now works, but anyone knows, how to compare them?04:11
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namenlosof course yhafri has a port for this...04:29
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tilmancareful, it might depend on libiconv :D04:30
namenloshm, somehow i am not familiar with this running gag...04:31
tilmanseems off topic at thedailywtf04:56
ahmrahtcheertilman, that's the first article i've ever read from that site.  someone still has a little old-fashioned ingenuity... :)04:58
nipuLkind of like the old "alias cup-holder='eject /dev/scd0'" gag04:59
sepenjust I use $ eject05:01
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taariHaskell, yo. ;->07:22
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nipuLwhat about it?07:34
taariIt's a nice functional language.07:36
nipuLs/nice/brains asplode/07:37
taariDepends. I like it.07:37
tilmani'd like to like it07:38
tilmanhaven't written a useful program yet07:38
nipuLi like fp, but the haskell syntax can be a bit alien at times07:38
nipuLi tried to port pkgutils to haskell07:39
taariI admit I only learned Haskell due to studies, but I started to love it somehow. Once you have understood the lambda calculus and monads, Haskell 'relatively' easy.07:40
taarinipuL: what happened?07:41
nipuLopt parsing on the cli got me stumped07:41
taariI see07:41
nipuLall i got was a db file parser07:42
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nipuLanyhoo, off to bed07:45
rastar nipuL btw did you build the X11 libs from sigis port?07:45
rastarfor xmonad07:46
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rastargot ghc working perfectly just cant get anything that depends on it to compile. have run pre-install scripts etc07:47
nipuLhave you read the haskell wiki i wrote?07:48
rastarcool thanks :)07:56
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: libgmp: explicit specify build-host i686, fix for #38608:29
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bughunter2hey, say i'd like to get kde/gnome running on crux, i guess it's up to me to do it all by hand, right?09:54
bughunter2there are no ports/packages for it i think?09:55
treachthere are09:55
treachbut they are in separate repos09:55
jaegeravoid gnome for the moment, it's not up-to-date09:56
treachneither is the kde repo afaik.09:56
jaegerfrom the gnome repo, at least. garnome or something else would work09:56
treachwether that's good or bad is up for debate though. :p09:56
thrice`kde is at 3.5.10, I think09:56
treachlast time I looked it was at .8 or .909:57
DarkNekrosand kde 4.2??09:57
treachnot released yet09:57
treachso that *would* be a bit premature. :p09:57
DarkNekrosthere arre kde 3.5 (stable), KDE 4.1 (recommended for early-adopting users) and KDE 4.2 (Beta2) (recommended for beta testers and experienced users)09:58
bughunter2DarkNekros: where do you see that?09:59
bughunter2i'd like to test kde 4.209:59
DarkNekrosI have test kde 4.1 and the basics works pretty well (but in ubuntu screws up :S)09:59
treachbughunter2: happy porting then.09:59
DarkNekrosbughunter2, see that ->
bughunter2DarkNekros: ah :P well i thought i read that somewhere =)10:00
bughunter2treach: why? what's there to port?10:00
bughunter2just compile10:00
treachit's a bit saner if you make real packages for it, no?10:00
tilmanjust a bit10:00
bughunter2treach: and how would i go about that? just installing somewhere and making a tar.gz out of that?10:01
treachyeah, only a little bit. :X10:01
treachbughunter2: just look at the other ports.10:01
treachit's not that hard.10:01
bughunter2yeah but why would i want to do that?10:01
bughunter2i know it's not hard10:01
bughunter2but why would it be saner to make packages for it?10:01
bughunter2also, where are those repositories for the outdated gnome/kde ?10:01
treachdude it's all up to you wether you like to be sane or not.10:01
bughunter2treach: i'm just curious and asking for your opinion10:01
bughunter2i could install to /home/kde or something10:02
bughunter2that way i don't fudge up the system either =)10:02
thrice`actually, porting kde 4.x to crux would be really simple10:02
bughunter2thrice`: would it really be 'porting' ?10:02
thrice`now that they use cmake, anyway, maintenance wouldn't be as bad as autotools10:02
tilmancreating proper ports that other crux users can reuse sounds cooler though10:02
treachwell, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to keep track of everything you have installled.10:02
bughunter2autotools -> /dev/null10:02
bughunter2treach: yeah that's what i thought too10:02
thrice`well, by porting, I mean creating ports :)10:03
treachand it makes clean updates/uninstallation a lot easier.10:03
bughunter2thrice`: ah of course10:03
bughunter2well i could give it a go10:03
treachbrb, gotta get the laundry. :/10:03
bughunter2when booting crux says "/bin/cp: cannot create special file `/dev/null': File exists", i think that information should be hidden =)10:05
bughunter2i guess it's a wellknown 'bug' ?10:06
thrice`not that I've seen10:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: rrdtool: 1.3.4 -> 1.3.510:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: uptimed: 0.3.12 -> 0.3.1310:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: wesnoth: 1.4.6 -> 1.4.710:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: wesnoth-server: 1.4.6 -> 1.4.710:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: rrdtool: 1.3.4 -> 1.3.510:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: uptimed: 0.3.12 -> 0.3.1310:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: wesnoth: 1.4.6 -> 1.4.710:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: wesnoth-server: 1.4.6 -> 1.4.710:44
taariWhy did the bot trigger two times? (Just curious.)10:45
sirmaciktwo times?10:46
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sirmacikit's from 2.4 and 2.5 repo ;]10:46
taariOh, 2.4, 2.5.. nvm :)10:46
bughunter2hey, theres no port for cmake or is there?11:12
thrice`prt-get search cmake ? :)11:12
bughunter2thrice`: yeah, it seems there isn't, what's the best way to install something when there's no port?11:13
treachbughunter2: prtdb11:13
thrice`it used to be in opt11:13
treachPORTdb.. see topic11:13
Rotwang$ prt-get search cmake --path11:13
bughunter2Rotwang: i don't have it11:14
thrice`looks like it's in 2.5, but not 2.4 ?11:15
treachsince I assume you have your porttree in sync, try to delete it and update it.11:15
bughunter2treach: i already updated it 30 mins ago11:15
treachyes, I assumed so.11:15
thrice`I don't see it on gitweb for 2.411:15
thrice`it's OK, treach is going to port kde4 for us anyway ;)11:16
Rotwangtreach: let us nkonw when its ready ;]11:17
treachbughunter2: I don't know why, but I've had problems from time to time with ports staying behind when it has been removed upstream etc, so I figured it could go out of sync the other way too. And I'm not going to port kde4, unless I absolutely have to.11:17
thrice`boo :>11:17
Rotwangtreach: now you have to11:17
bughunter2treach: i am willing to port kde411:17
bughunter2at least, i'm going to give it a shot11:17
treachbughunter2: good luck then. :)11:17
bughunter2treach: was that sarcastic?11:18
tilmanbughunter2: are you familiar with git?11:18
treachnot at all.11:18
bughunter2tilman: yes11:18
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tilmani suggest you clone our kde.git then11:18
tilmanand do your work there11:18
tilmanmakes it easy for us to pull your changes11:18
thrice`well, I'm not sure I'd start there, since kde3 is autotools, and kde4 is cmake11:18
bughunter2tilman: okay, although i'd like to start clean11:18
tilmanokay, it was just a suggestion anyway11:19
bughunter2yeah its ok :)11:19
bughunter2just, i'm going to try it this way first i think11:19
thrice`the deps are probably good though11:19
bughunter2should i install crux 2.5 instead ? since cmake is there?11:20
thrice`although kde4 needs about 40-ish new deps, I think, than kde311:20
bughunter2i guess crux 2.4 will be outdated soon anyway?11:20
treachbughunter2: there's not much point in starting anything with 2.4 anyway11:20
bughunter2treach: just my thought11:20
thrice`hopefully in about an hour :>11:21
treachsince 2.4 is essentially dead the moment 2.5 is out, as far as official updates goes.11:21
bughunter2hey i can't mount cifs in 2.4?11:21
thrice`treach: though, kde4 is growing on me :>11:22
treachyeah, it's pretty cool.11:22
thrice`I installed it on my 64-bit lappy and quite like it11:22
bughunter2it *is* cool :D11:22
treachno, it *would* be cool, if it didn't constantly manage to screw up its settings with every other update.11:23
thrice`I had some pretty inconsistant kwin failures11:23
treachfile a bug.11:23
thrice`like, loading the menu once out of 100 times will give me a giant grey screen11:23
treachmmh, tried having the panel vertical? Apparently NONE of the developers do that.11:24
treachtriggers a whole bunch of issues.11:24
thrice`well, I figure bugs are useless on 4.1.3 with 4.2 near11:24
treachthrice`: not you, bughunter2. :D11:24
bughunter2treach: lol11:25
thrice`though, if I could have crux64, i think kde would be bug free, of course :)11:26
treachmmh, one of the major issues for me is that my graphics card and kde4 does not agree at all.11:27
treachonly nvidia can fix that, and I'm kind of doubting they will fully fix the issues.11:28
thrice`probably true11:28
thrice`intel seems OK to me11:29
treach(Let's put everyone to work with fixing some obscure bug in the gf8500 drivers triggered by konsole and kde4 in general! ... yeah right. )11:29
DarkNekrostreach, read this for graphical improvement under kde4 ;) ->
treachDarkNekros: I know.11:29
DarkNekrosok, :)11:29
DarkNekrosI have discovered 1 week ago xD11:30
treachthe problem isn't as much performance as such, but pure buggyness.11:30
treachstuff like plasma being entirely unusable when you have composite effects enabled, for instance.11:30
treach*cautious click on panel" *BAM*11:31
thrice`I compiled 4.1.85 and found it still quite buggy11:31
treachalso, konsole makes x jump up and use like 30% cpu, and other bad thinsg.11:31
treachso, unless I swap the card, I doubt kde4 will become fully useable for me.11:32
bughunter2is crux 2.5 already "finished" ? i mean i see crux-2.5.iso and also crux-2.5-rc2.iso11:34
bughunter2gives me the idea that crux-2.5.iso is the "final"11:34
bughunter2is that true?11:34
treachafaik, no, it's rc2 that is the newest.11:34
bughunter2treach: it's uploaded today11:34
treachI don't have a gui yet, so please forgive me if I don't click any links atm, k? :p11:35
bughunter2some mirrors don't have the iso yet11:35
bughunter2tilman: it is?11:35
bughunter2tilman: so what's the file doing on that mirror? and why is it uploaded today?11:35
bughunter2some other mirrors don't have it yet11:35
rehabdollit may be the final iso11:35
rehabdollbut possibly not11:35
tilmanplease wait until it's announced as such11:36
tilmanin case someone decides to not rlease it11:36
bughunter2tilman: well yeah, but it should at least be more up to date than 2.5-rc211:36
bughunter2so it's safe enough for me to get it11:36
rehabdollanyway, who cares? just switch your rsync files to use the 2.5 repos and sync everything that way11:36
rehabdolland rebuild11:36
tilmanif you can11:36
bughunter2rehabdoll: heh oops, already destroyed the virtual machine11:36
treachI thought 2.5 was jaeger's first build, the one he named inappropriately.11:37
bughunter2treach: then it would be long gone from the mirrors11:37
bughunter2and the date is 2008-12-18 for that file11:37
bughunter2that's today11:37
treachas I said, I don't have a gui, or any decent browser..11:37
bughunter2treach: links?11:37
bughunter2or lynx?:)11:38
tilmanwhat crappy system are you using treach?11:38
treachcrux64 ;D11:38
bughunter2Rotwang: what's the diff with links ?11:38
bughunter2their website doesn't say a lot11:38
Rotwangbughunter2: no idea, i always used elinks11:38
Rotwangand lynx ;]11:39
bughunter2lynx sucks11:39
bughunter2you can't configure it to always accept cookies11:39
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treachwell, it rocks compared to elinks..11:39
treachat least it works.11:39
bughunter2links works too11:39
bughunter2for me at least11:39
thrice`treach: have you ditched kde4 then?  you sound upset with it11:39
* taari votes for w3m11:39
treachthrice`: no, I'm a bit annoyed with nvidia.11:39
treachit's not the kde peoples fault the drivers suck.11:40
bughunter2treach: what problems do you have with kde4 / nvidia?11:40
bughunter2because i have an nvidia too11:40
treachsee above11:40
bughunter2*scrolls up*11:40
treachnote that I have a 8500. apparently that's one of the buggier models.11:40
bughunter2treach: is it all because of the nvidia driver?11:40
treachbasically, as far as I've been told, yeah.11:41
DarkNekrosthey "forgot" to code something xDD11:41
bughunter2i'm just wondering now, would it be possible to use the windows nvidia driver somehow?11:42
bughunter2wine/ndiswrapper alike?11:42
bughunter2could a solution be coded to do it?11:42
treachsounds like an extremely bad idea..11:43
bughunter2treach: yeah but if it'd fix bugs?:P11:43
treachHigly unrealistic.11:43
thrice`I don't think it would interract with xorg at all11:43
bughunter2although i think we'd get only more bugs11:43
bughunter2bad idea >/dev/null11:43
treachbughunter2: besides, basically it already IS the same driver11:44
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treachit's just a blob, with a thin layer of glue in between.11:44
thrice`mm, kde4 on crux has me quite curious now :>11:44
treachthrice`: any vacation over xmas? :p11:44
thrice`hehe, a couple days :)11:45
treachor are they forcing you to sit in a basement in germany over the holidays and translate drawings from 1932? :P11:45
thrice`no, but shortly afterwards, actually, I will be11:45
thrice`Altdorf, DE11:46
bughunter2are there any crux penguin wallpapers? :P11:46
tilmantry or gigaperls.org11:47
thrice`I don't understand how firefox manages to make every release a security fix11:53
treachsimple. No new relases unless it fixes a security hole.11:54
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sepentreach, +111:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: virtualbox: updated to 2.1.011:59
Rotwangsepen: ive got ati 8-12 working on my box, i think update should be done pretty quick11:59
sepenyep, but ATM I don't have my ati card plugged in12:00
sepenmy old pc crashed two weeks ago, so I'm using a temporal box12:00
sepenI don't have any agp slot on it, ;P12:01
sepenRotwang, if this new one is ok for you I could update it too ;D12:02
Rotwangsepen: but it needs patched gl-select i guess12:02
sepenRotwang, I've some time today so I think I could finish the gl-select too12:02
sepenimho should be enough something like: gl-select use xorg --old-style to avoid the issue12:03
sepenthen gl-select use ati12:04
Rotwangseems fair to me12:05
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thrice`go tilman go!13:18
tilmanjust found a show stopper13:19
*** jue has quit IRC13:20
thrice`that's it, I can't take this13:28
thrice`I'm switching to gentoo :>13:28
* tilman goes looking for champagne13:29
sepenmen, don't use drugs13:35
treachbah, crux is worse than crack. you keep trying to quit, but you just can't. :>13:36
Rotwangcrux is worse than mafia13:36
treachit puts a horse head in your bed?13:37
DarkNekrosnor women xD13:37
taariOoh, again a new kernel -
taariPoor Arch users.13:53
luxhi wonder if they even know/care what's new13:55
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bughunter2RedShift: what's an archer doing here?13:57
rehabdolltrying to look cool? :)13:57
thrice`he likes to pretend13:57
thrice`they talk in all caps and say things like "zomg"13:58
RedShiftthis is my zen channel13:58
rehabdolllike the linux fanbois on slashdot with a MSIE useragent :p13:58
RedShiftI use it to get away from the madness in #archlinux13:58
bughunter2rehabdoll: hahahaha13:58
thrice`rehabdoll: just to be annoying ;)... are you doing a final 2.5 iso ?13:59
*** Rotwang has quit IRC13:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: lmms: updated to 0.4.114:01
*** Rotwang has joined #crux14:05
bughunter2rehabdoll: awesome =P14:06
Rotwangzen kernel seems to boot lightning fast14:09
*** Rotwang has quit IRC14:15
*** Rotwang has joined #crux14:17
thrice`is there tracker data on the 2.5 release?14:17
thrice`er, viewable tracket data online* :)14:18
thrice`oh, cool :)14:18
rehabdollim such a leecher "Downloaded: 271.68 KB"14:19
Rotwangkernel boots in a flash14:21
bughunter2Rotwang: wow14:24
bughunter2Rotwang: what's a 'zen' kernel?14:25
treachwith extra, riced out coloured boot-spam. :p14:25
treachxen, maybe?14:25
thrice`I reall ylike the color :)14:25
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC14:25
bughunter2treach: could be14:25
treachor maybe it has just throughly meditated the best boot options? :p14:25
Rotwangim testing it atm (zen kernel)14:26
Rotwangit boots lightning fast14:26
bughunter2Rotwang: what is a 'zen' kernel?14:26
Rotwangbughunter2: ts the bleeding edge "fork" of standard linux14:26
Rotwangell its not a fork14:26
Rotwangbut rather patched linux14:27
bughunter2so whats the difference?14:27
bughunter2what is patched?14:27
Rotwang <<< bughunter214:27
bughunter2so, why does this project have to exist?14:29
bughunter2Rotwang: why can't they directly get stuff in the mainline?14:29
bughunter2i think it's rather a 'testing' kernel?14:29
Rotwangbughunter2: ask linus ;]14:32
bughunter2Rotwang: :P14:32
tilmanis there a list of stuff that's in zen but not in mainline?14:34
Rotwangtilman: donno14:36
thrice`mm, eacrux has kde 4.1.3 ports14:37
*** bughunter2 has quit IRC14:38
*** bughunter2 has joined #crux14:38
thrice`well, I just may try this :)14:45
*** mrks has quit IRC14:47
Rotwangso tilman uses transmission ;]14:52
tilmangerman ip -> must be tilman?14:53
tilmanRotwang: grep Maintainer /usr/ports/opt/transmission/Pkgfile14:53
treachyou've got the only internet connection in germany, didn't  you know? ;)14:53
Rotwanghehe ;]14:53
jue_thrice`: started to port a basic kde 4.2 some days ago -> httpup sync
jue_Rotwang: it's me ;)14:54
treachjue_: get off tilmans ip!14:54
tilmanjue_: good job tracking down the gcc crashes btw :)14:54
thrice`jue_: great!14:55
bughunter2is therea 64 bit crux?14:56
jue_thanks back to all who helped with the release14:56
treachyeah, big thanks to the team. Early x-mas present. YAY! :D14:56
tilmanbughunter2: there's TWO14:56
thrice`jue_: thanks, I'll start there.  was thinking of doing 4.1.85 instead of 4.1.314:56
tilmanoops, yes14:57
jue_thrice`: a depinst kde-workspace should do the job14:57
bughunter2i don't see it on the main page14:57
*** mike_k has joined #crux14:57
bughunter2cool, they live in the future at crux.nu14:57
thrice`and yes, excellent work on 2.5 :) thanks all14:58
*** jue_ is now known as jue14:58
tilmanbughunter2: time zones etc14:58
bughunter2tilman: but a full four days?14:58
bughunter2it's the 18th  here14:58
bughunter2they bit me again14:59
tilmanstress-induced typo/thinko14:59
tilmani've fixed it14:59
treachthe world will explode, we and suse released on the same day. :D14:59
bughunter2so, where is 64-bit crux? (where to get it?)14:59
thrice`lets see who wins :)14:59
treachbughunter2: they are all experimental and unofficial.14:59
bughunter2i see15:00
bughunter2are you planning on making an official one?15:00
treachcrux is a small community, and 64 bit has so far failed to gather sufficent interest/support to actually "make the jump".15:00
bughunter2i didn't notice anything performance-wise when trying 64-bit distros15:01
treachdepends on what you do.15:01
tilmanwe haven't reached a decision whether crux64 should be multilib or "pure 64 bit"15:01
bughunter2i guess15:01
tilmannipuL has been working on a mulitlib crux for some years now15:01
treachtilman: now when we have 64b flash, who needs multilib? ;)15:01
tilmanbut i don't know whether he has isos :o15:01
tilmanmultilib = system provides both 32bit and 64bit so's etc15:02
bughunter2yes... i could guess that15:02
bughunter2bad question..15:02
tilmanmultilib = hooray, i can play etwq, i can use wine etc15:02
bughunter2i mean, why do we need multilib?15:02
bughunter2oh okay15:02
thrice`most games need 32-bit stuff15:02
bughunter2well, it only seems like a big hassle for nothing ot me15:02
thrice`flash and java were other reasons, as was openoffice until recently15:02
bughunter2although i don't play many games, i don't like to fool around when i want to play a game15:03
tilmanbut seriously15:03
tilmangames & wine weigh much higher than stupid flash and crappy java15:03
bughunter2yeah :)15:03
mike_kdamn, it was fast. I am still testing/building ports on 2.5 rc215:05
tilmanmike_k: what was fast?15:05
mike_kreleasing final =/15:06
mike_keither virtualbox is slow or my machine is that slow indeed...15:07
tilmanif you want to prioritize: c++/python/perl apps need testing mostly15:08
thrice`there are some python ports still guilty of 2.5, it seems15:08
tilmangot a list?15:08
mike_kuhh, even c++ ones?15:10
tilmanminor gcc version bump :|15:10
thrice`pypanel is one I just hit15:10
thrice`I think that's cptn's15:11
tilmancptnfail, if i may say so15:11
bughunter2crux64 is horribly outdated15:11
treachthat still sounds better than majorfail. :>15:11
bughunter2meh, screw 64 bit15:12
tilmancptn: think you'll have time to fix your ports for 2.5? or would you like a hand with that?15:12
bughunter2tilman: lol @ your comment @ :P15:12
tilmanwhat comment?15:12
bughunter2"Wow, only found this awesome group just now :)"15:12
tilmani've commented on stuff at least 515:13
bughunter2at the CRUX Linux group page15:13
bughunter2i thought you started that group, saw somebody else did it15:13
bughunter2crux is amazingly simple15:14
bughunter2really the kind of distro i always thought about when thinking "wow, this could be done way simpler"15:14
thrice`d'oh; I just now read of sip :(15:14
tilmanlooks like i'll have to recruit you and treach soon ;)15:16
thrice`work for a german company profressionally, *and* as a hobby? :(15:16
bughunter2tilman: 'recruit' ? :)15:17
* bughunter2 seeds crux 2.515:17
bughunter2a Transmission client hmm :O15:18
treachthrice`: this is pretty cool; apparently the new virtualbox has some experimental support for 3d acceleration. Mabye kde4 will work better with that. :D15:23
thrice`treach: hehe; grab jue's ports from above15:24
treachnah, I'm burned by my graphics card, remember.15:24
treachbuggy drivers suck no matter what distribution. :/15:24
tilmantreach: pice?15:24
treachfricking gf8500.15:25
tilmantoo bad, i have a lot of spare agp cards15:25
treachheh, I guess all I had to do was come and get one, right?   ;)15:25
RedShiftI burned my gf3ti500 :(15:25
bughunter2treach: yeah although on windows the new virtualbox seems to crash :P15:26
bughunter2(but then again, who uses windows)15:26
bughunter2not me15:26
* bughunter2 halo disappears15:26
*** jdolan has quit IRC15:26
RedShiftI had it outfitted with a custom cooling and some day I forgot to connect the FAN15:26
bughunter2tilman: ?:P15:26
RedShiftnow when you switch to something other than 80x25 it draws green lines everwhere15:26
bughunter2oh it's for redshift15:26
RedShifttoo bad though, it was a very good card15:27
* tilman replaced the fan on his radeon-something with a passive cooler -> win15:27
treachI never buy cards with fans.15:27
bughunter2i patched my vga bios to make the fan silent15:27
bughunter2treach: next time i'll do that too15:28
RedShiftyeah I still have an old gf6800gt I'm working on, time for it to be replaced15:28
treachI'm not a gamer, I don't need a hyper-uber-omg-wtf-bbq card.15:28
RedShiftthe noise it makes is... annoying15:28
RedShiftand it gets HOT15:28
RedShiftGPU temperature: 76C15:28
RedShiftFAN is only running at 30% though, to keep it quiet15:28
bughunter2treach: me neither, bought it back in the days i played counter strike (lol)15:28
bughunter2nowadays i don't game, too much fun playing with other stuff15:29
treachIf it hadn't been for teh bugs, I'd be happy with my card. It does everything I need and more.15:29
bughunter2treach: what card? what bugs?15:29
RedShifttreach: does it get you beautiful women that are not in .avi, .mpg, .mkv, etc... format?15:29
treachIn fact, if my computer had still had an agp slot, I'd still be using my radeon 9000..15:29
bughunter2yeah and i'd be using my S3 Virge :)15:30
bughunter2(no really)15:30
treachsome kind of hw acceleration for media is nice..15:30
RedShiftI have an old pentium 3 500 Mhz I sometimes use for performance tests15:30
bughunter2treach: aye i guess15:31
tilmanyour shiny composited desktop needs features that your s3 likely didn't provide :P15:31
treachheh, I found out yesterday that an ati7500, while pretty well supported, is probably the lowest I'd like to go.15:32
bughunter2tilman: i don't use compiz (:15:32
tilmani'm not talking about compiz15:32
bughunter2what kind of stuff then?15:33
tilmaneven font rendering benefits from a not-retarded gpu15:33
Rotwangbughunter2: you dont need to use compiz to havve composite desktop15:33
bughunter2Rotwang: i know15:33
bughunter2tilman: where especially does font rendering benefit ?15:33
treachwhen you scroll text, which all crux users to plenty. :D15:34
treachs /to/do15:34
bughunter2oh really?15:34
bughunter2so how/why?15:34
tilmanbughunter2: when you use anti-aliasing (ie: always), more so when you enabled subpixel rendering15:34
tilmandoing that stuff in hardware is much faster than doing it in software15:35
bughunter2oh doh15:35
bughunter2should've thought of that15:35
mike_kthat libgnomeui/gtk changes aren't fun15:40
mike_kI hope the gnome maintainer was highlighted =)15:41
*** schniggie has quit IRC15:41
bughunter2mike_k: what changes?15:46
treachjaeger_ said before to stay away from the gnome repo for now.15:47
mike_klibgnomeui has lost some stuff (seems moving it to core gtk). but some old apps depends on that old (headers) layout15:48
mike_kI know15:48
treachok. thought you might have missed it.15:48
bughunter2mike_k: aw :(15:49
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:53
treachgreat! I just found out the real reason for 64 bit computing. - To make open office run with decent speed. :D15:59
bughunter2linux is addictive O_o16:05
bughunter2treach: really? lol16:05
Rotwangdamn i dont know if i seed that damn crux-2.5 or not16:06
bughunter2Rotwang: why not?:)16:06
Rotwangbughunter2: i cant tell ;] mldonkey is mistery to me sometimes16:06
bughunter2sounds like a program i'd love to try .... :|16:07
bughunter2my share ratio is very low16:09
Rotwangtilman: thx16:09
taari2.5 final?16:14 says 'yes!'16:15
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:18
bughunter2taari: :)16:19
thrice`sepen: ping :>16:30
bughunter2i think someone should update the crux screenshot @ wikipedia16:31
bughunter2users will think they get such an ugly desktop..16:31
bughunter2well, potential users that is16:31
thrice`you should :>16:31
Rotwangbughunter2: where exactly?16:31
bughunter2thrice`: i will when i get kde 4.2 working =)16:31
bughunter2Rotwang: on the english wikipedia16:32
thrice`sepen: do you have a link to ?16:33
bughunter2thrice`: the name of that script interests me.. what would it do? :)16:34
Rotwangbughunter2: thats what the name says16:34
thrice`take the crux iso and create a boot image for usb-keys :)16:34
bughunter2img_from_iso O_o16:34
bughunter2ah for usb keys16:34
bughunter2you could call it mk_usb_img_from_iso :P16:35
*** pitillo has quit IRC16:35
treachsomeone should change that screenshot. Not because it's old/ugly, but because it could give the impression we're a kde based distribution.16:36
bughunter2treach: yeah16:36
bughunter2treach: but to what should it be changed?16:36
thrice`fvwm? :>16:36
treachwell, 2.5 ships with openbox on the iso.16:36
treachI suppose that's a candidate as good as any.16:36
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:36
bughunter2treach: but then we're an openbox based distro!16:37
bughunter2why not just kde 4.2?16:37
thrice`treach: so, out of curiosity, which wm replaced your kde ?16:37
treachcurrently openbox, I've misplaced my fvwm config for the moment.16:37
thrice`ah, bummer :)16:37
treachyeah. :/16:37
treachno way! :D16:37
jaegertreach: ever used fvwm-crystal?16:38
bughunter2why would we use an fvwm or openbox screenshot?16:38
treachjaeger: yeah, but I didn't see much point with it.16:38
treachI'm not favouring fvwm for the eyecandy. :D16:38
jaegerjust curious. haven't bothered with it myself16:38
bughunter2treach: so why not kde 4.2 ?16:38
treachjaeger: no problem, I could see that some find it attractive.16:39
thrice`a) it's not released yet, b) the majority of crux users do not use kde16:39
treachc) it's not even in our offical repos..16:39
bughunter2treach: gnome perhaps then?16:39
*** maxus has quit IRC16:39
treachdamn, I'm getting to tired to type.16:39
bughunter2but i mean, we shouldn't use openbox/fvwm, most potiental users wouldn't like it :)16:40
Rotwangbughunter2: just do a tty shot16:40
treachgnome falls for the same reason as kde >_<16:40
bughunter2Rotwang: yeah i thought of that :)16:40
bughunter2treach: oh i didn't know16:40
bughunter2ok i just updated wikipedia with the new release16:41
treachnext. World dominaton!16:43
DarkNekrosbughunter2, there is also xfce and pekwm and so on ;)16:43
bughunter2DarkNekros: i know :P16:44
DarkNekrosso why kde4? xD16:44
bughunter2DarkNekros: eye candy huh ;)16:44
DarkNekrosbughunter2, hehehe16:44
bughunter2if people see that on wikipedia they'll think "wow i get a shiny desktop"16:45
bughunter2and they install it, and they get nothing ;p16:45
DarkNekrospeople just install all that it's beautifull not functional (see k/ubuntu)16:46
bughunter2DarkNekros: we should update the wikipedia article on crux =D16:47
juethrice`: found it ->
bughunter2oh and,16:47
treachIf you're gonna play with it, maybe you should make a few points about whats special about it.16:47
bughunter2how is blackbox the default crux DE?16:48
treachit's the default wm in 2.416:48
bughunter2and in 2.5?16:48
Rotwangthere is no default crux de imo16:48
bughunter2i thought so too16:48
bughunter2the user choose16:48
treachbughunter2: do you read?16:48
bughunter2treach: yeah16:48
treachthen scroll up.16:48
bughunter2treach: where to?16:48
bughunter2or rather: how far?16:49
treach[23:36]  <treach> well, 2.5 ships with openbox on the iso.16:49
bughunter2treach: oh, so theres no default then? since blackbox and openbox are shipped?16:49
treachread again.16:49
bughunter2treach: i'm just asking it because blackbox could have been removed, right?16:50
bughunter2so, is there a default or not?16:50
treachit HAS been removed.16:50
bughunter2how should i know?16:50
treachas I said. 2.4 had blackbox. 2.5 ships with openbox.16:50
juebughunter2: <quote> Things you can live without (well, at least I can), e.g. Gnome, KDE, linuxconf, etc, are never going to be included in CRUX. </quote>16:50
bughunter2treach: so? that doesn't mean blackbox was removed16:50
bughunter2treach: slackware for example ships with many wms16:50
treachso? one is enough.16:51
bughunter2treach: i didn't know 2.5 only included one, that's why i asked16:51
bughunter2why argue over this16:51
treachand I would have said "2.5 ships with bb AND ob", if both were present16:51
bughunter2treach: yes but i couldn't be 100% sure of your meanings, so i asked16:51
treachk, sorry, I'm getting really tired and should go to sleep.16:52
bughunter2jue: okay, but can they get included in the ports tree? :)16:52
treachI guess that makes me a bit more grumpy than usual.16:52
bughunter2treach: i guess (:16:52
juesure, why not16:53
juePer means the stuff on the CD in that interview16:53
bughunter2jue: cool, ah i see16:53
bughunter2i'll port 4.2 if nobody else does that before me16:54
bughunter2i want to port something at least, just for fun16:54
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: irssi: updated footprint for perl 5.10.16:54
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:03
*** treach has quit IRC17:03
thrice`jue: thanks :>17:33
DarkNekrosnight bughunter2 ;)17:37
pedja"Twelve after the last release, today we published CRUX 2.5".Something missing from that sentence, methinks :)17:47
pedjaI'm looking forward to breaking...errr...updating my box :)17:48
pedjaI'm sure you did a great job17:48
pedjagoodnight, all17:49
tilmanpedja: fixed17:49
* rastar looks on distro watch for the anouncement of 2.5 17:49
rastarnigh pedja17:49
thrice`ok, going to try a kde4 build :)17:49
rastarahh torrent going pretty quick ;)17:49
tilmanpedja: update will be reaaaaly smooth i think :)17:49
luxhnice work17:50
rehabdolltopic :>17:50
* rehabdoll slaps tilman 17:50
tilmanmea culpa17:50
rastarthrice`: hmm17:50
pedjatilman: It was so far, and I'm hooked on Crux since..forever17:50
*** tilman changes topic to "CRUX 2.5 | Homepage | Ports | Paste | You may have to wait more than 3 seconds for an answer, be patient."17:50
thrice`the once-yearly topic change \o/17:51
pedjaI tried several other distros before, but not one even comes close17:51
rehabdollslackware comes close. but doesnt require enough tinkering for me to keep interest :<17:52
rastarso does ubuntu17:52
tilmanmaybe i should try slackware17:52
* rastar slaps himself for the silly comment17:52
pedjaslack is cool17:53
thrice`complex compared to crux, though17:53
thrice`tilman: no leaving us, fearless leader :>17:53
surrounderah crux 2.5! this weekend will be nice and nerdy \o/17:53
surrounderthanks in advance to all who made it possible17:54
pedja"Relatively speaking, CRUX is extremely small and tight.Much like the ideal woman."17:54
tilmansurrounder: yeah, i still need to buy more pizza and cola though ;)17:54
thrice`Building '/usr/ports/packages/qt4#4.4.3-1.pkg.tar.gz'. :(17:55
thrice`the horror17:55
tilmanimagine the damage done to mother earth because of the increased power consumption because your cpu will be busy compiling c++ code for 3 hours17:59
luxhit's called global warming18:00
thrice`so, kde is to blame?18:00
rehabdollBuffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 26572618:00
rehabdolloh how i love cdr's18:00
tilmanthrice`: maybe just compile-the-sauce distros like crux18:01
tilmanbut i'd be okay iwth blaming kde18:01
rehabdollnight folks18:01
rastarend_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 272604018:06
rastarhehe getting the same error rehabdoll <<18:06
rastarprecisely 100Mb of them errors :(18:06
*** sepen has quit IRC18:18
thrice`cptn: can you bump qt4 also? :>18:33
*** jue has quit IRC18:37
*** lennart has quit IRC18:42
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC18:44
*** jdolan has joined #crux19:02
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan19:02
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*** Dudde has quit IRC21:24
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux21:25
*** Dudde has joined #crux21:25
*** racer has quit IRC22:09
*** bughunter21 has joined #crux22:21
*** rastar has quit IRC22:36
*** mavric has joined #crux22:36
mavrichmm tell me about crux22:37
mavricguess i will have to try it for myself22:37
*** bughunter2 has quit IRC22:40
*** rastajames has joined #crux22:41
*** mavric has quit IRC22:45
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:02
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