IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2008-12-20

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Kzhow i can install xorg from ports ?03:15
tilmanprt-get depinst --run-scripts xorg03:15
Kzit's install hal too ?03:16
tilmaninstall hal and dbus before, if you want hotplug support03:17
mrkshey, thanks for the 2.5 release! can I do a crypt setup with 2.5 iso? documentation doesn't mention it FS#341 is still open?03:18
tilmanmrks: that's still experimental stuff03:20
tilmanmrks: but i'm sure tek would love if you tried his test iso and reported your results03:20
mrkstilman, jeah saw it. unfortunately i don't have a box to experiment :(03:22
mrksstill running crux 2.5 test 3, do I have any crucial drawbacks compared to 2.5 final?03:25
tilmanmrks: pkgadd -u 2.5final/core/libgmp*pkg.tar.gz03:29
tilmanwell, the crucial-ty of this can be debated ;D03:30
mrksokay thanks03:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: git: updated to
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libmusicbrainz: fixed for gcc 4.3.05:12
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-libxfont: updated to
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RomsterteK, your the tek in contrib right :D07:06
tilmanno, it's a coincidence07:06
Romsterhow would you kike to maintain clearsilver i see your using it for trac, and i thought trac moved to mako. but anyways i have no use for clearsilver anymore, and checked what was using it.07:07
tilmanRomster: (some of) your mingw ports in contrib are broken. i updated and fixed them; see if you still care07:08
treach"you kike", what a great thing to mistype. :D07:08
Romsteryes i'm going though all my contrib stuff now and fixing stuff.07:08
tilmannote that the mingw32-gcc port there only has c support.. because who the fuck cares about objc on win32?07:08
Romsterk is next to l :D07:08
* Romster shrugs07:09
Romsterdoes anyone other than me use mingw?07:09
tilmanand gjc07:09
tilmanlike, me?07:09
RomsterO_o i updated gcj07:09
tilmancontrib/mingw32-gcc builds with java/gcj support07:09
Romstertilman, you use it?07:09
tilmanand with g7707:09
Romsterwhat the.07:09
tilmanwho uses fortran and java on win32?07:10
Romsteri have no idea.07:10
Romsterit shouldn't be in mingw07:10
tilmanof course i use it, otherwise i wouldn't have updated the ports :D07:10
treachtilman: probably some mad scientist. :>07:10
Romsteri was using mingw for compiling reactos and a few other things and i haven't in a while now.07:11
Romsterwas thinking of dropping mingw stuff out of contrib.07:11
tilmanfine with me, too07:11
tilmanRomster: iirc at least contrib/mingw32-binutils is broken07:12
tilmanmd5sum mismatch iirc07:12
Romsterbut if you use it i guess i could update it.07:12
Romsterit's at the bottom of my todo list, i'm testing all my other ports as i type, in a chroot.07:12
tilmanthat's fine. i guess a win32 crosscompiler isn't the most popular port ever07:16
tilman.oO(aon's popcon)07:16
teKi'll give it a thought07:16
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Romsteri'lls ee how much effort it is to fix after i gone though the other ports.07:17
Romsteri'll see*07:17
Romsteri've geeze my typing is horrid.07:17
RomsterteK, k otherwise i'll be dropping it.07:17
Romstersince i'm using mako now.07:18
treachRomster: "I've geese" ? ;)07:18
* treach stops the teasing for the moment.07:18
tilmani wish i had geese07:18
Romsters/i/i've in my last sentence. amalgimated with poorly spelt geez slang word.07:19
Romsterold times eh you lot are as bad as nogagplz :D07:19
treachtilman: sounds like you should try a real "MÃ¥rten dinner" :D07:19
* Romster unleases nogagplz on treach and tilman 07:19
nogagplzI'm not your lackey bitch07:20
tilmantreach: link?07:21
treachtilman: oh, I just found out, apparently that tradition is alive in germany too.. are you familiar with it?07:21
tilmani just realized07:21
treachapparently not. one moment07:21
tilmanno, i think i get it07:21
treachwhat's it called in germany?07:21
treachI thought it was a tradition mainly alive in my home region.07:22
tilmanconfirmation would be good. please dig up a link :D07:22
tilmann/m, found something07:23
tilmantreach: i think our story of the goose guy is a different one than yours :D07:25
treachwouldn't surprise me at all.07:25
treachwe just need an excuse for getting stuffed anyway, so no need to be too accurate.07:25
tilmannah, it's the same dude07:26
tilmani think however that we concentrate on the cloak-cutting thing instead of... whatever's important in other cultures :P07:27
treachSt Martins Day is apparently the internationl name.. and here it's about the food. Much more important. :D07:27
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treachthey missed the recipe for the applepie that is supposed to be part of the complete dinner. :p07:33
tilmani want goose roast now :>07:33
rehabdollstop talking about food07:34
* rehabdoll cant keep anything down07:34
Romsterlol and i just not long ago ate dinner.07:34
Romsterrehabdoll, aww you sick, didn't realise. thought you were more want food and had none there.07:34
rehabdolli always get this stomach bug just before xmas07:35
Romsternormally it's after being around all the people.07:36
treachRomster: I think it's because of he thinks of the black soup... :D07:36
tilmanonce again:
tilmanwhat is this and why is it in my ~ on
treachfor reuse when people screw up git? :>07:37
Romsteryou put it there?07:37
Romsterlike the picared headdesk07:37
Romsternfs = not fully secure?07:38
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bashmeHello, is anyone on at this hour, perchance?08:26
treachyes, even it's late.08:27
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spaceninjafor making the best distro in the world even better08:28
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bashmeWell I decieded to put CRUX on my desktop box, got right to the end of the whole installation, and finally got to setting up LILO. However, I recieved a warning for executing the LILO command, and I don't want to continue any further if I need to fix something.08:28
tilmanwhat's the warning?08:28
bashmebash-3.2# lilo08:29
bashmeWarning: Partition 1 on /dev/sda is not marked Active.08:29
treacha yellow card.08:29
treachbashme: yust set it active with fdisk08:29
bashmeI'll know if it works by executing lilo, correct?08:29
treachit's nothing to sweat about.08:30
Rotwangill pick up hplip if noone opposes08:30
luxhthat's only a warning, it will boot even if active isn't set08:30
mike_kbashme: "lilo -t && lilo" after that08:30
bashmeIt said "The boot sector and the map file have *NOT* been altered.08:31
bashmeI set up fstab.08:31
bashme/dev/sda1   /     jfs     defaults     1     108:32
bashmeshould I change defaults?08:32
Romsteryou didn't set sda1 boot flag?08:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: hplip: picked up08:33
Rotwangwhat to do if i dont want to track 2.4 branch in my contrib git anymore?08:34
bashmeI'm pretty sure I did... want me to post lilo?08:34
RomsterRotwang, edit the /etc/ports/... files of course.08:34
Romsteror you probably forgot to rejmerge08:34
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Romsteroh git...08:34
Rotwanggit push08:34
Rotwang! [rejected]        2.4 -> 2.4 (non-fast forward)08:34
treachnew season, new fun with git. :D08:35
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Romsteryou'll have to git checkout 2.4 and and then rebase08:35
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Rotwangyes but ill have to do it everytime08:35
Rotwangsince 2.4 branches are no longer supported id like to throw it off from my git08:36
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bashmelba32  - -  install=text - - boot=/dev/sda1 - - image=/boot/vmlinuz - - label=CRUX - - root=/dev/sda1 - - read-only  - - append="quiet"08:36
bashmethats what my /etc/lilo.conf is atm.08:36
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Rotwanguse grub ;]08:37
bashmeI'm worried I'll get the same warning.08:37
Romsterbashme, fdisk -l08:37
Romsterpastebin your output08:37
bashmebb in 5 :P08:38
Romsteralso boot=/dev/sda root=/dev/sda108:38
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ahmrahtcheerbashme, i've never had that problem with GRUB, only with LILO08:39
mrksfucking speedport router crap.. if ipv6 is in kernel name resolution takes ages..08:40
* thrice` boots new shiny 64-bit iso08:40
RomsterRotwang, git-branch - List, create, or delete branches08:41
Romsteror delete you didn't look very hard.08:41
RotwangRomster: true i didn't08:41
Romstershame on you. <<08:42
bashmeWould you all suggest I just use grub?08:42
* Rotwang puts paper bag on his head08:42
thrice`heavens no, why would anyone recommend such a mean thing as grub08:42
Rotwanggrub ftw08:43
Romsterbashme, go back in fdisk and set sda1 boot flag08:43
Romsternether grub or lilo will work without that.08:44
bashmeIt fixed it!08:44
bashmeThank you!08:44
Romsterno problem.08:44
bashmeGonna stick around to see if it boots.08:45
Romsterif you didn't forget to run make modules_install i sometimes forget that.08:45
Romsterand wonder why things don't work after the reboot.08:45
bashmeIt's still trying to boot from GRUB......08:45
Romsteryou using grub or lilo don't use both.08:46
bashmeI dunno, I just got rid of ubuntu >_> (yeah, it fails)08:46
bashmeIt was using GRUB08:46
thrice`were you trying to use lilo ?08:46
Romsterthat's what i thought.08:46
bashmeAny way I can just say no grub?08:47
Romsterpick one and make sure it's loaded and configured.08:47
thrice`did you install lilo to the MBR with the "lilo" command ?08:47
bashmeThat's how I got that warning.08:47
Romsterthen your on lilo...08:47
thrice`ah; which warning ?08:47
bashmeOn boot it was trying to run GRUB08:47
bashmeUmm, I showed you the warning before, and it was solved with the boot flag thing.08:47
thrice`did you re-run lilo after you fixed it ?08:48
Romsterbut if you just ran lilo it would use that. but you didn't have the boot flag set before.08:48
bashmecould my second hard drive have anything to do with it?08:48
thrice`I'm not sure how to unload grub.  did oyu run lilo again AFTER fixing it ?08:50
bashmeThat's how I knew the warning bug was fixed.08:50
bashmeHowever, now that I rebooted the boot disk trying to see what's wrong, it won't let me remount my hard drive.08:51
Romsterrunning lilo would overwrite grub.08:52
bashmemaybe it has to do with me not being able to remount my hard drive when i start the boot disk again?08:53
Romsteryou should be able to mount the disk but why are you on the boot disk if you got lilo installed it should load up08:53
bashmeit refuses.08:53
Romsterwith what error08:53
Romsteryou did copy and bzImage as vmlinuz into /boot ?08:54
bashmeBoot from CD : - - GRUB Loading stage1.5. - - GRUB loading, please wait. . . - - Error 1708:54
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bashmeYes I did.08:54
Romsterok you still have grub installed but you ran lilo... strange.08:55
Romsterboot off the cd again mount and chroot.08:55
bashmeI cant mount.08:55
Romsterwith the helper script08:55
bashmeIt says bad FS08:55
Romsteroh what the hell.08:55
bashmeI don't know. LOL08:55
Romster-t jfs08:55
thrice`ubuntu doesn't want you to go :>08:55
bashmeI did that too. Still bad FS08:56
Romsterrun fsck over it08:56
Rotwangbashme: because partition is fscked \o/08:56
thrice`fsck first08:56
bashmewill do when boot loader is set up08:56
thrice`sounds like jfs didn't umount happily08:56
thrice`well, you need to fsck, and then mount it again08:56
bashmeJoy! :(08:56
Romsterfsck /dev/sda1 && mount -t jfs /dev/sda1 /mnt08:57
bashme/dev/sda is ext2, /dev/sda1 is jfs... how does that work?08:57
ahmrahtcheerGREAT Grub error list with solutions:
Rotwangbashme: /dev/sda is not ext208:58
Romsterbashme, oh gawd what have you done to get that.08:58
bashmeit is.08:58
bashmeno lie.08:58
Rotwangsda is whole device08:58
Romstersda is a disk not a partition.08:58
bashmewell fsck said the jfs partition (the whole drive) is clean.08:58
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bashmeit's mounted. (whew. didn't want to reinstall again)08:59
bashmeso how do i make my drive a happy drive? :P09:00
Romsterfirst off what one are you wanting to use grub or lilo?09:00
thrice`can you see if lilo -vv   says anything good ?09:00
thrice`also, is grub installed at all on crux ?09:01
ahmrahtcheeryeah, if you're gonna use lilo, make certain that there's no grub directory in /boot09:02
bashmebash cant find lilo09:02
* ahmrahtcheer is weird: he has no preference between the two. whatever comes with the distro is what gets installed.09:02
Romsterbashme, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=446 count=109:02
Romsterwill clear the MBR09:02
Romsterpkgrm grub09:02
thrice`hda ?09:02
Romsterremove it's directory from /boot09:03
bashmeill change to sda09:03
Romsteroops sda09:03
Romsterthen make sre your lilo.conf says boot=/dev/sda root=/dev/sda109:03
bashmehow do i "re-set up" lilo?09:03
bashmei cant run it under bash for some reason09:03
Romsterthen run lilo09:03
treachbashme: note that jfs is a bit special, as you have noted. I *always* wants to do a quick fsck on the disk, or it won't mount it.09:04
thrice`pkginfo -i | grep lilo  ?09:04
Romsteroh and install lilo if you removed it...09:04
thrice`treach: crux's fstab will do that by default09:04
bashmestill got nothing09:04
bashmei mounted to /mnt09:04
bashmelemme remount to root09:04
treachthrice`: yes, but not if you screw around with the defaults.09:05
Romstertreach, fsck in the init scripts does that. i got one box here using jfs.09:05
treachRomster: it's not like I'm not using jfs myself..09:05
bashme*slams head in desk* why me?09:05
Romsterbashme, you have to run the setup chroot helper script09:05
* thrice` does \o/09:05
Romsterbefore running lilo09:05
bashmeshould i keep it mounted in / or /mnt?09:05
bashmethe hd that is.09:05
thrice`are you booting from a cd?09:05
thrice`then /mnt is fine09:06
Romstersee the handbook on the chrooting part... after mounting.09:06
thrice`you need to basically boot from the CD (since your HD won't boot), mount your HD, enter the environment, and fix your problem09:06
tilmanis it just me, or is crux popular in eastern europe? :P09:06
thrice`tilman: are you in charge of marketing for europe? :>09:08
ahmrahtcheertilman, weirdly enough, several source-based distros seem unusually popular in Texas, too.09:08
tilmansome russian guy sent me a 40 KB mail about crux09:08
treachtilman: it must be because of it's simple, robust (some would probably say crude and primitive) construction :P09:08
tilmantreach: :D:D09:08
ahmrahtcheermeh, let the gentooweenies say what they will, CRUX is the better distro.09:09
ahmrahtcheerso is Source Mage, NetBSD, puppy linux and even Ubuntu.09:09
bashmeok, so it says it added my boot09:09
* ahmrahtcheer is NOT a gentoo fan09:09
bashmenow... are you sure grub isnt going to try to eat my soul? :P09:09
ahmrahtcheerdid you delete it from the hard drive?09:10
Romsterbashme, should be if you did as advised.09:10
bashmeokie, gonna try now09:10
bashmesigh... nothing is happening. ...09:11
treachahmrahtcheer: crux sometimes for some reason reminds me of my battalion commander who used to say something like "a russian vehicle that cannot be repaired with a sledge hammer and a skewer doesn't exist." :p09:11
bashmei did type lilo before restarting09:11
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Rotwangtreach: lol09:12
bashmei fail. i just cant win vs this os09:12
* treach bashes bashme 09:13
treachlack of stamina.09:13
treachyou fail, goto ubuntu, do not collect $20009:13
bashmecan i pass go?09:14
ahmrahtcheertreach the funny thing about that, from what i've seen, is that it's true.  The best tank of WWII was the Russian T34, which was also used by the N. Vietnamese in Vietnam.  The transmission was so contrary in those things that the drivers carried a one-handed sledge to bash it into the next gear.09:14
ahmrahtcheerIf memory serves, 3rd gear was especially difficult.09:14
bashmeok, i neeed to do fsck every time i reboot into the bootup disk... something is wrong in my hd09:15
treachbashme: no09:15
treachit's nothing wrong, it's a feature of jfs as I said above09:15
tilmanahmrahtcheer: that's how i shift gear in my peugeot09:15
bashmeso it failed to load anything at all on boot09:16
ahmrahtcheertilman, really?  I worked at an import shop as a car mechanic and never had the slightest trouble with any of the Peugeot transmissions.  Finding where to put the key to start it was another issue.09:16
treachtilman: hopefully you don't have to raise the front 45 degrees while you refuel though. ;)09:16
bashmebesides chaning the boot= and root= to /dev/sda1, was i supposed to change anything else in the lilo.conf?09:17
tilmanahmrahtcheer: no, that was a lame attempt at a joke09:17
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tilmannot finding the ignition sounds like FAIL09:17
Romsterbashme, pastebin lilo.conf09:17
pedjacongrats on 2.5 release, guys :)09:18
ahmrahtcheerheh, my highschool job was as a bicycle a Peugeot bicycle shop...09:18
treachACME, Inc.09:19
ahmrahtcheertilman, some Peugeot and Saab cars had the ignition switches in the strangest the console between the front seats.09:19
treachahmrahtcheer: Almost ALL saabs have it there.09:20
aonwell, at least you don't have to dig for the key in your knee when you crash into something09:20
treachit's a classic trait09:20
aoniirc 96 doesn't :)09:20
tilmanahmrahtcheer: o_O09:20
treachjust like having to put in the reverse to be able to take the keys out. :p09:20
aonand handbrake braking the front wheels09:20
ahmrahtcheeryeah, i remember taht.09:20
aonalthough that ended in late 80's somehwere09:21
treachaon: lol, I didn't know that. :D09:21
bashme/t Romster if you missed it.09:21
aon90, 99, early 900's had that09:21
bashmei dont know crap about irc commands09:21
Romsterno i saw it.09:21
ahmrahtcheeri stopped working on cars professionally once i got my paramedic license, and went back to working on people....who were generally unappreciative of any attempt to insert a key into any part of their body.09:21
bashmeok, gonna retry09:22
Romsterbashme, providing you did compile in your filesystem type jfs and you have your driver for your ata controler compiled into your kernel.09:22
Romsterand run lilo after every exit to lilo.conf09:23
bashmeWhy is it that every time i use halt or reboot it tells me to use shutdown?09:23
Romster/sbin/shutdown -r now09:23
aoni've heard stories of someone trying to turn a saab with the handbrake and ending up just going straight into the gutter :)09:24
Romsternormally you would mount -o reount,ro /09:24
Romsterbefore rebooting.09:24
bashmeStill nothing09:25
Romstercrux init scripts does this but i don't think it does from the install cd.09:25
bashme0, nada.09:25
bashmeLilo fails.09:25
Romsterbashme, ok what's it stuck on?09:25
bashmeI get no lilo on bootup.09:25
Romsteris your bios set to boot from sda?09:25
ahmrahtcheeraon, in racing a front wheel drive, you DO use the handbrake for most of your turning.  Austin-Healey Mini Coopers and Mini Cooper S's had two emergency brakes for this purpose, one for each rear wheel.09:26
Romsterdid you run lilo after editing lilo.conf and it said it's installed itself.09:26
Romsterok so do you have the right driver for your ata interface compiled in?09:26
Romsterelse it can't find the root device.09:26
bashmeoh, for jfs?09:26
Romsterand that too.09:26
bashmewhats the other thing?09:27
Romsterfilesystem type jfs compiled in and device driver for block device ata09:27
Romsterlspci -k09:27
Romstermight tell you what device you need.09:27
aoni live in finland so i am quite familiar with handbrake turning :)09:27
Romsterand you can search in menuconfig with /09:27
tilmanaon: youtube video of aon+lada+handbrake turning or it isn't true09:28
Romsteraon, you have todo that a lot?09:28
aonno, but you can09:28
Romsteri thought only handbrakes for on a hill.09:28
aontilman: well, with a lada you don't have to use the handbrake09:28
aonjust hit the gas and it turns :)09:28
ahmrahtcheeraon, so you are... :)  Finns and Swedes love their rallyes.09:28
bashmerom, am i looking for stuff for my processor or something?09:28
ahmrahtcheeraon: LOL about the lada09:29
Rotwangladas are great09:29
Rotwangso are wartburgs09:29
aondon't have it anymore, though09:29
aona trabant would be nice, no rust problems :)09:30
ahmrahtcheeraon, or a Saab Sonnet III09:30
treachaon: no reason for the paramedics to hurry if something happens.09:31
Romsterbashme, your lookginf for file system jfs [*] and for your ata block driver [*]09:31
treachwin win :/09:31
Romsterlooking* sorry.09:31
aontreach: that, too09:31
aonnot that the situation was that much better with the lada09:31
treachhah, "we have to report that the car is fine, but the driver died"09:32
Romsterbashme, lspci -k may list what device driver you need for ata09:32
Romsterthen search for it in make menuconfig with the / key09:32
aonwell, drivers are easier to manufacture :)09:32
Romsterit'll be under libata experimental section.09:32
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treachaon: indeed, the russian way.09:33
ahmrahtcheeraon, and a lot more fun, too.09:33
treachahmrahtcheer: I can't imagine you find your part that fun though.09:33 long as you don't make the new drivers on an assembly line, where everyone puts their piece in.09:33
bashmeok, be back in 15 or so, gotta wait on the kernel to set itself up.09:34
aondon't want to be the last one on that assembly line09:34
aonor anything besides the first, tbh09:34
ahmrahtcheerzomg, i've been pwned!09:34
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jue09:35
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: uw-imap: update to 2007e09:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: libc-client: update to 2007e09:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: sqlite3: update to 3.6.709:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: hdparm: update to 9.609:49
Romsterbashme, working?09:56
Romstershouldn't be that hard.09:56
bashmeI don't know how to set up GRUB09:57
Romsteryou have lilo already setup.09:57
bashmeand I'm gonna do that09:57
bashmelilo hasnt gotten anywhere09:57
* Romster headdesks09:57
treach"experienced linux users", yay.09:57
Romsterdid you enable your device kernel09:57
Romsterthe ata controller for your ata hard disk control;er09:58
Romsterand you were compiling last you left09:58
thrice`treach: :>09:58
Romstercp /boot && cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz09:58
Romsterreboot should work.09:59
bashmeive done that.09:59
bashmeI did everything to the t.09:59
Romsterproviding you compiled in the right device driver.09:59
bashmeI checked for all devices on my pc09:59
Romsterlast resort. use the crux config file09:59
bashmeill check one last time10:00
Romsterand i did a naughty sed all the lines for libata driver from module to built in.10:00
Romsterit'll be bloated but at least it will boot. then later you can remove the junk10:00
thrice`are you actually getting to a lilo screen yet ?10:02
bashmethats the problem10:03
bashmeit doesnt load lilo at all10:03
Romsteri can't see how it wont.10:04
Romsterchroot to the box prt-get update lilo -fr10:04
Romsterand run lilo after10:05
bashmecan't access10:05
Romsteras root or with sudo10:05
RomsterAdded HV-27.9 *10:05
RomsterAdded HV-27.810:05
bashmestill cant access10:05
Romstershoudl say something like that but yours will say added CRUX *10:06
bashme[Config error: can10:06
bashmet acess /usr/ports/***]10:06
Romsteri gave you a working config.10:06
bashmecore, opt, or xorg10:06
Romster... you have no net i take it.10:06
Romsterwhat does lilo output?10:06
Romsterwhat i said or something else10:06
bashmejust running the command lilo?10:07
Romsterit should say added CRUX *10:07
bashmeit does10:07
Romsterok it's working fine then.10:07
bashmeits not.10:07
bashmeit doesnt load when i reboot10:07
Romsterit's your kernel that's the issue it's missing the correct drivers.10:07
Romstercopy the crux kernel config10:07
bashmesigh... i dont have a clue what to put in, and im in no mood to bloat it10:08
bashmei cant copy it10:08
bashmei've manually written everything10:08
Romstergo into the libata make them all inbuilt10:08
Romsterthen compile10:08
Romsteror if you had a working setup you can cat /proc/config.gz10:08
bashmei cant copy it10:08
bashmeim talking on the laptop lol10:08
Romsteror as i have said lspci -k may list what kernel module you require but it  has to be built in.10:09
Romsterif you can't get this done crux is not meant for you.10:09
bashmeIt's always the kernel for me every time.10:10
bashmeLast time I ended up putting every single possible module, only to find out the kernel wasn't updated enough.10:10
Romsterit can't be a module for the root file system!10:10
Romsternot without using a initramfs10:11
Romsterroot file system ata driver needs to be compiled into the kernel * not M10:11
bashmeit wont let me...10:11
Romsterelse lilo wil not find the device.10:11
Romster... what wont let you.10:11
bashmeok, so I have * on ATA support...10:12
Romsterlook at the subsystem if it's a * or a M10:12
Romsteryes *10:12
bashmeshould i put* for Support for SATA?10:12
Romsternow get to your device driver inside that menu10:12
bashmeI thought no, because it says it conflicts.10:12
Romsterhrmm no libata part only not the old system10:12
Romsterforget the old system use libata10:13
bashmeso *?10:13
Romsterin that --> select10:13
Romsteron libata yes10:13
bashmelemme just * everything in there10:13
bashmeso it doesn't fail to boot10:13
Romstermight be the easist way.10:13
Romsterit'll be bloated but you can remove junk later.10:14
Romsteras i also said ages ago a few times lspci -k (may list the driver you need)10:14
Romstersaving you going though the lot to get only the one you need.10:14
ahmrahtcheerdepending on who you talk to, there are advantages to making all your modules static.  one is the issue that Romster has been addressing10:15
bashmeI dunno, this should fix the problem10:15
Romstertrue but only the root system needs to be compiled in.10:15
bashmeI think just that one module could have really hurt me10:15
Romsteror the initramfs like the crux cd uses.10:16
bashmethe SATA one10:16
Romsteryou require the libata or it'll never find root.10:16
Romsterand in file systems you have a * on JFS?10:16
bashmei absoulutely made sure of that ne10:17
Romsterlike lspci -k10:17
Romster00:12.0 SATA controller: ATI Technologies Inc SB600 Non-Raid-5 SATA10:17
RomsterKernel driver in use: ahci10:17
Romstermay even list the driver you require.10:17
Romsterbut you probably got it with the rest of them.10:18
bashmemy lspci -k was bloated like hell10:18
bashmeill | grep sata next time10:18
Romsterso is mine10:18
Romsterlspci -k |grep 'Kernel driver'10:18
Romsterfind each :)10:19
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: hpijs: update to 2.8.1210:21
bashmekernel drivers in use for a bunch of things10:23
bashmeit's sata10:23
thrice`Linux thinkpad #1 SMP Sat Dec 20 16:34:45 UTC 2008 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux  \o/10:56
Romster27.10 already...10:57
Romsterwas like 4 days ago i jumped to .910:57
treachand 10 has been out for two, or so. :D10:58
thrice`I was more excited for $ARCH :>10:59
Romsterlibata: fix Seagate NCQ+FLUSH blacklist Due to miscommunication, P/N was mistaken as firmware revision strings.  Update it.11:04
Romsterouch <D11:04
Romsterlucky i have no Seagate disks.11:04
Romsteri haven't been following kernel site close enough.11:05
*** bjstick has joined #crux11:06
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pedjatilman: latest alsa-oss is
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: alsa-oss: updated to
tilmanpedja: thanks11:27
joacimthere is a top-poster among us :/11:54
RedShiftoh noes11:58
* RedShift gets his pitchfork11:58
RedShiftHUNT HIM11:58
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*** cruxbot has quit IRC16:13
Romsteromg O_o i made cruxbot get booted... sorry about that.16:14
*** Rotwang has quit IRC16:14
*** Rotwang has joined #crux16:15
*** cruxbot has joined #crux16:15
RyoSRotwang: haha16:16
RotwangRyoS: whats so funny?16:16
RyoSoh sorry :P16:16
RyoSRomster: i mean16:17
Romsteri flooded the bot.16:17
RyoSsorry Rotwang ;)16:17
Romsterfrom contrib.git push.16:17
*** errdil has quit IRC16:18
treachwell, he's back again. :)16:20
Romsterstill got more to do16:21
Romsterbeen up all night working on them and other stuff.16:21
treachRomster: I think there's a way to avoid the flooding.16:21
Romsterbot should limit it's speed of pasting text.16:22
*** discomaxus has quit IRC16:22
treachtilman had some other suggestion, but since I'm not in your little club I didn't really make a note of it.16:23
tilmanare you belittleing our awesome club? :p16:28
treachnot at all, just pointing out that A) It's not big, and B) I'm not a member of it. :)16:28
treachKinda like the local chess club here..16:29
* Rotwang hates chess16:29
Rotwangchess are fscking annoying16:29
treachheh, maybe you should try Go instead then. :p16:30
treachor that variant on chess that is especially made to make it hard for AI's, can't remember the name right now though. :/16:31
* Rotwang lieks minesweeoer16:32
* tilman recommends nethack16:32
taaritilman: pm?16:34
Rotwangbtw i think someone should hassle alancio about kde update ;]16:34
tilmantaari: what about it?16:34
taarijust wanted to ask if you could add RSYNC on the mirror page16:35
Rotwangim not sure if alancio wants to keep kde 3.5 in repo because its stable and good software16:35
tilmantaari: yeah, i just remembered :D16:35
ahmrahtcheeri haven't played nethack in a looong time.  haven't even played wesnoth in quite a while.  come to think of it, i haven't played any games in months16:35
tilmantaari: rsync:// ?16:35
Rotwangor he doesnt give a shiv about kde 416:35
taarirsync -a rsync://kuku.sanctioned.de16:35
taariyea16:35 of course..16:36
tilmanahmrahtcheer: me neither. i used to play on some years ago16:36
Rotwangi think ill bump him myself16:36
rehabdollg e e k s16:36
tilmantaari: done16:37
taarithanks ;>16:37
Rotwangbtw + is a + in the mail?16:38
Rotwanglike alan+crux at ..... == alan+@16:39
tilmanthat's a valid address16:39
tilmanif that's what you mean?16:39
tilmanrehabdoll: nh rocks. can be very upsetting and frustrating though :D16:40
*** maxus has joined #crux16:42
ahmrahtcheeryeah, it's one of the most annoying games you'll ever get addicted to. :D16:44
tilmanin another game, i found a /oW in the mines and ended up with ziomg-class armor (dragon scale something) but later got killed in the medusa level16:46
tilmanthese two games were the most frustrating :D16:46
treachAh, found the name if anyone is interested.
Rotwangtilman: btw ive found md5sum mismatch16:48
tilmanokay, fix it16:48
tilmani haven't toucehd that port in years ;p16:48
tilmantreach: aaaw, cats and rabbits16:49
ahmrahtcheertilman, do you only play the online version, or have you ever tried the X11 version of nethack?16:50
treachyeah. that looks like an annoying game to me.16:50
RedShiftcron: /usr/sbin/run-cron /etc/cron.daily16:50
RedShiftDrive is offline, is a tape present?16:50
RedShiftwell then, don't come complaining to me when you lose your data16:50
tilmanahmrahtcheer: i've played the gnome and plain x11 frontends too16:50
tilmanand of coruse i tried falcon's eye16:50
ahmrahtcheernever even heard of it.16:51
tilmanbut plain nethack w/ the menu coloring patches etc is good enough imo16:51
tilmanfalcon's eye?16:51
tilmanit's a dead project16:51
Rotwanggreat range of characters barbarian samurai wizard ... tourist16:51
tilmanahmrahtcheer: rocks though16:53
ahmrahtcheerhmmm...i'll have to snag it after i finish downloading the new .iso16:53
ahmrahtcheeryeah, i've an online buddy who only plays nethack online.16:53
tilmanwatching others play is fun16:53
ahmrahtcheerhe's the sadistic monster who first got me hooked on nethack.16:53
tilmanplus you can discuss your game with the experts on irc and get tips etc :D16:53
RedShiftin soviet russia, others play YOU!16:53
mike_kRedShift: oh, really?16:56
RedShiftY RLY16:56
Rotwangmike_k: you remember soviet russia?16:58
treach(how would anyone _forget_ about that..?)17:00
Rotwangim asking about his personal experience17:00
treachI think the only one who forgot the USSR was ronald reagan..17:00
mike_kRomster: a little bit. I am not that old.17:00
mike_ksorry. Rotwang17:01
mike_kit is harder to forget USSR in the modern Russia. A bit easier here.17:03
* treach holds back a semi acid comment about the use of "russia" and "modern" in the same sentence.17:04
Rotwang< EvanCarroll> in soviet russia, buildings respect you!17:06
* Rotwang senses USSR accents everyvhere ;]17:06
mike_kdamn, Holyfield should have beat that monster =(17:07
*** maxus has quit IRC17:19
*** ahmrahtcheer has quit IRC17:21
*** mrks has quit IRC17:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-rpc-xml: adjusted dependency header17:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-libwww: this was a duplicate of p5-lwp; port removed17:35
mike_kRomster: please update footprint on p5-lwp at some point17:35
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:36
mike_kRomster: and x264 depends on yasm17:38
Rotwangi noticed him ^__^17:39
treachwhat? religous visions? :>17:40
*** mike_k has quit IRC17:52
*** Rotwang has quit IRC17:55
*** bjstick has quit IRC18:22
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*** Ditzi has quit IRC20:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: utidylib: update footprint for python 2.620:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-term-readkey: update footprint for perl 5.10.020:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-date-manip: update footprint for perl 5.10.020:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-xml-twig: update footprint for perl 5.10.0 and md5sum update20:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-xml-writer: update footprint for perl 5.10.020:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-file-slurp: update footprint for perl 5.10.020:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-lwp: update footprint for perl 5.10.020:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: xmltv: update footprint for perl 5.10.0 and disable tests20:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pyopengl: update footprint for python 2.620:02
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treach /bye ZzzZzz21:29
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