IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2008-12-21

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sirmacikHi all02:07
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KMandlaNow I have forgotten what I was going to ask.05:07
luxhsomething about crux 2.5 install?05:08
KMandlaNo. ... Hmm.05:09
KMandlaOH! I've got some strange font corruption with Japanese text in Firefox.05:09
KMandlaThat was it.05:09
KMandlaIt's not a huge thing, but I thought I'd spark another lively and entertaining conversation on #crux with that note.05:09
KMandlaOr maybe speak Spanish again. O.O05:10
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tilmanKMandla: i'm clueless about cjk, sorry05:56
KMandlatilman: Ah, that's okay. It's a very minor inconvenience.06:05
RomsterKMandla, what LANG string?06:07
Romsterand test page or something i think i got jap fonts installed.06:07
KMandlaTry, please06:16
KMandlaThe fonts display in part, but are smeared somehow06:16
KMandlaIf I highlight them with the cursor, the highlighted versions are sometimes correct.06:16
KMandlaBut sometimes not.06:16
KMandlaPlease don't lose sleep over it.06:16
tilmancould be a x driver problem06:16
KMandlaIt's terribly unimportant.06:16
tilmanKMandla: are you using exa or xaa? :p06:17
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treachI thought XXX was needed for asian sites.06:19
* treach runs and hides06:19
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RomsterKMandla, looks fine here maybe your talking about antialising.06:35
Romsteror font hinting.06:36
treachseems to look as ok here as such sites ever do.06:38
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tilmantreach: but latin characters look like ass, right? blocky06:39
treachI'd say neither is any beauty. :/06:40
treachbut, yeah, latin chars look shitty, for all kinds of reasons06:40
treach(wong spacing, no aliasing, etc etc.06:40
tilmanSubject: %FNAME %LNAME06:46
tilmanfucking win06:46
tilmani know it's oooold etc, btu it still cracks me up ;D06:46
tilmanspamprobe is failing me lately for some reason06:48
tilmanby now it should have figured that 'casino' should raise the red flag ;p06:49
* tilman tries spamassassin06:50
tilman(14.5 points, 5.0 required)06:51
tilmanwhy didn't i try SA sooner? "BODY: HTML included in message" \o/06:51
treachI can't help feeling *extremely* grateful he's out of the windows mess every time the shit hits the fan wrt viruses, trojans and other assorted malware :p06:51
treach s/he's/I'm06:51
tilmanin 99 i got mail w/ an exe in the attachments (on linux)06:52
tilmani was so curious that i booted in windows and tried it06:52
tilmantook me an hour or so to repair the windows setup afterwards06:52
treachNow, if I could only figure out why crux is serving me a "..MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC" message every time I boot.06:52
treachhaha, serves you right. :p06:53
tilmanit wasn't a virus; iirc it just set WINDIR to an invalid directory in win.ini or soemthing like that06:53
tilmantreach: i think i got that before, too, and i fixed it by toggling some apic setting in the bios06:53
treachI'll never surf to any site or open ANY mail on windows, ever, for what ever reason.06:53
treachtilman: well, crux is the only distribution that complains, with the settings in the bios unchanged.06:54
treachat least what I get to see. :D06:54
tilmanyeah, because all other distros apply this patch:06:54
tilman- printk("timer not connected\n");06:54
treachah. I suppose that could explain it. :p06:55
tilmantreach: care to paste dmesg|grep APIC ?06:55
tilmaniirc we have similar hardware...06:55
treachI suppose I could try finding a bios update too, but then I'll have to figure out a way to install it..06:55
treachk, one min.06:56
tilmantreach: that's no problem, thanks to freedos. the gentoo wiki has a page on how to create a disc image that has freedos + your bios flash utility06:57
treachyay, dos. :p06:57
Romsterin this age ya should be able to use usb sticks.06:59
tilmantreach: oh nice, only noticed now it says "mp-bios _bug_"06:59
treachbtw, is there a way to find out your current bios version w/o rebooting?06:59
treachI don't remember07:00
tilmandid you enable the (local?) apic stuff in the bios?07:00
tilmanmmh, your dump says "LAPIC..enabled"07:00
treachI think so, it's been a while since I was rooting around in there.07:00
tilmanbut i see "Enabling APIC mode:  Flat.  Using 1 I/O APICs"07:00
treachmeh, there are bios updates, but they all seem to be about supporting newer cpus, and that's it.07:05
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mike_ktreach: contrib/dmidecode08:40
treachmike_k: ok, thanks, I'll have a look at it.08:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libasyncns: new port09:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libasyncns-python: new port09:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: gajim: new port09:03
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* Rotwang says hello from kde409:06
* tilman says hello from openbox09:06
* treach too09:06
mike_kRotwang: was that easy?09:07
Rotwangkde doesnt see applications :\09:08
Rotwangmike_k: had problems w/ akode thats all09:08
mike_kit could be worse09:11
thrice`Rotwang: which version of kde ?09:15
Rotwangfrom ecarux repo09:16
Rotwangbut i doesnt understand why it doesnt see my applications09:17
thrice`for apps that certainly have a .desktop entry ?09:18
treachI've seen that bug in suse too.09:19
Rotwangi cant even open a directory09:19
treachmmmh, never seen that..09:19
treachsure you got all deps?09:19
Rotwangit asks what application to use09:19
Rotwangi guess i missed something09:19
treachpostinstall something09:20
Rotwangor ecarux missed some important postinstall script09:20
thrice` no idea what :/  update-mime-database ?09:21
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Rotwangdesktop effects are nice tho09:29
thrice`I like them.  kde 4.2 is even a little nicer :)09:32
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Rotwangsimilar issue w/ gnome :/09:49
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Rotwangit seems ive found the problem10:52
* Romster shows Rotwang the power cord to unpluged computer. :D10:52
Romsterhow did you get kde4 from ecardix 3.5.6?10:53
Rotwangecarux has 4.1.3 ports10:53
Romsternot by his web page.10:53
Romsterunless i'm blind.10:53
Romsterhmm he must not have regenerated his page says 2007 it was last done.10:55
Romsterbut 4.2.x is out now.10:56
Romsternice make -j310:56
Romsterbright spot to put that...10:57
Romsterand nice without an -n value too.10:57
Rotwangwobly windows ftw10:58
Rotwangi couldnt get compiz to work, but kde desktop effects are nice too10:59
Romsteri messed with compiz-fusion but didn't keep it on.10:59
Romsterjaegers repo10:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: rrdtool: update footprint for python 2.6 and perl 5.10.011:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pyshadow: update footprint for python 2.611:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pyserial: update footprint for python 2.611:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: numeric: update footprint for python 2.611:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pygame: update footprint for python 2.611:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: numarray: update footprint for python 2.611:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: scons: updated to
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tilmanteK: please fix your python ports for crux 2.5 resp python 2.612:31
Romstermplayer is borked on my x264 update. cdparanoia wont compile complains of missing 16bits.12:34
Romsterwhich i have a patch for cdparnoia that fixes that.12:35
tilmanworks great for me12:35
Romsteri'm in a chroot on crux 2.512:35
tilmani'm in a real crux 2.512:36
Romsterit did the same thing on my system about 16bit missing too before i patched it.12:36
tilmani don't even know what 16 bit stuff you're talking about o_O12:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mpg123: update to 1.6.312:36
thrice`do you have the x264.patch ?12:36
Romsteri do yes12:37
Romsterconfigure: error: No 16 bit type found on this platform!12:38
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/cdparanoia#10.2-2.pkg.tar.gz' failed.12:38
jueRomster: works for me too, seems something is broek on your system12:39
Romster mplayer fix for x26412:39
tilmanwhich of those patches is supposed to fix that 16 bit type problem?12:40
Romsterjue, i can't have a chroot crux 2.5 and system both broken...12:40
thrice`clearly, the patch is already applied to opt/mplayer12:40
Romsterfirst one
Romsterother one is just a proper DESTDIR fix.12:41
tilmanwhich of those hunks fixes the problem?12:41
Romsteri didn't test specifically.12:41
Romsterwant me to test and find which one does?12:41
* tilman shakes his head12:42
Romsterthat patches also fixes parallel make jobs.12:42
Romsteri belave it's the LIBFLAGS = -fPIC12:43
Romsterbut why not fix the darn makefile so makejobs works.12:43
juewhere does the patch come from?12:43
tilmanwhy would configure care about though?12:44
tilmana configure test even12:44
tilmani wonder whether your CFLAGS are broken12:44
Romsteroh hrmm good point12:44
Romsteri kept -O2 -march=i686 for the crux-2.5 chroot.12:45
Romsterhmm maybe just the autoreconf fixed it... i'll test that on the chroot.12:46
Romsteryeah it was that...12:46
Romsteradding autoreconf allows configure to then work fine.12:47
Romsteri gotgot how i fixed that when i made it. that other makefiles pathces 2 you don't have proper destdir fix and fix for multiple jobs.12:47
Romsterneed t add --mandir=/usr/man also after doing a autoreconf12:48
Romsterwhy it hits my system on 16bit missing i have no idea.12:48
Romsteralso has newer patcha nd diffutils versions. and one important fix that would fix memtest86+ to work with the updated patch version.12:50
Romsteri have a few broken ports to fix also.12:53
Romsterand CFLAGS is the first thing i check when i get configure issues. i'm no damn noob.12:54
tilmansorry, it's my fault12:56
tilmanshould have just ignored your claim12:56
Romsternot saying it's your fault either. all i said is it's broken for me.12:56
Romstercan't expect to test it on everyones system.12:56
tilmanif you're interested in finding the root cause, you could examine the failing configure test12:57
Romsterwhat i said fixes it, i just shared the information in the hope it's fixed incase anyone else hits the same issue.12:57
Romstertrue i may later but it works with the autoreconf hack so i just did that for now.12:58
Romsteri could also diff configure before and after autoreconf and see what was changed.12:58
Romsterbut the reason is why must i have to do that and why does it check for 16 bits12:59
tilmandiffstat: 11000 lines removed, 12000 lines added12:59
tilmanyes, taht's a bit funny12:59
tilmanafaik the gnu platform only works on 32 bit cpus anyway13:00
tilman... but maybe that doesn't imply that the c compiler has a 16 bit integer type. mmh.13:00
Romsterno idea i just find it strange it dies on 16bit check when i have a 64bit cpu13:01
Romstergranted i need to look at config.log to find out why.13:02
tilmanit does so because it wants to use 16 bit integers13:02
Romsteri just wanted it working so i found that regenerating the configure fixed it.13:02
Romsterit's 16bit integer test must be broken in some way.13:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: docutils: switch to python 2.613:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: getmail: switch to python 2.613:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: mercurial: switch to python 2.613:54
tilmanthanks tek :]13:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: trac: switch to python 2.613:54
teKpast due13:55
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Romsteranyone knows of any qt4 mirrors i'm getting 3kb/s :/ and there site isn't loading for me.14:22
treachworks really well here..14:24
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Romsterthank goodness i'm getting decent speeds on that one.14:28
Romsterthanks jue.14:28
Romsterand now there site loaded.14:28
Romsterlittle slow oh well.14:28
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Romsterat least ti's like 1 hour than 12 hours wait for it.14:31
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rehabdollsweet, realvideo 3.0 in ffmpeg head15:37
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Romsterhmm care to explain :D so looks like i need to update ffmpeg one again.15:42
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rehabdollagain? :)15:45
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Romsterhuh i have it at 2008082615:51
Romsterthat's not today :D15:51
Romsterand you said in ffmpeg head implying it's not in this old version i have currently in contrib if i'm not mistaken.15:52
Romsterwhich means i need to look at updating it if it's stable.15:52
rehabdolli was implying ffmpeg had not been updated "recently" :>15:53
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Romsterah that it hasn't. i'll look into it.15:55
Romsterit's on my todo list already15:55
rehabdollheh, no worries15:55
Romsterstill testing last remaining ports that i haven't confirmed to be working yet.15:55
rehabdollits just hat im using svn versions of mplayer, wich require newer x264 than whats in contrib - wich caused ffmpeg not to build15:56
Romsteri updated x264 recently go look again.15:56
Romsterreason i held off was ABI changes i had to patch a few ports.15:56
Romsterand i have a working mplayer patch.15:57
Romsterthe one in crux currently breaks on new x264 due to the conditionals not being right for the versions.15:58
Romster fixes that.15:58
Romsterso it'll work with new and older x264 builds.15:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: warsow: fix dependencys and source files20:21
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thrice`rehabdoll: 64-bit-iso ping21:59
thrice`nevermind, I think I've found it22:05
jaegeror was that someone else's?22:11
thrice`that's his; hannes also has one at it seems22:11
jaegerare they both 64-bit only?22:12
thrice`both are pure I think22:12
thrice`however, hannes has a some bad pacakges (seems incompete), and I think that on is a little "pre-2.5"22:13
thrice`well, dated at Nov. 21st, I assume such :)22:17
thrice`would be fun to try creating a 64-bit22:17
jaegerI was just thinking that, though I'd want to do multilib22:18
thrice`now that flash and openoffice are 64-bit, I don't have a need personally22:19
rehabdollnipul runs multilib, poke him22:21
jaegerhe still hasn't made any ISOs that I'm aware of22:32
thrice`a universal-ports tree would be nice22:32
jaegerthough I could try to make one myself22:32
nipuLjaeger: the reason i don't release an iso is because i don't want to support it22:47
jaegerwell, there's nothing forcing you to support one22:49
nipuLwhat i will do once i get back from vationing, is put packages online, that way anyone can boot from one of the existing x86_64 iso's and install the multilib packages if they choose to22:50
jaegersounds good22:50
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jaegerI might try to build one before that as a fun project :)22:51
nipuLmy multilib ports,
jaegercool, thanks22:54
*** _ohm has quit IRC22:56
nipuLanyhoo, back to housework22:57
nipuLthe wife insists we leave the house spotless, so she will feel less guilty trashing it when we come back22:58
jaegerinteresting logic but if it works, great :)22:58
ahmrahtcheerjaeger, it's called buttering up the missus so's he can get some tonight.22:59
nipuLno, it's called doing what the missus says to avoid constant winging and nagging23:00
nipuLsex is an added bonus23:01
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* ahmrahtcheer knows alllll about the nagging. :/23:03
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
jaegerahmrahtcheer: it's no coincidence I stay single... but yeah, that's what I meant by "if it works, great"23:06
jaegeron both counts, really :)23:07
ahmrahtcheerjaeger, sometimes the only thing that keeps me going in this relationship is the two words most dreaded by the american male:  child support23:08
jaegerthat's a pretty distressing statement :(23:08
joacimmr. handyman23:16
rehabdollfestivus \o/23:21
rehabdolli look forward to telling my relatives what i think of them23:21
ahmrahtcheerrehabdoll, been there, done that already. :)23:23
ahmrahtcheertelling my ex-mil what i really thought of her was quite gratifying.23:23
ahmrahtcheeras is the fact that, the last time i saw my ex, about 10 yrs ago, she looked just like her mom.23:24
ahmrahtcheera bullet dodged...23:24
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