IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2008-12-23

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pitill0good morning01:12
Romstermorning pitill001:16
pitill0yo Romster :)01:17
pitill0rastar: did you finally check e17?01:20
rastarpitill0: yep. built svn version. runing okay. no problems ;). will let ya know if i run into something unusual.01:25
pitill0rastar: perfect, thank you :)01:25
Romsteryou snapshot everything or run cvs up in each Pkgfile01:25
Romstererr s/cvs/svn01:26
pitill0Romster: I made 2 versions, 1 snapshot based and the other using svn (to let the user control e17)01:26
Romsterah sweet01:26
pitill0the older version were using cvs01:26
rastarpitill0: great idea to provide both alternatives aswell ;)01:26
Romstercvs is one hard way to track file changes.01:26
pitill0I try to make snapshot when I see there is a "stable" release (which has not much sense in a wm always in development)01:27
Romsterrastar, i agree01:27
pitill0release/svn version (I am not sure how to call it)01:27
Romsterhmm well svn snapshots.01:48
Romsterunless they happen to be some svn makeshift brainch in a subdirectory to be stable.01:49
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tilmanteK: spamassassin's sa-update program needs p5-lwp. i think that one should go in the dependencies, no?03:17
tilmanteK: (it also depends on more stuff) :D03:18
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jtnlhi, alll04:35
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Romsterp5-html-tagset and p5-uri of nipuL's ports depends on perl isn't that not required since they don't link to it.04:55
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balduini just installed crux along with xorg on my laptop which has an ATI x700 graphics card. When i start the xserver i can see xterms coming up but my system seems to freeze as i cannot move the mouse, enter text into the xterm nor change to a framebuffer terminal. i switched the display driver several times and even with VESA drivers this happens to me too. so i thought that maybe something is wrong with my input devices. do i need to install a sp05:09
RyoSyou tried changing input drivers (evdev maybe)05:11
Rotwangbalduin: you may try allowemptyinput false too05:11
balduinare these options for the x-server?05:12
RotwangAllowEmptyInput should be placed in ServerFlags section05:14
balduinok. i'll chech that both. thank you05:15
teKtilman: woot05:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: virtualbox: fixed FS#391 (thanks to Mikhail Kolesnik)05:50
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balduinhi, just wanted to say thanks again. the server flag "AllowEmptyInput" was set to false, so my xserver disabled my input devices accordingly.05:58
balduinerm... i mean it was set to true05:58
tilmanbalduin: consider using the -evdev driver instead :)05:59
balduini installed the evdev-package and set the device driver in my xorg.conf to "evdev", but then my xserver went just black. is there something else i need to pay attention to?06:01
Rotwanginputdevixe you mean?06:02
tilman this is what my config looks like06:02
Rotwangyou shouldnt put evdev as your GPU driver06:03
balduinRotwang: :)06:03
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sepenmail from: / rcpt to:06:07
tilmansepen: you should have said 'ehlo sepen' :D06:07
sepenyeah, now we are debuggin our smtp proxy-daemons at office06:07
tilmanah :D06:07
sepentoo many work these days, so I can't connect here sometimes06:08
sepenfeliz navidad!
tilmanfeliz navidad por tu tambien :]06:09
sepens/por tu/para ti06:09
sepenJoyeux Noel! pour le francaises06:09
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teKthere's no archive::tar in CRUX?06:13
sepentilman, I think that the spamassassin case is similar than git when trying to use git-tk (so iirc you listed tk as nice to have)06:13
sepenteK, bsdtar06:13
tilmannah, he's talking about perl06:16
tilmanteK: 2.5 has p5-archive or something; in 2.6 (perl 5.10!) it's included in perl06:16
tilmanor something06:16
teKoh my gosh06:17
teK< having lunch, let's talk after that, ok?06:17
teK% psearch p5-archive06:17
teKNo matching packages found06:17
teKyhafri offers p5-archive-tar *g*06:18
RotwangteK: this module is included in perl 5.10 no?06:19
Rotwangbesides you stil may instal p[erl modules through CPAN module06:19
sepenhaving lunch too, bbl06:19
Rotwangperl -MCPAN -e 'install module'06:19
teKRotwang: it's for contrib/spamassassin06:25
tilmanteK: it was p5-archive-tar in crux 2.506:27
tilmanthe port was removed in crux 2.6 because the archive/tar stuff now ships with core/perl06:27
teK2.4 was instantly obsoleted by 2.5?06:27
teK2.6? :)06:27
tilmani'm not complaining06:28
tilmanjust explaining why the port is gone06:28
teKyes, I don't not understand it that way either.06:28
teKI just don't know why you're talking about 2.6. There's even no 2.6 core branch on gitweb06:28
Rotwangtilman: crux 2.506:29
Rotwangsoryy forget that06:29
tilmansorry -- i meant 2.4 and 2.5 respectively06:30
tilmanteK: -1 everywhere ;p06:30
teKCRUX -- ahead of its time sinc 199006:32
teKnow. I'm going to sort things out. Second. :>06:32
teKso. As 2.5 is current I won't add Archive::Tar to it's deps06:38
teKI still had no time to switch to 2.506:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: spamassassin: add p5-lwp dependency06:45
teKthx tilman06:45
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thrice`out of curiosity, rather than having {core,opt,xorg}-64, has the idea been presented to only have 1 64-bit repo, and have it only contain offensive ports ?  Rather than duplicating all of the work in stock ports, why not just put those that need attention in a special repo?07:07
tilmanyes, i thought about that when you said that xorg.git worked nicely on 64 bits now07:10
tilmanthough i thought that separate overlays were still a good idea07:10
thrice`and have them be full repos, or only contain ports that need tweaking?07:11
tilmanthe latter07:11
thrice`ah, OK :)07:12
thrice`it seems like it'd be easier than trying to duplicate all ports, but that's just my [non-developer] thought :>07:14
cptnthrice`: the problem is that this means ports are not tested before going to the user07:15
thrice`you mean, tested on both arches?07:16
cptnalso, this means that you have a master repository07:16
thrice`well, now that 2.5 is released, it might be a good time to build up ports with a few volunteers :)07:16
cptnwhich is somewhat short sighted07:17
cptni.e. in the future, we might have more maintainers on x86_6407:17
thrice`right; there would be a little lag, probably07:18
tilmanthrice`: APPLY FFS07:19
tilmanthrice`: fyi, rehabdoll handles opt-x86_64 atm. you could easily help out as well :P07:19
thrice`of course :)  I was just curious what people were thinking these days07:20
tilmancptn is right of course wrt the 'untested ports' thing07:21
tilmanbut as long as there's < 5 people actively working on x86_64, the lazy approach might be better07:21
thrice`indeed :)07:22
cptnthrice`: in the past, maintainers occasionally got bug reports from PPC users07:23
cptnwho had problems with a particular port, and the Pkgfile listed the x86 maintainer07:24
cptn(crux ppc used the overlay approach)07:24
tilmanoh, i didn't know that07:28
tilmanor i forgot %)07:28
cptnyou weren't born back then ;-)07:29
cptnonly the elders remember this07:29
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sepenmae mia ;D07:52
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Romsterhaha rot on irc that's really secure.09:15
* Rotwang prepares kde 4.2 ports09:18
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rehabdolli used to have "root" as my username in irssi10:00
rehabdollbut i always got banned on 70% of the networks D;10:01
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Romsteri guess that 70% were paranoid.10:22
Romsteror wanted to protect you from attacks.10:22
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thrice`Rotwang: jue started some 4.2 ports also10:59
Rotwangnah i backed up from that idea11:01
Rotwangim preparing kde4 svn ports ATM11:01
Rotwangbacked off?11:02
Rotwangdroped that idea*11:02
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thrice`ah, ok :)11:08
sirmacikcmus from opt repo don't want build with ffmpeg from contrib, it gives this output:
Rotwangknown error11:10
Rotwangsame issue with contrib/moc11:11
thrice`that looks pretty good: "cmus-new-ffmpeg.patch" :)11:13
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sirmacikhmm that patch gives this output
thrice`did you configure and make afterwards ?11:30
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jaegeranyone have a vmware-server install working on 2.5? I can install and configure it without trouble but it won't connect to the local host for some reason. connects to a remote vmware server fine11:31
jaegerrunning 1.0.8-126538 for what that's worth11:31
thrice`sirmacik: that patch line looks OK.  you can add the line to the Pkgfile and try to pkgmk again, or try ./configure and make by hand to see if it builds now11:34
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sirmacikI have patched sources and run ./configure and make11:35
sirmacikmake gives same error11:35
thrice`bummer :(11:36
Romsterhow can that be so. that include patch looks correct.11:43
thrice`if in doubt, make Romster fix it :>11:44
Romsterits' not my port.11:45
Romsterand i tested stuff that said depends on ffmpeg even if it wasn't mine.11:45
thrice`I know, I was just kidding :)11:46
thrice`sirmacik: sorry, not sure then, and I won't be at a crux box for awhile yet :|11:46
Romsterseriosuly that patch looks correct should work you didn't pastebin th log after compiling with that patch.11:46
sirmacikoutput of make after patching ^11:47
thrice`sirmacik: did you start with a fresh tarball ?11:47
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Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/cmus#2.2.0-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.11:50
cptnsirmacik: the patch fixes it for me11:50
Romsterpatch -p 1 -i $SRC/cmus-2.2.0-ffmpeg_header_fix.patch11:51
Romster./configure prefix=/usr mandir=/usr/man CONFIG_ARTS=n11:51
Romsterand on the source= line also.11:51
Romsteri could tell it would work just by looking at it.11:51
sirmacikI still got an error
sirmacikwith thix patch11:55
cptnyour patch in corrupt11:56
thrice`also, don't use a cp operation; just use patch -p1 -i $SRC/cmus-blah.patch11:56
cptnwell, I guess you realized that already since that's what the error says...11:56
sirmacikcould you paste yours for me?11:56
thrice`but, looks like the patch is bad11:56
cptnthat's what I downloaded...11:57
Rotwangsirmacik: check your patch with cat -A11:57
Rotwangif it containst unwanted characters11:57
sirmacikcptn: I downloaded the same patch11:58
Romstersirmacik, curl -o cmus-2.2.0-ffmpeg_header_fix.patch  ''12:02
sirmacikdamn, still returns error on 12 line12:03
Rotwangsirmacik: manualy edit the file :\12:04
Rotwangthats what i sometimes do when in the hurry12:04
cptnyou can try that12:06
sirmacikhmm, now it can't find file to patch at input line 312:06
Romsterhow about i just send ya the built package and be done :D12:06
sirmacik|--- cmus-2.2.0-orig/ffmpeg.c   2007-07-27 16:52:13.000000000 +020012:06
sirmacik|+++ cmus-2.2.0/ffmpeg.c        2008-04-25 16:32:40.000000000 +020012:06
cptnit's not that pretty (not using a real file name), but it should build12:06
sirmacikthx cptn, it works ;]12:09
cptnyou're welcome :-)12:11
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cptnaon: these may be worth looking at, since cmus currently fails to build if contrib/ffmpeg is installed12:16
cptnaon: works too :-)12:16
cptnah, you're around12:16
aoni'll check them out when i'm at my crux machine12:17
Rotwangaon: youre the maintainer of wine, no?12:18
aonthere's a general concensus between myself that the stable release is the way to go12:18
Rotwangits minor thing but wine depends on a few ports more than freetype but maybe it was discussed earlier12:19
aoniirc it does have fontforge as dep, at least12:19
Rotwangxorg-libxt and few others too12:19
Rotwangbut everyone who installs wine has xorg installed so it shouldnt be a real issue ;D12:20
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aoni see12:22
RomsterRotwang, i have a package of wine 1.1.1112:26
Romsteri'm often testing for regressions and fixes.12:26
sirmacikI have wine 1.1.11 too from my own ports ;]12:27
Romsterand wine.git12:27
Romsterwhen i need to bisect12:27
Rotwangim usually avoiding wine like cheap ..... wine 0o12:27
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thrice`aon: *all* your machines should be crux machines :>12:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: virtualbox: fixed some minor issues13:23
jaegerprologic: do you still use vmware-server?13:44
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jaegerwhat's up with that mplayer b_frame_adaptive error? bleh15:30
thrice`mm, not seen that one15:31
jaegerlibx264.c: In function 'X264_init':15:32
jaegerlibx264.c:167: error: 'x264_param_t' has no member named 'b_bframe_adaptive'15:32
jaegerwhile building mplayer15:32
RyoSjaeger: Romster had a patch i think15:33
jaegernice, thanks15:37
thrice`oh no, we haz no pidgin maintainer :(15:39
* Rotwang could adapt it to contrib15:39
Rotwangbut sip told that he is still going to watch for his ports15:40
thrice`ah, ok15:41
thrice`maybe I misunderstood :)15:43
cptnI fear not15:43
cptnI think we'll have to pick up sip's ports15:44
Rotwangso maybe i misunderstood15:44
Rotwangtw if i could pick something to contrib id like pidgin if noone else is interested ;]15:44
cptngreat, good to know15:47
thrice`Rotwang: i thought you were an opt maintainer for some reason :|  that seems like a good fit for opt, but it would be nice too for someone to maintain it who actually uses it :)15:58
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Rotwangdamn minesweeper! it drives me nuts16:00
thrice`are you on kde4 still?16:01
Rotwangyou asking what im using?16:01
thrice`well, weren't you trying for kde 4.2?  just curious if that was successful :>16:02
Rotwangim preparing kde4-svn ports atm ;]16:02
thrice`ah, ok16:03
Rotwangbut 4.1.3 works quite nice16:05
Rotwang<3 for composited kwin16:06
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bughunter2is it recommended to include alsa in the kernel or compile it manually later?16:38
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thrice`bughunter2: in kernel16:41
bughunter2thrice`: ok:) any reasons?16:41
thrice`i've found that alsa-driver (outside of the kernel) tends to suck16:41
bughunter2as in: it doesn'tw ork? :)16:42
thrice`in some cases16:42
thrice`well, people tend to have greater luck with the kernel stuff16:42
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rastarbughunter2: one upside about building alsa as module is the use of alsaconf16:48
bughunter2rastar: i don't care about alsaconf =)16:48
* bughunter2 compiles a fancy kernel16:53
bughunter2well not so fancy, other than the fancy boot time16:53
Rotwangrastar: you meant the sound card support to be compiled as module, no?16:58
rastarRotwang: no. sound card built into kernel. ALSA as module17:04
Rotwangyou cant use alsaconf when alsa is built directly into kernel?17:05
rastarRotwang: ALSA isnt built into the kernel. "Sound card support" is built into the kernel. ALSA is module17:09
Rotwangoh, ok17:10
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bughunter2rastar: i compiled alsa monolithically into the kernel17:23
bughunter2not as a module17:24
* bughunter2 whispers to Rotwang17:24
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bughunter2thrice`: when starting X my synaptics mouse pad doesn't work although i installed the xorg synaptics module and i enabled the necessary options in the kernel, any ideas?17:56
bughunter2(shameless ping)17:56
rehabdollseems my cdrom/dvd/cdrw/etc symlinks are gone17:57
rehabdollstuid udev17:57
bughunter2also, when i start X, i can't go back to my virtual terminals anymore using the keyboard17:57
bughunter2i have to power off the pc17:57
rehabdollwhat does the xorg log say17:57
rehabdolli bet the solution is evdev17:58
* bughunter2 reboots17:58
bughunter2i enabled evdev17:58
bughunter2i'm pretty sure too17:58
rehabdollare you running dbus?17:58
bughunter2oh btw,17:58
bughunter2when booting:17:58
Rotwangi bet alt+sysrq still works17:58
bughunter2/sbin/start_udev: line 7: /proc/sys/kernel/hotplug: No such file or directory17:58
rehabdollya, if its in the kernel :>17:58
bughunter2Rotwang: no i don't use that kernel hack17:58
bughunter2rehabdoll: no weird errors in the Xorg log18:00
bughunter2also i enabled SYSFS but /proc/sys doesn't exist O_o18:01
Rotwangare you sure you installed kernel?18:02
bughunter2err, no18:02
bughunter2after my last recompilation i forgot to copy the new bzImage18:03
* bughunter2 slaps self18:03
Rotwangcookie for a person who'll tell me what is the equivalent of ./configure --help for cmake18:03
bughunter2aww, /proc/sys is still gone18:04
rehabdollwell something is obviously wrong :>18:04
rehabdollcould you put your .config on or something?18:05
bughunter2if i let X start up fully, i can't go to virtual terminals18:05
bughunter2if i let it start up and quickly switch to another terminal, the keyboard keeps working18:05
rehabdollwhat does your xorg config say?18:05
rehabdollfeel free to post that one too18:05
bughunter2although CTRL+ALT+BS doesn't work in X, i can switch to terminals18:05
bughunter2rehabdoll: i'm not using xorg.conf18:05
bughunter2=) ok18:05
* bughunter2 reboots18:06
Rotwangi guess its the allowemptyinput case18:06
bughunter2stupid linux18:06
rehabdolli'd wager a beer on that18:06
Rotwanglinux cannot be stupid ;}18:06
* bughunter2 grumbles18:06
bughunter2what about the missing /proc/sys ?18:06
* rehabdoll wants 2.6.2818:06
* Rotwang has 2.6.28-zensomething from git18:07
* bughunter2 installs elinks18:07
thrice`Rotwang: hm, no clue WRT cmake O.o18:07
Rotwangi asked on #cmake no response yet18:08
bughunter2rehabdoll: how can i insert a file into a widget in elinks :O18:10
Rotwangbughunter2: if you want to paste something use wgetpaste from contrib18:10
bughunter2Rotwang: how to enable "contrib" ? i did ports -l | grep paste but no results18:11
Rotwang /exec wgetpaste /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:11
Rotwangsimple as that18:11
bughunter2Rotwang: why exec?18:11
thrice`bughunter2: mv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/contrib.rsync && ports -u contrib18:11
Rotwangbughunter2: rename contrib.rsync.inactive to contrib.rsync in /etc/ports18:11
Rotwangand uncomment prtdir ... in /etc/prt-get.conf18:12
Rotwangbughunter2: exec so you dont need to type into irc18:12
Rotwangexec in irssi18:12
bughunter2well i'm chatting from another pc :)18:12
bughunter2hence i didn't disconnect while rebooting =)18:12
Rotwangyep ;]18:13
bughunter2ok here goes18:13
bughunter2rehabdoll ^18:14
bughunter2so, the issues: /proc/sys is missing, synaptics/keyboard input is ignored after X is started up (and i need to reset the computer)18:15
RotwangIf no devices become available, reconfigure HAL or disable AllowEmptyInput.18:15
bughunter2Rotwang: what is AllowEmptyInput and how to disable it?18:15
bughunter2and why/how reconfigure HAL?18:15
bughunter2i didn't have this issue on e.g. Slackware18:15
RotwangOption AllowEmptyInput false18:16
bughunter2yes i figured that18:16
Rotwangput it to serverflags18:16
Rotwangbughunter2: do you have latest xorg-server on slackware w/ hotpluging?18:16
bughunter2not sure :)18:16
bughunter2(don't think so, haven't yet upgraded to -current018:17
Rotwangthought so ;]18:17
bughunter2Rotwang: so, the /proc/sys issue correlates with the input issue?18:17
bughunter2since i had this hotplug error @ boot18:17
bughunter2(because of the missing /proc/sys)18:18
Rotwangi think theyre separate cases18:18
Rotwangi mean xorg and sysfs18:18
bughunter2well yes of course18:18
bughunter2but hotplugging has to do with xorg18:18
bughunter2and there was a hotplug error because /proc/sys was missing :)18:18
bughunter2lol i do "while true; do sync; sleep 1; done" in vt2 because i'm scared of screwing the FS while resetting all the time18:19
bughunter2Rotwang: allow empty input worked O_o18:20
bughunter2openbox runs18:20
bughunter2Rotwang: i read the manpage of xorg.conf but can't fully understand why/how this would work18:22
Rotwangme too18:22
bughunter2probably some issue about hal and xorg not communicating well together18:25
bughunter2Rotwang: now, about /proc/sys, is it harmful if it's missing?18:25
bughunter2(and, why is it missing?)18:25
Rotwangno ide18:25
bughunter2thrice`: ^? :)18:26
bughunter2what panel do you use by the way? Rotwang? or aren't you using openbox?18:26
Rotwangi use lxpanel18:26
Rotwang+ kwin ;]18:26
bughunter2lxpanel isn't included in the ports18:26
bughunter2Rotwang: any reasons for using kwin? :)18:27
Rotwangits in portdb18:27
Rotwangi like composite effects18:27
* Rotwang feels like a child again ;}18:27
bughunter2Rotwang: portdb? (:$) ?18:27
thrice`CONFIG_PROC_SYSCTL ?  i don't have much clue either how mine gets created18:28
bughunter2Rotwang: yeah, but which repository?18:29
Rotwangyou can use search for as well18:29
bughunter2i missed it18:30
bughunter2thanks, great18:30
Rotwangand look at the deps please18:30
bughunter2thrice`: that was it :d18:30
bughunter2Rotwang: yeah, by default the prt-get program doesn't install dependencies? does it even notify me?18:31
thrice`prt-get depinst app18:31
bughunter2yes i read about that18:31
Rotwangbughunter2: if the deps are not in your tree prt-get wont notify you18:32
Rotwangand will continue even if deps are not installed18:33
Rotwangthis behaviour should be changed imo18:33
thrice`well, the theory is that it will die :)18:33
bughunter2i think so too, at least the user should be notified18:33
bughunter2thrice`: ok recompiled the kernel, let's hope it works18:33
* bughunter2 prays to the Sun18:34
bughunter250/50 aye =)18:34
bughunter2thrice`: it's okay that i don't have fbdev in the kernel right? i don't really need it since we have xorg-xf86-video-intel i thought18:37
thrice`that's all up to you, of course18:38
tilmanyou don't need fbdev18:38
bughunter2great, then i made the right choice :)18:39
bughunter2the ports seem pretty easy :) nice18:41
rehabdoll <- awesome logo18:42
bughunter2ok, i have an issue though :), i added lxde.httup, did ports -u but i can't install lxpanel18:42
thrice`rehabdoll: my 64-bit is doing very well :)  thanks again for your help18:42
bughunter2it says it doesn't exist / could not be found18:42
Rotwangyou need to add it to prt-get.conf18:43
Rotwangprtdir blahblah18:43
rehabdolli helped? yay \o/18:44
bughunter2Rotwang: dep-inst fails, it can't download
rehabdollahh, sourceforge :D18:44
Rotwangadd a mirror to /etc/hosts18:44
bughunter2good point18:45
rehabdollor lower the wget-timeout in pkgmk.conf18:45
bughunter2but does the url then still work?18:45
rehabdollusually works quite well18:45
bughunter2what's the recommended timeout value?18:45
bughunter21 sec?18:46
rehabdolldefault is 60sec or something18:46
rehabdolli use 518:46
bughunter2works :O18:46
bughunter2still fromt he same URL though18:46
bughunter2SF sucks at times :P18:46
rehabdollthough i've noticed that it sometimes timesout on ftp-sites with slow login18:46
rehabdollbut that's wgets fault18:46
bughunter2hmm wait it did timeout, of coursre picks the mirror18:47
bughunter2rehabdoll: well, if "slow login" is something wget could detect, then i'd agree18:47
bughunter2rehabdoll: can i use the 2.4 kde portdb to install kwin?18:48
bughunter2i'd like to give it a shot too :) since i got used to kde's compositing :P18:50
Rotwangkde4 kwin rocks18:51
bughunter2"ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:" :O18:51
Rotwangbut you wont find it in kde repo18:51
bughunter2MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x root/root usr/lib/lxpanel/plugins/volumealsa.so18:51
Rotwangkde still has 3.5.10 or 3.5918:51
Rotwangdo you have alsa?18:51
bughunter2well, no, but i'd like to know more about why/what happened18:52
bughunter2(and i'll install alsa-lib, too)18:52
Rotwangyou dont have alsa-lib so lxpanel compiled without alsa support18:52
bughunter2and prt-get didn't expect that18:52
Rotwangbut on my desktop it compiled with alsa so i generated footprint with alsa ;]18:52
Rotwanginstall alsa and rebuild lxpanel or ignore that error18:53
bughunter2i can't ignore it, well perhaps with some fla18:53
bughunter2but i do want alsa to work :)18:53
thrice`pkgadd it manually18:53
bughunter2why pkgadd?18:53
bughunter2why not prt-get install alsa-lib18:53
bughunter2where does prt-get store the unpacked sources for compilation?18:54
* Rotwang is off to sleep18:55
bughunter2Rotwang: gnight18:55
Rotwangand happy christmas everyone!!18:55
bughunter2same to you ;)18:55
Rotwangthx ;]18:55
bughunter2thrice`: when i pkgadd it i get "pkgadd: could not determine name and/or version of alsa-lib: INvalid package name"18:55
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:56
thrice`bughunter2: yes, prt-get install alsa-lib  is right18:58
thrice`I mean, you can add the package that failed manually if you want (though building alsa is a better choice here :)18:58
bughunter2thrice`: yeah, ok :) last question i had was: where does prt-get store the sources?19:01
bughunter2when it runs the build scripts..19:01
thrice`by default, in the port DIR.  you can change it in /etc/pkgmk.conf19:02
thrice`I use /usr/ports/distfiles and /usr/ports/packages , myself, to make cleaning easier :)19:03
bughunter2i see19:03
bughunter2thrice`: also, now i get errors when building alsa, about the Footpring mismatches again19:03
bughunter2NEW smixer-python.la19:03
bughunter2NEW smixer-python.so19:03
tilmanoh goddamnit19:04
tilmanstop quoting the faq19:04
* bughunter2 opens the faq..19:04
bughunter2i see, so these smixer files are harmless19:05
bughunter2sorry about bugging you, but it seemed like something rather fatal since it said "ERROR:" so i was like "ok what to do :("19:06
bughunter2didn't think about the faq19:06
tilmani still have 'research error->warning in footprint mismatches' in my .todo19:06
* tilman waves to rehabdoll 19:06
rehabdollI TOLD YOU!19:07
bughunter2rehabdoll: :D19:07
tilmanrehabdoll: yes, that's why it's in ~/.todo19:07
bughunter2a question about pkgmk.conf, why aren't the sources stored in separate directories by default?19:07
rehabdollanyways, have a happy and secular xmas everyone \o/19:11
bughunter2same :)19:11
bughunter2thrice`: thanks for the help too , got it working :)19:11
bughunter2rehabdoll, thrice`, tilman: thanks all =) night + xmas ;)19:18
bughunter2see ya19:22
*** nogagplz has quit IRC19:39
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thrice`tilman: hehe20:19
*** sepen has quit IRC20:29
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prologicjaeger, not as much as I used to - why ?21:48
jaegerjust wondered if you had it working on 2.5... I can't get mine to connect to the local server. remotes are fine22:28
jaegerunfortunately it logs nothing22:28
*** rastar has quit IRC22:39
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:02
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
jaegerRomster: nice, thanks. I'll try it tomorrow morning23:30
Romsterconfirmed to be working. for new and old x26423:32
klickMerry christmas people!23:34
*** ahmrahtcheer has left #crux23:39
Romsterseasons greetings.23:39
Romsterwonder if they put that darn home alone movie on this year again.... they have every other year23:40
klickthey air home alone 4 in 10 hours here =)23:45

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