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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gutenprint: update to 5.2.305:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: subversion: update to 1.5.505:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: mod_svn: update to 1.5.505:05
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: clex: update to 4.005:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: wxpython: update footprint for python 2.605:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: swfdec: 0.8.2 -> 0.8.405:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: cairomm: 1.7.0 -> 1.7.205:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libevent: 1.4.8 -> 1.4.905:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: memtest86+: 2.10 -> 2.1105:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: tcl: 8.5.5 -> 8.5.605:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: tk: 8.5.5 -> 8.5.605:18
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sirmacikIt is gtkmm compiling problem well known bug?06:03
sirmacikIt gives this output
tilmanpoke Romster  about it06:16
Romsteri'm currently investigating that.06:18
Romsteri have about ~5 ports not compiling atm06:18
sirmacikshould I report that on Bug Tracker?06:19
Romsterno need i'm aware of it06:20
sirmacikok ;]06:20
sirmacikthx Romster06:20
Romstertesting ~200 takes some time.06:21
Romster~200 ports*06:21
Romsteri'm expecting the gtk update broke it.06:22
sirmacikRomster: is there a new wersion of gtkmm?06:38
sirmacikthere is ;]06:39
sirmacikRomster: I tink I could try update it and send you new Pkgfile06:40
sirmacikWhat do you think?06:40
Romsterbah that would be why i really really hate ck4up06:43
sirmacikit seems that glibcmm should be updated too06:44
Romstergtkmm md5 @GNOMEID@2.12/ [.0-9]+06:44
sirmacik* glibmm06:44
sirmacikRequested 'glibmm-2.4 >= 2.18.0' but version of GLibmm is 2.16.406:44
Romsterbecause it don't work with verions on the directorys so i didn't see the darn thing.06:44
Romsterwish jue would of fixed that.06:44
Rotwangi decided not to use ck4up06:45
Romsteri use up2date but everyone would bitch if i added that to all my Pkgfiles in contrib.06:45
Rotwangi check manualy everything when i have time06:46
Rotwangbut i dont maintain as much ports as romster do :o06:47
Romstergive me a few i'l update glibmm and gtkmm06:48
sirmacikk ;]06:49
Romsternot the first time ck4up has caught me on this exact problem...06:49
cptnwhy don't you write a patch?06:50
Romsterbecause i've ditched using it for all my other packages, in favour of another method.06:51
tilmanor write a better replacement?06:51
Romsterbecause it also does not show the new version number. nor do i want ruby just for ck4up.06:51
Romstertilmans idea is better.06:51
tilmanokay, i'll shut up06:52
Romster still work in progress.06:52
Romsterbut it's functional and only requires shell.06:52
Romsterand curl once i stop using lynx in a few of the Pkgfiles.06:53
cptnand a port tree, it seems06:53
cptn*ports tree06:53
sirmacikI had updated glibmm successfully to 2.18.106:54
Romsterck4up is nice, but it needs to be able to work with versions in directories.06:55
sirmaciknow I'll try update gtkmm ;]06:55
Romstersirmacik, i'm doing that now.06:55
Romsterguess you can do it manually than to wait :)06:55
sirmacikIt's great fun for me ;]06:56
sirmacikbuilding packages, making new ports in my free time ;]06:56
sirmacikOf course it not takes all my free time06:57
sirmacikReading books it's also great fun for me... I thing better fun ;]06:58
Romsterhaving a bunch of packages gives you experience. heck running source based does.06:58
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cptnRomster: did you have the chance to look into the distcc update BTW?07:00
Romsterah yes i got distcc on my todo list also.07:00
sirmacikOh, new gtkmm needs also pangomm which isn't in ports07:01
Romsterthat's in this list todo as soon as i've got though testingthe last ~5 ports for crux 2.5 then after distcc i'll look at mingw3207:01
Romstersirmacik, i just hit that too.07:01
Romsterpangomm missing.07:01
cptnI can also pick up distcc again if you don't have the time07:02
Romsteri'll think about it, and i'll be getting to it very soon this gtkmm was one of the few ports that needed looking into07:02
cptnsure, take your time07:03
cptna couple of days more certainly don't matter07:03
Romsterworking distcc is better than a broken one so i was holding off.07:03
cptndid you have problems with 3.0?07:03
Romsterwhen i tried it would not compile but alot of things on system have changed so i'll attempt again.07:04
cptnwell, it needed a little adjustment here but that was a quick fix07:04
Romsterand once/if i get that far i want to fully test it over my network before committing.07:04
cptnand I've not read about any troubles on the distcc mailing list07:04
cptnand it's been over four month since the release, so I'd expect someone would have complained by now07:04
Romsteri should be on that list the lvm2 list is high volume and imq list, i probably should be on all the MLs of every port i have.07:05
thrice`Rotwang: thanks for the stalonetray recommendation - tint + stalonetray works well :)07:06
Rotwangyw ;]07:07
Rotwangbtw. cmake -LH is similar to configure --help07:08
Rotwangif anyone ever wondered07:08
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sirmacikRomster: I have already done pangomm port works great, now I'm trying to build that gtkmm07:13
Romsterthis is not a race.07:15
Romstercptn, sorry i should of looked into it sooner.07:15
sirmacikRomster:  I know07:15
sirmacikbut I want to make today inkscape port07:16
thrice`I've never tried that app before07:16
Romsterwell if wait the ports be in contrib really soon.07:16
sirmacikI need to make some artworks for monday but tomorrow I'm going to visit my family for a few days so I'll have no time to do that for monday ;]07:20
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Romsteryeah i'm going out to family tomorrow myself.07:21
Romsteri think most are.07:21
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sirmacikso this is why I'm trying to do that update manually and it's looking like race ;]07:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: glibmm: 2.16.4 -> 2.18.107:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pangomm: new port for gtkmm07:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: gtkmm: 2.12.7 -> 2.14.307:27
sirmacikthx Romster!07:27
Romsterwish i woke up to ck4up using the old directory part again.07:28
thrice`geeze, lazy Germans taking today off :<07:40
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thrice`mmph.  in that case, I'll read more into git instead of working :>07:55
tilmangood choice07:58
Rotwangahh git, is there any git for dummies tutorial? ;]08:02
Rotwangwith pictures and short clips? ;]08:03
RotwangRomster: great! i've been looking for this one. thanks08:07
thrice`i do have a basic understanding, but with my luck, I'd blow up contrib or somethign :)08:11
Romstercan't be any worse than tilman had to fix in the past.08:11
Romstergo test in the sandbox.git?08:11
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Romsterif you do watch that video url up above you'll see you only need a handful of commands out of that huge list.08:13
Romsteronly learn by breaking stuff, i always say.08:13
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thrice`the upside to being at work with a skelleton crew, is that I upgraded my old P4 desktop with a 17" CRT to a dual athlon-64, 4-gigs of ram + 2 nvidia cards in SLI and a 24" LCD \o/08:57
sirmacikSo, Merry Christmas everyone ;]08:59
RedShiftthrice`: you were still working on a CRT?09:03
RedShiftthe pain...09:03
RedShiftI haven't worked on a CRT since 1999 or something09:03
ahmrahtcheerRedShift, i need you to explain to the girlfriend why i need to stop ruining my already ruint eyes with a CRT, and why i MUST have an LCD.09:04
RedShiftsay that you won't be able to enjoy her beauty anymore if your eyes are broken because of working on a CRT09:05
thrice`RedShift: at work I was, yes09:06
* Rotwang still works on a CRT09:06
thrice`I just started with this company 2 years ago or so, and didn't want to demand new stuff right away :>09:06
RedShiftahmrahtcheer: or you could go the other way, it's much easier to just do/buy what you want and apologize later than asking for permission09:07
RedShiftonce you get more XP at the apologizing part, it actually increases the chance at mating09:08
ahmrahtcheeri have lots of practice at apologizing:  i've been with the gf for 17 years :)09:11
ahmrahtcheer(i still make her apologize for having twins, though...that was NOT my fault)09:11
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thrice` /c15:59
thrice`d'oh :|16:00
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prologicMerry Christmas All!17:35
prologicAnd have a very fabulous Happy NEW Year!17:35
thrice`you too :)17:39
Rotwangi cant wait for new years eve17:41
Rotwangill be drinking whole day17:41
ahmrahtcheerwell gary is out from me getting him w/frying pan (lol!!) merry xmas everyone!!17:42
* rastar gets to enter the new before anyone here \o/17:42
thrice`drinking all day does sound like fun :)17:42
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Rotwangit certainly does17:43
* Rotwang wonders why we have OO binary port ;]17:45
Rotwangive seen readme tho17:46
thrice`because source sucks17:46
Rotwangqt4 sources has 100 MB OO is bit bigger17:47
Rotwangbut we compile qt417:47
thrice`does a qt4-bin exist? :>17:47
thrice`also, qt4 takes 20 minutes or so, while openoffice takes 6 hours or so17:48
Rotwangmore than 20 minutes17:48
Rotwangbut OO takes ~6 hours and thats scary ;]17:49
thrice`very :)  my poor laptop wouldn't survive17:53
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* teK is currently updating crux-2.4 to 2.5 on a live system by psysup18:11
teKalias psysup='prt-get sysup'18:21
teK< lazy18:21
rehabdollwell, its no big deal18:21
rehabdollthat's how ive upgraded all my system since 2.118:21
teKme, too but it's not mentioned in the handbook so I guess it's to be considered as a stunt18:22
rehabdoll2.6.28 \o/18:31
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namenlosthe problem is, that i cant upgrade, since my nvidia driver is not adapted to 2.6.28...18:35
namenlosnvidia should open the driver..18:35
teKwe won't even talk about ATI right now, eh?18:36
rehabdolluse the beta18:36
tilman<3 nvidia/ati ftw18:37
tilmanit just never gets old18:37
Rotwangati actualy builds w/ 28 ;]18:38
Rotwangat least it built with 2.6.28-zen from git some time ago18:39
tilmanzen schmen18:39
Rotwangi built qt4 with mismatch error so i added it via pkgadd18:41
Rotwangbut now if i remove qt4 and try to install it via prt-get depinst18:42
rehabdollLinux nibbler 2.6.28 #7 SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 25 01:35:11 CET 2008 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux18:42
Rotwangprt-get actualy tries to build it from source instead of installing a package18:42
Rotwangso how can i tell portget that qt4#something... is ok?18:43
namenlosone question: what is psysup?18:49
rehabdollalias for prt-get sysup :>18:49
namenlosaahh... now i get it..18:51
namenlosthis is what  alias psysup='prt-get sysup' meant ;)18:51
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tilmanthe 2.6.28 announcement is nice :D19:06
Rotwangpkgmk -uf thats it ;]19:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: getmail: fix footprint for python 2.619:19
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teKbtw: what's going to happen to viper's ports? There's an issue with zsh :)19:29
thrice`he's still around, no?19:30
teKaround, yes19:30
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rehabdollsomeone from india is currently downloading the 2.5 iso. maybe its arnuld! \o/19:51
aonah, good times...19:52
aon arnuld fortune file :)19:52
aonat one point it seemed that my work day mainly consisted of reading his newest blog post and splitting it into suitable chunks to put in there19:53
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_mavrick61Hi all.20:15
aonhi _mavrick6120:17
_mavrick61I wounder how cron really work. I have a lot of rsync jobs in daily but it seems cron start all job one by one. So if a job take long time the other suffer.?20:17
_mavrick61Hi aon. Dose everthing going well with Crux.. And the server?20:19
aoni suppose everything's ok20:20
_mavrick61Är du vaken så här dags...20:20
aondon't really know about the server20:20
_mavrick61Jul o allt...20:20
aonhehe, yeah, should go to bed :)20:21
_mavrick61I have hade a very nice x-mas evening any way...20:21
aonyep, it's been pretty nice here too20:22
_mavrick61Säger man "Hyvä joulu"20:23
aongod jul = hyvää joulua20:23
_mavrick61Aha.. I hade a relation with finish girl, several years ago.. So I did learn some words..20:25
_mavrick61But it is very complex language. Du Ni vi etc.. In finsih there are more "person former (SE)"20:26
_mavrick61Har to understand when to use whitch persona form.20:27
aonactually i think there are less :)20:27
_mavrick61Do you know how cron works.. Dose it take one task/job at the time.. Wait to execute next..20:27
aoni don't think so20:28
rehabdollgå o lägg er20:29
rehabdolldet ska jag göra20:29
_mavrick61Hmmm.. So i rember it wrong then.. Any how finsih is to complex for me.. I still rember how to say "I love you"20:29
aongn rehabdoll20:29
_mavrick61Nu är det snart Svenska Crux kanalaen20:29
aonfinnish has all sorts of strange forms, yep20:30
_mavrick61So.. In my case there is a cron job take very long time. And no other cron job i started. If I kill the "stalling" cron job next job starts?20:32
_mavrick61In cron/daily20:32
aonah right20:34
aonyeah, i think daily gets run one after another20:34
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thrice`aon: haha20:52
thrice`I missed arnuld :>20:52
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