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DarkNekrosMerry Xmas everybody ;)07:02
Rotwangto you too07:03
DarkNekrosthanks Rotwang ;)07:03
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spaceninjawhich packages do I need in order to run crux. I want avoid to installing kde10:55
spaceninjaI mean, to run kolourpaint10:55
* spaceninja is doing a depinst kdegraphics11:01
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pedjaMerry Christmas, everyone :)11:34
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pedjaAnyone else having problems building nvidia driver with kernel 2.6.28?11:35
rehabdollnot the latest beta11:50
rehabdolldont expect the "stable" to work though11:50
pedjaGentoo has a patch for 2.6.28.Would that be enough?11:52
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pedjaWith the (modified) zander's patch from, nvidia builds fine.12:18
pedjanow, lets see if it actually works :)12:18
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sepenhey, christmas13:48
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StarvinMarvinhi, anyone have mouse & keyboard problems with startx16:11
StarvinMarvinodd thing, crux installed fine, the keyboard works fine in the console (CLI) but when i run starx the mouse & keyboard are disabled, both before i run xorgconfig and after, xorg.0.log does not give an explanation why it does it, just that it is disableing the mouse & keyboard16:14
StarvinMarvindid i miss doing some procedure? like set a locale?16:14
nogagplzStarvinMarvin: perhaps in the Section "ServerLayout" part of your xorg.conf, you could add the line Option "AllowEmptyInput" "false" and restart X?16:16
StarvinMarvinok, will give it a shot, thanks16:17
StarvinMarvinbbiaf if it does not work16:17
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DaViruzusing a ati radeon card under linux, how much trouble am i looking at?18:06
DaViruzi tried it 4 or so years ago, and i don't think i've ever struggled as much with any driver..18:06
DaViruzunder crux, that is18:07
Rotwangcurrent propertiary ati driver from contrib wont work with current xorg-server18:08
Rotwangfrom xorg18:08
Rotwangbut you may try with open ati drivers18:08
DaViruzlast time i checked the open ati drivers were almost as bad as the propertiary ones :/18:10
DaViruzonly in a different way18:10
Rotwangwhat do you use atm?18:10
rehabdollwhat card is it?18:10
DaViruznvidia 7300GT at the moment, looking to get a ati HD485018:11
rehabdollah, well then you'll have some issues18:11
DaViruznvidia drivers have never given me any trouble though18:11
DaViruzso i'm not that eager to change to ati tbh18:12
rehabdollyour best bet is probably radeonhd. but it depends on what your needs are18:12
rehabdollr600 will soon be getting xvideo support in radeonhd \o/18:12
DaViruz"soon getting xv support" is not good enough i'm afraid :)18:13
rehabdolli bought a 2600hd last summer when they announced all the open docs18:14
rehabdolli've used it for about 4hrs in total :>18:14
DaViruzati released full specs?18:14
rehabdollyeah. not everything is released yet though18:15
DaViruzthat's got to be worth a few good guy-points at least :)18:15
rehabdoll3d stuff for r600/700 are still missing18:15
rehabdolland on newer chips that include stuff like xvideo18:15
rehabdollthe 3d docs (part of them) are in the final stages of legal approval from amd though18:16
rehabdollthe radeonhd devs already have them under NDA18:16
rehabdollso something usable should get pushed into a public git the moment they are released18:17
DaViruzsounds exciting18:17
DaViruzi'll look into it, thanks.. :)18:17 is a good resource for info regarding amd/ati and FOSS18:18
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rehabdolland also18:18
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DaViruzany proper documentation? that is not wiki and not blog.. :)18:20
DaViruzmaybe i'm old fashioned but i've always liked a good compability table..18:21
rehabdoll :>18:21
DaViruzthanks :)18:23
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rehabdollgod how i hate cdr's18:30
rehabdollwhats the point in having 52x drives when you have to force 4x to be able to actually read the discs?18:30
ahmrahtcheeryeah, that's a pain...then you rarely see anything more than 38x when reading a disc18:31
rehabdollmd5sum: /dev/sr0: Input/output error18:31
rehabdollthats 3/318:31
ahmrahtcheersorry, i're having to force to READ at 4x??  i force writes at 4x18:33
DaViruzhm? i've never had such issues with cdr18:34
DaViruzmaybe with crappy ones where the lamination barley survives touching it18:34
DaViruzlet alone trying to use a marker on it18:35
rehabdollsorry, i'm forcing writes at 4x18:35
rehabdollotherwise i cant read any of them18:35
rehabdollbut with these cd's not even that's working18:35
ahmrahtcheerrehabdoll, i routinely do that, regardless of what brand cd i'm using.  it works fine for me and i adhere to the old saying:  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."18:36
rehabdollthese are high quality super-market cds! :>18:36
rehabdollbranded fujifilm, Manufacturer: Acer Media Technology, Inc.18:36
rehabdolldrive is a plextor18:36
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Rotwangaon: have you gathered all the arnould stuff yourself? ;>19:00
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rehabdollwohoo, cd #7 was a success!19:20
RomsterStarvinMarvin may also of needed to recompile the input drivers to link to new xorg-server20:09
RomsterDaViruz, just downgrade xorg-server to the 1.4.x series to ise the ATi driver.20:10
Romsterrehabdoll, you must have something wring i can burn at 40x perfectly. you either have a crappy drive bad media or your pc can't keep up wit the data transfer.20:11
ahmrahtcheerbuffer overruns can be a problem at higher speeds20:12
RomsterDaViruz, xorg-server 1.4.2-120:13
Romsteris alli had to keep downgraded for the older legacy nvidia drivers i'd say ATi would also work whit that same trick, but you'll lack later xorg-server stuff until they fix there driver.20:14
Romstergonna upgrade kernel to 2.6.28 soon i read i have to mess with a patch for nvidia :/20:14
Romsterwhy can't nvidia test and update that stuff as the kernel is in rc stage...20:15
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rehabdollthey are usually quite quick to release a patched version just before or after a release of a new kernel20:27
Romsterwish i could say the same about legacy nvidia.20:33
Romsterprobably there new beta will work on new kernel at a guess.20:34
Romsteri'm still waking up before i do anything.20:34
Romsterstayed up all night because i couldn't sleep went all day at families on Christmas day and droped to bed when i got home and here i am now.20:35
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