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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: git: updated to
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Rotwangfirefox keeps segfaulting :\05:15
sepenRotwang, I'm using netscape-navigator precompiled binary ATM05:16
Rotwangi rebuilt xulrunner and firefox05:16
Rotwangim using arora05:16
sepenbah ffox problems05:16
sepenwell arora seems a good alternative but it still don't have rss or other protos support05:16
sepenI think I should install midori to test it too05:17
Rotwangsepen: is your pkg-not fully usable?05:19
Rotwangi need to do some home cleaning in my crux box05:19
sepenI think so05:23
Romsterwithout nss and nspr05:26
Romstermight be more stable for you.05:26
Romsteror use fiefox xulrunner out of there i think dcaf is 1 version behind.05:27
Romsteri find it still crashes sometimes.05:27
Romsterbut it might be one of my extensions.05:27
sepenRomster, ie: $ pkg-not /etc/ports/05:28
Rotwangsepen: it found /usr/bin/[, i guess ill have to remove it now ;D05:29
sepenmaybe a regexp issue?05:29
Romster[ is valid.05:29
Rotwangits pretty slow :\ but it works ;]05:29
sepen$ pkginfo -o /usr/bin/[05:30
sepenpkginfo: error compiling regular expression '/usr/bin/[', aborting05:30
sepenthat could be the problem05:31
sepenthis does the trick $ pkginfo -o "/usr/bin/\["05:31
Romsterhmm the shell is interpreting it.05:32
Romstereither "/usr/bin/[" or /usr/bin/\[ should work "/usr/bin/\[" is over kill.05:32
Romstersingle '' wont parse the \ as a escape.05:33
sepen$ grep '/usr/bin/[' /var/lib/pkg/db05:33
sepengrep: Unmatched [ or [^05:33
sepenthis is the bug05:33
Romsterhmm '/usr/bin/\[' seems to work.05:34
Romsterodd maybe grep reads it for some special purpose.05:35
Romstergrep: Unmatched [ or [^05:35
sepenI can't see any result for $ grep '/usr/bin/\[' /var/lib/pkg/db05:35
sepenbut db has a line referencing to /usr/bin/[05:36
Rotwangsepen: escaping anything in ' ' wont work05:38
sepen$ grep 'usr/bin/\[' /var/lib/pkg/db05:38
sepenheheh I should remove the first /05:38
Rotwanggrep still interprets it05:39
Romsteregrep 'usr/bin/\[' /var/lib/pkg/db05:42
Rotwangfgrep 'usr/bin/[' /var/lib/pkg/db05:43
Romsterit's normal grep that wont interpret the \05:43
Rotwanggrep 'usr/bin/\[' works too05:43
Romsteroh it does too strange why didn't it before.05:44
Romsteri think i must of typed it as /usr/bin/\[05:44
Romsterout of habbit.05:45
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Rotwangkwin from svn crashes all the time :<09:31
rehabdoll yay, new cdr media09:31
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syslogdIs it possible to chroot into the ISO file?09:40
rehabdollsure, if you unsquash the "filesystem" on the cd09:40
rehabdollthere is a unsquash binary on the cd09:40
syslogdgreat, I'll try that09:41
syslogdI want to install CRUX without burning it on CD. So I want to mount /dev and /proc and then chroot into the CD to install it. Would that be possible?09:42
syslogdOk, seems to be possible:
Rotwangsyslogd id go with that^09:43
syslogdThanks for your hints. ツ09:43
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syslogdI tried to mount my just created ext4 partition in the chroot but I got this message: mount: unknown filesystem type 'ext4'09:56
syslogdDoesn't CRUX support ext4?09:56
thrice`what do you mean by "support?"09:56
syslogdBeing able to mount it.09:56
thrice`I have a mkfs.ext4 here09:57
syslogdI'll try to mount it on Ubuntu.09:57
thrice`ext4 wasn't marked stable until 2.6.28, which was just released yesterday09:57
syslogdsudo mount /dev/sda3 squashfs-root/mnt09:57
syslogdIsn't working either here.09:58
syslogdYep, I have already migrated my Gentoo machine to 2.6.28. ツ09:58
syslogdHm. Can I use ext3 and convert it later to ext4?09:58
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thrice`I'm not sure, honestly.  I use jfs :>09:58
syslogdIs it faster than ext3 or ext4?09:59
rehabdoll(you can convert ext3 to ext4)10:03
* rehabdoll runs ext4 on / :>10:03
syslogdOk, CRUX now installs the packages. Will it be possible to later recompile these packages?10:03
syslogdrehabdoll: thanks10:03
Rotwanghow do i enable flash in opera? 0o10:06
syslogdRotwang: I got it working but it often crashed the browser. I simply emerged the package and then it recognized it automatically. I have only tried that on Gentoo.10:09
RedShiftrehabdoll: I can imagine that's a pretty static filesystem, so not a real test?10:09
RedShiftflash stability should have been improved with 9.510:10
thrice`rehabdoll: running ok ?10:10
RedShift(9.5 of opera that is)10:11
syslogdRedShift: No, I have tried all versions I could find. None of them was really stable with Opera. Now I am using Mozilla Firefox and never had any crashes yet caused by Flash.10:12
RedShiftwell, complain to adobe then10:12
syslogdRedShift: Oh, you meant Opera. Yes, I think it was Opera-related (I did not upgrade Opera for half a year. Probably it is fixed now)10:12
syslogdRedShift: Yeah, I hope they'll open-source it sometime. ツ10:13
RedShiftluckily people stopped making whole sites in flash10:14
rehabdollso far, yes (touch wood)10:14
RedShiftthat was freaking annoying10:14
syslogdThere is a nice extension for Firefox that replaces all Flash windows with a small image that only loads the Flash window when you click it. I hate Flash ads and videos loading automatically when you enter a page. Now everything loads much faster (when I had opened 5 YouTube pages at once before, the CPU usage climbed at 100% :()10:17
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syslogdIs there a difference between make all and make when compiling the kernel?10:30
syslogdDoes the new kernel already include the fastboot patches?10:30
RedShift2.6.28 contains some patches to decrease boottime, yes, but I doubt you'll notice very much of it10:33
RedShiftcrux already boots lightning fast :-)10:33
rehabdollthe crux kernel is plain vanilla10:42
cptnunfortunately, opera 9.63 still seems pretty unstable when it comes to flash sites10:52
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thrice`hooray, new git11:02
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RedShiftrehabdoll: I meant upstream11:17
thrice`i'll wait a few days for or so :)11:18
thrice`ext4 doesn't excite me too much11:20
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teKdid (on purpose?) the permissions of /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.cache change?12:01
teK[tek@basra][/var/lib/pkg]% /usr/bin/prt-cache sysup --test12:03
teKSystem is up to date12:03
teK[tek@basra][/var/lib/pkg]% sudo /usr/bin/prt-cache sysup --test12:03
teK*** prt-cache: test mode12:03
teKI also tried  chmodding prt-get.cache to  64412:03
thrice`no clue, as I don't use prt-cache.  regardless, semes 644 would do it12:08
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thrice`hi f1y12:09
rehabdolloh, downloading sources when building a iso is sooo much fun12:15
thrice`new 64-bit iso ?12:15
rehabdollit feels a bit scary to be running ext4 without a cd that can handle it :)12:20
thrice`the 2.5 shoudl handle it, no?12:21
rehabdolltheres no ext4 suppor in the bootkernel afaik12:21
thrice`well, I guess it'd need to be in the kernel also12:22
rehabdollalso, dunno if you can mount a ext4-fs as ext4dev12:22
thrice`yes, that's what I thought of after commenting.  maybe not safely, if at all :>12:23
rehabdolli thought i'd test some ext4 patches for grub12:26
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Rotwangwoah!! kde from svn is really nice!12:35
thrice`hurray! :>12:35
thrice`finished the ports?12:36
* f1y prefers dwm... [;12:36
Rotwangthrice`: ports are basicaly ready12:36
thrice`nice :)  did you keep it pretty lean? (or is that impossible:P )12:37
f1yMust be a mess imo.12:38
Rotwangthrice`: im doing what i can ;]12:41
thrice`neat :)12:45
Rotwangbox cube switching desktops is great12:46
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jaegerokami walkthrough, heh13:41
jaegersuch a fun game13:41
jaegerneither of those shots are particularly KDE-centric, though13:43
Rotwangthey are kwin composite fancy effects centric ;]13:44
syslogdWhat do I have to do in order to get the mouse working in
rehabdolli bought okami for wii, only played for an hour or two :/13:46
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jesse_teK: I also noticed some behavioral changes with 2.5's sudo13:46
syslogdI do not have a xorg.conf here - X11 started out-of-the-box.13:46
jesse_It appears to change permissions unless I am running prt-get or pkgadd specifically through sudo -s13:47
Rotwangrehabdoll: shame on you! okami is one of the best games i played ever13:47
Rotwangsyslogd: you can put serverflags section to xorg.conf only and it should work13:48
syslogdBy the way, the packages of IceWM are pretty outdated (2005). They even require imlib1 (which failed to install here). I just changed the version number and used prt-get to compile it - and it worked! ツ13:48
syslogdRotwang: How do I generate an xorg.conf? On Gentoo there is xorgcfg, here I can only use the text-based equivalent xorgocnfig.13:49
Rotwangi dont remember X -configure or sth like that13:50
syslogdX11 autodetects all my settings. Can I use it to generate my xorg.conf13:50
Rotwangbut you dont have to have complete xorg.conf13:50
Rotwangyou can put only one section and it will work13:50
syslogdX -configure is giving me a black screen.13:51
cptnsyslogd: from what I can see, one of the two icewm ports is at 1.2.3413:51
cptni.e. latest non-testing version13:51
syslogdcptn: I tried both. None of them worked.13:52
syslogdbut 1.3.2 does13:52
cptnI don't use icewm myself13:53
syslogdRotwang: Luckily I also have Ubuntu installed on this machine. I will simply try to use its xorg.conf13:53
syslogdcptn: Me neither, but IceWM is perfectly for my moms computer because of its low footprint.13:54
syslogdWhat annoys me is that the HDD turns off after some minutes of inactivity.13:55
syslogdCan I use hdparm to disable that?13:55
Rotwangopenbox is good for older pc as well i think13:55
syslogdYeah, but for IceWM there is a nice Vista-like theme.13:55
syslogdHm. I tried the xorg.conf of Ubuntu but keyboard and mouse are still not working.13:57
syslogdNeither does ctrl-alt-backspace.13:58
Rotwangallowemptyinput is my guess13:59
Rotwanggoogle it ;]13:59
syslogdGoogling with w3m is not that comfortable. :D14:00
jesse_xorg devs must be keen on moving everyone to evdev :p14:00
syslogdAh, I found something. It only works if HAL is started.14:01
syslogdSeems to be a bug.14:01
syslogdYay, it is working.14:03
syslogdThanks Rotwang for the hint.14:03
syslogdOk, next problem: My mother needs Gimp but it does not compile correctly because it depends on gegl that has a different footprint on my machine.14:09
syslogdI'll try to delete that .footprint file.14:09
syslogdI am wondering why everything is so fast here. URxvt starts in <1s. Even my Gentoo machine is slower (5s) which is far more optimized (CFLAGS, USE flags, etc.)14:11
syslogdAnd the RAM usage also is very impressive.14:11
syslogdFirefox and 10 terminals are started and just 50 MB RAM usage.14:12
syslogdOn Ubuntu that would have been 300 MB!14:12
thrice`Rotwang: nice :>14:12
thrice`well, minus being in #archlinux :P14:13
syslogdOk, gegl is now compiled.14:14
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teKany known solution to compile virtualbox on 2.5?14:25
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rehabdoll<bridgman> you should see Xv support arrive pretty soon; it's at the point where it "should work" and nobody is quite sure why it doesn't, ie coding is finished and almost everything works ;(14:35
syslogdI've had a footprint error again. How can I disable those footprint checks?14:43
rehabdollbut its better to use something like prt-get -if instead14:44
rehabdollthey are actually useful sometimes14:44
syslogdOk. Thanks.14:45
syslogdBut I do not want to recompile all apps twice just because of a footprint error.14:45
thrice`you don't hav eto14:45
thrice`just pkgadd it manually14:45
cptnor use 'prt-get -uf'14:46
rehabdollcd into ports and do pkgmk -r -uf14:46
cptnthis will update the the footprint without rebuilding, and then call pkgadd14:46
syslogdThanks, I will try that.14:46
syslogdOk, Gimp works. Now I have to get the scanner working.14:49
syslogdDoes CRUX have ports for that already?14:49
syslogdI do not remember the name of the scanner utility. How is it called?14:51
cptnthe first hit for "scanner linux" looks good14:51
cptnotherwise, you can use 'prt-get dsearch scanner -vv"14:52
syslogdxsane is what I was looking for ツ14:52
Rotwangsyslogd: what is the ツ character?14:53
cptnxsane is a frontend to sane14:54
cptnbut typically, you want these two yes14:54
syslogdIt was supposed to be a smiley but something went wrong. I think it is because of my termcap.14:54
syslogdcptn: Yes, I need support in Gimp.14:55
syslogd*scanner support14:55
syslogdIs there a fast UI file manager without much dependencies just like PCManFM?14:56
Rotwangpcmanfm is in contrib14:56
syslogdHm. Is there a way to set a preferred sourceforge server? I have to try prt-get about 5 times before it begins to download something.15:01
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syslogdOr can I set an timeout to make it a bit faster retrying other servers?15:01
Rotwangput mirror to /etc/hosts15:02
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rehabdollthis is my line in pkgmk.conf: PKGMK_WGET_OPTS="-T 5 --no-check-certificate"15:05
syslogdOk, I will try that.15:08
syslogdIn which file are the locales specified? Can I simply add LC_ALL to /etc/rc.conf or is there a better way doing this?15:26
jesse_Define it in your shell's rc file.15:27
syslogdAnd how do I set it globally?15:28
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syslogdHm. I have changed the LC_ALL and LANG variables but all applications are still in English. How do I find out which locales are available e.g. for GIMP?16:21
Rotwangcrux lacks nls support16:22
thrice`[on purpose]16:22
syslogdHm. Is there a way to fix it for some applications? The problem is that my mother does not speak any English and was used to a full-localized GNOME desktop before (Ubuntu).16:24
cptnyou can change the Pkgfiles16:25
cptnbut you'll have to do this for all future updates to come16:25
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syslogdSo I just have to add --enable-nls to these Pkgfiles?16:27
syslogdIs there something like USE flags for CRUX?16:27
syslogdWill --enable-nls compile the application with all locales?16:29
syslogdOr can I choose them anywhere?16:30
cptnit will compile all16:30
cptnmaybe you'll need NLS specific tools too16:30
cptngettext is in core, maybe that's enough16:31
cptndepends on the software I guess16:31
syslogdSo I do not have to recompile GIMP with the --enable-nls parameter?16:32
cptnyes, you have to16:33
cptnplus its dependencies I guess16:33
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syslogdHow do I use sed recursively?16:43
cptnyou can use sed on multiple files16:44
cptnbut that's kinda off topic here16:44
Rotwangsyslogd: you can do something like sed -i 's/something/something else/' /usr/ports/*/*/Pkgfile16:46
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syslogdRotwang: Hm. Will that also work in Bash? I think I am going to use a for loop that uses the "find" command.16:48
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Rotwangyes that exactly what bash does16:49
Rotwangexpands *16:49
syslogdHm. What's wrong with that command: find /usr/ports/ -name Pkgfile -type f -exec "sed -i~ 's/--disable-nls/--enable-nls/g'" { } \ ;16:54
syslogdIt says find: missing argument to `-exec'16:54
syslogdcool, somebody has ported USE flags to CRUX:
Rotwangsyslogd: you need to put \ directly in front of ;16:59
thrice`finally! use flags on crux17:03
syslogdYes, I hope it is going integrated sometime.17:04
cptnsyslogd: you realize this post is from 2006?17:05
cptnnot having use flags is one of the features of crux17:05
cptnjust like not having NLS17:05
cptnso it's pretty safe to say that those won't be integrated into CRUX anytime soon17:05
syslogdRotwang: Ok, I'd like to be notified which file it is currently working at but this is giving me an error: find /usr/ports/ -name Pkgfile -exec echo "$i\n" && sed $i -i~ "s/--disable-nls/--enable-nls/g" {} \;    find: missing argument to `-exec'17:06
syslogdcptn: Why is not having NLS a feature?17:06
Rotwangsyslogd: it needs to be interpreted by bash17:06
Rotwangsyslogd: why you simply wont do as i told you?17:06
syslogdRotwang: Because I want it to output the filename too17:07
cptnsyslogd: have a look at
cptnit describes the goals of CRUX, and has a separate chapter for new users17:07
cptnquote: "Also, especially new users sometimes confuse a deliberately omitted feature with a lack thereof and suggest it as an "improvement" ..."17:08
cptnthis might explain a few things17:08
Rotwangsyslogd: for i in /usr/ports/*/*/Pkgfile; do echo $i; sed -i "s/--disable-nls/--enable-nls/g" $i;done17:09
thrice`also, simply adding --enable-nls will NOT give you locales across the board17:10
thrice`as many times, locales are removed after building (eg, rm -rf $PKG/usr/share/locale in Pkgfiles17:11
syslogdRotwang: thanks17:12
syslogdOh, is it always this command, thrice`?17:13
syslogdOk, as I see there are even patches if you look at PCManFM's Pkgfile. :(17:14
syslogdI think I will have to do customize the Pkgfiles manually.17:14
cptntrue, there's patches, sed expressions, and configure options17:15
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syslogdCan I start all daemons asynchronously?17:34
syslogdDHCP takes very long to start.17:34
syslogdOr should I use & to start it in the background?17:34
Rotwanguse rc_color ;>17:38
Rotwangsyslogd: by default you cant do that17:38
Rotwangbut you can w/ customized rc scripts17:38
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syslogdHow do I enable localization in Mozilla Firefox? I could not find anything where NLS is disabled neither in the xulrunner nor in the firefox Pkgfile.18:00
cptnwell, maybe you should ask in a mozilla channel...18:02
syslogdGood idea.18:10
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