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f1yHi there.03:47
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f1yDoes anyone have flash support for opera?04:05
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f1yMine doesnt find plugin at all, nevertheless, what path is in preferences.04:06
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f1yThere's md5sum mismatch for vim-7.2.tar.bz2 in core/vim. Should be "556572edfda7a319541a3bc860c7fd36" instead of "f0901284b338e448bfd79ccca0041254".05:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: hplip: port dropped10:14
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Rotwanghow to set up hp deskjet printer? :x10:55
sirmacikCould someone update mpd port in contrib?10:57
RyoSRotwang: cups?10:57
Rotwangsirmacik: ask maintainer!10:58
RotwangRyoS: cups10:58
Rotwang+ hpijs10:58
Rotwangso i use this url http://localhost:631/10:58
Rotwangadd printer->fill forms10:58
Rotwangprinter is connected via usb10:59
Rotwangits powered on10:59
Rotwangthen i choose device10:59
Rotwangand thats it11:00
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Rotwangnothing more happens11:00
Rotwangit seems my device isnt listed there11:00
Rotwangshould i run hpijs?11:00
tilmandoesn't your printer speak postscript?11:01
cptnsirmacik: could you file a bug report?11:01
tilmanif so: epic fail at choosing the right product!11:01
Rotwangtilman: i have no idea ;]11:01
cptnsirmacik: if possible, with an updated port11:01
Rotwangi know nothing about printing and cant find much help on google as well11:02
tilmanthere's linuxprinting.org11:02
tilmanbut surely googling for "hp deskjet $MODEL postscript" will show something :>11:02
sirmacikcptn: ok, I'll do that11:02
cptnsirmacik: great, thanks11:03
sirmacikcptn: should I replace maintainer line with my name?11:05
tilmansirmacik: no, not yet :]11:05
sirmacikok ;]11:05
sirmacikthere is still problem with ffmpeg and x26411:08
sirmacikshould I disable it in configure to successfuly build mpd?11:13
sirmacikor should I wait for somebofy to fix the problem with x264? ;]11:14
RyoSwhatever you like best11:15
sirmacikok, so I'll disable that11:15
sirmacikthx RyoS11:15
cptnwell, if there's a problem with x264 it's probably a good idea to file a bug too11:16
tilman ?11:16
tilmanis it that one?11:16
cptnmpd doesn't have an x264 related patch IIRC11:17
sirmaciktilman: I think that it is similar problem11:18
cptnwell, mplayer needed a patch, and the recent x264 update fixed it so the patch is not needed anymore11:18
cptnhow would this relate to mpd?11:19
tilmanmplayer just came to my mind when i read 'ffmpeg'11:19
sirmacikmpd gives this ^ output11:20
cptnmmmh, linker problem...11:21
cptnsirmacik: I think you just have to rebuild ffmpeg on your system11:22
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sirmacikI have done it today11:22
cptnit looks like you've updated x264 afterwards though11:23
sirmacikk, I'll11:23
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sirmacikI'll rebuild ffmpeg one more time11:25
cptnyou can also run ldd /usr/lib/libavcodec.so11:26
cptnI'm pretty sure it'll give you an error...11:26
sirmacik" => not found11:26
RedShift*scream music from horror movie*11:26
rehabdollBootstrap completed  (2008-12-27 18:25:12) \o/11:29
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cptnsirmacik: mpd 0.14 builds here with latest ffmpeg and x26411:41
pomyslI have rebuilded ffmpeg and x264 again and now I'm trying to build mpd11:43
pomyslsirmacik here11:43
pomysl\o/ It worked, I have build mpd successfuly, thx cptn11:43
pomyslNow I'll report it ;]11:44
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rehabdoll <- x86_64 with 2.6.2811:48
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Rotwangfook yeah!11:55
Rotwangi maked it ;}11:56
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rehabdolloops, "module ide-disk not found"12:00
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sirmaciknew task added.. 401 ^^12:11
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rehabdollnew iso incase someone still uses pata disks :>12:46
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Yarozeanyone in here with a ppc machine?15:58
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sirmacikDo You mind to add full ext4 support to CRUX?18:50
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rehabdollthere is19:00
rehabdolljust make sure you run 2.6.2819:00
rehabdolle2fsprogs support it19:00
rehabdolljust not the kernel on the iso :)19:00
sirmacikmy kerne supports ext4 and grub now too19:01
sirmacikbut ext2progs from repo not :<19:01
rehabdollhuh? 1.41.3 supports ext4 just fine19:02
rehabdollopt/grub probably need some patching to be able to boot from a ext4 fs19:03
sirmacikyes I had patched grub with that patch19:04
* rehabdoll is running ext4 just fine19:05
sirmacikso I have to look at some migrating to ext4 article again ;]19:07
sirmacikthx rehabdoll19:08
rehabdollbtw, does anybody have our drunk penguin as a jpg or something?19:17
rehabdollthe link on is dead19:18
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rehabdollgermans.. :D20:45
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