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FireAgeHi, I was wondering if someone here has a minute to answer a question I have regarding ports. I would like to know if it is possible to only use selected ports from a repository. For instance repository rep_a has ports port_a, port_b, port_c. When adding the httpup/rsync for this repository, I would like it to only download port_a when doing a ports -u. Is this possible?04:30
sirmacikHi all04:30
RotwangFireAge: dont think so04:33
FireAgeHmm, too bad, I know I can tell prt-get to only use selected ports, but I would like to decrease the amount of files on my drive (no real reason but cleanliness)04:34
RotwangFireAge: you can play with sepens mult driver04:34
Rotwangi hope he doesnt mind04:35
FireAgeHmm, looks interesting, I'll have a look at it, thanks.04:36
RedShiftFireAge: or you could just ports -u, cp what you need and rm the rest04:47
Rotwangbut if he will do another ports -u previous state will be back04:48
FireAgeYeah, that seems kinda pointless to me. I could make an update script to remove the stuff, but that would yield only more write operations. It's not the HD space I really care about, it's the pointlessness of downloading things I do not need.04:50
FireAgeAnyway, thanks for the feedback, I'm off again.04:56
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rehabdollawesome, i get better 2d performance with radeonhd and shadowfb than with my nvidia card :D05:38
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jesse_Just imagine what was going on at nv's HQ. "chief, 2d perfomance is not as good as it should. So what? 2d is dead" :D05:42
Rotwang2d sleeps with the fishes05:46
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cjgi'm looking for the .config of busybox, can anyone help me?07:11
rehabdolli think its in the iso.git repo07:12
cjgyes it is07:13
rehabdollthats the one i use on my x86_64 iso07:13
cjgapplets/applets.c:26:2: error: #error Aborting compilation.07:15
cjgprobably there is something to know to build it on ppc07:15
rehabdollnot a very verbose error message :)07:26
cjgbut do i need uclibc to build a static busybox?07:27
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bughunter2hi, how can i recompile a package and make sure pkgmk waits with compiling so that i can make my own modifications?07:29
Rotwangid put read KEY to Pkgfile07:30
bughunter2well yeah possible07:30
bughunter2i have a package i don't want the bleeding edge version from, and i want to apply a patch07:30
bughunter2so thats' why :)07:30
jesse_Edit the port's Pkgfile, then recompile it.07:32
bughunter2jesse_: yeah like Rotwang  said07:32
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sirmacikwhat do you think about put netris in opt with this set of patches?08:19
sirmacikIt gives some new options as play new game without restarting program08:21
sirmacikand few bug fixes08:21
bughunter2hey i got firefox installed but theres no *.desktop file in /usr/share/applications08:22
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cptnsirmacik: we don't add features in ports09:23
cptnthat's the job of upstream09:23
cptnif you think a feature should be in a program, ask the authors, not the maintainer09:23
pomyslthx cptn09:24
pomyslbut you're adding new features in some programs ;]09:25
pomysllike grub09:25
pomyslbut I'll do what you said09:26
cptnwell yes, there's some ports that don't really live up to that goal09:26
cptngrub (1) is pretty much unmaintained though09:27
cptnand since it was widely used, I guess the maintainer decided to add the patches from other distributions09:27
pomyslI know ;]09:28
pomyslSo... I'll ask... what do you recommend, lilo or grub?09:29
cptnwell, lilo is enough for many cases09:30
cptnbut grub's menu is very powerful09:30
cptnI often start with lilo because I know its configuration better09:31
cptnand eventually switch to grub09:31
f1yGrub pwnz [;09:31
cptnI hope grub2 will be the definite bootloader in the future09:32
cptnalthough it seems they're adding a lot of stuff into the bootloader...09:34
pomyslI think for now grub has bad situation, grub 1 isn't developed and grub 2 isn't very stable :<09:34
f1yHope, there won't be some silly and unnecessary stuff... Boot loader has to be small and quick imo.09:35
f1yLet's give some time to devs and see what they create in future [;09:36
f1yIt is hard to discuss about sth without trying it, though09:36
pomyslThey'll release new Linux distribution to start your favorite distro :>09:37
f1yA great feature of grub anyway, is simplicity of menu.lst and powerful menu.09:37
pomysland changing kernel without running lilo :F09:38
f1ypomysl: Yeah, but this bootloader Linux distro has to have X with KDE4 from svn :)09:38
f1yAnd imagine editing grub menu with openoffice, blah.09:39
pomysland watching films during your ext partition check :F09:40
pomyslor playing space invaders during booting :F09:42
pomyslan explication of idea from arch09:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: warzone2100: add missing dep libvorbis09:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ndiswrapper: add patch for linux-2.6.27 closes bug #39409:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ndiswrapper: add the actual patch...09:58
Rotwangdevil gate trials taks ages to finish :< (okami)09:59
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bughunter2hey, is crux' freetype compiled with the bytecode interpreter by default?12:19
Rotwanglook at teh port12:20
* bughunter2 tries to look at teh port, but is clueless about what Rotwang means12:21
bughunter2Rotwang: you mean the Pkg file?12:22
bughunter2Rotwang: i don't find anything in there12:23
Rotwangso thats not question about is crux's freetype ... but the question is frretyp ...12:25
bughunter2Rotwang: well i guess i don't know then12:25
bughunter2but i hoped one could elaborate on it12:25
tilmanthe bytecode interpreter is disabled in opt/freetype12:30
bughunter2tilman: is there an easy way to enable it? i think i have to add a "read" to the Pkgfile in order to make it pause before compilation so that i can modify freetype's configuration, right?12:31
jaegerwhy would you do that instead of just making the changes you need in the Pkgfile?12:32
bughunter2jaeger: like, how?12:32
jaegerfigure out what you need to do to enable the bytecode interpreter and then make the steps in the Pkgfile build() function do it for you12:32
bughunter2i could, but theres no reason12:32
bughunter2since i first would have to extract freetype's sources, then make my patch, and make the Pkgfile apply it12:33
jaegersure, there's a reason. the next freetype update will undo your changes unless you make your own version of the port and keep it updated, or lock the package12:33
jaegerwell, in the end it's up to you to do it whatever way you like12:34
bughunter2well i see what you mean12:34
bughunter2it's a good valid reason12:34
cptnthere's a freetype build with bytecode enabled in the 'rho' repository12:34
cptnyou could probably use that one12:34
bughunter2thanks cptn12:34
cptnadding reads to Pkgfiles sounds like a pretty bad idea though12:42
bughunter2cptn: i know, but i would use it as a temporary solution and remove the read12:43
bughunter2but we discussed better solutions above ^12:43
jesse_Indeed. Start a process, pause it, meddle with it midway, then resume it... Call me crazy but it is a hassle :p12:44
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Rotwangi rarely use read in pkgfiles to quickly fix problem12:44
jesse_Hassles are what crux's design tries to avoid.12:44
Rotwangits the quickest way imo12:44
jesse_Of course, it is perfectly compatible with KISS.12:44
jesse_All I can say is someone got rather creative in 'improving' a port :p12:47
tilmani won't say anything because i'd just rant and curse :p12:48
cptnwell, it just depends whether you're interested in a quick hack, or a solution :-)12:48
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RedShift <- I wanna go all KISS on those12:50
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rehabdollRedShift: these too?:
RedShiftawesome erection killer12:53
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obblhi there16:26
obblcan anybody help me with X. I upgraded from 2.3 to 2.4, then 2.5 and my X is not working. Graphical mode is coming up fine, but mouse/keyboard is dead. did something change there?16:28
jaegerOption "AllowEmptyInput" "false"16:29
obbldoes that only mean, that X aborts, if it doesn't find any input device?16:30
jaegerI don't know the details, sorry16:31
jaegerprobably part of the xorg people wanting everyone to use evdev or something16:31
obblok, I'll give it a try.16:31
obblthat's another point. I didn't check the mailing list and linux at all for longer time...udev/hotplug changed too?? :(16:32
jaegerseems like udev changes every release :P16:34
obbland whats the current name? then I know what to search for in Google ;-)16:35
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jaegerof udev? udev :)16:38
obblahh, ok :) and what's the substitute for hotplug? X works now...thanks!16:40
jaegerI don't think it's needed now, I haven't really kept up16:40
obblwhen my scanner device needs some special user rights, where can I change them without hotplug? in /etc/udev/rules.d/ ?16:45
jaegerno idea there, sorry16:48
obblok, thanks anyway! I have to do a final reboot now and then go to bed. bye!16:50
* obbl rebooting16:50
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