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ahmrahtcheerhowdy sepen01:18
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tilmanthrice`: yeah. apparently my system is even so leet that i can just echo mem > /sys/proc/state03:38
tilmanthrice`: don't even need to unload anything!03:38
tilmanthrice`: i'm using iwl3945 too, btw... so maybe you can kick that module out of the blacklist in your setup03:38
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spaceninjawhich packages do I need to run a *.jar program?05:03
spaceninjait's some kind of java app05:03
tilmanopt/jre at least05:03
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spaceninjaBelieve it or not, I've acctually done some reading about it. It says it requires J2SDK05:08
tilmanspaceninja: to just _run_ a java app, you usually need the java runtime environment (JRE)05:08
tilmanif you want to develop with java, you need the SDK (software development kit)05:08
tilmananyway, the sdk is in opt/jdk05:09
spaceninjaok, thanks, btw it's jdraw05:10
tilmanspaceninja: install opt/jre and then run 'java foobar.jar'05:10
tilmanor maybe 'java -jar foobar.jar'05:11
spaceninjait worked with -jar, thx05:11
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spaceninjait's not as good as kolourpaint :p05:18
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wentamwhen i boot from the cd, i can't hit enter to continue, becuase the keyboard does nothing at that point09:42
jaegerusb keyboard?09:43
wentammy mouse initializes there just not keyboard, though the mouse does nothing n e way, the optacal light just turns on09:44
wentamand the num/caps lock light won't turn on09:44
wentami don't think this makes a difference but i curently using ubuntu09:46
jaegerit shouldn't make a difference, linux isn't even loaded at that point09:47
wentami know09:47
jaegerit would likely be a bios issue or a bug in the boot loader09:47
jaegerhard to troubleshoot09:47
wentamya, it worked b409:47
wentamis it possible to use the crux cd as a live cd?09:47
jaegerit's a very limited live cd, but yes09:47
wentamjust type in the connamd for starting x i guess09:48
wentambut i have to get there first....09:48
jaegermore limited than that, heh09:48
jaegerit doesn't have x packages09:48
jaegerit's only intended for installs or rescues, really09:48
wentamsooner or later i want to convert to crux, but it might help to have it working09:49
wentamso play with bios?09:50
wentamto try to get it to work09:50
jaegerperhaps there's a newer bios for your motherboard09:53
jaegermight be worth a try09:53
jaegeror even try a different keyboard09:53
wentami don't know what the model my motherboard is...09:53
wentamand this was theonly keboard with a long enough cord for my desk to computer...09:54
wentammabye its with the crux cd, becuase i've kept my bios setting the same and it juast quit working09:56
wentamthe handbook nor the faq mentions this tjhough...09:59
jaegerI suppose it could be a cd problem though I've no idea what10:02
jaegerit's a standard el torito boot cd10:02
Cr0n0Please.How do I enable the Numlock key at startup? text console10:08
wentamhmm i did a google search and alot of people have the same problem but of course not all with linux10:08
wentamyet no solution so far10:09
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cptnlEEs: check out setleds10:54
cptnI think it does what you want10:55
cptnalso, if you do a google search for "linux enable numlock text mode" the first hit gives a nice overview10:56
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lEEscptn: thx numlock is always ON ;)11:02
Ovim-ObscurumHey guys11:05
Ovim-ObscurumI fixed my problem with madwifi ;)11:05
Ovim-ObscurumIn 2.6.28 there was a kernel module for my wireless lan card - so I don't need madwifi any longer :D11:06
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luxhawesome setup12:30
Ovim-Obscurum200 PS3s? :D12:32
Ovim-ObscurumOh my god. *G*12:32
ahmrahtcheertime to switch from md5sum to RSA :)12:33
Ovim-ObscurumSeems to be so.12:34
teKI knew SONY was teh evil12:46
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syslogdWhich applications require bin86?13:05
Rotwangprt-get dependent --all bin8613:05
tilmani suspect we should have removed it from core when lilo stopped depending on it13:07
syslogdI am trying to build a lightweight CRUX system with BusyBox and uClibc. Is this possible?13:12
syslogdIn the beginning I only want to install the necessary applications because later everything has to be recompiled and linked against uClibc.13:13
syslogdSo I guess I need autoconf, automake, bash. The rest rather looks not to be necessary since I want to use BusyBox instead of GNU's awk, etc.13:14
syslogdOk, but for building BusyBox I probably need the GNU tools. Hm.13:16
syslogdI have an idea. I simply use all core packages despite of some exceptions (bc, bin86, lilo,...) and then setup BusyBox. Having done so, I will uninstall dhcpcd, grep, and all the other GNU tools and replace them with their BusyBox equivalents.13:18
syslogdOr is there a better way to go?13:19
cptnsyslogd: there used to be a uclibc based variant of crux13:28
cptncalled uCRUX13:28
cptnso it's definitely possible13:28
Ovim-ObscurumAnd it works ;)13:42
Ovim-ObscurumI tried it on an 48613:42
Ovim-ObscurumThat machine was used for a long time as IRC server ;)13:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: asciidoc: version update13:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: filezilla: update14:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: source-highlight: update14:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: tmw: update\!14:21
Ovim-ObscurumYay! Gleich mal updaten14:22
Ovim-ObscurumEh, I meant: I'm going to update this right now. :D14:23
morlenxusOk folks, i need to say goodby.14:23
morlenxusUsed crux since ~2001 and now switching my last computer to debian.14:23
Ovim-ObscurumOha :D14:24
Rotwangmorlenxus: why? :{14:24
Ovim-ObscurumI'm using Debian too, on servers like SUN 280R and such.14:24
morlenxusWell not enough time for it anymore.14:24
Ovim-ObscurumAnd on my thin-client, because installing CRUX was too difficult on it14:24
morlenxusWell i have it running on nfsroot.14:25
Ovim-ObscurumThe time, yeah - thats it. I know that!14:25
Ovim-ObscurumIf I wouldn't have holidays at the moment, I would use Debian 5.0 on my T42 and not CRUX: ;)14:25
morlenxusSo, goodbye and thanks for crux. :)14:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-extutils-depends: updated to 0.301 and fixed footprint14:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-extutils-pkgconfig: updated to 1.12 and fixed footprint14:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-glib: updated to 1.200 and fixed footprint14:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-cairo: fixed footprint14:56
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-digest-sha1: fixed footprint14:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-gtk2: updated to 1.202 and fixed footprint15:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: p5-net-dns: 0.63 -> 0.6415:19
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thrice`sepen: flash-player needs bumping16:36
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sepenthrice`, ah ok thanks17:05
thrice`sepen: I think is the latest.  not a big deal, but it does give md5 error :>17:07
sepenindeed, no md5 error here17:10
* jaeger plays with slamd6417:10
* thrice` runs slamd64 on his lappy17:10
jaegerlike it?17:10
jaegerThis is the first time I've used it, I'm attempting to install KDE from packages after a minimal install17:11
sepenthrice`, 4777665a6149af11233d8a000b89ffb1  install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz17:11
jaegeralso, is that the r61? or did I mix you up with someone?17:11
thrice`i do.  though I ran slackware for 4 years or so17:11
thrice`yep - r6117:11
jaegerI'm still thinking about buying one of those17:12
jaegercore 2 duo @ 2.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD for $84917:12
thrice`I got a c2d @ 2.0 ghz, 1gb ram, 80 gig HD for $650 ish on a sale from lenovo about 4 months back17:13
jaegernot bad at all17:13
sepenthrice`, seems I don't delete the source before, ;D17:14
thrice`thought so :)17:14
sepensame md5 here, thanks17:14
thrice`np :)17:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: firefox-flash-plugin: updated to
jaegeranyone know the fix for "undefined reference to 'acl_init'" ? I've run into this before but can't remember now17:17
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jaegerI guess I'll --disable-acl for now17:28
thrice`heh, no clue :>17:29
tilmanjaeger: opt/libattr maybe?17:29
jaegertilman: I'll take a look, thanks17:29
tilmandoesn't seem to be it though17:30
tilman /usr/include/attr/*.h doesn't have a declaration of acl_init17:30
syslogdI have removed glibc with "prt-get remove glibc" and now commands like cat, bash, wget, etc. are not working anymore. I get e.g.: bash: /bin/cat: No such file or directory But it does exists.17:47
syslogdI want to replace glibc with uClibc.17:47
syslogdAh, I think I know why it does not work. Probably these were linked against glibc.17:48
syslogdAnd now glibc's libraries are gone.17:49
tilmanfail ;D17:49
syslogdI just chroot the SquashFS image and install it using the setup script. ツ17:50
syslogdOk, everything works now as expected.17:51
syslogdHm. I wanted to remove the glibc because I thought maybe it would conflict with my uClibc when I change the CFLAGS. What do you think? How will gcc know which library it will use? I guess there are lots of applications that will not work with uClibc. Is there a way to use the glibc for them even though in the CFLAGS it says that it is going to use the uClibc for compiling?17:53
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syslogdAny ideas?18:16
tilmani'm not really familiar with that low level stuff18:17
tilmani know gcc has those linker scripts though18:17
tilmaninformation about the libc might be put there18:17
syslogdDo you also know where they are?18:19
syslogdHow do I specify the LDFLAGS. There is no variable in /etc/pkgmk.conf. Can I simply create it like this: export LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS} -L/usr/i386-linux-uclibc/usr/"?18:20
syslogdOk. I will try to recompile grep.18:21
syslogdIt was not a good decision to remove grep: checking for grep that handles long lines and -e... configure: error: no acceptable grep could be found in /sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/xpg4/bin18:22
syslogdLuckily I have a BusyBox binary here. ツ18:22
syslogdOk, I have passed that configure script but now there are some compile errors.18:23
syslogdThat's a good sign though as it proves that it has used the uClibc. ツ18:23
rehabdollwhy are you using uclibc ?18:26
rastarsyslogd: must be running an embedded sys ?18:30
rastarthats the only reason i would use uClib18:31
syslogdJust to make the system faster.18:31
syslogdSome applications like URxvt and vim (syntax highlighting) are very slow on this machine.18:32
syslogdI hope they will be faster with uClibc.18:32
rastaranyways gonna head out 10 hours till my new years18:32
rastarhappy new years everyone18:33
Rotwangto you too18:33
syslogdThanks, you too.18:33
rehabdolluclibc is not faster18:34
rehabdollits just smaller18:34
syslogdAnd it compiles faster. ツ18:35
syslogduClibc seems to be trimmed on performance though. There a options like "Use faster (but larger) generic string function" in make menuconfig.18:45
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