IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2009-01-01

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f1yHappy New Year to everyone! \o/05:19
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tilmanhappy new year05:23
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f1yHmm, can someone add my repo to portdb?06:59
f1yI asked for that in mail, but with no response.07:00
tilmanwho did you email?07:00
f1yDid exactly, what is written here:
tilmani think you're out of luck07:02
tilmanthe guys who handle the portdb are both gone atm07:02
tilmannipuL is on vacation, and viper is somewhat MIA :D07:02
f1yPwnd I guess.07:03
tilmanf1y: i have no idea how to handle the portdb, otherwise i'd add your repo07:03
f1yMail was sent 26th of November 2008.07:03
tilmanwhy didn't you speak up earlier?07:03
f1yHuh, I ask for it from time to time here.07:04
tilmanf1y: i'll see what i can do07:05
f1ytilman: Thank You.07:05
f1yIf there is a need of sending repo info again, I will resend it.07:05
tilmanf1y: can you just paste them somewhere?07:07
f1yThis would be the most simple way I guess:
tilmanactually the former url was fine i believe07:09
tilmani remember that nipul yelled at people who gave him the rsync/httpup url :D07:09
tilmanf1y: what's your email address?07:10
f1ydwanasciegroszy at o2 dot pl07:10
tilmanrepo name will be 'f1y', is that okay with you? ;)07:10
f1yYes, I asked about it in mail :)07:10
Ovim-ObscurumHappy new year ;D07:11
tilmani think the name _has_ to be f1y, because the httpup file is called f1y.httpup07:11
* Ovim-Obscurum offers happy-new-year.i386.tar.gz to everyone07:11
tilmanf1y: i think i added you07:11
tilmanf1y: check the portdb in 5 minutes or so07:12
RotwangOvim-Obscurum: tjahnks07:12
Ovim-ObscurumNo problem ;)07:12
f1ytilman: Thank You [;07:12
Rotwangnews year eve party was crappy this year tho07:13
Rotwangnew years*07:13
f1yDon't remebmer.07:13
f1yI was totally drunk.07:13
f1yVodka and beer.07:13
f1yMy friend broke his skull, when falling down from stairs.07:14
f1y3.60 promile in blood.07:14
f1yRotwang: Damn, our country sucks in drinking ;/07:14
tilmanf1y, sirmacik: i think the db might only be updated once a day :|07:21
f1yWell, we will check it tomorrow then :)07:37
tilmanyell at me if it doesn't show up tomorrow07:37
tilmanyell until it's fixed07:37
f1yOK :)07:39
f1yI will yell very LOUD [;07:39
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: lilo: fixed source url10:23
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: tar: update to 1.2110:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: nvidia: added patch for linux 2.6.2810:27
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RyoSso, somebody knows how localize keyboard layout with evdev?11:11
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RyoSrehabdoll: thanks13:31
RyoS"fixed" it13:31
RyoSbut arrow keys dont work Oo13:31
RyoSumlauts work though..13:32
RyoSany idea maybe?13:36
rehabdolldunno what you normally have to put in your xorg.conf to get your keyboard to work13:49
rehabdollbut all options work, just put them in the hal config instead13:49
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RyoSi did so13:51
rehabdolldunno then14:03
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: mercurial: 1.1.1 -> 1.1.215:58
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