IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2009-01-02

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* nipuL is back02:47
f1ytilman: I'm yelling at You, as You asked yesterday :)02:51
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tilmanhaha, great timing03:26
tilmannipuL: happy new year03:26
tilmannipuL: i've added f1y's and sirmacik's repos to the database yesterday; they should show up on the website 24 hours later, right?03:27
nipuLi added f1y's a while ago03:30
nipuLlet i'll just check the portdb03:30
nipuLah, i typed in fly03:35
nipuLnot f1y03:35
nipuLgod i hate irc names03:36
nipuL"but numbers are leet"03:36
nipuLoh i mean numb3rs :\03:36
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f1ynipuL, tilman: Thank You :)04:13
sirmaciktilman: there isn't any repo named karpunix in portdb :\04:15
nipuLsirmacik: have you sent an email to
nipuLah there it is04:46
nipuLgive me a minute04:46
sirmacikok ;]04:47
nipuLok, added04:49
nipuLjust wait a day or 2 for the db to update itself04:49
sirmacikyhx nipuL04:49
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nipuLhmm, fix pc (new mb/cpu/ram) or ditch it for a netbook05:32
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spaceninjaI've added "AllowEmptyInput" "False" in the serverlayout section, but X still freezes when I08:20
spaceninjastart it08:21
spaceninjaI mean, the mouse and keyboard doesn't work08:21
Rotwangwhat log says?08:21
spaceninjaI don't find any errors, but it said that AllowEmptyInput is on,08:24
Rotwangmaybe it should be false then ;]08:24
spaceninjabut it is false in xorg.conf08:24
sirmacikso try off08:24
Rotwangspaceninja: i mean lower caps08:25
sirmaciksorry Rotwang08:25
* sirmacik hides08:25
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spaceninjadidn't work08:38
spaceninjamaybe it's not properly reading the xorg.conf file08:39
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RedShiftspaceninja: turn off input hotplugging08:40
RedShiftor run hal08:40
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richerVEhi happy new year for everyone10:11
richerVEAnyone have lucky installing crux in virtualbox?10:12
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richerVEcrux in virtualbox anyone?10:49
Rotwangsome time ago10:51
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RotwangricherVE: whats the actual problem?10:51
richerVEit can't boot10:52
richerVEnot with the CRUX option10:52
Rotwangwhats the actual error?10:52
richerVEi don't use crux, i want to try it10:52
richerVEvirtualbox crash and abort the virtual machine10:53
Rotwangso youre trying to boot from iso?10:53
richerVEyes 2.510:53
jaegerricherVE: have you tried it with "CRUX noide" ?10:53
richerVEnop, let me try10:54
richerVEit seems to work10:54
richerVEok now i'm going to read the documentation10:55
sirmacikin what category in  Flyspray I should report outdated port in xorg repository?11:07
sirmacikshould I use "ports -core/opt" category?11:09
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richerVESomeone had use Archlinux, i'm comming from Arch and want to know the main differences with crux11:19
Rotwangcrux is generaly source based11:21
Rotwangits keeps tighter to KISS principle11:21
ahmrahtcheerricherVE, Arch was originally based on CRUX, but no longer.11:25
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sirmacikIMO arch isn't developed in KISS way now :\11:26
Rotwangahmrahtcheer: Arch is independently developed, was built from scratch and is not based on any other GNU/Linux distribution.11:26
richerVEsirmacik: that's one reason why i'm trying another distro11:27
ahmrahtcheerRotwang, hmmm, i coulda sworn i read that Arch was originally forked from CRUX.  of course, the last version of Arch i tried was 0.7, so my info may be way outdated.11:27
richerVEArch is independent but have soooo many thinks practically equal to crux11:28
* ahmrahtcheer doesn't muck about with binary distros anymore, except for slack (and that's only on my gf's computer)11:28
richerVElike PKGbuilds = Pkgfile11:30
jaegerahmrahtcheer: I've read that, too. I wonder if it was true of an old version but made untrue later11:30
RotwangricherVE: Pkgfiles are easier and simpler11:30
richerVEjaeger: Judd (that create Arch) has used crux before11:31
ahmrahtcheerjaegar, yeah, i know Arch is scratch built now11:31
jaegeryeah, I know that11:31
Rotwangahmrahtcheer: i have a feeling that ive read somewhere that arch was crux based too11:31
ahmrahtcheercrux is more fun than arch, keeps my knowledge of foreign language cusswords fresh.11:32
MNKyDeth-workdoing my normal check in after a new release to comment to the people that brought Crux 2.5 to us that it is another awsome and good job done :)11:32
richerVEArch is based in Crux, at least in the ideas11:32
richerVEhow do i change de kb layout in the install iso??11:33
Rotwangahmrahtcheer: curse words?11:33
ahmrahtcheerRotwang, yep.  i find cursing makes the installs go easier, especially when i switch from english to foreign languages.  if i start blistering the plastic bezel around the monitor screen, i know the install will go well.11:34
sirmaciktilman: do You mind to update xorg-xf86-video-ati port to version or You will wait to 6.9.1 version?11:34
jaegerricherVE: loadkeys, I believe11:36
richerVEjaeger: perfect it works11:39
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jaegergood deal11:47
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richerVEi have a kernel panic in virtualbox :-(12:54
richerVEbut i don't configure the kernel hehe, soo i suppose it would happend12:55
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rehabdolldoes anybody know what programs one should install on a fresh xp installation?13:46
rehabdolli know jack about windows these days13:47
Rotwangsome nice troyans13:47
jaegerfirefox/chrome, putty, clamwin are usually the first 3 for me13:47
rehabdolli should start to wear my "No, i will NOT fix your computer" all the time :/13:47
rehabdollwohoo, sp2 installed \o/13:48
* aon has been playing with vista today :|13:48
aonmy mum got a new computer13:48
jaegerthen probably 7-zip, gvim, vlc13:48
richerVEaon: vista is the best13:57
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aoni like xp14:05
jaegerI like both, honestly.14:06
* jaeger prepares to be internet-raged14:07
richerVEi don't like vista really14:13
richerVEbut i test vista 64 bits and it's better than the 32 bits14:14
jaegerI don't have anything against it, really. It's certainly more resource-intensive than XP but hardware only gets cheaper14:14
richerVEjaeger: hardware gets cheaper, but not in my country14:14
latitudeit's ok for xp if it allows things to get done14:17
latitudeand everybody likes to play games, anyway14:17
richerVEi have it for games mostly14:18
jaegerthat's about all I use it for, WoW and Left 4 Dead on my main machine14:27
rehabdolli wouldnt mind if people used xp. unless they expect me to clean up their fucking infested installs14:31
rehabdollmy dad uses ubuntu, its great cause i never have to visit anymore :)14:32
richerVElucky you rehabdoll14:33
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rehabdollso why do i need to download sp2 reboot, download 37 updates, reboot, download 6 updates, reboot15:23
rehabdolland then download sp3?15:24
richerVEbecause reboot is fun??15:28
RyoS if youd download sp3 from the beginning15:29
RyoSyou wouldnt have to do that all15:29
rehabdollwhy doesnt windowsupdate just install sp3 from the beginnign?15:29
richerVEbecausa needs sp2 to install sp3??? i don't know15:30
rehabdolli dont think anyone knows.. :)15:30
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