IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2009-01-03

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ncrfgsis it dangerous to upgrade from glib-2.14.x to glib 2.19.3?01:03
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nipuLjust remember to rebuld everything that depends on it02:35
ncrfgsnipuL, doesn't that apply in the case of glibc only? (sorry for being noobish)02:42
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tilman2.19 is the developtment branch03:48
tilman2.18 is stable03:48
tilmanand yes, it's safe03:48
tilmanif f1y shows up, please tell him his repo doesn't shwo up in portdb because his repo isn't reachable at all :>03:56
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sirmaciktilman: do You mind to update xorg-xf86-video-ati port to version or You will wait to 6.9.1 version?04:47
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kantehey everyone07:17
kanteI'm going to install crux and I need some help07:18
kanteis there anybody?07:18
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kantehey there. I've downloaded i686 version. Started to read the handbook and realisedsomething07:19
kanteI've got an AMD x2 Dual Core 5200+ onboard. The handbook says that Crux i686 won't work with it. Is it true?07:20
kantebtw nevermind, I've changed my mind. I'll go to look for a more simple distribution =)07:21
kantehave a nice day07:21
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f1ytilman: As You said - bad luck... NIC on my shell is brown off, must wait till they change it for a new one... or have to change shell and put my repo there... :(07:36
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mrkshappy new year #crux09:05
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spaceninjaI need fastcgi. jue got this cgi-fcgi and aba got fcgi, but the build script looks very different. Which one should I install?16:25
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