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TopBrickcan anybody help me with crux ?10:46
* Rotwang loves such questions10:48
TopBricksorry, I newbie in IRC10:50
TopBrickquestion is10:50
TopBrickI installed crux 2.5 on my laptop with intel i855gm video10:51
TopBrickit is not working10:51
TopBrickit hangs on start up and show froozen screen with three windows10:51
jaegerdid you compile framebuffer support into your kernel?10:52
jaegeralso, have you tried booting with "vga=0" on the command line?10:52
TopBrickyes, vesa, but I tried to recompile it without vesa - the problem is the same.10:53
TopBrickyes, i tried standart console without frame buffer but it hangs after startx too...10:53
TopBricki did not have any problems on same laptop with crux 2.3 and 2.4 ...10:54
jaegerah, you're talking about x, not console?10:54
TopBrickyes, about X10:54
TopBrickI used module intel in xorg.conf10:55
jaegerI don't have any useful experience with intel video, myself, sorry10:55
jaegerdoes the vesa driver for x work?10:55
TopBrickno, it is not... i dont remember exactly what does it wrote to console, I can try to change driver to vesa it put console output here if it is necessary.10:57
jaegerdoes the Xorg.0.log file have anything useful in it after the intel driver fails?10:58
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TopBrickno, it is clear. last records - - could not init some font .... hm... may by I have problems not with X-video drivers but with mouse and keyboard ? May be they are hang, not laptop? but i cant check it - I have not  configured network on this laptop yet...11:02
RotwangSection "ServerFlags"11:02
RotwangOption "AllowEmptyInput" "false"11:02
Rotwangto your xorg.conf11:03
TopBrickOOOOOOO, YEEESSS!!! ,Rotwang -you are man, thank you!11:06
TopBrickwhat it was?11:06
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RotwangTopBrick: its related to xorg-server hotplugging but i dont know much about it11:16
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TopBrickRotwang, jaeger - thank you!11:20
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rehabdollanyone with experience breaking a root-pw on a sco openserver5 ? :)14:32
rehabdollgot my hands on an old box14:33
MNKyDeth-worknot sure if it is relevant but
MNKyDeth-worklog in with a live cd if possible to edit the files then reboot into the main machine ?15:03
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rehabdollbooting from cd.. not an option im afraid15:14
rehabdollill just stick the disk in another box15:14
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Heller_Bardehi guys16:27
Heller_Bardei have a little problem, sane does not compile... my setup is a chroot on a i686 machine but i compile for i586, specifically an amd geode16:38
Heller_Bardewhere could i find information about whether a package is known to be maybe broken at the moment16:38
Heller_Bardeeh, no sorry, i mixed things up, sane is the one where the webpage is down, glibc does not compile16:39
Rotwangdo you use the -Os flag?16:41
Heller_Bardeerr. good question, hold on16:42
Heller_Bardemhh sane is compiling atm. ill check afterwards. what if i do? better to use -O2?16:42
Heller_Bardeokay, thank you16:43
Heller_Bardewhy is that so?16:43
Heller_Bardeif you know16:43
Rotwangi use -Os for everything except glibc16:43
Rotwangi dont know why ;]16:43
Heller_Bardeokay, fair enough16:43
Heller_Bardei have an amd geode lx800 @500MHz and i need every last bit of optimisation i can get ^^16:44
Heller_Bardeso how do you switch your CFLAGS just for glibc?16:45
Rotwangedit Pkgfile or pkgmk.conf ;]16:45
Heller_Bardejust change it in pkgmk.conf16:45
Heller_Bardei do have -Os ;D16:45
Heller_Barde-Os does make stuff smaller, i recall. i dived into that topic a year ago or so when using gentoo, why again is that interesting?16:46
Heller_Bardei just recall the stuff i got as a result of my explorations ^^16:47
Heller_Bardei used bin-based all the time since :D16:47
RotwangHeller_Barde: browse the gcc man page it gives nice info about -O flags16:51
Heller_Bardewill do16:52
f1yThere's CFLAGS="-O3 -g" in glibc.SlackBuild.16:52
Heller_Bardeis it always so quiet in here?16:52
Heller_Bardeor are there certain periods of activity?16:53
f1yHeller_Barde: Answer is in topic of this channel :)16:53
Heller_Bardenono, i don't complain about slow response :)16:54
Heller_Bardethat was quite fast enough, i can wait. i just wonder16:55
Heller_Bardesry, i come from archlinux where there is insane chatter all day and night long16:55
rehabdollmaybe because its around midnight for most of us in here16:55
Heller_Bardefor me too16:56
rastaralso most members in here are smart enough to work out simple things16:56
* rastar points to #ubuntu 16:56
Heller_Bardehehe, *gg*16:56
Heller_Bardethere are other things to talk about, you know :) or is there something like #gentoo-chat? :)16:57
Rotwang#crux-ot ^__^16:57
rastarHeller_Barde: dont be suprised if your in there by yourself ;)16:57
Heller_Bardei saw that16:58
f1yRotwang: Your lips are sooo loooong :D16:58
Heller_Bardeokay, glibc successfully compiled, thank you Rotwang :)17:05
Heller_Bardeis there a special place/mailing list/news feed which should be checked regularly to avoid updating problems? (e.g. on archlinux there is the news page/feed/ml which gives info about known update problems)17:09
Rotwanglook at teh -> community17:11
f1yAnd bugs flyspray, too.17:12
Heller_Bardeyes, i know what resources i have, i would like to know which are relevant :)17:12
Heller_Bardethat sounds sensible17:14
Heller_Bardefinally i get away from debian and that horrible apt thing :)17:33
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f1yGood night.18:10
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