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namenlos in xterm bugreport.cgi?bug=510030 is a bug in xterm which allows to launch commands as the user this is fixed in patch 23802:44
namenlossorry, the url was
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rastar@google crux05:11
clbrastar: Search took 0.09 seconds: Crux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <>; crux - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary: <>; CRUX: <>; crux definition | <>; CRUX Subsurface, Inc.: <>05:11
Rotwang@google Pkgfile05:11
clbRotwang: Search took 0.17 seconds: PKG File Extension - Open .PKG files: <>; Package file format in Installation reference: <>; CRUX | Main / Handbook2-3: <>; Carbide.vs - Disabling the MMP/ PKG File update feature. | NewLC: (1 more message)05:11
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Heller_Bardehi guys05:40
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Heller_Bardehas anyone experience with crux and RAID?06:35
aonworks like everywhere else with mdadm06:36
Heller_Bardeyes, it does. my problems are with the boot procedure.06:37
Heller_Bardedebian seems to have some automagic stupid stuff in the initscripts...06:37
treachyou can't boot from a raid without an initrd06:37
Heller_Bardewhen in the boot process should i assemble the raid06:38
Heller_Bardei dont want to06:38
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treachthat's not possible, since you need to mount your root partition before you can read rc.local..06:39
Heller_Bardeit's not my root partition...06:39
Heller_Bardemy root partition is on a single drive06:39
treachyou've got /etc on a separate partition??06:39
treachah, ok.06:39
Heller_Bardewhat made you think that :D06:39
treachsince you had a problem.06:40
Heller_Bardeno, its absolutely non-essential for boot06:40
Heller_Bardei misphrased that06:40
treachas long as you keep / on a separate, normal partition there should be no problems.06:40
Heller_Bardei wanted to know what the best-practice way of assembling the raid is (i.e. where to put the mdadm --assemble /dev/md0)06:41
treachyou don't need to do that06:41
Heller_Bardewhy? it does not assemble itself. (which it did on debian interestingly enough)06:41
treachit should. it does here.06:42
Heller_Bardethat's why i assumed that debian has some automagic stuff06:42
Heller_Bardeokay, i'll try again06:42
Heller_Bardemy mdadm is configured correctly btw, i rechecked06:42
Heller_Bardemine does not assemble itself :(06:48
treachthen you did something wrong.06:48
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Heller_Bardecan you pastebin your mdadm.conf, please?06:49
treachI don't have one.06:49
jdolan_hm, can anyone here hit ?06:50
treachHeller_Barde: or rather, I didn't create one myself06:50
Heller_Bardetreach: do you know at what point the system should assemble the raid?06:51
Heller_Bardei have raid1 in my rc.modules, and i can run mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 just fine after login, but no auto-assembling here :)06:52
Heller_Bardeyou do have a fstab entry with /dev/mdX I guess?06:53
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treachjdolan_: looks like it'll time out. :>06:53
Heller_Bardeyeah, i think it auto-assembles there. I'll be back ;)06:54
treachgood luck.06:54
jdolan_thanks treach, i thought so too.06:54
Heller_Bardetreach how does your line in fstab look?06:55
treach/dev/md0                /var     ext3      defaults,relatime              0     106:56
Heller_Bardethanks. the same as mine though06:56
treachyou haven't done something silly, like used the wrong partition types or so?06:57
treachok, just asking.06:57
Heller_Bardeit worked a day ago on debian. it's the same configuration file (for mdadm anyway)06:58
Heller_Bardeit's okay :)06:58
treachwhat does fdisk -l say?06:58
Heller_Bardeit probably will work again if i slap the debian disk in again06:58
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Heller_Bardewhich part do you want to know?06:59
treachthe line relevant to the partitions you're trying to use06:59
Heller_Bardeyes, well it says that the partitions are of the type W95 FAT32 (LBA) for some reason07:00
Heller_Bardebut it works to assemble the array by calling mdadm --assemble though07:00
treachit should say something like "/dev/sda3             165         360     1574370   fd  Linux raid autodetect"07:01
treachotherwise it will NOT work07:01
Heller_Barderight, so debian HAS some kind of automagic to help stupid people like me who get that wrong -.-07:01
Heller_Bardeaaaargh, one more reason to get away from that beast -.-07:02
Heller_Bardenow i have to migrate my stuff ^^07:02
treachok, just make sure you don't mess with the wrong partition. ;)07:02
Heller_Bardeit's only one terabyte :P07:02
Heller_Bardeis there a possibility to change the magic partition bit thingie without erasing the boot sector and thus destroying the partition table?07:03
treachjust use fdisk, shouldn't destroy anything, unless you're careless07:04
Heller_Bardehmm kay07:05
treachyeah, you're just changing the type of the partition, not resizing it or something07:05
treachbasically you're just flipping some bits07:05
Heller_Bardeyeah, that's what i thought, but i could've sworn that it wipes the partition tables clean again07:06
Heller_Bardebeen some while it seems07:06
treachwell, back up if you're unsure. :>07:06
Heller_Bardei should stop spoiling myself with stuff like gparted07:06
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Heller_Bardeaha, i have a raid1, i can recover if i mess up ^^^07:17
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Heller_Bardehmm, now i really start to wonder... it still does not work07:26
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treachwhat is it that doesn't work? what are you trying to do? and what have you done so far?07:31
treach(in more precise terms)07:32
Heller_Bardei like a clean, nicely configured system with as little hacks as possible. while i could without doubt write some scripts to assemble this thing, mount it and so on and so forth, i'd rather have a nice and "best-practice" solution (i like to learn new stuff too ;) )07:32
Heller_BardeI have my two hard disks07:33
Heller_Bardeconfigured for raid107:33
treachharddisks or partitions?07:33
Heller_Bardepartitions, sorry07:33
Heller_Bardeon the hard disks07:33
Heller_Bardei have an ext3 filesystem on the /dev/md0 raid device07:34
Heller_Bardewhich is all working07:34
Heller_Bardeah i should say, the harddrives are USB drives (shouldn't really matter thanks to linux abstraction) for reasons not necessary to explain right now07:34
Heller_BardeI have the configuration file /etc/mdadm.conf07:35
Heller_Bardewhich you don't have, i take it?07:35
treachwell, I have the file, but I didn't create it myself.07:37
treachthe thing is, I suspect your problems stem from the drives being USB drives, but I'm not sure.07:38
treachI've no experience with raid:ing usb drives07:38
Heller_BardeI can't actually believe that, since it worked without one problem07:39
Heller_Bardethat was a different kernel07:39
treachmmh, when you're using usb drives you have to be really careful with naming issues, since the drives not necessarily get the same name on different occasions.07:40
Heller_Bardebut the thing that drives me up the walls is that all the howtos and tutorialy never ever specify anything about this auto-assembling, i can't even find out which part of the system is responsible for that07:40
Heller_Bardetreach: i know, that's why the names are not in mdadm.conf07:41
treachIf I were you, I'd look into the naming thing just to make sure, that should be a udev thing I think.07:41
treachanyway, gotta go afk for a while right now.07:41
Heller_Bardebai :)07:42
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Rotwanganyone w/ google apps jabber dns type thingies?08:00
Rotwanganyone familiar with*08:00
Heller_Bardewhat type thingies?08:02
RotwangHeller_Barde: ive got a domain and binded it to google apps08:02
Rotwangso i have mails in this domain08:02
Rotwangand now i want to set up jabber08:02
Heller_Bardeah. no, sorry, i can't help you :(08:02
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Heller_BardeRotwang: do you have experience with linux software raid?08:09
Rotwangi dont ;]08:09
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thrice`tilman: is german workforce dead these days ?08:29
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thrice`either that, or the few I'm dealing with are exceptionally lazy :|08:30
* teK raises his arm08:31
thrice`hey, are YOU the guy who owes me information? :>08:31
teKum... well... gott go NOW08:33
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Rotwangthrice`: but still, german workforce works harder than italian work force ^_^08:34
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thrice`yikes :)  I just knew some Europeans hibernate around this time08:36
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teKwell our  apprentices have to work less half an hour monday till thursday08:40
teKsimilar rules apply to the 'general' workers here, too.08:40
thrice`ah, ok ;)08:40
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teKdue to economical disruptions ;)08:42
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: libburn: updated to 0.6.009:04
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tilmanwhat the fuck11:44
Heller_Bardetreach: if you care. i got it to work. i compiled the md modules in the kernel and added "rootdelay=10" to my kernel parameters. now it works like a charm. the usb devices were a little lazy with registering themselves with my machine it seems11:45
tilmanprologic: i hope you meant instead of crux@crux.nu11:45
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tilmanhooray epdfview segfaulting every 5 minutes12:28
RedShift"famous last words"12:29
thrice`if only we had an alternative :(12:29
tilmanhohoho thrice` :D12:30
tilmannice try!12:30
rehabdollraktpdf ftw !12:31
thrice`i did like rakt alot.  the only thing I really missed was page stuff (like, jump to page 10, next / prev. page)12:32
thrice`i'll file a feature request :>12:32
treachthrice`: you could always try
treachworks pretty well for me.12:33
tilmanoh right, i meant to try that one, too12:34
tilmansomeone port this, kthx12:34
thrice`the screenshots look so ugly, though12:34
treachwell, if you want pretty there's always okular.. :>12:35
thrice`okular is pretty good :)12:35
treachyeah, but it has a tad heavyer dependencies. :>12:35
thrice`i thought you ditched kde4?12:35
treachwell, playing with it again, trying to get tehering to work.12:36
tilmanwhy does :e not work in apvlv?12:42
jdolan_wtf is romster's problem?12:47
tilmani know a abusive answer to that question12:47
jdolan_"omg someone broke md5, fix it for me u imbeciles."12:47
jdolan_(side note, does he idle in here?  he actually idles in #quetoo from time to time..)12:48
treach@seen romster12:48
clbtreach: romster was last seen in #crux 1 week, 5 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <Romster> out of habbit.12:48
jdolan_hm.  i don't understand why he went on the offense in that post.12:49
treachI would wager he thinks he's "rigth" and that he's probably tired of the crux people not doing "the right thing" (TM).12:50
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* thrice` hardly thinks md5 is an issue13:00
thrice`tilman: have you tried the new libdrm ?13:01
treachI heard the crew of the titanic didn't think colliding with an iceberg was an issue either. ;)13:01
tilmanthrice`: yes. it breaks intel13:01
thrice`no, the engineers who used crappy steel that explodes when it gets cold was an issue :>13:02
tilmanssssh, don't mention cold13:02
thrice`tilman: i feared as much; glad I asked first :)13:02
* treach hands tilman an e-hanky.13:02
tilmani meant cold-as-in-temperature13:03
treachah, ok. But one tends to lead to another though. :p13:03
thrice`wow, gentoo applies 40-ish patches to xorg-server alone o.O13:04
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* jaeger is doing lots of gentoo work today13:43
thrice`no fun13:44
jaegerI don't mind. It helps to know a bit about other systems/distributions13:44
f1yTrue. There's great advantage of emerge -> many versions of one port with dividing them for stable/unstable.13:46
jaegerI need to be somewhat familiar with gentoo again as I have to support quite a few gentoo servers. I've been lazy about that, just getting back into it in the last few days13:47
jaegerI ran gentoo as my desktop distro before crux but that was years ago13:47
f1yGentoo-hardened is also a good project imo.13:48
thrice`their 64-bit support is very good13:48
tilman*hint**hint* ;)13:49
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teKis there an update for xterm already?13:56
tilmanspeaking of it...13:56
thrice`i think there are alot of sip-port-updates13:57
tilmani'll poke people13:57
tilmaniirc cptn wanted to compile a list of ports that need to be adopted13:57
tilmansepen voiced interested in picking up xterm at least :)13:57
teKis there a compiled list of sip's ports? *lazy*13:58
tilmannot yet :|13:58
thrice`yes teK, it was supposed to be your job14:03
tilmanteK: please don't move stuff to contrib yet though, let me talk to cptn and jue first14:04
teKthrice`: I know. I'm just finishing this update for bind. :>14:04
teKi won't move anything ;)14:05
teKalthough I could maintain some stuff :-)14:05
thrice`hehe, only kidding :)14:06
teKnmap, postgresql, fortune, gimp and htop sound attractive to me14:06
teKthrice`: it's a no brainer ;)14:06
Rotwangpidgin here ;]14:07
teK% grep Maintainer:\ Simone\ Rota /usr/ports/**/Pkgfile | cut -f2 -d/14:07
tilmannot good enough14:07
tilmanthere's arbitrary whitespace between 'Maintainer' and 'Simone' :P14:08
teKgo regexp yourself, CLOWN14:08
Rotwanggrep -l -i 'maintainer.*simone' /usr/ports/*/*/Pkgfile14:08
teKmy first thought on simone was "oh cool, a female coder (slim [the software!]) and CRUX dev"14:09
tilmanhaha :D14:09
tilmanbartek at klubsubaru.pl14:10
tilmanRotwang: is that you? ^^^^14:10
teKiirc, Rotwangs first name was michael14:10
tilmando you mean professor rotwang?14:11
teKbut r.c. in iirc is hard to me *g*14:11
tilmanor dr.14:11
teKno, never heard of14:11
teKbtw: were did you graduate?14:11
tilmanteK: rotwang is a character in metropolis14:11
teKno, never heard of14:11
Rotwangtilman: its not my mail ;]14:12
tilmanyour signatures suck14:12
tilmanRotwang: i guess you don't the guy either?14:12
teKmine? Well.. % bofh || grep bofh ~/.mutt/muttngrc14:12
teKsh: /home/tek/bin/ No such file or directory14:12
teKset signature="~/bin/|"14:13
teKI already stated that I'm interested in maintaining fortune!14:13
Rotwangbtw if im going to change my mail in all my ports can i do it in one comit?14:14
tilmanteK: why do you think Rotwang's real name is michael?14:15
teKfrom memory.14:15
tilman*nobody* in the crux universe is called michael14:15
f1yRotwang's real name isn't even similar to Michael :)14:16
f1yVery similar to my own :P14:16
tilmanyou're called bortek? ;)14:16
f1yClose :)14:17
f1yBut it is spelled 'bartosh'.14:17
tilmans/spelled/pronounced/ ;p14:17
f1ytilman: Try that: szeleszczący :D14:18
f1yOr: w Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie :P14:18
Rotwangand mine is pronounced bartwomiey ;>14:18
f1yReal tongue twist ;)14:18
thrice`silly europeans (?)14:19
dru1dBut after wodka its easy to spell. ;]14:19
f1yRotwang's name is a Slavic form of Bartholomew.14:19
tilmansilly americans who don't recognize polish when they read it14:19
tilmanor at least "east european tongue raping language"14:20
thrice`polish is one that is difficult to recognize for me14:20
tilmanjust think of kielbasa ;)14:20
thrice`or maybe "kielbasaz"14:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: bind: 9.5.0-P2 -> 9.6.0-P114:21
* Rotwang preffers die brotchen ^_^14:21
Rotwangif you know what i mean ;>14:22
tilmani have a great recipe for a kielbasa stew14:27
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thrice`sounds tastey14:31
teKtilman: I pointed at xterm because there's v 238 out. It's a simple version+md5-bump away from us.14:35
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f1yIs there any official CRUX  PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS15:28
Rotwangf1y: teh PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS is misunderstood methinks15:28
f1yOoops, s/Is/Are/15:28
Rotwangill check15:29
Rotwangfor REPO in ${PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS[@]}; do REPO="`echo $REPO | sed 's|/$||'`";wget $RESUME_CMD $DOWNLOAD_OPTS $PKGMK_WGET_OPTS $REPO/$BASENAME15:32
cptnf1y: no, there are none15:34
f1yI ask, cause I submitted non-checked bug #400 in flyspray; had some md5sum problems when using as a mirror.15:35
f1yThought there are some "our" mirrors.15:35
thrice`I think there are alot who use gentoo's mirrors15:36
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jaegerI use gentoo's mirrors. WE don't have an official one15:44
Rotwangi never looked into that option myself :x15:47
* Rotwang feels ashamed15:47
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jdolan_whee @ unproductive mailing list pissing contests17:43
nipuLyou're just jealous because I can piss higher :)17:45
jdolan_i just pissed in your eye.17:51
jdolan_how are you these days nipuL ? :)17:51
nipuLok, just quit my job (he wasn't paying my superannuation and underpaying me)18:01
nipuLtrying to get organised with uni enrollment so i finally get this stupid degree out of the way18:01
jdolan_those help.18:06
jdolan_bummer about the job, i'm sure you'll be fine tho.18:07
jdolan_i gotta get outa the office.  laters.18:07
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC18:07
Rotwangim looking for a job as well18:11
Rotwangoff too sleep18:15
*** Rotwang has quit IRC18:15
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Heller_Bardehai. what to do when prt-get complains about a footprint mismatch? where are these footprint lists stored?18:19
*** phil1 has joined #crux18:31
*** Heller_Barde has quit IRC18:42
nipuLthe port's footprint is in the .footprint file19:12
nipuL9/10 times footprint mismatches are caused by "soft dependencies" that are detected in the build process that will either add or omit files19:13
rastarnipuL: he left :)19:17
nipuLhence the :\19:18
nipuLi ignore join and part messages, sometimes to my own detriment19:19
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phil1I got the message now, thank you :)19:41
phil1oh, it seems i left19:41
*** phil1 has quit IRC19:42
*** crosvera has joined #crux20:02
crosverahello crux people20:02
rastarhi none crux person20:06
rastarfrom your greeting i assumed your a none crux user20:08
crosveraI'm an Arch user20:12
crosverabut, if I say: "Hello humans"20:12
crosveracould you think that Im an alien?20:13
crosvera[sorry if my English sucks]20:14
rastaralso i noted that i havent seen you nick around here20:15
rastarif i saw a green human saying hello humans i would jump to the assumption that they were an alien20:15
* crosvera is an alien20:15
crosveraI want start to use Crux20:23
crosveraso I downloaded the iso20:24
crosveraand I'll boot it20:24
rastarcrosvera: good luck ;)20:25
crosveraI'll need it20:25
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*** dropbear has joined #crux21:41
nipuLnot much luck involved with crux22:33
nipuLit'll either work for you, or you're an idiot ;)22:34
rastarnipuL: rofl22:35
* crosvera is an idiot =(23:14
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux23:28
nipuLno, if you run back to arch like a little girl, that makes you the idiot23:36
*** crosvera has quit IRC23:52

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