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sepenmorning all01:39
sepenand happy new year too01:39
ahmrahtcheerhowdy sepen01:39
ahmrahtcheerque tal?01:41
rastarsepen: wb01:42
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sepenahmrahtcheer, muy bien gracias ;D01:45
ahmrahtcheerde nada01:46
ahmrahtcheeryou really don't wanna hear/see how badly i butcher spanish...i took it in school, but learned street spanish working ambulance.01:46
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ahmrahtcheernorthern tex-mex will bring tears to the eyes of the toughest hispanic.01:47
sepennah sounds better than my english01:47
sependid you tried to use spanglish: 'hey men, where do you vas?' :-)01:48
ahmrahtcheerspanglish, straight tex-mex...whatever i could use to get the info i needed.  :)01:49
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teKshittiest name EVER:  Captain Faggard :D02:27
nipuLNormon Gaywood02:28
teKGaylord Focker, anyone?02:29
ahmrahtcheermeh...those aren't bad.  my last name is Raper02:29
nipuLthat's not a real name02:29
nipuLmy given names are Lucas George02:29
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nipuLmy motherboard is slowly dieing :(03:16
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namenlosare there any alternatives to read pdf files, other than adobereader and xpdf in the ports?05:44
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ipmitool: new port06:30
acruxnamenlos: epdfview06:32
namenlosacrux: thx. somehow i don't like closed source on my pc. there was no new release since 2007. is the project stalled?06:37
acruxi don't know, maybe it's perfect06:39
teKlook at djb-ware :>06:39
Rotwangdos is perfect too ;>06:41
teKdon't you insult djb!06:42
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: [notify] openssl: update to 0.9.8j07:07
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: kbd: update to 1.1507:07
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: groff: update to 1.2007:41
cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: kbd: removed 1.12 patch07:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: dovecot: update to 1.1.807:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ntp: 4.2.4p5 -> 4.2.4p611:28
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Heller_Bardehai guys12:47
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: xorg-xf86-video-ati: updated to
tilmansirmacik: ^^^ \o/13:08
dru1dHe is out :)13:10
dru1dOk, I ended my desktop fighting, time for a beer.13:11
nv256I can't seem to get X running. I have a minimal installation of CRUX and recompiled hal-info and hal. From my understand, X should work without xorg.conf; however, when I startx, I get three windows but cannot move the mouse nor use the keyboard. Strangely enough, *sometimes* it is possible to escape to the console using ALT-F1.13:14
nv256btw, crux 2.513:14
Rotwangallowempty input13:15
dru1dYou need in Xorg.conf, a Option.13:15
dru1dSection "ServerFlags"13:15
tilmansomeone paste the link to the email about this already13:15
dru1dnv256: priv13:16
nv256Is it sufficient to just create a single section "ServerFlags" with Option "allowempty" "True" (correct?) or do I need to define a complete layout then?13:17
Rotwangits sufficent13:18
nv256ok, I will try and come back then to report you :-) Thanks.13:18
Rotwangdamn monsters got me :<13:20
dru1dTja, shadows of alcoholism.13:22
nv256Rotwang, druld: works fine (option was "AllowEmptyInput" "no")13:30
nv256another question: package hal requires the user 'haldaemon' to be present, however this user is set up in the pre-install file. So this is a point where I have to manually set up the user (or call the pre-install script) prior to port installation?13:31
dru1dnv256: i wrote this on your priv ;]13:38
dru1dall section13:38
dru1dI added user and group haldaemon13:38
dru1dtry useradd -s /bin/false haldaemon13:39
dru1dand groupadd haldaemon13:40
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nv256druld: sorry, I am only occasionally chatting, so I didn't notice. Thanks.13:48
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nv256druld: my question concerning the haldaemon user was not about how it is done. I read the notes and set up the user prior to compilation, however I was wondering if there was no better way to build a port that requires another user to be set up. Maybe it would be possible to just give a numeric group id and user id in the Pkgfile? This is just my academic interest.13:51
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thrice`man, new udev tarball is ugly14:02
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sirmaciktilman: \o/14:13
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