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tilmankernel modesetting12:58
tilmangraphics stuff12:58
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: jedit: removed.13:04
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: wmclock: removed.13:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.4]: xmms2: added ffmpeg + fixed avcodec bug13:06
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: wmclock: adopted from opt, fixed few bugs13:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: jedit: adopted from opt, updated to 4.3pre1613:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: xmms2: added ffmpeg + fixed avcodec bug (#404)13:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: xmms2: added ffmpeg + fixed avcodec bug (#404)13:24
jkrHaahaa! Someone is using jedit!13:25
teK ?13:27
* treach waits for the first "tests" proclaiming the superiority of ext4 and the suckyness of btrfs. :>13:41
jkrI don't see why we need yet more filesystems anyway13:54
jkrThere are about 100 of them in the kernel, just pick one13:54
jkrXFS is a very fine FS as an example13:55
jkrUsing it for years, never had any problems13:55
treachI wish I could find what Alan Cox said about xfs. :)13:56
jkrThat it's fast and stable? :)13:56
treachno, something about the internals being particulary nasty.13:57
jkrPff, who is that Alan Cox guy anyway, and what does HE know about filesystems?13:58
jkrMy grandma said XFS is good, and I'm sticking to it13:58
jkrAnyway, does anyone else here have problems with the new flash plugin?13:59
jkrIt makes strange sounds, like "tok tok tok ..." and then the browser freezes14:00
jkrWorks in FF and Opera14:00
treachfound it. "XFS14:01
treachis not something I look into the innards of as I don't have enough chickens14:01
treachto sacrifice"14:01
jkrGood thing I'm not a kernel developer.14:02
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jkrHrm, with the new x264 mplayer doesn't compile anymore14:03
dru1dIm fighting with madwifi.14:03
jkrBut the old mplayer binary works if you link the new x264 lib to the .so with the old version14:03
mike_kjkr: like in
mike_kuse the force14:14
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msadiqHi All14:43
treach@seen all14:44
clbtreach: all was last seen in #crux 1 year, 12 weeks, 6 days, 1 hour, 26 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <All> Hi!!!14:44
msadiqWhile giving the command make all (after make modules_all), I get the error # 2 - /dev/ is a directory. Any help?14:44
msadiqWhile giving the command make all, after make modules_all, I get the error # 2 - /dev/ is a directory. Any help?14:45
treacha bit more information wouldn't hurt.14:46
treachmake all what for instance.14:46
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jaegernew bison seems to break gsteramer14:59
jaegergstreamer, too15:00
msadiqIts to install the kernel. I am installing crux15:01
treachmsadiq: I've never seen that error, you must have missed something essential.15:02
msadiqI followed the handbook to the letter15:03
msadiqInfact the handbook doesn't mention using 'make all15:03
msadiq(probably just a miss)15:03
treachwell, that doesn't make it to the letter right? ;)15:03
treachand no, it's not a miss.15:03
msadiqIt is because with just 'make modules_all' the bzimage is just a link to itself.15:04
treachI've never used anything but "make && make modules && make modules_install15:04
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jaeger'make' and 'make all' are functionally equivalent, no?15:05
msadiqbut i didn't use just make15:05
treachnot afaik, but I could be wrong about  that15:05
msadiqi will try what you said and see what happens15:05
treachjaeger: doesn't make all copy stuff around and run lilo too or something like that?15:05
msadiqI am not sure if make and make all are equivalent.15:05
jaegertreach: 'make install' does, not 'make all'15:06
msadiqmake all runs a script called install-kernel.sh15:06
jaegerah, make starts with the first target in the Makefile as default15:07
msadiqit copies the kernel bzimage to the boot directory and also the file15:07
msadiqyep, it does run lilo, if it exists.15:07
msadiqbut you said that you just use 'make && make modules && make modules_install"15:08
msadiqmake && make modules is the same as 'make all'15:08
treachyeah, old habit I guess.15:08
msadiqwhich I did run as per the handbook.15:08
msadiqbut doing just make modules_install is not installing the kernel :-(15:09
jaegerlooking at the Makefile they are equivalent for the kernel build15:09
jaegermake and make all, I mean15:09
msadiqand the bzimage file just remains a soft link to itself.15:09
jaegerwhich does not install the kernel or run lilo15:10
treachnever really cared about digging into those makefiles since the good old ways still worked. :p15:10
jaegerI usually use "make all && make modules_install"15:10
jaegerforce of habit15:10
msadiqhehe, wish it did as smoothly for me15:10
jaegerthen I copy the image and manually15:10
treachsame here, approximately. :P15:10
msadiqhmm... Then I will investigate15:11
treachat least I dropped the "bzImage" from the make part. :D15:11
msadiqbecause its supposed to work for me as well but its not.15:11
msadiqThanks guys.15:11
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treachwonder what went wrong there. :/15:11
jaegerno idea, never seen that message15:12
treachme neither15:12
jaegerwonder if /dev isn't mounted or is a file and the error is related to trying to access /dev as a directory15:12
jaegerkinda cryptic15:12
treachIf I was to make a wild guess I'd say you're right and he missed mounting /dev.15:13
treachthe part of the text that deals with the setup-helper script is easy to overlook if you're careless.15:14
treach(and if you're doing it manually by reading the handbook it's easy to miss a line among the mounts)15:16
jesse_make && make modules && make modules_install has worked just fine. :s15:25
mike_kdoes anyone know a _modern_ mencoder frontend (not just a dvd ripper)?15:29
jaegernot I, sorry15:31
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Rotwangcrux on 83rd place on distrowatch ;]15:36
Rotwanghigher than kateos ;}15:36
Rotwangand netbsd \o/15:37
teKand lower than archlinux15:37
aoni got the /dev/: is a directory error while doing make install without a proper lilo.conf15:47
treachthat's worth making a note of.15:47
aonsince the default config has install=/dev/#something#15:49
aonsorry, boot=...15:49
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msadiqHi All,16:55
msadiqI rebuilt the kernel but for some strange reason, after make all, the /usr/src/arch/i386/boot/bzimage just remains as a soft link to itself16:56
treachaon_ had a theory for your problem, but maybe you fixed it.16:56
msadiqI tried using bzip2 on the vmlinux file in /usr/src/linux.../16:57
msadiqbut Grub doesn't boot saying bad file or directory :-(16:57
treach[22:47] @<aon_> " i got the /dev/: is a directory error while doing make install  without a proper lilo.conf"16:57
msadiqyep, but i am using Grub since I have it functional with another Linux Distro.16:58
treachok, I guess that's why it was a theory.16:58
msadiqI think I should download the kernel sources manually and build it.16:59
mike_kI guess 'make install' invokes lilo16:59
mike_kjust do make modules_install and copy the kernel by hand16:59
treachI don't think that's the problem. Are you sure you've got /dev/ mounted correctly?17:00
msadiqyep /dev/ is fine17:02
msadiqbut its not a problem since i am not runnging make install17:02
msadiqthe problem is after make all, /usr/src/linux.../boot/bzimage points to itself as a softlink.17:03
msadiq[root@localhost linux-]# ls -li  arch/i386/boot/bzImage17:04
msadiq165541 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 22 Jan 12  2009 arch/i386/boot/bzImage -> ../../x86/boot/bzImage17:04
treachok. get a newer kernel, and just use make && make modules etc, and copy by hand.17:05
rehabdollyou should use arch/x8617:05
treachthat too.17:05
msadiqoh yes17:05
msadiqthat could be the problem17:06
msadiqi think i was able to locate the correct bzimage file. Let me try booting from it.17:06
msadiqThanks for the help guys will come back if I have more problems.17:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: xine-lib: 1.1.16 ->
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libsndfile: 1.0.18pre24e -> 1.0.18pre2520:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: libsamplerate: 0.1.4 -> 0.1.520:09
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