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pitill0good morning01:18
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pitill0yo dru1d02:09
f1yHi there :)02:15
teKdoes vsftpd fail for anyone else to build?02:34
dru1di try on my machine, sec02:40
dru1dAll is ok with vsftpd.02:40
teKwtf :)02:40
teK]% make clean;make02:41
teKrm -f *.o *.swp vsftpd02:41
teKgcc -c main.c -O2 -Wall -W -Wshadow  -idirafter dummyinc02:41
teKIn file included from sysdeputil.c:170:02:41
teK/usr/include/sys/sendfile.h: In function '_syscall2':02:41
teK/usr/include/sys/sendfile.h:35: error: storage class specified for parameter 'sendfile'02:41
teKsysdeputil.c:162: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'capset'02:41
teKsysdeputil.c:162: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'header'02:41
teKsysdeputil.c:162: error: expected declaration specifiers or '...' before 'data'02:41
dru1dDo not past here.02:42
dru1dRead topic pls.02:42
dru1dAnd use pkgfile.02:42
dru1dWhat version do you try to build?02:42
teKI did use the pkgfile. I tried to build v 2.0.702:43
dru1dAnd have You openssl + libcap?02:43
dru1dI have build from pkgfile, and all is ok.02:43
teK% pkginfo -i | grep -cE "libpcap|openssl"02:44
dru1dteK: paste versions02:46
dru1dgrep -E02:47
dru1dno here;)02:47
dru1dI build this on 3 machines.02:49
dru1dAnd no problem.02:49
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teKopenssl is 0.9.8j-1, libpcap 1.0.0-103:30
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dru1dteK: I have an older libpcap.04:12
pitill0teK: libattr 2.4.43-1-1 libcap 2.16-1 libpcap 1.0.0-1 openssl 0.9.8j-1 vsftpd 2.0.7-204:18
pitill0all were built in a safe-enviroment04:18
pitill0have you tried to rebuild dependencies?04:20
teKgive me a second04:27
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teK/usr/include/sys/sendfile.h belongs to glibc. I rebuilt this one already04:28
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pitill0teK: and then libattr, libcap, openssl and vsftpd?04:33
teKsolved it. thanks.04:35
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dru1dIm fighting with atheros ;(04:42
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clarehi Folks, Happy New Year.  Question: is anyone working on WICD ?04:47
sepenfor crux? lol04:48
clareHave I said something funny?04:49
sepenwell, teorically people should configure manually their networks in crux04:50
clareOh, I am beginning to think that might be easier.04:51
sepensure, but edit /etc/rc.d/net is not easy?04:52
clareit is wpa-supplicant thatis my current problem. But maybe I will have todo that anyway as the wicd uses it.04:53
sepenhmm that sounds more interesting04:54
clarethe wicd is nice in that it mechanises the setting uo for a machine that travels around and has to change for each place.04:56
sepenactually I'm using that for wifi (wep)
clareI will start tomorrow to get wpa-supplicant going; - the problem is that wep is old. I have it at home becasue one of the users has an old WinXP04:57
dru1dmodifi net script to wpa_start04:58
dru1dwith interface secification04:58
dru1dend line like wpa_supplicant -D wext -i ath0 ....04:59
pitill0clare: are you using ecarux wicd port? (seems a bit outdated) btw, which is the problem with wicd?04:59
dru1din /rc.d/net You could specify static ip for wifi interface04:59
dru1dand after start wpa_start script04:59
dru1dI have something like this.04:59
claredruid: Hi, I am going to linux conf in Hobart next week. It would be nice to be able to use their wireless there is no choice.05:01
dru1duse script with ssid and psk declaration05:02
clareptillo: I tried it, it worked, sort of, version is now 1.5.8, difference not known. BUt some important stuff was missing.05:02
clarePtillo: in addiiton the wicd itself is unhelpful about required software, I am gradually getting enough bits together.05:03
dru1dOke last one try with atheros.05:03
pitill0clare: sorry I don't understand very well. I think wicd is only a gui to help with wifi setup, nothing more. I haven't tested it myself, but seems to do for you what you can do by hand. May be wicd is trying to look for something special (/etc/network/interfaces) which may be hasn't much sense with crux05:06
dru1dIs there something like iwlist scan + select by ssid?05:07
sepeniwlist $IFACE scanning05:07
dru1dAnd this maybe is a + ;]05:07
clareThank you all, I will have another look at it in view of what Ptillo said, I will start with wpa-supplicant. bye for now, clare05:09
sepenbye clare05:10
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cruxbot[core.git/2.5]: man-pages: update to 3.1606:42
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dru1dEnybody have sourceforge hosts specyfication to better download? (I don have web browser at time) ;]06:59
treachelinks is in the ports. ;)07:00
treach193.1.193.66 usually works for me though.07:00
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thrice`d'oh, i'm too late.  I had wicd working very well on my laptop.  it's a great tool :)07:51
luxhwhat's it for?07:51
thrice`it's a network manager.  point and click, basically07:52
thrice`just type in a password, and it creates the encryption templates and loads dhcpcd (or whichever)07:53
pitill0thrice`: are you using your own port?07:53
aonwhat's wrong with wpa_supplicant? :)07:53
thrice`well, it's not essential for a static laptop. but if you're movign around at all, it's a much nicer way of doing things (or am I just lazy? :)07:54
thrice`pitill0: I was, yes, but seem to have lost it.  It's very easy to create, hwoever07:54
pitill0thrice`: yep07:55
thrice`and it displays a pretty simple gtk window with all available networks, showing their encryption, and you just point + click to latch onto one07:55
treachthrice`: I think opensolaris have the record for convinence; I booted up my laptop with the live-cd a couple of days ago, and the first thing I saw when I got to the desktop was a friendly pop-up message that told me that I was connected to wireless network "belkin xyx" something.07:58
treachAnd I don't even HAVE a WLAN. :D07:59
treach(Woups.. :p )07:59
luxhgoddamn hackers!08:00
thrice`treach: how was opensolaris?08:04
treachDecent if you A) like gnome and B) have a beefy box.08:05
thrice`ah; the first is enough to keep away08:06
treachpower management isn't that great though, so if you - like I - have an athlon x2 you'll get to enjoy the sound of the cpu fan going at full blast all the time. :/08:07
treachI think there are packages for kde4 out there somewhere, and presumably the gnome ones are tossable.08:07
thrice`treach: I did finally get 4.2rc1 completed :)08:08
treachbut generally speaking, getting thirdparty stuff like media is much harder to get working, hardware in general is limited.08:08
thrice`it's working OK so far; though I'm not sure it's worth replacing openbox with a bunch of urxvt terminals :)08:09
treachkonsole doesn't work?08:10
thrice`oh, I meant in general08:10
treachI found out that I got addicted to a whole bunch of kde apps, so going back got too hard. :p08:11
thrice`konq. is pretty krappy, in my experience08:12
treachI guess that depends on what you're using it for.08:12
treachit's good enough for general browsing IMO, but javascripts sucks.08:13
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treachmh..? "rm: cannot remove '/var/build/kbd/pkg/usr/bin/resizecons': No such file or directory08:24
pedjasepen: have you packaged xfce-4.6 yet?if you have, are ports available somewhere, I'd like to check them out.08:35
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sepeniirc yesterday the xfce dev team prepared the first tarballs for 4.5.9308:37
sepenpedja, yep try the xfce46 repo from the portdb08:37
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pitill0pedja: take a look to the portdb, you will find it there08:37
sepenalso I'm using it at home for about two months08:37
sepenpedja, but note that still there are only a few ports08:38
sepeni.e: I'm still working on ristretto, etc.08:39
pedjaok, but base packages are there, right?08:40
pedjabarebone xfce, so to speak?08:40
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sepenpedja, yep08:42
pedjaok, that's all i need atm08:42
jaeger@seen romster08:42
clbjaeger: romster was last seen in #crux 2 weeks, 4 days, 2 hours, 57 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <Romster> out of habbit.08:42
sepenpedja, nice, I'm glad to see you using it08:43
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pedjaI like xfce very much, it's lightweight, and I don't need level of integration that KDE/Gnome provide.08:44
sepenpedja, I'm waiting for beta3
thrice`sepen:  :)08:51
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sepenthrice`, hehe09:12
sepenthrice`, ATM 'sarts' seems the release man09:13
sepen^^ Stephan Arts09:18
sepen> Agreed, lets do a third beta now and Xfce 4.6.0 in 2 weeks.09:18
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estersSetting up CRUX on my lappy :)10:00
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rehabdollUploaded: 21168.0 MB10:03
rehabdoll^^ crux 2.5 torrent :>10:03
thrice`wow :)10:04
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rehabdolli wonder what the total traffic is10:04
estersAnyone using Crux on their laptop here ?10:11
pitill0esters: sure there are some10:12
estersJust asking :)10:12
pitill0esters: sure :) there are a few manuals at web talking about crux on laptops10:13
thrice`I had it installed on mine for a bit :)10:14
estersSure but now I'm struggling with the kernel10:14
estersthrice`: hey10:14
estersBTW thrice` you hang around slackware too ?10:15
thrice`yep - I run slackware too10:16
dru1desters: I use.10:17
dru1dOn Asus X51R10:17
dru1dAtheros, Ralink, Ricoh SD/MMC, Creative Live!Cam Notebook.10:18
estersEverything works ?10:18
dru1dmaybe today bluetooth10:18
dru1dOwn Pkgfiles for Wifi.10:18
estersWhat do you use for wifi ?10:18
esterswicd or something else ?10:18
dru1dmadwifi-hal 10 and rt73-k2wrlz-3.0.210:18
dru1detc/rc.d/net ;]10:19
treachesters: you could always try some live-cd for opensuse or ubuntu for instance.10:19
esterstreach: No thanks, I used ArchLinux on my laptop :>10:19
treachif it works there, it will probably work in crux too.10:19
dru1d+ wpa_supplicant10:19
treachesters: that wasn't the point.10:19
esterstreach: Yes I understood10:19
estersThe point is10:19
estersHow people manage network connections10:20
estersBecause on Arch there is network-profiles10:20
dru1dI wrote, You could wrote something like.10:20
dru1dnetcfg in ach10:20
treachwell, nothing stops you from having multiple network scripts.10:20
estersBut I know that CRUX doesn't have these distro-specific apps10:20
treachyou could have /etc/rc.d/wlan and /etc/rc.d/lan, for instance10:20
thrice`wicd is a good tool10:20
dru1dOr Autowifi.10:21
estersOk, thanks for the tip :)10:22
dru1dBack to fighting with amarok.10:23
estersCompiling ?10:25
dru1dMy wife use kde4 ;(10:25
estersI installed KDE 4.1 on Arch10:27
dru1dI have 4.210:27
dru1dBut i use ratpoison.;]10:27
estersI heard that 4.2 is the deal10:27
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dru1dThe Deal?10:27
dru1dneed dictionary ;]10:28
thrice`4.2 is alright10:28
treachpresumeably "the version where you can reccomend it to normal users"10:28
dru1dI need.10:28
esters"The real deal"10:28
dru1dWhen i saw at my wife desktop 4.1 ...10:28
dru1dNo comments.10:28
treachdru1d: you can't compare 4.2 to 4.110:29
estersYou could install GNOME :>10:29
dru1dBut, now I have 4.2 and this is nice.10:29
dru1dAt work I have only mac os ;]10:29
treachthe step between 4.1 and 4.0 is huge, and 4.1 to 4.2 is probably about as big10:29
dru1dI hate to moutch colors itp10:29
treachit's not like you can't fix that you know..10:30
estersOk, kernel compiled10:30
dru1dI know, but I use only xterm ;]10:30
estersNow for the russian roulette10:30
treachdru1d: it's ok, it's your loss ;)10:30
dru1dI have crux about 2 days..10:31
estersSame shit10:31
dru1dEarlier only fbsd.10:31
estersKernel Panic - Not Syncing CFS10:31
thrice`yeah, I've realized in kde4 that I only use konqueror and konsole 90% of the time.  not much of a reason to keep it around :)10:31
treachesters: you DID compile in the needed drivers, right?10:31
dru1desters: what hardware do You have?10:32
esterslspci output ?10:32
dru1dOn priv pls.10:32
estersIn a moment10:32
dru1dIm doing right now grsec kernel.10:32
estersExtra security ?10:33
dru1dWant to learn ;]10:33
dru1dAnd someday use crux on serwer at home.10:34
dru1desters: What file system?10:41
dru1dYou need kompile in ATA/ATAPI/MF.... Enhanced IDE/MFM/ ...10:42
estersDrivers for both ext2/3 are compiled10:42
treachINTO the kernel?10:42
estersAs * not M10:42
treachController too?10:42
dru1dI have this same problem10:42
dru1dOr use initrd10:42
dru1dIntel PIIX/ICH10:43
estersYea, I would10:43
dru1dSerial Ata10:43
estersBut no mkinitrd on crux :(10:43
dru1dATA SFF Support10:43
dru1dIntel PATA MPIIX10:43
dru1dif this dont10:44
estersWhy Intel ?10:44
dru1dadd ATI PATA10:44
dru1dU see;]10:44
dru1dAHCI SATA10:44
dru1dand thats all10:44
estersThe platform is ATi, hmm10:44
dru1dI know.10:44
dru1dI my laptop I use Intel MPIIX10:45
dru1don other with ati too10:45
dru1dATI IXP10:45
dru1dBut with this i have something like: ata1: softreset failure10:46
pitill0pastebin a lspci and may be someone can help (or think in treach answer about a livecd)10:47
dru1dHe paste. ;]10:47
estersOk, shot nr. 410:48
dru1dI have similar output.10:49
estersWorks \o/10:49
estersThanks a lot dru1d :)10:49
dru1dNow U need madwifi-hal 1010:49
estersNo I don't :>10:50
estersI have ath5k10:50
dru1dMy atheros freez openbsd current ;f10:51
estersSyslogd starts10:52
estersThe file /etc/services does not seem to exist10:52
estersWhat package owns /etc/services ?10:52
jaegermy last laptop had an ar5007eg, such a huge pain in the ass10:52
treachesters: prt-get fsearch10:52
jaegerglad the new one doesn't use atheros10:52
estersjaeger: I have it now :P10:52
jaegerI've got an rt2860 now, much nicer10:53
esterstreach: I don't have internet10:53
estersOn the lappy10:53
treachyou don't need that10:53
dru1dI buy Edimax ew-7318USg10:53
dru1desters: similar like in arch ;]10:54
estersThe point is that the file is missing10:54
estersI wanna know what package I don't have installed10:54
esters/etc/services is owned by filesystem 2008.07-110:55
thrice`2008.07 ? o.O10:55
estersI'm on Arch10:55
dru1dDo You ask about how to add services to boot?10:55
estersSo anyone could do prt-get fsearch /etc/services for me ? :>10:56
treachyou don't need internet for that search to work10:56
treachand it looks like it's iana-etc10:57
* thrice` doesn't understand the name iana :|10:57
thrice`also, you shouldn't omit anything from core/ (with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions)10:57
treachesters: just remember that you don't need a connction for stuff to work, unless it's for downloading things.10:58
estersOr searching10:58
thrice`well, you do to get your first ports tree :)10:58
treachah, right :p10:58
dru1dIf you forgot something to instal.10:59
dru1dMount cd, and pkgadd.10:59
estersAlready did that10:59
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tilmanthrice`: iana is the name of the committee/institution dealing with intarweb stuff11:03
thrice`ah, interresting :)11:04
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estersGreat news11:38
estersMadwifi doesn't work with
treachanother win for computer security.11:38
mrkswhat features has madwifi which atk5 doesnt? Or why do you want madwifi, does it support more chips?11:39
jesse_Wired lan ftw ;)11:39
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treachjesse_: indeed. just like wired mice, keyboards and headphones. :p11:40
dru1desters: I told you;]11:40
* treach hates running out of batteries all the time.11:40
jesse_I'm still waiting for wireless electricity.11:40
treachsounds a tad dangerous. :p11:40
estersmrks: Hmm actually ath5k doesn't work11:41
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mrksworks pretty well here :|11:41
treacha tesla coil in the livingroom would probably suffice for delivering power to your house, but it would probably require a renaming of said room. ;>11:41
estersmrks: 5007EG ?11:42
mrksesters: hm?11:43
estersmrks: Your wifi card11:44
mrksAR5212, it's an older one11:44
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jesse_treach: hah :p Might be an interesting challenge for those who enjoy living with a knife pressed against their own throat.11:53
jesse_"Will I make it through another day?!" :D11:54
treach*BzzzAAaaPP!!* :p11:54
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estersWifi works \o/13:09
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DarkNekrosesters, congrats ;)13:29
estersThanks :)13:29
estersath5k + wpa_supplicant13:30
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jkrHas anyone experienced problems with flash memory cards since kernel .27?14:53
jkrOr since CRUX 2.5? :D14:53
jkrI'm not sure what the cause could be14:54
jkrMaybe it's just udevd or its config14:54
jkrMost of the time I don't get mmc* devices in /dev anymore14:54
jkrSometimes (really rarely) it appears as usual, but that's been only one or two times after the update14:55
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estersModule loading is done via /etc/rc.local at bootup ?16:17
estersThanks :)16:20
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pedjafor ThinkPad users :
pedjalots of stuff here :)17:14
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msadiqHi All21:58
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:58
msadiqI have compiled and installed the Crux kernel but It doesn't boot - give kernel panic error "VFS: Cannot open root device /dev/hda5..."21:58
msadiqI have checked that I have included "SATA and PATA" drivers in the kernel (and not as modules)21:59
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msadiqAlso, I have made sure that I have included "ext2" and "ext3" in filesystems.21:59
msadiqAny help?21:59
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