IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2009-01-14

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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: gl-select: updated to 1.401:20
pitill0good morning01:21
f1yMournin' [;01:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: ati: updated to 8-12 and fixed #35701:24
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: virtualbox: added support to rebuild kernel modules01:24
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pitill0good sepen :)01:28
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namenlosanyone knows a console program, with which i can create a diagram (png or something like that) out of some data i give it?02:49
namenlosuntil now i only found:
Rotwangthere is gnuplot02:50
aonyeah, gnuplot is pretty good02:51
RotwangR uses some gnuplot sstuff iirc02:51
namenlosthx, i'll have a look02:56
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sepencool definitively we're in the german market
sepenno idea about the description of this german article ;D06:33
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namenlossepen: looks good06:57
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sepenjdolan, are you around?08:57
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estersGood day fellas :)09:38
Rotwangpkginfo -o accepts regexes?09:48
RotwangI see it doesn, nvm ;}09:49
sepenRotwang, iirc yes test that: $ pkginfo -o dd$09:49
Rotwangthats nice, but the exit status could be 1 if no owner found imo09:50
sepen$ pkginfo -o '*/fsck'09:50
sepenpkginfo: error compiling regular expression '*/fsck', aborting09:50
sepeniirc exists also a open ticket in the bugtracker about this09:50
aonthat's not a valid regex09:51
sepenit says ---compiling regular expresion----09:51
sepenso its matched as regexp09:51
aonwhat else?09:51
aonpaths _very_ seldom have * :)09:52
sepentrue $ pkginfo -o '.*/fsck'09:52
sepen^^ it works09:52
Rotwangyeah * must have something to match ;]09:53
sepenI typed too fast09:53
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aon$ pkginfo -o \\*09:57
aonPackage  File09:57
aonsilly    usr/bin/*09:57
aonnow let's see what happens when i remove that package09:57
sepenaon, and the \[09:57
aon\\[ finds it09:58
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jaegeryay, figured out the stupid weather craplet issue with gnome10:05
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thrice`very neat indeed :>10:46
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jesse_I wonder if rms and his fsf fanboys might have an opinion on the matter :p11:03
jesse_Probably not because it still is a gpl license variant.11:05
tilmanwow shit11:08
rehabdollwasnt trolltech supposed to gpl-v3 it?11:30
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aonthat's pretty cool11:39
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aonof course, they should of made it ICCLEIYSIUYA11:40
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jesse_For a while it seemed evvk would not be headlining outside .fi :p11:52
Rotwangvähempää <- i like that word, it looks cool11:57
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treachlooks cool too :p ->
Rotwangnice ;]12:01
rehabdolltilman! add 3d features to raktpdf!12:10
tilmanfsck you12:11
teKmmmhhmmm candy...12:14
thrice`are there any decent pdf readers out there these days?  epdfview keeps segfaulting here :\12:15
teKnmap is still in opt/?12:16
thrice`(and no tilman, i'm not *directly* bothering you)12:16
estersthrice`: xpdf, acroread :>12:16
treachbah, acroread is the very definition of bloat12:16
tilmanthrice`: hehe, it's okay12:16
thrice`and xpdf the definition of ugly12:16
estersOk, Evince, Kpdf or Okular12:16
sepenteK, removed12:17
thrice`i'm surprised there isn't an xfce-type add-on for pdfs12:17
estersHave you tried epdfview-svn ?12:17
treachyou've gotta laugh when people whine about the bloatedness of kde (for instance) but then happily load acroread. :D12:17
sepenthrice`, well I was wondering about using pyxfce and pypfg to write my own12:17
thrice`ok, will it be done this week? :>12:18
sepenyes but you need to pay12:18
estersBatteries not included :>12:19
treachsepen: maybe you should look at qt, iirc it has some pretty good functions for something like that. ;)12:19
sepenhmm nice to know12:19
thrice`too bad I can't cut and paste epdfview code into rakt12:20
treachone is c the other is c++, so that would probably not be a good idea for anyone. ;p12:21
sepenwell I like to have a terminal based app to read pdf files, like a pdf2txt | less12:21
sepenand pypdf look nice for that12:22
thrice`oh, bummer12:22
sepenwith ascii art images ;D12:22
estersAscii porn is the way to go12:22
estersDuplicates..I hate them ><12:24
thrice`is epdfview's svn even active?  It looks quite slow from their web-svn12:29
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estersHmm, any ideas of adopting AUR in CRUX ?12:57
thrice`sure.  we should call it something like "contrib"12:57
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estersYes, but you can't log in, upload a tarball of Pkgfile and it is published12:58
treachpublish your private repo then.12:58
thrice`hehe; crux has users just put their own repo online, and sign it up for the port database12:58
estersYou know why that sucks ?12:58
estersThere are many duplicates12:58
estersAnd obsolete version of packages that infact are int the "official" repositories12:59
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thrice`see, I almsot prefer some duplicates12:59
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treachIF there are in fact obsolete versions in the offical repos, you should contact the maintainer.12:59
estersI see13:00
estersOk, I'm getting used to Crux13:00
thrice`i like searching the portdb, finding a port that looks good, and placing it in /usr/ports/mine  to maintain myself13:01
treachnote however that a repo isn't "offical" just because it's listed in the portdb.13:01
jesse_Sometimes port duplications exist because each user has their own needs which are refelected in their modifications to said ports.13:01
teKthe first repo in prt-get.conf decides13:01
Rotwangthrice`: AUR is more like portdb and community like contrib13:02
treachI think we discussed what should be done about outdated / and/ or dangerous listed repos, but I have no idea what happened to it.13:02
estersI don't want to sound like some narrow-minded ass, but I think AUR is the greatest invention in gnu/linux world13:04
estersTo get / modify applications for you needs :)13:05
Rotwangesters: you can do the same w/ portdb ;x13:06
Rotwangand portdb is even better13:06
estersOk, one example13:07
estersI was finishing my openbox setup13:07
estersAnd I wanted some theming for GTK apps13:07
estersI like lxappearance13:07
estersOk, I followed the wiki entry to get lxde.httup13:07
estersInstalled lxappearance, fine13:07
estersSecond thing - I like Murrine engine13:07
estersI do prt-get fsearch murrine13:08
estersNo results13:08
estersOk, I search the portdb13:08
estersWhat I see - 3 ports have the same13:08
estersBut which one I choose ?13:08
estersSo I thought, fsck that, It's not for me13:08
estersIn AUR it is simple, people vote / make comments on that13:09
estersSo you see if the package is good or bad13:09
estersAnd there aren't duplicates13:09
pitilloesters, take a look for them and like you said, chose the one fills your needs or make another one13:09
estersBut the thing is - if a person wants to install software from 3rd party with minimum risk and he doesn't want spend a lot of time searching where to find that, then aur in this case is the best option IMO13:10
pitilloesters, contrib for example, isn't official but it's reviewed too13:11
treachit's a question about manpower too. We don't have enoght vet anything really, beyond contrib.13:12
thrice`true, but under the same philosphy, can't anyone upload a PKGBUILD to AUR ?  you're telling me you simply install stuff without checking it out ?13:12
estersthrice`: yes you can13:12
estersI just submit the tarball and that's it13:12
treach<- afk13:12
estersI don't check every bit of software I have13:13
thrice`in crux, i typically search the port db for my app (murrine), find one I like, copy it into my own repo and compile13:13
sepenalso note that crux is targeted for experienced linux users13:14
thrice`arch is targeted for those who want to feel experienced :>13:14
estersOr for those who do not care / want to use apps not h4x them :>13:15
estersI use Arch on this box13:15
sepenyou can use pkgadd -r /opt if you want too13:16
Rotwangwhen i used arch i never used yogurts and things like that13:16
Rotwangi simply did not trust aur13:16
estersRotwang: you mean yaourt's :>13:17
Rotwangyeah ;]13:17
estersOk, then I understood13:17
estersWell apart from Arch13:18
estersOne thing here is a lot better13:18
estersThe community :>13:18
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treachheh, "yogurts" sounds messy. :>13:44
jesse_Coming from a distribution which claims to adore simplicity while doing many other not-so-inline-with-simplicity things from time to time :D13:50
Rotwangrecently archs thunderbird PKGBUILD made me laugh13:53
Rotwangapparently maintainer decided to list imagemagick in makedepends so you can convert one small xpm image to png ;]13:54
treachotoh then, thunderbird/ff is already so far removed from KISS, so what's another dep? :>13:55
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teKlighttpd is orphaned14:31
teKI want to take it14:31
teKany objections?14:32
Rotwangyou port molester!14:32
jesse_"you're mine now *evil laughter"14:33
jesse_The title of port molester should be resered for yhafri.14:35
Rotwangno he is port rapist14:35
treachjesse_: because he "booby-traps" them? :p14:35
* treach takes cover14:36
Rotwangbut what intersts me the most, we never hear from him14:36
teKyeah, he has to maintain ports14:39
rehabdollive never used/looked in any of his ports. ive just heard the rumors :)14:50
rehabdollare they really that bad?14:50
teKI used some of them and had no problems14:51
treachyeah. Someone, don't remember who, hosed his system thanks to libiconv.14:51
Rotwangsome of his ports are ok, some not ;]14:52
rehabdollgot dri/xvideo working on my r6xx card a few days ago \o/14:52
rehabdolllife is good14:52
jesse_treach: ah yes, that was classy.14:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: lighttpd: taken from opt15:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: xlockmore: taken from opt15:04
teKsome please take care of this15:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: removed lighttpd xlockmore (now in contrib)15:06
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msadiqHi All18:57
msadiqI have installed Crux after compiling the new kernel but its not booting because of kernel panic. Gives the error: "VFS: Cannot open root device..."18:58
msadiqI have ensured that the SATA and PATA drivers are built into the kernel and not modules. I have also checked for support for EXT2 and EXT3 built into the kernel.18:59
msadiqAny help?18:59
jaegerSounds like one or the other is still misconfigured, or perhaps your lilo/grub setup19:13
jaegerAre you positive you have the right controller drivers selected?19:13
msadiqGrub is working fine because I am booting other linuces with it.19:21
jaegergrub may be working fine but the config for CRUX might be wrong19:26
msadiqcurrently I am booting crux from the grub commandline19:27
msadiqi manually type in all the commands for root, kernel and boot19:27
msadiqGrub is not a problem because its the Kernel which is panicking19:28
msadiqif it were a problem with grub, the kernel would never get the control19:28
msadiqthe root=/dev/hda5 is a parameter passed to the kernel and not to grub19:28
thrice`your controller support must be incorrect19:28
msadiqI guess i will need to check it again19:29
msadiqbut any of you guys aware if mkinitrd is in crux?19:29
msadiqi was trying to make the initrd to fix this problem but was surprised to find no mkinitrd command19:29
thrice`I think mkinitrd is actually specific to slackware19:30
msadiqDo any of you know which directory we need to cpio and then gz?19:30
msadiqno... mkinitrd is available in all major linux distributions including SuSE and RedHat19:30
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msadiqsorry got dropped off19:34
msadiqany suggestions?19:35
thrice`well, sounds alot like a kernel issue19:35
leetspetemsadiq: Looks like there is a port for it in bdfy19:39
msadiqlet me check19:42
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