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ahmrahtcheerhowdy sepen01:22
sepenLongstanding Linux I/O Wait Bug
pitill0good morning01:24
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estersGood day08:52
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estersCapacitator plauge kills..09:04
jaegertrying to use japanese directory/file names is hard with no input system configured09:19
jaegeryay for cut/paste09:19
sepenjapanese dir/files aren't supported by FHS and variants ;D09:25
sepenthey are detected as viruses by clamd, ;D09:26
sependho, our clamd at work lacks memory09:26
Rotwangi need some nice sentences to put in my job application ^_^09:31
Rotwanglike eager to learn etc. etc.09:31
Rotwangcould someone supply me w/ those?09:32
ahmrahtcheerwell-endowed...with brains?09:33
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estersHeh, actually portdb is nice :)11:41
estersInstalled murrine11:41
Rotwangmurrina neographite is nice theme imo11:42
thrice`I think I use cappicino from murrine11:43
estersI second that Rotwang11:45
estersAnd browsing the web with elinks is phun :>11:46
estersAnyone using Midori here ?11:49
thrice`not recently11:49
estersI want to something light compared to FF11:50
estersto use*11:50
estersOk off to have some phun11:52
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tilmancool: [ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-intel 2.6.013:19
tilman"We had DRI2 and 965 XvMC branch merged"13:19
thrice`maybe it'll work with the new libdrm too :)13:22
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thrice`ah, from the changelog: "Rely on libdrm 2.4.3 and stop checking for xf86drmMode.h"13:35
* tilman boots the laptop13:37
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thrice`hi jtnl13:40
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* thrice` takes tilman's silence as a bad sign13:53
tilmanwell, gl performance still seems to suck13:54
tilmanbut it sucked before as well, so i'll push those updates13:54
thrice`is it still opengl 1.5 or so ?13:54
tilmanprobably, but that shouldn't matter13:55
thrice`no, i was just curious :)  I tried to play savage2, which complained that I needed at least 2.113:55
tilmani just use glxgears to sanity-check the numbers13:55
tilmanmesa does support all the stuff for 2.0 afaik13:55
tilmannot sure about 2.113:55
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tilmanoh ffs14:08
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tilmancruxbot died again ;D14:15
Rotwangfedora 5 :<14:26
teKI bet you can kill this machine by calling multiple times :>14:29
teKis this a challenge? :>14:32
thrice`Rotwang: I think pidgin could use a poke :)14:44
thrice` / bump14:44
Rotwanglike in pokemon?14:44
thrice`"Change Contact Server to temporarily fix connection problems." o.O14:45
Rotwangthrice`: thanks for info14:46
thrice`contrib is getting nice and large :)14:46
Rotwangsince my ck4up is in state of "permanent disconfiguration" i dont get versions bump info straight away14:47
Rotwangbtw we have two new applications atm14:50
thrice`hm ?14:51
thrice`for contrib ?14:51
Rotwangcontrib applications14:51
teKwhat about prologic?14:51
Rotwangid give him a plus14:53
estersIs there a way to start daemons at boot up in the background ?14:53
Rotwangesters: not using stock rc14:53
Rotwangnot if you*14:53
Rotwangesters: rc_color has this functionality14:54
rehabdolloh? awesomeness14:56
rehabdoll# moze byc przeklamanie14:58
rehabdollwhats that supposed to do?14:59
Rotwangcheck teh return status15:00
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rehabdollah, called from rc.functions15:02
rehabdoll<- stupid & blind15:02
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Rotwangprologic maintains any personal repositories?15:05
rehabdollright, if this does not work ill kill you Rotwang :D15:12
thrice`a little harsh, but OK I guess :>15:13
Rotwangrehabdoll: it works, i use it everyday ;]15:13
Rotwangnot only I, tho15:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: pidgin 2.5.3 -> 2.5.415:16
rehabdolldoh, ne15:23
rehabdollasdf, terminal is all fux0red15:23
rehabdollfreebsd crap15:23
rehabdollshutting down the network before nfs was not a good idea though15:24
jesse_No network?! oh noes15:24
rehabdollstill waiting for nfs to timeout D;15:24
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jaegerdid faad get removed but still required by gst-plugins-bad?15:47
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thrice`jaeger: nice mirror :)  I was just pulling 3.0 mb/s or so until it throttled (my end)16:35
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thrice`@seen cptn16:58
clbthrice`: cptn was last seen in #crux 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour, 24 minutes, and 4 seconds ago: <cptn> f1y: no, there are none16:58
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thrice`jaeger: faad shows up missing here too18:18
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: gst-plugins-bad: remove faad was meant to be named faad2, faac includes this (thanks jaeger)18:36
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jaegerah, I'd totally forgotten it was faad2 :P18:41
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: imagemagick: adopted from opt (actually this is my copy from romster-opt)19:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: unrar: adopted from opt19:04
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