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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: jre and jdk must stay in opt, were not marked as such02:27
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spaceninjaI'm trying to make a Pkgfile for allegro sprite editor, but it doesn't have a configure file, only makefile.lnx, makefile.lnx, that I need to configure. How should I do this?05:30
tilmanrun: make -f makefile.lnx05:31
spaceninjaok, going to try it05:32
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spaceninjaI need to uncomment #CONFIGURED = 1 in makefile.cfg, which tool can do that?05:38
lennarti'd use sed05:39
mrksspaceninja: somthing like this should do the trick: sed -i -e 's|#CONFIGURE = 1|CONFIGURE = 1|g' makefile.cfg05:41
Rotwangspaceninja: or use a patch05:41
tilmantry: make -f makefile.lnx CONFIGURE=105:46
tilmanif makefile.cfg is include'd by makefile.lnx that might work05:46
tilmanjust a guess though, i didn't actually look at that stuff :P05:46
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spaceninjaok thanks, but I'm still getting errors, as usual06:00
spaceninjamy Pkgfile06:01
tilmanpaste the log?06:03
Rotwangspaceninja: you did not actualy perform any changes to that file -.-06:04
* Rotwang has a bad day06:07
tilmanspaceninja: maybe you should extract the source tarball manually, and then try your sed command there06:08
tilmanthen you'll see it's just plain broken :>06:08
spaceninjaok I'll use mrks sed line06:08
tilmangood idea ;>06:08
ahmrahtcheerprior to kernel compilation, i would like to alter CHOST and CFLAGS to reflect my architecture (Athlon 64 X2).  where would i find CRUX's make.conf (or equivalent)?06:12
tilman /etc/pkgmk.conf -- but your kernel build has nothing to do with pkgmk06:13
tilmanjust setting CFLAGS should be enough06:13
ahmrahtcheertilman, yeah, i read that in the manual regarding pgkmk, but was hoping to tweak the kernel a bit, too.06:13
tilmanjust stick -march=athlon64 in CFLAGS :)06:14
spaceninjait still doesn't work, same error06:14
tilmanahmrahtcheer: and of course select athlon64 (or whatiscalled) in the kernel config06:15
tilmanspaceninja: then you forgot the -i switch06:15
tilmanman sed and read what -i does06:15
ahmrahtcheerDOH! memory is failing from old age and it's been a while since i've config'd a kernel...06:15
mrksand it shoud say CONFIGURED not CONFIGURE as I typed, if you copied my line06:15
ahmrahtcheerthanks, tilman06:16
spaceninjatilman: it has the -i switch06:16
tilmanthen it can't be the same output06:17
tilmansed only prints the changed text on stdout if you omit -i06:17
spaceninjawell, not exacly the same output06:17
Rotwangspaceninja: use patch please ;}06:17
tilmanno, don't use patch06:17
tilmanthat would be soo lame for that one line change06:17
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spaceninjamy error, it still want me to configure makefile.cfg06:21
tilmanyou're claiming to have configure it (CONFIGURED=1), but you didn't actually06:21
mrks13:15 < mrks> and it shoud say CONFIGURED not CONFIGURE as I typed, if you copied my line06:21
tilmanor that06:21
Rotwangomfg x|06:22
spaceninjaoh :)06:22
tilmanRotwang: yeah, srsly06:22
spaceninjawow it's working now06:23
spaceninjabut it's not over yet :)06:23
spaceninja+ make DESTDIR=/home/akin/ase/work/pkg install06:25
spaceninjamake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.06:25
Rotwangyou need to install by hand06:25
Rotwangput necessery files into the proper directories06:26
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spaceninjaok :|06:27
Elladurhi :)06:27
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spaceninjathe makefile.cfg contains this line aswell, #DEFAULT_PREFIX = /usr/local     should I change it to DEFAULT_PREFIX = /usr/  ?06:29
spaceninjabecuase the INSTALL.txt says I can run make install06:30
Elladuri'm having some trouble building pidgin06:30
f1yspaceninja: sed -i -e 's/\/usr\/local/\/usr/' makefile.cfg06:31
Rotwangstartup-notification is mentioned in dependencies06:31
tilmanElladur: prt-get depinst pidgin06:31
RotwangElladur: do you have startup-notification installed?06:31
ElladurRotwang, if i do it's not been enabled by me :P06:32
spaceninjaf1y: but then it would still be #commented out06:32
f1yPrefix should be /usr06:32
RotwangElladur: just do what tilman wrote ;]06:32
Elladurno worries06:32
Elladuri've been using crux for a while, but i'd still class myself as a noob ;)06:32
f1yRotwang: --   package 'cairo-xcb' not found06:35
f1yIn your awesome port.06:35
tilmanf1y: install xorg-xcb-util, then rebuild cairo06:35
Rotwangf1y: didnt my fancy pre-install script pop-up?06:36
f1yRotwang: Nope, nothing fancy had poped up.06:37
f1yHmm, I believe 'poped up' may not be a valid phrase...06:38
Rotwangrun: bash /usr/ports/contrib/awesome/pre-install06:38
f1yI have just cat it.06:39
f1yShouldn't be xorg-xcb-utils in "# Depends on:" Pkgline?06:40
Rotwangi think its not necesarry since pre-install checks for cairo-xcb06:40
Rotwangand it should give you a message06:41
Rotwangor you have built cairo w/ xcb and then removed xcb06:41
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f1yMaybe Your fancy text pops up when --pre-install option is present in prt-get command.06:43
spaceninjaI think I have to do a patch, because when i run the "configuration script" it generates a makefile06:44
spaceninjais patch a language? Or is it bash script?06:48
cptnspaceninja: it's a file format06:49
cptnor rather two06:49
cptnone is "unified", don't know what the other is called06:50
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Rotwangf1y: yes it does \o/06:54
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spaceninjabut if I want to make a file inside the dir, can't I just touch it and put in some text into it?06:55
f1yRotwang: Hmm, is it necessary? --pre-install is optional, so maybe README should be enough...06:55
Rotwangf1y: there is both06:55
f1yRotwang: priv please?06:56
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* spaceninja gives up07:15
f1yspaceninja: Fight!07:15
f1yBe tough!07:15
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Rotwanglike B.A. Barackus07:15
f1yLike Tommy Lee Jones.07:16
spaceninjawe'll see, the guy who wrote this package is so messy07:16
DarkNekroslike Chuck Norris ;D07:16
* f1y hides.07:16
cptnspaceninja: what are you trying to package07:16
RotwangDarkNekros: im going to try animal crossing on emulator today, but i hate emulators ;]07:17
f1ycptn: =======> Building '/home/akin/ase/ase#0.6-1.pkg.tar.gz'.07:17
spaceninjacptn: allegro sprite editor
DarkNekrosRotwang, buy a DS an forget the psx ;)07:17
RotwangDarkNekros: i'm unemplaoyed :< i dont have any money ;D07:18
DarkNekrosRotwang, do you have friends who would like to make you a presents in you birthday party?07:19
f1yDarkNekros: Rotwang has no birthday :)07:19
DarkNekrosfly xDD07:20
f1yHe just exists :)07:20
tilmanRotwang: ziomg, it's your birthday?07:20
Rotwangno, my birthday is 4th october ;]07:20
f1yRotwang is just a binary package :P07:20
f1yWritten someday in matrix.07:20
DarkNekrosRotwang, too late for tell them :S07:20
DarkNekrosRotwang, I don't know if an emulator will do the trick for this game :S07:21
spaceninjacptn: this is my Pkgfile so far, but it doesn't work
DarkNekrosthe funniest part is the wireless functiion to visit other people and find new trees to plant in your city07:22
DarkNekrosRotwang, sell your psx and buy a DS :)07:22
DarkNekrosor steal one xD07:23
Rotwangi have ps2 and im never going to sell it ;p07:23
Rotwangbesides i hate playing games on a PC07:24
f1yRotwang: What about wesnoth and teaworlds [;07:24
f1yNaughty boy [;07:24
Rotwangwesnoth sucks ;}07:26
f1yNot true!07:26
DarkNekrosI'm with Rotwang, wesnoth music sucks, but the idea it's pretty good :)07:26
f1yBut music doesnt stand for phrase, that whole game sucks.07:27
f1yBesides there is an option to play w/out music.07:27
spaceninjacptn: the package doesn't have a configure file, you have to run that outputs a makefile, or edit makefile.cfg with sed.07:27
cptnspaceninja: ah, I see07:27
cptnspaceninja: have you checked whether there's an ebuild for gentoo?07:28
Rotwangor  for arch ;fPKGBUILD07:28
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spaceninjaarch nor gentoo has anything07:36
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spaceninjaI've manually installed it to /usr/local07:39
cptnspaceninja: what was you solution for "suffix or operands invalid for `fnstsw'"07:39
cptnI think you had that error as well for allegro itself, right?07:40
f1ycptn: I can confirm that.07:41
cptnf1y: did you already file a bug report?07:42
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spaceninjacohan: --enable-asm=x        enable the use of asm code default=yes07:42
cptnah, good07:42
cptnspaceninja: did you report that to the maintainer?07:43
spaceninjabut I don't know if that was a good fix07:43
spaceninjaI talked to some allegro dudes in #allegro and they suggested it07:43
cptnwell, in any case the port is broken for all three of us07:43
cptnso even if there's a better fix, it's still better than not working at all07:44
spaceninjabut I think asm is allegros assembler07:44
spaceninjathey said it used asm instead of C assembler07:45
cptnor maybe assembly instead of C?07:45
cptnbut really, that's not the point07:45
cptnapparently, the port doesn't work for f1y, you and me07:46
cptnas it is right now07:46
Rotwangso file a bug report \o/07:46
cptnspaceninja: your port was almost good07:49
cptnbut for 'make install', you also need to specify the Makefile07:49
cptnmake -f makefile.lnx install07:49
spaceninjaoh of course, thanks07:50
spaceninjawho will file the bug report for allegro?07:50
cptnerr, sorry07:50
Rotwangteh g flag for sed can be omitted i believe07:51
f1ycptn: No, I haven't.07:51
Rotwangbut that're cosmetics07:51
Elladursorry to bother again, getting this error on building pidgin now :(08:29
Rotwangyou can safely ignore it08:29
Elladurit doesn't copy the built files across though (or removes them)08:31
Rotwangjust pkgadd it08:32
spaceninjacptn: the package compiles without errors and I can install it, but I can't run it, I'm getting this "Error loading main menu"08:33
cptnhave you ran it through strace?08:38
cptnmaybe it compiled in the build path...08:38
cptnah, I see the problem08:39
cptn    mkdir -p $PKG/usr/bin $PKG/usr/share/ase08:40
cptn  mkdir -p $PKG/usr/bin $PKG/usr/share/08:40
cptni.e. remove the 'ase' part08:40
spaceninjacptn: it's working! Thank you so much! Woho :D08:48
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spaceninjaand everyone else of course08:56
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mike_ktilman: why xorg-xf86-video-intel (and may be others) does not depend on xorg? Requested 'libdrm >= 2.4.3' during 'prt-get sysup', and libdrm itself was updated after the driver.11:45
tilmanlaziness :o11:47
tilmanyou are right, all drivers should depend on xorg-server11:47
tilmanall 137 of them :D11:47
tilmanthough i'm not sure it would have prevented this particular problem11:47
thrice`prt-get is pretty smart :)11:48
tilmanmike_k: did you use sysup?11:48
mike_ktilman: yes11:48
mike_kobviously, it has compiled fine after libdrm update11:50
cruxbot[xorg.git/2.5]: Drivers depend on xorg-server.11:55
tilmanmike_k: thanks for the heads up11:56
mike_ktilman: np11:56
thrice`yikes, epic commit :P11:57
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spaceninjaall that work for no use, the program is really good, but it keeps crashing12:19
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tilmanspaceninja: well, at least you learned a thing or two about sed ;D12:29
spaceninjahehe yep, I really need this pixel editing program, I'm going to learn allegro and rewrite it12:38
spaceninjaI hate people who write ugly code12:39
spaceninjawell not hate, dislike :)12:39
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spaceninjaI recompiled it with debug enabled, but now it doesn't crash :)13:38
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jkrI'm having a problem updating glibmm -
jkrAh, nevermind - I think it's my fault14:10
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lennartwow... sorry15:15
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Elladurhey, just wanted to thank those that helped me lastnight, appreciated very much18:45
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