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dru1dGood Morning.04:07
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f1yDoes anyone have problem with installing iasl port from contrib repo?06:32
f1yI'm trying to install virtualbox.06:32
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: teeworlds: 0.4.3 -> 0.5.007:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: teeworlds: fixed deps07:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: teeworlds: cleaner build process07:47
Rotwangi hate it when you push to git and then realize there is something you didnt do07:47
Rotwangso you fix it and push again07:48
Rotwangand then whole process goes into loop07:48
tilmanyou can avoid that by delaying the push ;)07:49
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spaceninjaany nes emulator in crux's repos?13:19
Rotwangbut i donno if it emulates nes too13:21
spaceninjait doesn't "see" the nes roms when I'm in the rom dir13:28
jaegerI used to use fceultra13:32
spaceninjaI've downloaded your Pkgfile, but I can't get the sound to work13:35
* spaceninja is trying out tuxnes13:37
jaegerfceu is pretty old, probably needs oss compatibility13:37
* jaeger installs Fallout 313:38
spaceninjajaeger: heh, forgot to check it13:42
spaceninjajaeger: there's a 2.0313:42
jaegerwow, I'm pretty far behind on that, then13:46
jaegerIt's been a while since I used it last. I'll try to get it updated today13:46
spaceninjagreat :D13:47
spaceninjajaeger: it comes with a gtk interface aswell now13:50
jaegerI see that13:53
spaceninjayou have to add "x" in fceux-$version         /sourceforge/$name/fceux-$version.src.tar.bz213:53
spaceninjabut I don't know what to do from here on13:54
spaceninjajaeger: it neesd scons libsdl lua pygtk gtk?14:03
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spaceninjadef install(dest, source, env):14:22
spaceninjascons install(/usr/, source, env)      ?14:22
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thrice`anyone recommend a good dvd-ripping app ?  I've been trying to get handbrake working, but it's not cooperating.  I haven't messed with this stuff in a couple years14:32
tilmani used that perl-gtk based program a decade ago :>14:36
tilmanthe one with the most horrible UI14:36
jaegersounds like dvd::rip14:37
thrice`mm, dvd:rip or something?14:37
jaegerthrice`: I usually use HandBrake14:37
jaegerspaceninja: haven't looked at it yet, will have some time later14:37
thrice`I build dvdcss and then handbrake, but dvdread still complains about not finding the main feature14:38
spaceninjajaeger: the package got totally bloated now, it depends on alot of stuff14:39
thrice`heh, dvd::rip does look pretty terrible :P14:40
thrice`jaeger: did you do anything special, outside of building css before handbrake's binary?14:40
jaegerI don't remember having to do much with it but I haven't used it since 0.9.1, might have changed14:42
jaegerthere's a port in my repo for 0.9.114:42
thrice`yeah, I used it actually :>  but bumped to 9.314:42
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thrice`I think I needed to use yasm instead of nasm, also14:52
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thrice`Rotwang: I get a footprint error with pidgin15:23
thrice`looks like it was built with gnutls, perhaps15:24
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Rotwangthrice`: yes, i should provide footprint without gnutls ;]15:27
thrice`bloat! :>15:27
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thrice`ah, found my wicd port :>16:12
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darkpandcan i ask you a little supporto18:14
darkpandin installing crux on a pismo? :D18:14
darkpandi cannot boot the install cd18:15
darkpandin fact, i don't have a cdrom drive at all.18:15
darkpandi tried booting with an external usb cd drive18:16
darkpandand copying the install cd on a hard drive via dd18:16
darkpandand using that drive via firewire18:16
thrice`there is a usb-stick script somewhere18:16
darkpand(in fact, i tried booting also a debian ppc cd using the drive of an ibook in target mode)18:17
darkpandhm, i can try that.18:17
thrice`what happened when you tried the external cd-drive ?18:17
darkpandwell, all the times18:17
darkpandi can see it in the boot menu18:18
darkpand(when i boot with the option key)18:18
darkpandbut when i boot from that, it goes immediately to openfirmware18:18
thrice`the crux screen does not even load?18:18
thrice`bummer :(18:19
darkpandit's strange, really strange18:19
darkpandi have a little experience with newworld mac and linux18:19
darkpandbut, well18:19
darkpandit's strange :D18:19
darkpandi will try the usb script way18:20
thrice`i'm trying to find it :)18:20
darkpandcan i make the usb key using a x86 linux pc? :D18:20
darkpand(the ibook has osx)18:20
thrice`well, the script needs syslinux, so maybe not :(18:20
darkpand(ah, another thing... if i put the ibook in target mode, i can boot the osx on it with the pismo)18:21
darkpandin fact, another thing i didn't try was making a cd of crux and using the ibook drive in target mode18:21
darkpandbut i think it's useless.18:21
thrice`that might work :)18:21
darkpandi'll try it.18:22
darkpand(my room it's a MIGHTY MESS with all those tries :D )18:22
darkpandi can put the PISMO in target mode18:28
darkpandboot the ibook18:28
darkpandwith the crux cd18:28
darkpandand install.18:29
thrice`ah, nice :)18:29
darkpandeh :D18:29
darkpand(in fact, i think it will install and then NOT boot, with my luck :D )18:30
thrice`at least the first time :)18:30
thrice`have you used crux before ?18:30
darkpandi want to install linux on that ppc, i need a minimal linux18:32
darkpandso i want to try crux18:32
darkpandin fact a friend of mine is a crux developer18:32
darkpandand is trying to convert me to crux :D18:32
thrice`ah, which one?18:33
darkpandhe works most on the18:33
thrice`ah, ok18:33
darkpandthose amiga-based ppc cards :)18:33
darkpandoh, another thing18:34
darkpanddoes crux work on rs/6k machines?18:34
thrice`there is a crux-ppc18:35
thrice`never heard of an rs/6k myself :|18:35
darkpandi'll try it18:35
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: allegro: fix asm errors23:47
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