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pitill0good morning01:09
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rastarnipuL: ping02:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: scorched3d: 41.1 -> 41.302:27
nipuLrastar: aye?02:59
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rastaryou still got those ghc ports lieying around ? ;)03:18
pitill0para todos?03:19
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: iasl: fixed bug for bison 2.4 (thanks to Victor Martinez)03:39
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nipuLrastar: it's pretty out of date, but,
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rastarnipuL: cheers ;)04:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: tuxracer: add missing deps xorg-libxi xorg-libxmu04:26
nipuLyou'll need to install ghc-binary to build ghc04:27
nipuLthen remove ghc-binary and install the ghc package04:27
rastarnipuL: yea done it before. HD failed tho :(04:28
mike_kbtw, I saw a tuxracer-based arcade machine in a town nearby. was pretty shocked.04:29
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.5]: xfce4-clipman-plugin: updated to 0.9.004:31
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: glade: replaced by glade306:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.5]: glade3: replace glade06:23
namenloslooks like make install finally will work for parrot... :D06:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: take over bash-completion, crux-bashcompletion, prt-utils and slim06:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: corrected my lastname07:11
cruxbot[opt.git/2.5]: take over htop and t1lib07:11
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thrice`teK: trouble? :)07:30
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*** Rotwang has joined #crux08:56 is not responding here. Anyone else having problems connecting to it?09:00
* Rotwang confirms09:01
cptnalso, the hoster's website is not reachable either09:02
pitill0xD sorry09:03
jesse_Hopefully this is a quick maintenance rather than an indication of bigger problems :p09:03
teKthrice`: hu?09:03
thrice`teK: sorry, was only joking.  I saw the "fixed my name" commit :P09:04
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namenlosthrice`: actually this was my commit ;)09:06
thrice`oh, hehe09:07
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f1yDoes kernel from crux 2.5 install iso have support and modules for ext4 file system?10:27
Rotwangext4 support was introduced in 2.6.28 afaik10:27
f1ySo what mkfs.ext4 for?10:28
thrice`well, the actual support from the kernel was in 2.6.28, while 2.5 shipped with a 2.6.27.x10:28
cptnf1y: mkfs.ext4 is part of the regular e2fsprogs10:29
cptnalong with mkfs.ext{2,3}10:29
f1yDidn't know that.10:29
f1yThank You.10:29
orneryolpharti just compiled a crux kernel about 3 hr ago, and could swear i saw ext4 support in it.10:31
* Rotwang doubts it10:31
thrice`which kernel ?10:31
f1yWait, I'll check
thrice`ext4 is all marked "development" in 2.6.27.x10:32
Rotwangcrux iso ships w/
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f1y < > Ext4dev/ext4 extended fs support development (EXPERIMENTAL)10:32
f1yKernel from test iso.10:33
orneryolphartjust double-checked.  yeah, it's marked experimental10:33
f1yIt could be more interesting with iso-install' ext4 support10:34
f1yMaybe TODO for CRUX-2.6?10:35
jesse_2.5 was just released, there's no hurry :D10:35
cptnf1y: all stable filesystems were always supported on CRUX10:36
cptnwhy would you need a specific TODO for ext4?10:36
f1yOK, sorry :) It was just a shy proposal for supporting ext4 :)10:36
f1yI tried to make ext4 partitions at work, with success of course, but there were problems with kernel (kernel panic, cannot mount).10:37
Rotwangyou need patched grub too10:38
cptnor a non ext4 /boot10:39
f1yOr lilo?10:39
f1yI know grub cannot mount ext4 without patch.10:40
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namenlosanyway, you could also build your own iso with a 2.6.28 kernel.11:21
thrice`or start the network and download a new kernel tarball during the install :)11:21
namenlosthe possibilities are endles ;)11:22
namenlosyou could also ketchup it ;)11:22
Rotwangor wait for bttrfs ;>11:23
namenlosi want fast fs checks.11:23
namenlosbut i will wait a little bit longer before switching11:23
thrice`i'm still on jfs :>11:24
namenlosnever used that. at home i am on ext3 - after a crash with xfs i switched everything to ext311:27 down?11:29
thrice`sepen: yep11:29
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tilmani don't think ext4 gives fast fsck instantly11:35
tilmanor maybe i'm too dumb to set it up correctly :)11:35
thrice`libarchive announcement:  "This is the best11:36
thrice`version of libarchive; I know of no reason for anyone11:36
thrice`to be using an earlier version. "11:36
thrice`oops, sorry for paste-fail11:36
tilmannew release?11:36
tilmanah, no11:36
thrice`that is 2.6.1 :>11:36
thrice`I like how he worded it :)11:37
tilmanapparently he doesn't update the freebsd page anymore :(11:37
tilmanlet's see whether the freebsd one will be updated for 2.6.1 in a few days11:38
thrice`ah, I read it here:
tilmanyeah, i got it11:40
thrice`oh, OK :)  i like his "omg, upgrade already" spirit :>11:41
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thrice`poor :|15:29
Rotwangoh noes, I cant commit!15:29
thrice`and I can't *use* your commits :<15:30
treachgentlemen, don't you use git? ;)15:30
teKdecentralized commits are boring15:30
treachwell, you could pull from each other.15:30
treach(at least it's better than centralised...)15:32
thrice`hm, isn't tilman now in charge of ..?  maybe we can blame him15:32
teKif they are provided centrally afterwards: sure15:33
teKgit blame, anyone? :>15:33
tilmanyes, you can commit15:38
tilmanno, you cannot push15:38
* tilman wanders off15:39
cptnthou shall not push!15:39
teKyeah tilman, thanks for the intro to git :P15:39
Rotwangone does not simply push into crux.nu15:40
tilmanin soviet russia, pushes to _you_15:40
tilmannight guys15:40
thrice`see ya tilman :)15:40
cptnnight tilman15:41
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thrice`d'oh, I even knew was down, and it still took a minute to realize why ports -u was failing o.O  one of those days, i guess16:58
treachyou must be getting old. ;)16:58
thrice`heh, must be :)16:59
jesse_Monday: anything and everything negative is possible.17:05
treachmmh, same goes for MOrnings. MO is a bad start, no matter how you look at it. :>17:06
jesse_Yeah, it's a curse for a vespertine every day.17:07
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jkrSome time ago there was a mail on the list about an CRUX image for bootable USB drives17:23
jkrDoes anyone have the link?17:24
thrice`sepen might :)17:24
cptnunfortunately, is currently not reachable17:24
Rotwangjkr: or use teh search feature on gmane17:25
thrice`i thought sepen moved them the script to create a .img from a .iso to his server17:25
cptnah, that could be possible17:25
jkrHmm, can't find the script17:29
thrice`sorry, don't think I could either with being down :(17:29
Rotwanglook here17:29
jkrHe, thanks17:34
jkrHrm, I guess the script doesn't help without being able to download the ISO :)17:38
jkrOr does anyone know the URL of a mirror?17:38
Rotwangor use torrent17:39
thrice`isn't the torrent tracket, though?17:39
thrice`tracker *17:39
jkrFound the mirror list in google cache17:40
Rotwangtrue ;]17:40
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* Rotwang goes back watching the A-Team17:43
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jkrAh, is it possible that the USB image is just a copy of the install CD?18:22
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Ditziservers are down?18:28
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colonelcrayonhello all.  does anyone know why the crux home page is down?22:35
jaegerNo idea here22:54
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nipuLseems the host is down, can't even ssh in23:05
jaegeryeah, tried that23:06
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nipuLseems to be goinng down a lot lately23:09
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