IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2009-01-20

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pitill0good morning01:15
sepenjkr, ping01:18
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sepenops is still down01:19
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namenlosanyone knows a program with which i can connect via rdp to a windows server?07:35
thiagocnamenlos: rdesktop?07:36
namenlosthiagoc: thx07:37
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[impulsieF]what happened to CRUX website?07:54
Rotwangits down ;f07:55
[impulsieF]ah, it's workin now :)07:56
thrice`good timing :>07:59
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Rotwangportdb got trimmed a bit ;f09:16
rehabdollseems is down again09:18
thrice`I can't check it either09:19
treachso much for the five nines. :>09:19
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_mavrick61FYI: Yesterday a fiber optical cable of our main bandwidth provider was accidentally cut by an excavator.  A temporary connection is now set up until the fiber cable is repaired.11:14
thrice`damn excavators :>11:17
f1yPizza time [;11:49
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_mavrick61I just tryed to reconnect our fiber connection, but it didn't work. So we still us a temporary radio-LAN connection.12:31
rehabdollhow much traffic does generate each month?12:36
* thrice` often wonders how many cruxers exist12:36
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thrice`hi dru1d13:38
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jkrsepen: pong13:56
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tilmancontrib people: why are you (seemingly) ignoring sirmacik's application? ._o14:45
Rotwangand prologics14:45
Rotwangi think prologics application should be taken to consideration first14:45
Rotwanghe needs one +14:45
tilmanso, do you have an answer for me? :>14:46
tilmani don't think prologic even mailed crux-contrib14:46
Rotwangi think he did14:46
cptncan't find it either14:47
cptnhe asked on crux@ how to apply14:47
cptnbut didn't do so yet14:47
tilmanRotwang: you know that _you_ (and the other contrib people) are supposed to look after applications, right?14:47
tilmannot me or one of the other opt dudes14:47
Rotwangi know14:48
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Rotwangso ill give him a plus ;]14:49
cptnrecently in #hvlinux, Romster told me14:50
cptn" frankly i care more for the user than you lot anymore. it's a shame."14:51
cptnI guess that only applies when it's in his personal interest14:51
nipuLthat's easy when he's the only user14:52
thrice`his ports have a strange up2date function in them14:54
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jesse_Rommy at it again \o/15:06
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Rotwangtilman: i poked that application, but sirmacik is on 3 weeks vacation anyway ;]15:08
thrice`3 weeks!?  must be nice :('15:12
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pitilloabout sirmacik's application that's true. I will check that repo tomorrow too15:17
Rotwangpitillo: look closer at teh cdrtools port15:18
Rotwangor cdrkit15:18
pitilloI will review them all tomorrow. I am reading your mail atm15:19
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f1yOh noes.16:26
f1yconfigure: error: C preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check16:27
f1yconfigure: error: Building GCC requires GMP 4.1+ and MPFR 2.3.0+.16:27
f1yWhat the...16:27
f1yDoes anyone have similar problem?16:28
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f1yOfc I have libmfpr and libgmp higher than those above.16:28
thrice`what is complaining ?16:30
f1yEverything, which needs to be compiled.16:31
f1yWhat is interesting, I have do nothing with CRUX since few days. No updates, no new soft instalations.16:32
lennarthimym 41316:33
lennartsorry for the noise... again16:35
f1yNothing weird in /var/log except logs in pkgbuild (I turned it on to know, what the heck is going on...).16:35
f1yArgh, sorry, my fault. I have done something terrible, my fault.16:45
f1yDid in console something, which has to be done in chroot ;/16:45
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nipuLi wish this motherboard would hurry up and arrive17:48
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nipuLrandom apps crashing, lock ups, horrible io performance17:51
thrice`ah, bummer17:51
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jaegerI hate that kind of problem, would rather have dead hardware than inconsistent bad hardware17:53
nipuLintermitten faults are the worst17:55
nipuLthe bane of my existence when i was working as a tech17:55
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