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* cjg ehi ehi ehi02:29
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nipuLthe plot thickens!!03:51
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thrice`nipuL: still not fixed? :(08:24
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thrice`bummer, intel support doesn't want to build in 64-bit mesa :|09:29
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spaceninjaAnyone using ext4? I couldn't mount it last time I tried.12:38
jaegernot I12:42
rehabdolli am12:44
spaceninjarehabdoll: does it really feel faster?12:45
rehabdollnot for what i use it for12:45
rehabdollmost i/o on my system is in /home, and i run jfs there :/12:45
spaceninjaoh ok12:46
rehabdolli doubt one can tell ext4/3 apart on just a desktop without any r/w intense tasks12:46
rehabdollbut i was bored one day and decided to try it out :)12:47
spaceninjaI'm also bored12:47
tilmani convert my laptop's filesystems to ext4 after christmas12:48
tilmansome minutes ago, the fsck for / failed12:48
rehabdollfsck is supposed to be much faster though, which is nice12:48
tilmanprobably unrelated though ;)12:48
spaceninjalast time I runned fsch for ext3, it found some bad blocks. I had to set every bit on the hard drive to 0 with dd, I hope it wont happen again :S12:56
spaceninjabut I'm so lazy, I always make one partition for /, lol, lost everything12:58
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rehabdollheh, rookie :>14:00
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spaceninjayeah but I couldn't boot it, or mount it within the crux install iso, so I assumed it was the end16:03
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spaceninjaanyway, does anyone know how can add a path to $PYTHONPATH permanently without having it exported in a bash file?16:46
rehabdolluh /etc/profile ?16:48
spaceninjaoh, thanks16:51
rehabdollor .bash_profile16:57
spaceninjaI'm setting up my PYTHONPATH so I django can find my exernal apps17:00
spaceninjaI guess that needs to be system wide17:00
spaceninjathe profile file is cool, have to read more about it17:00
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rehabdollsweet, dri/exa on r7xx have improved with the latest commits17:04
rehabdollfonts are still b0rked though17:04
rehabdollerr, r6xx17:04
miduzotragic ;]17:14
f1yWhoa, dramatic.17:19
miduzoive hiidden my plasma panel by accident and dont know how to get it back :x17:24
miduzoat times like this, I just hate guis17:25
spaceninjabah kde4 is the bugqueen17:27
spaceninjai've gotten used to openbox, mrxvt, gvim, firefox, epdfview, transmission17:28
f1yDWM beats it imo ;)17:29
f1yDynamic window managers ftw! [;17:29
spaceninjaI'll check it out :)17:29
spaceninjaI mean, what's dwm?17:30
spaceninjakde = dwm?17:30
f1yOh noes, kde != dwm.17:30
f1yspaceninja: Check, this is very minimalistic, but very, very functional.17:31
spaceninjaoh, when I search for dwm in wikipedia, I saw these desktop window manager page17:31
spaceninjaah thanks17:31
f1yThere is something called DWM in Vista afaik.17:32
surrounderdwm <317:32
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f1yRotwang: Hi, mate :)17:34
f1yWhat's up?17:34
Rotwangcursing kde417:35
f1yThis was easy to predict.17:36
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Rotwangfixed \o/17:39
f1yRotwang: Don't You use awesome anymore?17:41
Rotwangawesome sucks17:41
Rotwangim into kde and lxde now17:42
f1yTrue, dwm's better.17:42
* spaceninja doesn't like his grammatical errors :)17:42
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* f1y is waiting for stable version of Antico.17:42
* Rotwang is going to watch a-team17:45
Rotwangwith B.A. Barackus and three other guys who are not B.A.17:45
f1yHannibal, Face and Murdock.17:46
jaegerthere's a show I haven't seen in years17:47
jaegerI remember loving that show when I was younger17:47
f1yI've grown up watching this.17:47
f1yAlways wondered, why there are no deadmen.17:48
Rotwangcause that was a family show ;]17:48
f1yAnd those flying cars...17:48
f1yRotwang: s/was/is/ !17:48
jaegeroh snap, 5 seasons of the a-team available for instant netflix streaming17:49
f1yDamn, I'm out of beer ;/17:49
jaegeroh wow, airwolf too17:50
f1yLife is so brutal ;(17:50
jaegerThere was another 80s show I used to love and I can't remember the name now... All I remember about it was one of the guys on it could shrink himself17:50
Rotwanga-team airwolf and macgyver17:51
Rotwangare the best dhows ever !!17:51
f1yAnd Renegade too.17:51
Rotwangand reksio17:51
f1yAnd Bold and Beautiful :D17:51
f1yAnd that film about Carringtons' family.17:52
f1yAnd that film with that fat prosecutor with ugly brown dog.17:52
f1yAhaha, and Miami vice :D17:53
Rotwangrobocop was nice too17:54
Rotwanghe were sooo slow17:54
Rotwangbut he always caught the bad guys17:55
Rotwanghe was17:55
f1yjaeger: V? IT was about human and aliens?17:59
Rotwangalf was funny too18:00
jaegerf1y: yes18:00
f1yBut nothing beats Al Bundy :)18:01
f1yFour touchdowns in one game :)18:01
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Rotwanglove and marriage that was?18:03
f1yYes :)18:03
jaegerMarried with Children18:03
f1yAhh, Love and marriage was that Sinatra's song afaik.18:04
jaegerit was the theme song for that show, wasn't it?18:04
jaegerAt least at some point18:04
f1yOK, time for a sleep18:05
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* f1y umount /dev/f1y && echo "goodnight"; poweroff18:05
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nipuLbest a-team reference is in the it crowd20:07
nipuL"you think this is a photo of my family? it isn't, it's the a-team"20:07
nipuL"...face, hannibal, murdoch... the jewellry guy"20:08
aonhehe, classic20:11
aonthe third season just ended a while ago20:12
nipuLyeah, i've been watching it online20:13
nipuLtv shows take ages to get here20:13
nipuLeg: 2nd season of dexter is just about to start on tv this week20:13
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nipuLand they wonder why the biggest user of p2p is australia20:43
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